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SoBanked- Hace 12 minutos
who here after seeing Lamar Jackson embarrass the Bengals lmao
DudeK DudeK
DudeK DudeK Hace 12 minutos
Good to see D Wiggins making big plays and scoring some TDs last couple games,,, Canes look like they are finally coming around with Diaz and his staff ,,, AllAboutTheU
Leonard Green
Leonard Green Hace 26 minutos
Been a hokie fan for a long time. With Beamers retirement and now with Bud Foster hanging it up. I'm definitely feeling the end of a era passing . We've enjoyed you Bud! I would love for you to go out with a championship title.
TheOnlyCrow 29
TheOnlyCrow 29 Hace 29 minutos
Bit late on this one boys
Tosh T
Tosh T Hace 38 minutos
I guess since NC State is on an embarrassing 3 game losing streak it's good to see a win... but a September game?
Jamie McCaslin
Jamie McCaslin Hace un hora
The 3 dislikes are salty FSWho fans
Twan Jr
Twan Jr Hace 14 minutos
Or Louisville fans 😭
jakdidio Hace un hora
i came here after Lamar’s spin against the Bengals to compare the two, but that’s just not fair. They’re both amazing
864 M4k4V31i
864 M4k4V31i Hace un hora
With good coaching this team could be something special
Isaac Gold
Isaac Gold Hace un hora
Jarren was looking pretty good this game. The U's defense dominated
Justin Martinez
Justin Martinez Hace un hora
Best week
Champs ViZion
Champs ViZion Hace 2 horas
That bird in center Court is the shit
Victor Shavers
Victor Shavers Hace 2 horas
If Miami keeps playing like that they'll could end their season ranked at least
larhule Hace 2 horas
Shitty video quality and out-of-sync audio. ACC Digital Network is shit.
NDFOOTBALL #1 Hace 2 horas
Luckily , the rest of our schedule is comprised of abysmal cupcake teams , so we won't have to endure anymore televised humiliations. We lost to the only decent teams on our schedule , so I guess this is another "lost season" for Notre Dame football. This upcoming Navy game makes me somewhat anxious , however ...💯🍀🍀🍀
Ali MURAT Hace 2 horas
Ulan ben niye ağlıyorum bu adamlar hep uzaklara gidiyor arkalarında çoluk çocuk bırakıp
Shaun Jax
Shaun Jax Hace 2 horas
That Miami throw 😂
marjan 88
marjan 88 Hace 3 horas
Sur 4th
Sur 4th Hace 3 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-0_dv33txAcw.html Floirda shit
BreezyOnDaBeat!!! Hace 4 horas
Cole gonna be a different breed PG for us this year just need evbdy to stay healthy #TarHeelYear
Brian Hace 4 horas
Miami keeps this up, they might be relevant again. Been about 15 years.
Ralph Furley
Ralph Furley Hace 4 horas
I’d love to see him play for the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! The Steelers will be going back to smash-mouth style of football, and Dillon and J. Conner would be a great 1-2 punch!!! ☮️🖖🏽
TCT92Graphics Hace 4 horas
The Miami Loss was a Wake up Call for UVA. Even though they lost to ND and Louisville they have played much better after that dismal loss at Miami.
Nathan Watkins
Nathan Watkins Hace 5 horas
Fuck you ShytBly... R.I.H. Chuck
KJTV Hace 5 horas
I’m letting you guys know that kid Isaiah Steven #4 from Colorado State can ball.
Business Guy
Business Guy Hace 5 horas
Trevor will be a HoF'er. Welcome to Chicago, buddy.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Hace 3 horas
Damn that would be a team
Moshe N
Moshe N Hace 5 horas
Only here because of PMT
Alex Carbajal
Alex Carbajal Hace 6 horas
Went back to see jackson vs watson only thing more impressive was jaire ballin out and keeping Louisville in the game. Fuck packers got a good pick probs future all pro corner
Jessie Sanders
Jessie Sanders Hace 7 horas
Foxbody Slick
Foxbody Slick Hace 7 horas
Odell.... 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill Hace 8 horas
Looking like Va Tech will face Clemson in the championship game.
Caleb Hill
Caleb Hill Hace 6 horas
barry worthy I don’t think so. They look like a solid team now.
barry worthy
barry worthy Hace 8 horas
They will lose the rest of their games. They suck ass. Entire coastal. Virginia will lose as well.
Tiger TV
Tiger TV Hace 8 horas
Full Game: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JpA9SYqEGF8.html
Tiger TV
Tiger TV Hace 8 horas
Full Game: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JpA9SYqEGF8.html
Tiger TV
Tiger TV Hace 8 horas
Full Game: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JpA9SYqEGF8.html
Don Yeatman
Don Yeatman Hace 8 horas
Hyamuka! That Cole can play! Go Heels!
Crystal&Brian Larue
Crystal&Brian Larue Hace 8 horas
Go Irish we love notre dame no matter what I'm a irish fan until I die
Thomas Mayo
Thomas Mayo Hace 9 horas
Who said white men can't jump lol. Honestly didn't know Kody Stattman could even get up.
Dwight Cook
Dwight Cook Hace 9 horas
I Figured the more he plays. The better he will get. Also had a couple nice runs. Enough that the defense has to account. For his ability to run.
Avoidance Technologies
Notre Dame ACC Basketball; Notre Dame - Independent Football; But, Played in the ACC Championship in Football to Clemson - Last Year?
Jermy Jerm
Jermy Jerm Hace 9 horas
That would be Pittsburg
Aaron Richards
Aaron Richards Hace 9 horas
The audio! It's actually synced up! There is a God and he loves ACC hoops.
Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham Hace 10 horas
The three chuckleheads before the game said in order “Notre Dame won’t win, Notre Dame will barely win and Notre Dame will barely lose.” Included was the failed EJ Manuel.
Scott Bates
Scott Bates Hace 11 horas
I hate Florida
Golden Llama12
Golden Llama12 Hace 11 horas
Who’s here from Lamar Jackson’s spin move vs the Bengals?
Ricky Mariiro
Ricky Mariiro Hace 13 horas
REMATCH SOON! 5:34 the ref makes the catch of the game btw
The Wrestler
The Wrestler Hace 14 horas
Boy he's come a long way.
YOUNG BUCKS Hace 14 horas
I knew he was gonna start all along but everybody was in denial and more concerned about tate
bambang303378 Hace 15 horas
How in the universe that PSU was ranked higher than Clemson??
Zorro TheFatBoye
Zorro TheFatBoye Hace 15 horas
My boi in the NBA now
bambang303378 Hace 15 horas
So, UVA already won the ACC Coastal? Cuz they are 4-1 in their division. Whereas VA Tech is 3-2.
justin holmes
justin holmes Hace 6 horas
@John Goodwin hopefully tech will drop those two games.
John Goodwin
John Goodwin Hace 8 horas
UVA is 5-2, so if Tech beats GT and Pitt then the VT-UVA game will decide the coastal. UVA hasn't won anything yet.
Phillip Cotton
Phillip Cotton Hace 15 horas
Even after UVA lost to UMBC in the tourney, I still thought they could eventually win a National title with that type of defense. Not a Cavs fan,& it sure ain't pretty basketball.... but it works!!!
G Logan
G Logan Hace 15 horas
This Why I tell Miami fans we need a new stadium..... Va Tech has a huge home field advantage each time they step out on the field at home.... Teams hate playing VT at home.......
im a clemson fan and i like playing vt and beating them in blacksburg
EHNOTTOOSURE Hace 15 horas
Can we get this side by side with Lamar's spin v the Bengals?
Castin' Hace 15 horas
I did not know how big of a pussy the NC coach was until he met dabo at the middle of the field. He is a piece of crap.
maattheeew3 Hace 15 horas
"The Hokies got a big upset in defensive coordinator Bud Foster's last game at home" Not that I'm shocked by this, but it's not the last home game.
Strange Days
Strange Days Hace 15 horas
He slipped and throws a 45-yard pass on a rope.
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks Hace 16 horas
I'm very patient..the future looks good
Zach Saumsiegle
Zach Saumsiegle Hace 16 horas
Stop playin
Campino Milligan
Campino Milligan Hace 16 horas
Bama after a loss Nr4?? Are you kidding me, there are unbeaten teams ranked behind Bama?? This entire systhem is BS....total BS....GO CLEMSON
Vincent Martin
Vincent Martin Hace 16 horas
Mark my word, Diakite will be the catalyst that propels Virginia this Year. He will be All-ACC First Team this YEAR. WAHOOWA.
LUCIO BOYS Hace 16 horas
Rematch in the NFL now! 1 week away..
Donte Johnson
Donte Johnson Hace 4 horas
Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash Hace 17 horas
Think fsu will be ranked?
Luigifan14 Hace 11 horas
I think it will take a while, but only because we were disrespected as unranked. This team is coming off a sweet 16 run last year and they assumed with the people that left that we wouldn't compete anymore? They're definitely looking at us now. Go Noles!
wima13 Hace 17 horas
What’s wrong with the audio?
Axeminister Hace 18 horas
Brandon D
Brandon D Hace 18 horas
Decalon Brooks is horrible
gsgentry1 Hace 18 horas
J Huff going to be a badass to reckon with!
gsgentry1 Hace 18 horas
Not in my house-rejected
Josh Jacob
Josh Jacob Hace 18 horas
Michael Sundquist
Michael Sundquist Hace 18 horas
3 and odell
Matthew Swenson
Matthew Swenson Hace 18 horas
Wake Forest had 4th and 2 at midfield when the fourth quarter started, down by six. That's absolutely a time to go for it. Instead, they punted.
Antonio Holmes
Antonio Holmes Hace 19 horas
Trevor Lawrence is a real QB prototype. I'm tired of these little coconut head 5'9 QB's like Russell and Tua. They're overrated and corny. Trevor is 5x better than both.
Sitagliptin Januvia
Sitagliptin Januvia Hace 6 horas
Trevors stats ain’t even close to Tua or Wilsons stats when he was in College. Keep sucking Trevors dick fag
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams Hace 18 horas
Antonio Holmes stfu
Billy Lang
Billy Lang Hace 19 horas
Wow, Odell figured out the winning formula....Actually let the position coaches do what they were hired for....funny what happens when the OC actually gets to run his offense with whatever players he deems the best fit for certain plays
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh Hace 19 horas
That is one of the many reasons Willie got fired. He leaves the better players on the bench.
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh Hace 19 horas
That is one of the many reasons Willie got fired. He leaves the better players on the bench.
Vincent E Stone
Vincent E Stone Hace 19 horas
Big-Time Game ! ACC BABY. Bringing The Pain !
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Hace 19 horas
Extremely unsportsmanlike for Dabo to run three straight scoring plays with a minute left in an attempt to run up the score.
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Hace 5 horas
SHAWN STGERMAINE I’m not sure what a “diaper dandy” is, and I’m not an NC State fan. I’m just saying that running the ball on 4th and 1 from the other teams 20 with a minute left is trying to run up the score on the little guy. Pretty bold considering Clemson hasn’t played anybody yet.
Thot Patrol
Thot Patrol Hace 6 horas
Kenneth Burleson That was by far the most “I’m an internet badass” statement I’ve heard in a while. Clemson fans have a hard time accepting that they don’t play anybody.
@Thot Patrol isnt it nc states responsibility to stop them? what are you a diaper dandy ? trashy is the fact your a soft bitch who cant take an ass whippen!
Kenneth Burleson
Kenneth Burleson Hace 7 horas
@Thot Patrol You must be a 10 year child. It's painfully obvious that your statement about Dabo running up the score, shows your lack of mature brain cells.... You're not ready to sit at the grown up table when discussing adult matters like Clemson Tiger Football........GO TIGERS!!!!
Timothy Malphrus
Timothy Malphrus Hace 8 horas
I think that’s your opinion and good thing is it don’t matter what you think
Bruh Corvin
Bruh Corvin Hace 19 horas
Much better Perry, we definitely will need excellent guard play all season
Evan Nettles
Evan Nettles Hace 20 horas
Haley hellllly shiz up a gators ass
Joey R
Joey R Hace 20 horas
That's wasnt his last home game...
Craig Jones
Craig Jones Hace 20 horas
This video only shows 5 of his TD's.
Rich John
Rich John Hace 20 horas
Maryland will win the Big Ten and the Championship.
Phillip Cotton
Phillip Cotton Hace 15 horas
I'm a Terps fan, but Mr.Turgeon has a Lot to prove for that to happen. Hoping he proves me wrong.
darkshadesofblue Hace 16 horas
M Williams
M Williams Hace 18 horas
Lol, did you forget who their coach is
John Bassett
John Bassett Hace 20 horas
I think MD will win the Big Ten, but not the championship.
Sammy Lantz
Sammy Lantz Hace 20 horas
Put out highlights for the Boston college game
Jajuan  Bell
Jajuan Bell Hace 20 horas
future Chicago Bear
linus_on_ Probation
linus_on_ Probation Hace 20 horas
Allowed 11 points in 2nd half Allowing 34 points a game
J bouie
J bouie Hace 20 horas
Taggart you stupid mf. We had this weapon all season and you never even spoke of this kid. That kid could have saved his job. I - AM - FLABBERGASTED!!!!!!
linus_on_ Probation
linus_on_ Probation Hace 20 horas
jim bo
jim bo Hace 20 horas
ND is 0-3 finishing in the top 10 when preseason ranked in the top 10 under Brian Kelley. ND started off top 10 and now #16 looks like 0-4 for B.K
They were ranked 12th dumbass
John Goodwin
John Goodwin Hace 20 horas
18:52 that head fake tho 19:13 and another 🔥🔥🔥
BeHappy Hace 4 horas
NNMCH Highlights
NNMCH Highlights Hace 20 horas
Dam that defense might be even better.
A.J. Young Jr
A.J. Young Jr Hace 12 horas
I think you're right. Especially since the other offensive pieces need to be figured out. I know Tony is testing his rotations and chemistry. Great overall effort!
aka flowmaster鲁迅
aka flowmaster鲁迅 Hace 21 un hora
diakete can shoot 3s now? bruh he might be a 1st round pick now
steve conner
steve conner Hace 21 un hora
If we get 4 of freshman and 2 are going in my opinion. Adds a lot of depth . The deeper the better. I hope the Irish Hulk gets going. He looks lost. The player that was going to be red shirt, looks ready. Anyway,GO CARDS.
Me Hace 21 un hora
Watching this after Lamar Jackson’s spin move
renzobyd Hace 21 un hora
Ravens vs Bengals brought me here
Alex Hill
Alex Hill Hace 21 un hora
When we get Boots back - watch out!
Jeremy Marsh
Jeremy Marsh Hace 21 un hora
Coach Ham has the Gator's #, just like Jimbo did too.
Two Savage Gamers
Two Savage Gamers Hace 21 un hora
That dunk by Diakite though🔥🔥
ronald hammond
ronald hammond Hace 11 horas
Was about to say the same thing. That 1st dunk was a monster
gsgentry1 Hace 18 horas
& that reject!
Russell Menefee
Russell Menefee Hace 21 un hora
So proud of our boys!! I could see a huge difference!! They kept them in 3 and longs and the offense looked crisp We still had some costly undisciplined penalties but not near as many and most could’ve been nerves and or excitement trying to make plays GO NOLES!!!
FSU CarolinaNova
FSU CarolinaNova Hace 21 un hora
Can we get the condensed full game highlights as well great win for us though. The lost to Pittsburgh was tough but would’ve really went the other way if Vessell and Mj wasn’t in foul trouble but either way great win
X x
X x Hace 10 horas
justin holmes
justin holmes Hace 21 un hora
gsgentry1 Hace 18 horas
Mamadi & co. bring back that trophy again!
Pee Pee Gang Leader
Pee Pee Gang Leader Hace 21 un hora
Jazzmen Jones
Jazzmen Jones Hace 22 horas
Big Fridge
Michael Brodie
Michael Brodie Hace 14 horas
Jazzmen Jones when you're as loaded as Clemson you can do this sort of thing.
Olin57 Hace 22 horas
Well you can tell how WF's season is gonna go...