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S Salman
S Salman Hace 18 horas
May she become a Muslim
albert vidal
albert vidal Hace 18 horas
Tube Culte Et Top
LucYfYre Arch of TwiLight
Copy: I'm in "the Flow" of the Spirit sand this message is so critical to so many i will copy it to a few video's. Please, if you "feel me", share this to as many as you can. So many are suffering unduly because of subconscious turmoil. KNOW THIS! YOU... Yes YOU... are at least as Holy as the Saints heralded by "man and his religions". Now, a couple scriptures that PROVE Gay is Ok with God (actually Godess, but ya know how homophobic can be... ain't nuttin new there now is there?) and they got it wrong the whole time. Not only that, I swear to you this comes STRAIGHT from there Holy Spirit: Gen 5: 2 "Male AND female created he them; and BLESSED them, and called their name ADAM, in the day when they were created" Notice how both Male and Female are called Adam... not Adam and Eve. I believe this FIRMLY states that mankind is a sexual spectrum if you want to call masculinity and feminity a sex/gender which in all honesty it is not. I personally consider myself at least 75% Feminine and 25% masculine on the inside because of.. well, check my vids to see my art and eco experiments I'm doing. However, i definitely like the Ladies... guys just don't attract me at all. But, i have to be honest and admit i have seen a few pre-op transgenders that make say....ummm, we can talk 🤣😂🤣😂 Ok, back on point. Galatians 3:28 - There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. I would say this pretty much puts the nail in dogMA's bs about... well to be truthful... just about EVERYTHING! I OCD studied like a madman for over 50 years. From the bibles roots, it's creation by Rome. and how the Catholcs were founded... don't get me started lol. The ancient mythology related to the Bible stories especially Egyptian... a crap ton of connections there. Know this... you are listed among the Saints in Heaven as well as all those that endured the eternal torment all in the name of Love and following your hearts rather than the words of men! When you follow your good heart.... all is good and if you make a mistake.... all is always forgiven because the Spirit does not fault you for truly following your heart. In fact... it praises you! God Bless you all... (She already has) And i personally salute you for having the courage to face the "slings and arrows" of hateful people. Amen
Hugo Guerrero
Hugo Guerrero Hace 18 horas
Hopefully we can get it to 1 Billion views before the end of 2020 🙏🏼🙌🏻
Louis David
Louis David Hace 18 horas
i feel like im going crazy just pressing repeat everytime it ends...
Asmir Sulejmanagič
Asmir Sulejmanagič Hace 18 horas
She is a avesole performer and singer, I didnt know that.
Stepan Khachatryan
Stepan Khachatryan Hace 18 horas
Այ Եզ, էս ի՞նչ բերիր մեր գլխին
lyxx36 Hace 18 horas
One of her best songs really!
Ta Mim
Ta Mim Hace 18 horas
Malaysian in trouble
Gagatloml Hace 18 horas
955 million views
Moises Perez
Moises Perez Hace 18 horas
go monsters we are at 36 m, only 4 and we crossed the 40m. come on let's support @ladygaga
Asmir Sulejmanagič
Asmir Sulejmanagič Hace 18 horas
I didn't like Lady Gaga before but listening to her more, she is very very good singer
AwesomeGoldBoy Hace 18 horas
it starts at 8:00 but u should watch the whole thing😌😌😌
Asmir Sulejmanagič
Asmir Sulejmanagič Hace 18 horas
She is so much more beautiful without much make up
Mira Jerread
Mira Jerread Hace 18 horas
Bruh nobody gonna talk about how ariana grande killed that pleted skirt
Suga Missy
Suga Missy Hace 18 horas
I knew this song from that parody video. SMH
Viktor Garcia
Viktor Garcia Hace 18 horas
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius Hace 18 horas
9 🚨
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius Hace 18 horas
1 🚨
Felipe Vinícius
Felipe Vinícius Hace 18 horas
1 🚨
•cu cus•
•cu cus• Hace 19 horas
Jajaj. Conocí a esta cancion gracias a una clase que tuve hace años. ❤😎
Artur Sazonov
Artur Sazonov Hace 19 horas
У меня зубы сводит я не могу не слушать,а ещё если вспомнить что это леди Гага то тогда вообще ломка
Natália Maia
Natália Maia Hace 19 horas
Daryl antes do apocalipse.......... rsrsrsrsrs
Carlos Ramirez
Carlos Ramirez Hace 19 horas
Nice lady arina tchami
Winda Silviana
Winda Silviana Hace 19 horas
300 m c'mon guys
Braulio Vargas Ocampo
Braulio Vargas Ocampo Hace 19 horas
Gaga it truly breaks my heart to hear you crying.
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Hace 19 horas
I watched this movie last night and cried for 1/2 hr after... Beautiful beautiful Sad Love
Warren Macdonald
Warren Macdonald Hace 19 horas
They must release "Smart Phone" in 2021 and continue this yup
Braulio Vargas Ocampo
Braulio Vargas Ocampo Hace 19 horas
Best gaga video of all time.
Ryan Pokorny
Ryan Pokorny Hace 19 horas
I always loved the use of Wii Nunchucks.
Estefanía Orozco
Estefanía Orozco Hace 19 horas
Sigue siendo mi favorita desde el 2018.
Neyla Karina Rivera Lozano
Lastima que ella siendo persona tan influyente en el mundo y este de acuerdo con la caza de animales para la moda de verdad que me dolió al mirar a ese oso como lo mataron, en vez de apoyar esa porquería de ejemplo de que los animales se tratan con amor y respeto
❤❤❤❤ Bradley Cooper ❤❤❤❤
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hace 19 horas
Can't read my, can't read my, Smoker Face
Liljavi Hace 19 horas
Sorry that I brought this song to TikTok😅
Wanderson Sobral
Wanderson Sobral Hace 19 horas
Gostei muito
RubyCraft Hace 19 horas
Thank god she was regret that she join illuminati.
Saarconic Hace 19 horas
I come from gta v radio😂
Captain JJ
Captain JJ Hace 19 horas
look at billie eilish mom
Bryan Muaru Salinas
Bryan Muaru Salinas Hace 19 horas
Jayle Syele
Jayle Syele Hace 19 horas
Outubro de 2020 *-*
Donnielou Regalado
Donnielou Regalado Hace 19 horas
brandon stardust
brandon stardust Hace 19 horas
I'm here after her iconic superbowl performance. I'm ready to watch this live no mask.
Luis Emmanuel Carreón Aranda
I really enjoy watching this video!!!
George Mayfields Brother.
Evil illuminanti
the running man
the running man Hace 19 horas
It's hard to believe 2010 was almost 10 years ago man does time fly by fast
Lol Memes
Lol Memes Hace 19 horas
I remember the memes from this performance
the running man
the running man Hace 19 horas
This song is old but it's still gold
Dalgis Matos
Dalgis Matos Hace 19 horas
Ya vi su película y saben? Me encantó y mucho ,los dos hicieron una gran actuación a ella mis respeto actuó excelente la verdad.Ya quiero verla de nuevo una historia muy triste y ala vez hermosa.Gracias muchas gracias!!
Annie Clark
Annie Clark Hace 19 horas
This song is making increasingly less sense
Jayson Hatton
Jayson Hatton Hace 19 horas
+ B 📽 🧺 📽 B - 🔍C🔎 pretty... ...scary
Burst Name Trashed Name
*When You're Turning All The (Even If They're Sharp) Corners In Life Remember Always Ride Out The Apex Set It Up (It's Perfect) For A Beautiful Transition On Your Road My Lovelinesses Are Always A Pure Ride Untill I Died LOL* 💜☀️🌚🌎🌍🌏🌚☀️💜
the running man
the running man Hace 19 horas
Man I miss 2013 :(
Adan Arriaga
Adan Arriaga Hace 19 horas
Bow Junior
Bow Junior Hace 20 horas
MV , mother please !!!!!
Alan Jimenez
Alan Jimenez Hace 20 horas
2:49 esos man ya presentian el covid-19 y ya iban preparados con su cubre bocas
Rendaculur Hace 20 horas
Unpopular opinion: this is the best song in Chromatica along with Babylon and Replay
Eduardo Galvão
Eduardo Galvão Hace 20 horas
Rendaculur Hace 20 horas
when you except alice but instead it's stupid love: 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
신지나 Hace 20 horas
이렇게 오래됬는데도 전설은 역시 전설이구나...풍자,중독성 쩐다ㅠㅠ
Kevin Chapman
Kevin Chapman Hace 20 horas
The coffins of the future...
kaila official review ASMR annabelle
Lady gaga like Ariana grande comment
Jayson Hatton
Jayson Hatton Hace 20 horas
.🌟 /G\ H
Emilia Avigliano
Emilia Avigliano Hace 20 horas
No entiendo una mierda los comentarios :v
Noah Raivala
Noah Raivala Hace 20 horas
My dream style as a kid was that of lady Gaga.
The Gamer Bros
The Gamer Bros Hace 20 horas
Ra ra aaaa Roma Romama Gaga ulala
Matheus Lima cardoso
Matheus Lima cardoso Hace 20 horas
max oropeza
max oropeza Hace 20 horas
Starry Strike
Starry Strike Hace 20 horas
I think I have a solution *Get an umbrella*
Ahnna Beruk
Ahnna Beruk Hace 20 horas
Uhm how is this song any different from bad romance? Melody is dam near the same!
yoom Hace 20 horas
sebastiao souza
sebastiao souza Hace 20 horas
Nossa está Lady gaga tem um voz pra cantar que deixa qualquer um apaixonado mexe com os nosso coração 💝💝💝💝 🇧🇷🇧🇷. 2020
Avetis Blikian
Avetis Blikian Hace 20 horas
Why is the Armenian word meaning warning on the caution tape?
yoom Hace 20 horas
When I listened to her voice only, didn't even know she was dancing QUEEN GAGA
Timothy Long
Timothy Long Hace 20 horas
Kings Queens princes and princesses and to all the monsters
the running man
the running man Hace 20 horas
One word to describe this song nostalgic
yoom Hace 20 horas
xbeta Hace 20 horas
Alfredo Gimenez
Alfredo Gimenez Hace 20 horas
Is Legend Is Beautifu♡