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100 Comentarios
Shannon Doheny
Shannon Doheny Hace 18 minutos
why UNC should have won this
Brady Anderson
Brady Anderson Hace 24 minutos
Welcome to New England Michael
Steven Dimiris
Steven Dimiris Hace 3 horas
Fuck the gamecocks
Tristan Bradshaw
Tristan Bradshaw Hace 3 horas
miami sucks 🤮
Troydan Schultz
Troydan Schultz Hace 6 horas
“DONT MESS WITH MY TUTU” best sentence ever
Michael Swartz
Michael Swartz Hace 6 horas
Julius is a lion playing with gazelles
Ron Eagle
Ron Eagle Hace 7 horas
I like APP State, and they mostly played well, but the last half of the forth quarter it looked like they were so sure of winning that they brought in the JV.
CORE VAGE TV Hace 9 horas
ceejay Hace 13 horas
THE U!!!!!!!
John Douglas
John Douglas Hace 14 horas
Jelly Bryant smoked the ACC he was a backup in the sec if y’all are 5* bad assets why not go play we’re the bad asses are the sec everyone’s always gonna say well yea he played at Miami (after the year 2002 that means nothing... y’all have 1 10 win season in 19 years that’s adorable)
John Douglas
John Douglas Hace 14 horas
Miami has “the u” but still needs to have miami on there jerseys hahahahaha well when there green god how the ehhh have fallen no championships in 30 years I’m not callin that a great program have they had great teams yea but doesn’t Clemson have more than them now in college football!?!
Mike Laws
Mike Laws Hace 17 horas
Lowkey UNC shoulda won this, refs didn’t see the punch thrown on that 4th and 1 in the 4th quarter... woulda allowed UNC to keep the ball
J MR Hace 18 horas
Dude has similar skills as AB 😲😲😲........
SEG25 Hace 19 horas
lol it's actually not that impossible to imagine TJ Warren being a really really good player
SowingPlanet653 Hace 19 horas
They let the time run out lol they had another second left
Jay Bouchard
Jay Bouchard Hace 20 horas
Duke waffled on that one
Jay Bouchard
Jay Bouchard Hace 20 horas
this was a great game that Clemson shouldn't have ad trouble with at 1:31 the place went nuts
11 11
11 11 Hace 20 horas
Sounds awful to play in a dome imagine the smell of sweat and grass along having poor ventilation
StFidjnr Hace 20 horas
Jimbo fisher said after the game "we're the best team in Florida @ 12-0 and _still_ haven't won any hardware"
Michael Wall
Michael Wall Hace 21 un hora
Hey Hollifield, great game...dumb cluck.
Jemaine Trotter
Jemaine Trotter Hace 21 un hora
Man Louisville brought it and chances are they probably would've won the NCAA Championship but Syracuse probably would've been the ACC Championship.
Patrick Fowler
Patrick Fowler Hace 22 horas
No Chris Rumph!!?? You know the projected 1st round pick?
PavementWill Hace un día
Too many ads at weird times.
Kenji Mapes
Kenji Mapes Hace un día
He will look good in NY Giant blue
Garett Gee
Garett Gee Hace un día
Ahmarean Brown had a damn good rookie campaign himself. Look for him to have a breakout career.
Hayden Stanley
Hayden Stanley Hace un día
I hate UNC. With a burning passion. I just do.
Vernell Christian
Vernell Christian Hace un día
All of the players should get a yearly checkout on their heart, some players have a extra switch which makes thier heart beat twice as fast, do a stress test on the players
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith Hace un día
The next Andrew luck without the early retirement where he is sneaky fast when he wants to scramble but a great career trajectory
wrightterence680 Hace un día
Clemson v UNC for the ACC Championship
Debajyoti Dutta Roy
Debajyoti Dutta Roy Hace un día
A great motivator he was. Tragedy he died early.....I was at Stroud Center, ASPSA Program as tutor, 1992-1994. Spad Stroud Center it's gone.
Ayush RAJ14
Ayush RAJ14 Hace un día
Wow Its Previledge Working Under Coach K wow
Ayush RAJ14
Ayush RAJ14 Hace un día
Wow Amazing Career For Ms.Kara On...I didnt know thatJust now🙌🙌🙏🙏Much Respect
Rivers Carmack
Rivers Carmack Hace un día
This kid shouldve transferred to georgia instead of jamie newman
Sae Seo
Sae Seo Hace un día
Most underrated I agree Doug flutie on steroids fk man fk politics thanks for good times Charlie your the best!!
the Dank chroniklez
the Dank chroniklez Hace 2 días
Lmao man the disrepect to pitt is unreal
justin holmes
justin holmes Hace 2 días
The ACC should have told Notre Dame to pound sand. Join a conference or get out of college athletics.
singmantkpss Hace 2 días
who come after seeing his BUBBLE performance 🔥
D Smith
D Smith Hace 2 días
Perfect defensive back play. This is the standard on how you play the position.
armin38822 Hace 2 días
1:10 how so he was like that even before getting to the spurs
Onion Head
Onion Head Hace 2 días
Lmao. That Notre Dame player acted like he made the game winning catch when they finally made a touchdown. Miami curb stomped them.
Swaggy McSwaggerton
Swaggy McSwaggerton Hace 2 días
I think Pitt will play in the championship game. They're being slept on heavily
justin holmes
justin holmes Hace 2 días
Pitt is lucky they don't play at UVa this year.
oZach_ Hace 2 días
clemson gona 30-7 all of them
Stone Harper
Stone Harper Hace 2 días
Kid is going to have a break out year this with Ross out
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner Hace 2 días
0:13 awesome-teens24.online
Oweinerrr Hace 2 días
Oooo I can’t wait Go tigers
Slade The Hedgehog
Slade The Hedgehog Hace 2 días
This will be interesting. Go Canes.
Gang time
Gang time Hace 2 días
oZach_ Hace 2 días
You already know clemson will be notre dame by 30 again
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith Hace un día
War eagle but respect Clemson journey and now we got chad morris who helped get Clemson going with malzahn
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Hace 2 días
I think that’s a stretch. It will be a good game. They likely will play twice too.
oZach_ Hace 2 días
Joe Price
Joe Price Hace 2 días
RBs need good offensive lines to showcase their abilities. There might be some equally as good talent but are unable to get the stats.
JC Visualz Mixes
JC Visualz Mixes Hace 2 días
kitarofan87 Hace 2 días
Is that Darrell Waltrip?
Brody L.
Brody L. Hace 2 días
Week 1 duke in for another beatdown
cole Bruett
cole Bruett Hace 2 días
Perfect time to break out a red bandanna
Brody L.
Brody L. Hace 2 días
This bout to be a breeze
Nicholas Esposito
Nicholas Esposito Hace 2 días
2:11:53 Greatest Moment of the 2019-20 College Football Season
Andre Figueiredo
Andre Figueiredo Hace 2 días
Suns will draft him another good wing for the collection
Msfoxy Web
Msfoxy Web Hace 2 días
Americas games
jose martinez
jose martinez Hace 2 días
Yung Vanilla
Yung Vanilla Hace 2 días
Saw this game in person with my granddad I was in 6th grade at the time. Awesome seeing the heels win in his home city even if it felt a little hollow bc of that call.
Syracuse and Buffalo Sports
Howell throws a great ball
kai pettiway
kai pettiway Hace 2 días
Do Florida vs FSU 2014
TDot Hace 2 días
7:57 one of the best dunks of all time. Straight up
Beast Rider
Beast Rider Hace 2 días
COVID-19 vs College Football is the matchup.
Jonathon Shoaf
Jonathon Shoaf Hace 2 días
Wake. Forest. Unthinkable. State
Wayne Mabson
Wayne Mabson Hace 3 días
He gone
myrealnameis #####
myrealnameis ##### Hace 3 días
Zion looks so heavy and less explosive now man 😔
Abdul Mohammed
Abdul Mohammed Hace un día
facts i came back to reminisce on what he coulda been
Slice of Sparta
Slice of Sparta Hace 3 días
When Tee said 'sup at 11:21, my man WAS. NOT. READY.
Alexander Spady
Alexander Spady Hace 3 días
Who put this stupid video together
Gianna Vante
Gianna Vante Hace 3 días
Honestly if your not an athlete and haven’t played a sport with a really close and supportive team you won’t understand. A lot of people come from broken or disconnected homes and when you join a team you end up forming bonds with people and seeing them as your family. And when your season ends or you end up leaving that team for some reason, you lose that.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 3 días
now you guys have D'Eriq King. he is gonna run the table. undefeated !
Nolen Ashburn
Nolen Ashburn Hace 3 días
how you only gonna give marv one clip
JON 2x
JON 2x Hace 3 días
Travis should be at least 2 😂 and tutu 3
Dale Gray
Dale Gray Hace 3 días
Not sure I have ever watched a ESvid with more commercials. Wowsers.
chris Hace 3 días
Damn Fsu sucked this 2019 season, had no idea they were this bad. Not too sure about this new coach but am sure he is better than the last one
James Fitzpatrick
James Fitzpatrick Hace 3 días
My ride or die!!!!! Shout out Mitch
Sara Bilhimer
Sara Bilhimer Hace 4 días
Bleedblue6487 Hace 4 días
No hokies boasting their running QB that makes stud WR transfer?!
305 Filmz
305 Filmz Hace 4 días
Brevin 💪🏾
KNICKS WeGoHard Hace 4 días
With Thibbs being the Knicks head coach, I can see the Knicks going after him if se don't get Lamelo Ball.😤
Justin Campbell
Justin Campbell Hace 4 días
Duke don’t play anything good teams
O Dog
O Dog Hace 3 días
That made no sense
Milo Tucker
Milo Tucker Hace 4 días
Wes Whitt
Wes Whitt Hace 4 días
Someone told me Miami sold their turn over chain that night so they can have bus fare to get home because their bus only allow winners on it
Shane mike
Shane mike Hace 4 días
That Florida State offensive line is really bad, quarterback no time to throw and Cam not able to run the ball
fab kam
fab kam Hace 4 días
knicks baby
- MattyOfTheBoy -
- MattyOfTheBoy - Hace 4 días
Jesus christ I've never seen a defense that bad at trying to defend the run game. They didnt even feel like tackling half the time. Disappointing as hell to watch Syracuse like that
GCE Sports
GCE Sports Hace 4 días
no more joe reed, lol
eric sigersmith
eric sigersmith Hace 3 días
Travon reed was beast also
GCE Sports
GCE Sports Hace 4 días
@Evan Durgala he was
Evan Durgala
Evan Durgala Hace 4 días
He was a beast
Hari Iyer
Hari Iyer Hace 4 días
Oh yeah! Damond Philliaw Johnson!
Biggiemax Hace 4 días
wtf, cassius is bricking like crazy.
F3dB3aR Hace 4 días
Wake Forest is on the losing end in 3 of the 5 player highlights, they have to do better SMH
Eric Sigersmith
Eric Sigersmith Hace 4 días
War eagle
eric sigersmith
eric sigersmith Hace 4 días
Knicks legend lmao
the Dank chroniklez
the Dank chroniklez Hace 4 días
The fact that paris ford from pitt is not on here is mind baffling. However jaylen is a good pick. Pitt goes 8-2 this year
Ronald Taylor
Ronald Taylor Hace 4 días
Terry should have been on this list I wouldn’t sleep on him
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales Hace 4 días
Wait, no D’Eriq King 🤔?????
MrJuxtapoz2011 Hace 3 días
Anthony Morales 😂😂😂😂 by who exactly??? He’s not playing FCS school no more! Keep dreaming!😂😂😂
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales Hace 3 días
MrJuxtapoz2011 he’s definitely going to be feared this year! Go Canes 🙌🏽
MrJuxtapoz2011 Hace 3 días
He’s not playing in a high school conference anymore! Playing behind one of the worst offensive lines in college football, no one is going to fear him!
TCT92Graphics Hace 4 días
I Was There! This Was A Scary Game For UVA, Especially After ODU Beat VT The Year Before.
TCT92Graphics Hace 4 días
Good Game! I Was There On The Wall Next To The Band!
RJman101 Hace 4 días
Nobody on Miami can read.
wrightterence680 Hace 4 días
T-Law will win the 2020 Heisman Trophy
no terry from fsu ? what a joke
SpaceGlos TM
SpaceGlos TM Hace 4 días
2020 bubble view good job TJ! Go Pack!!!
Patrick Thometz
Patrick Thometz Hace 4 días
Great coach and an even greater man. RIP Coach!!