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ThisIsGonnaBFine Hace 6 horas
Mike Young is coaching His tail off! GO HOKIES!!!
Teacher Adam
Teacher Adam Hace 6 horas
Even as a Duke fan, I feel bad for the Tar Heels.
Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley Hace 6 horas
Haha that pussy at the end actin like he was gonna do somethin lol Foh !! CUSE BABY
Mr. Kiss
Mr. Kiss Hace 6 horas
Georgia Tech has my utmost respect. They fought hard and played an Amazing game. They were definitely holding their own and then some. I was very impressed by their ball handling, integrity and spirit. Don't let the rankings fool you. The numbers don't show you everything. Good luck the rest of the season. Louisville needs no praise. They have already proven themselves to be a strong contender. Respect to All you talented players. We enjoy watching your skills! Play On! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Goooo Cards!
Roman Perone
Roman Perone Hace 6 horas
Was at the game, we all got free bacon because pierce missed 2 FTs
TCD Daredevilag
TCD Daredevilag Hace 6 horas
poor unc
TCD Daredevilag
TCD Daredevilag Hace 6 horas
colemorris119 i feel you bro i’m a FSU fan till i die and i kinda laughed inside but if you watched the game at the end almost every unc player fell on the ground in pure sadness and it was satisfying but i felt a lil bad lol
colemorris119 Hace 6 horas
lowkey I'm a state fan and it's fun seeing unc lose, if we don't beat them at least one time i might run myself over with my truck.
Tiffany Fudala
Tiffany Fudala Hace 7 horas
Go Pitt! What a great game! Go head Ryan Murphy!
TheSithGamer Bob
TheSithGamer Bob Hace 7 horas
General Tso's chilling
Allen Williams
Allen Williams Hace 7 horas
Just so everyone knows, revenge tastes like sweet oranges🍊 lol!!! 4 straight wins by SU, keep rolling SU!!!
gabriel wendell
gabriel wendell Hace 7 horas
Cuse avenged yet Another home loss.Hopefully they win at home next against Pitt and have a chance for a season sweep when we face them again in Feb. Go cuse!
Allen Williams
Allen Williams Hace 7 horas
How do you like it ND fans? Though you guys had something at the end of the game and a no call happened? Sounds familiar? #Paybackisamutha
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner Hace 7 horas
Great win V.T.
Karen Setzer
Karen Setzer Hace 8 horas
Great day when UNC-CHeaters go down
Roman Tapia Octavo
Roman Tapia Octavo Hace 8 horas
Come on Tech, we can win these close games against great teams! Just gotta hang in there the whole time and we can be great too
Hylan Stanley
Hylan Stanley Hace 8 horas
Roman Tapia Octavo I’m the biggest Louisville fan dude but fr y’all played pretty damn good tonight !
Karen Setzer
Karen Setzer Hace 8 horas
Always a great day when the UNC-CHeaters go down yyaaaayyy
Karen Setzer
Karen Setzer Hace 7 horas
I wouldn’t have gone to UNC-CHeaters if they paid me a full ride. Yes, Wolfpack Nation where we earn what we get n cheating, no advantages just fairness
Olin57 Hace 7 horas
Karen I see you're an NC State fan. I'm sorry you couldn't get into UNC. Just because UNC said no though doesn't mean you have to hate us, the people who do go there.
Mr RightNow
Mr RightNow Hace 8 horas
turn the caption on at the beginning lol
Moe Lester
Moe Lester Hace 8 horas
When hughes hit the three to make it 51-42 one of the cheerleaders jumped up and cheered lmao
Jing Qi
Jing Qi Hace 8 horas
Hughes reminds me of Joe Johnson with his pace, beautiful jumpshot, and clutch play.
A Thomson
A Thomson Hace 8 horas
Girard is such a savage
BuFFAl0 Bills716
BuFFAl0 Bills716 Hace 8 horas
Starting to roll ! Dolezaj has the nasty spin 🍊
Taylor Campbell
Taylor Campbell Hace 8 horas
Not Louisville best performance but gt did play hard.
DKC Robinsons
DKC Robinsons Hace 8 horas
taco facefart
taco facefart Hace 8 horas
too easy
Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley Hace 6 horas
Hylan Stanley
Hylan Stanley Hace 8 horas
Not really how I thought Louisville would’ve played but o well win is a win
Dominic Samangy
Dominic Samangy Hace 8 horas
I just started making vlogs w/ Syracuse Basketball 🍊 I just posted some new videos with NFL players in them 👀 check them out!!
Dominic Samangy
Dominic Samangy Hace 8 horas
I just started making vlogs w/ Syracuse Basketball 🍊 I just posted some new videos with NFL players in them 👀 check them out!!
Christopher Hillanbrand
Girard for president!!!!!!
Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley Hace 6 horas
Unseen but Well Heard
purple kids
purple kids Hace 9 horas
Love basketball
Ed Salinas
Ed Salinas Hace 9 horas
Gerrard had the last laugh. Go Cuse!
gabriel wendell
gabriel wendell Hace 7 horas
He is an absolute sniper for us at the FT line this year and boy did he come through clutch in the last few seconds wow.
Troy Tetreault
Troy Tetreault Hace 8 horas
BuFFAl0 Bills716
BuFFAl0 Bills716 Hace 9 horas
Girard 👍
david rudskiy
david rudskiy Hace 9 horas
How come Google says 84-82 in favor of Syracuse ?
YOUNG BUCKS Hace 9 horas
I see enos all over this game, he pisses me off so bad I’m glad he’s gone, predictable ass plays.
Clout Clan Allen
Clout Clan Allen Hace 9 horas
Gotta watch the highlights before his actual nba debut 💀
dxsired Hace 12 horas
december 31 2020? lol what
Peyton Pilkington
Peyton Pilkington Hace 12 horas
Good win after not scoring in ten years. Let’s get a double bye in the acc tournament and beat unc twice. Go pack
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson Hace 12 horas
I may not like Virginia but I sure do hate Georgia Tech because I'm happy that Georgia Tech lost!!!
Easeeupoff me
Easeeupoff me Hace 13 horas
Damn, you know he practicing free throws next practice.
Jeff Troy
Jeff Troy Hace 14 horas
If you stop trying to recruit one year and I'm out of here players, maybe you won't have such a vacumn to fill the next year.
Von Staufenberg
Von Staufenberg Hace 15 horas
Pretty good effort from Wake, but one wonders how long Manning will have that job. Wake Forest was an ACC and national power. Manning hasn't been able to get them back there. It's a little surprising to me. With their tradition and with Manning having been a very smart player and NBA star who played for one of the all-time great coaches in Larry Brown, I'd have expected more success. If you look around at other former NBA stars who now coach in college, they're doing better than this. Ewing hasn't retrurned Georgetown to the eltie, but part of that is the break-up of the BE. They have been pretty competitive, however, unlike WF. Hardaway appears to be in the process of making Memphis a serious national contender, though one wonders whether that might be derailed by recruiting and eligibility issues.
Yeti Gang
Yeti Gang Hace 15 horas
Bruh it’s 13 minutes...
Luke Pfeiler
Luke Pfeiler Hace 16 horas
thomas Finarelli
thomas Finarelli Hace 17 horas
National Champions????? That would surprise me- if they couldn’t get to the final 4 last year or the year before - this team won’t!! I don’t get why Goldwireand Jones both get major minutes together???? Baker and Hirt and Stanley should see more time.
ty money
ty money Hace 17 horas
GINGOLO Hace 17 horas
Go Hoos!
Bearboy193 Hace 18 horas
I'm calling it now, Clemson will win the National title in 2021
Bearboy193 Hace 14 horas
@Canyon Revers Georgia is ass, they won't even make the playoffs
Canyon Revers
Canyon Revers Hace 15 horas
Bearboy193 nope Georgia
wrightterence680 Hace 18 horas
So ready for FB season
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Cool Duke having a better season than Tar Heels 🐓🌱🎄
FearMac Hace 21 un hora
No more straight leg landings Zion...
Calvin Hicks
Calvin Hicks Hace 21 un hora
Announcers obviously were Clemson fans. STFU
Sam Bryant
Sam Bryant Hace 21 un hora
How do you go from 64-67 with 13 seconds left and Wake ball to just saying the game is over at 71-68... terrible wrap up of the most vital seconds of the game.
volusiasorange Hace 22 horas
Tim London
Tim London Hace 22 horas
the fact that nobody was watching cassius stanley on that inbound pass is beyond me. they was trying to get dunked on.
Shelley9090 Hace 22 horas
This is not the full game. It's 9 minutes and 14 seconds long.
Shelley9090 Hace 18 horas
@John Ocasio It wasn't televised here in Tallahassee on our Comcast package so we're dying to see the whole game. Not sure who put this up at 9:14 and called it a full game, but thanks for chiming in with me. Hope somebody helps us out.
John Ocasio
John Ocasio Hace 21 un hora
Was about to say. I mean I saw the game on TV. But it would been better if they can correct this
King Cardinal Murphy
King Cardinal Murphy Hace 22 horas
Perfect timing! Since B2B can't upload a game for a min sadly
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez Hace 23 horas
Duke got a victory, the Blue Devils needed a win. Duke still has Wendell Moore out with a broken hand, so they're not at full a rotation yet! Coach K has the Blue Devils right where they need to be.
Kevian Price
Kevian Price Hace un día
Needed this win💯
drhodes75 Hace un día
State owns football bro.
James D Harris
James D Harris Hace un día
Good game.
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner Hace un día
Duke baby!
Shawn Edmond
Shawn Edmond Hace un día
Duke needs to Be a better strong team come Out big Next Game#bluedukedevils
Asiel MILIAN Hace 21 un hora
The greatest schools of all time.
Con Barry
Con Barry Hace un día
That dunk be WILD
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner Hace un día
Finally! Let's go Duke!
Jarius Cox
Jarius Cox Hace un día
2013 FSU was better than ‘18 Clemson. Way more talent on starting D. Offenses was better also. Other than that, I like this list.
Bino Balling
Bino Balling Hace un día
Duke needs to play as a team from here on out and they will be National Çhampions in April
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh Hace 9 horas
Nope, your going to lose in round 2 of the tournament.
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner Hace un día
Great win Notre Dame.
Hokie 4 Life
Hokie 4 Life Hace un día
Legend Troy
Legend Troy Hace un día
Oregon thinks there going to win the national championship game this year. Prove them wrong.
Mitchell Trubisky
Mitchell Trubisky Hace un día
Way to be punctual guys, bravo !
Renjo Tolentino
Renjo Tolentino Hace un día
if Kai Sotto will play in GT yellowjackets, they have a place in final four...
Stinglikeabee502 Hace un día
Thanks for the upload but can you do the Duke vs Louisville game.
Drew Hendley
Drew Hendley Hace un día
NC State doesn’t score for 10 straight minutes and wins the game
Deah Moore
Deah Moore Hace un día
36-39 wow
General Tso's chilling
Oh how the mighty Has Fallen
WeezyFN Hace un día
Sub to me for good luck
Silva 30
Silva 30 Hace un día
Legend 💪
Vincent Illiano
Vincent Illiano Hace un día
Did you hear Krewshifsky complain about the officiating after the game? Then he says he's not a "sour grapes" guy. I've never heard a more untrue statement by a coach.
louisville the best
louisville the best Hace 12 horas
Duke got all the calls in the world lol. Btw i think he means they didnt cheat hard enough because thats how duke wins games
Tre T
Tre T Hace un día
Both teams are trash. How is this a quality win? Virginia doesn't even have any talent at all. Virginia can't even score. Seriously, ask Purdue fans.
Tre T
Tre T Hace un día
@Chase Matthews don't care bum. I was saying Virginia is overrated and can't score.
Tre T
Tre T Hace un día
@The Stat Sheet exactly, Virginia sucks so bad. Who can't beat Virginia?
Tre T
Tre T Hace un día
@Cloak Shadow just proved my point. Virginia is more garbage than any ACC team besides like Georgia Tech and Wake. Even beating Wake will be a struggle. Got Virginia by a field goal. 31 to 28.
Chase Matthews
Chase Matthews Hace un día
Tre T you’re an Idiot and who cares about Purdue you wanna talk about trash you must not like to win.
The Stat Sheet
The Stat Sheet Hace un día
Purdue is trash
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner Hace un día
Was not a foul.
Steve Spears
Steve Spears Hace un día
WHO in the world schedule this game;?Va just played Saturday;?SMH THEY looked tired for real no excuse but c'mon man;
Kevin Foss
Kevin Foss Hace un día
Steve Spears state played Saturday too
TheOnlyCrow 29
TheOnlyCrow 29 Hace un día
This aint the full game but aight
Josh Morrison
Josh Morrison Hace un día
At least us UVa fans can take solace in the fact that this is a rebuilding year. Only way teams that have beaten us, like NC State, would beat us at all. Kind of unfair to expect these players to come close to what this team was able to do at their pique with Guy/Hunter/Jerome. This season most likely won’t bring us a National Championship but assuming health goes well for everyone, next year should be a huge upgrade.
yep you forgot about salt and two other players baddachi and anthony left two players who were suppose be on roster.
nazim ousmer
nazim ousmer Hace 2 días
Dave Kramer
Dave Kramer Hace 2 días
the first "highlight" of the game is an obvious foul. Lol @ ACC refs.
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez Hace 2 días
NC State's going to the NCAA's!
Ruben Gutierrez
Ruben Gutierrez Hace un día
@Tre T NCSU beat the Wahoos! 15-5! The Wolfpack is nice!
Tre T
Tre T Hace un día
Michaux2k Hace 2 días
aka flowmaster鲁迅
robbed again
Chase Matthews
Chase Matthews Hace un día
Bull crap you wanna talk about a missed foul how about the missed offensive foul on hubb if anybody was robbed it was NC State robbed of a bigger win.
whatIsThis Hace 2 días
morsel should've passed it to the diakite at the end , he was wide open. Better than a prayer three that nearly airballed
TheReal704Champ Hace 2 días
Got away with an big elbow there, lucky it wasn't called an offensive foul
Zak Wilkerson
Zak Wilkerson Hace 2 días
Go Pack! Let's keep at it!
Matt Russo
Matt Russo Hace 2 días
Get some new refs
colemorris119 Hace 2 días
love how they say the last shot was a foul, let's go back to the double foul on dj funderburk when the virginia player pushed him in the back, should've been a tech on Virginia player 2 free throws for us and our ball. Officiating tonight for this game was shit, but glad my wolfpack won.
colemorris119 Hace un día
@CLB I agree with you. The taunting after that dunk was seriously bad I'm glad we beat good road win
Tre T
Tre T Hace un día
Virginia is trash. Got to score more than 50 points to win. Lol, these dudes trash.
CLB Hace un día
The double T was a legit call imo as a state fan. But F*ck Huff. Dude is a terrible, dirty player. Should've had the offensive foul on the dunk where he taunts afterwards (not a T for that? ok whatever.) and he forearms Funderburk in the neck at 5:45 [Clear Flagrant 2, should be 2 free throws with the ball back after the made 3]. But that is virginia for you, gets away with lazy, armbar, hand-checking defense because they have a "reputation" of "good" defense. Thank god State won. Screw the hoos.
James Thomas
James Thomas Hace 2 días
Great win, PACK! Despite missing 2 players due to injury - including one of the best shot blockers in the nation - we found a way to get a win on the road, which is never easy to do. Funderburk was a beast yet again, and despite missing a couple of critical free throws down the stretch, both Markell and Bryce hit HUGE shots for us to regain the lead. Let's build on this one.
Bill Kim
Bill Kim Hace 2 días
Go hokies!
Eram Ahmed
Eram Ahmed Hace 2 días
2020 and Miami still sucks ass. Shutout in a bowl game to LA Tech 😂
Abby Petty
Abby Petty Hace 2 días
Let’s go hoos
brady chick
brady chick Hace 2 días
Yep! Great road win Wolfpack:)
Andrew N.
Andrew N. Hace 2 días
Let's Go Pack!
Lennon Dorsey
Lennon Dorsey Hace 2 días
How was that last shot from morsel not a foul
Max Bisogno
Max Bisogno Hace 16 horas
I smell salt
bob blount
bob blount Hace 2 días
@Helen Magill you say it looked like a foul from your seat in the stands but then the replay showed it wasn't --Right!!
Patrick Newsome
Patrick Newsome Hace 2 días
@Lennon Dorsey you're a total clown. The refs were trying to hand yall the game with the double technical. DJ didn't do a thing. 5th foul on him was also trash. The foul on bryce on the inbounds play with 27 seconds left was also garbage. You're an idiot if you think the officiating was against uva
Lil_KloutYT Hace 2 días
Lennon Dorsey Please tell me where Morsel was touched for it to be called a foul. They even showed it slow motion after the game ended and he wasn’t touched, it just kinda looks like it since he did a weird hitch.
Matthew Pearson
Matthew Pearson Hace 2 días
Because it was just good d...but imagine losing to a team that’s 2 players short handed and then 3 players short handed for 8 minutes in the game and also losing even though the refs were one sided tonight...
Michael Joyner
Michael Joyner Hace 2 días
NC State - You got Carolina at home next week!