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100 Comentarios
Hannah Zavalla
Hannah Zavalla Hace 11 minutos
Hello nice to meet you, whats your name? Me: iie
John Henry Sheridan Music
Kawaii Stefan
Kawaii Stefan Hace 33 minutos
I will just invent an extremely formal personality so I only have to learn 50% of the words!
Irsyad Haziq
Irsyad Haziq Hace 41 un minuto
genki desu!!!!
LOVE-LIGHT LIFE Hace 58 minutos
I love you
Fan Page
Fan Page Hace un hora
Boruto 😂
nwabox Hace un hora
Adorable 😍
Sidoo5 Ösis spieler
I will search you and I will find you and marry you
Ibnu Maulana
Ibnu Maulana Hace 3 horas
ありがとうございます。from インドネシャ。
Pixie Cove
Pixie Cove Hace 3 horas
See you in 4 hours!
Chief Jocelyn
Chief Jocelyn Hace 3 horas
wut lmfao
Purple Hace 4 horas
19:10 53:55 ignore this. i make this for myself💜
MCINTOSH Hace 4 horas
What does aunt and uncle means in Japanese language
Somsher Lepcha
Somsher Lepcha Hace 4 horas
Subarashi......arigato for helping in learning phrases
remmon romio
remmon romio Hace 4 horas
Samar S.
Samar S. Hace 4 horas
I was watching anime at 2 am and I got tired so I decided to put this on and.... I stayed up instead of falling asleep 😑
MCINTOSH Hace 4 horas
ありがとうございましたせんせいまとこ あなたわすきです💗💗💗👑
Abinash Ghimire
Abinash Ghimire Hace 5 horas
hard to learn when teacher is beautiful
Ken narville
Ken narville Hace 5 horas
there was a time when I wanted to came to Japan but i am discouraged. most japanese are xenophob and racists. they're fakely kind , all they do is to manipulate and fool foreigners. they force themselves to help foreigners like if they're live robots. and then they insults us in our backs. they're too lazy to learn english and japanese is hard as hell. I meet many arrogants japanese who wasted my time in YT. i left comments to warn internauts about the sly attitude of japanese and giving my opinion , and these japanse pretends i would be more rude and racist than them while in reality they're just politely indirects and protective about their execrable fellows. generally they stop to answer me quickly whitout saying the truth. That's why i hate japanese , i only prefer to "travel" in japan since their manga's and anime series or in videos like this one.
Lewie Ann Joyce Bueno Gonzales
タグ付け下さい下さい、から?かな下さいからか!下さい下さい。 ヵ@gmail.comマから!かなくださいかな下さいください
HerSenpai Hace 6 horas
How did I learn Japanese this quick lmaooo
xXPurplevampire GachaXx
I just do understand why we go from learning vowels to knowing everything I'm just super confused...why???
xXPurplevampire GachaXx
Oh and girl I do have s omthing to say...... WHY DID YOU SKIP SO MUCH REEEEEEE
El Barto
El Barto Hace 7 horas
Dose this actually work
LEAF FOR ADMIN Hace 8 horas
I just want to scream some jojo stuff while knowing what I'm saying
AVC Contractors LLC Alvaro
I’m a kid I love janpanse and I love this too and I’m watching this now and like this video Brit make you learn janpese and it for kid🤩🥳😍😚🤙🏻and me want to go to Japan 🇯🇵 box is it be fun?so please watch this if no I will hate you😶
Max Lee
Max Lee Hace 9 horas
(だ)れよりも (い)ちばん (す)きなのは (き)みだから
Turnover Moth157
Turnover Moth157 Hace 9 horas
Antzy Hace 9 horas
My brain hurts.
Phalanx67 Hace 10 horas
I only want to learn it to impress my friends.
Maz Jul
Maz Jul Hace 10 horas
Risa San so cute n kawaii Love you sensei
Fragly Hace 11 horas
The stuff I'd do just to watch anime with no subtitles
Fragly Hace 11 horas
the table = teburu table = Hyo What!?
BabyGuest Mirai * Uchimaki Mirai
I love anime 😍
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that the thumbnail is ukyo from amnesia like *bruh*
Aurélien Beauchêne
Aurélien Beauchêne Hace 11 horas
That's the FIRST level?? Can't even understand a single word, even by playing 4 times slower... Shame on me, being an Aspie...
LilacClouds Hace 12 horas
Is this hiragana, katakana or kanji?
Alicia Abbott
Alicia Abbott Hace 12 horas
Has this actually worked for people? 🤔
Taekook _Trash
Taekook _Trash Hace 12 horas
Duolingos got some competition now 🦉
Miss Spacety
Miss Spacety Hace 12 horas
This is a weeb's dream.
ASW321 productions
ASW321 productions Hace 13 horas
No one: JoJo fans: 5:12
Green Ripper
Green Ripper Hace 14 horas
Raychel Ojeda Santiago
Un, Hitobito wa Nihon o Manabu Koto Ga Dekiru hijo ni kantandesu! *mind:I have to Learn Japanese Using ''Learn Japansese From the Play Store''
itsjustmetheweirdo __
itsjustmetheweirdo __ Hace 15 horas
People watching this vid i know your ass don't understand anything this girl is doing but your secretly trying to act like you do
itsjustmetheweirdo __
itsjustmetheweirdo __ Hace 15 horas
You know people gon forget the shit they learned in this vid in one second 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Hace 15 horas
nope i remember lesson 1 to 4
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Hace 15 horas
I wanna learn japanese so i can sound like a Anime character
David Down Under
David Down Under Hace 15 horas
SLIME MASTER Hace 15 horas
If korean pop is K-pop then..... Chinese rap is.....*crap*
anime obesity girl
anime obesity girl Hace 15 horas
Does this even work yall??????????
Eli Mager
Eli Mager Hace 15 horas
Japan is awful
Fluffy Alva
Fluffy Alva Hace 15 horas
Me and my swedeish accent ,-,
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson Hace 16 horas
selamlar selamlar
selamlar selamlar Hace 16 horas
Thats very very bad it haves ten thousand ad
JordanWoodland Hace 16 horas
Just wondering, do native Japanese speakers typically know all Kanji characters, or is there pretty much too many to know?
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo Hace 15 horas
to many to know. kinda like how english people stumble across a scientific word they have never heard before
اسماعيل الطيب
MarcoLorrins1 Hace 16 horas
you are so funny Risa, you are great
MarcoLorrins1 Hace 16 horas
you are so funny Risa
max olden
max olden Hace 17 horas
just learned the n column and i’m halfway through the video after about a month! really taking my time and practicing aha
Gator Dude
Gator Dude Hace 17 horas
I'm just doing this so I can understand japanese in anime.Then I can watch sub anime without reading the subtitles.Hell Yeah!!
Katia Republic
Katia Republic Hace 17 horas
Yes (firmly)
Kawaii Stefan
Kawaii Stefan Hace 18 horas
You cant learn things while sleeping. That's the most lazy idea I have ever heard. Work if you want to learn a new language. There are plenty of materials online.
Chirag Joshi
Chirag Joshi Hace 18 horas
Arigato Gozaimashita Sensei!
David Bagley
David Bagley Hace 19 horas
Your hair looks nice
FollowingStorm0 Hace 19 horas
35:50 this reminds me of someone
Ezra Aftarekh
Ezra Aftarekh Hace 20 horas
This is scary how youtube recommend this while i'm about to sleep...
Anurag singh Chanchal
Anurag singh Chanchal Hace 20 horas
eda means Branch written in japanese ,plz tell me ,according hiragana scripts,but da is not available in this scripts pls help me ma'am.
Shiv Garg
Shiv Garg Hace 20 horas
Thank you so much
Si Thu
Si Thu Hace 20 horas
I'm love with Japanese language 💚
hebra Hace 21 un hora
Daisuki desu
Malayalam Malayalam
Malayalam Malayalam Hace 21 un hora
Kunnichiva risa gozaimaz
DeanGl Hace 21 un hora
Omelette du fromage
dark nights
dark nights Hace 21 un hora
My favourite risa is here Kunuchiva risa
Ameer Adajar
Ameer Adajar Hace 12 horas
I really adore you Risa..very nice channel and you looks beautiful..
ぼくぼく Hace 21 un hora
Tung Nieh
Tung Nieh Hace 21 un hora
Now I wanna to sleep as long as hear Japanese😭😭😭
Josef Tu
Josef Tu Hace 22 horas
Preeti Sharma
Preeti Sharma Hace 22 horas
Thank You Risa🎃🎃
Pokémon Best Wishes
Pokémon Best Wishes Hace 22 horas
people watch code geas a lot
wesleyfilms Hace 22 horas
“Hahmbahgah” Finally, something I understand.
Nisreen Mokhaiber
Nisreen Mokhaiber Hace 22 horas
Anddd I forgot everything by the end of the video hahahaha :,)
CrusaderZirαs Hace 22 horas
1:58 Isn't takai big?
PandaMan Hace 21 un hora
@CrusaderZirαs yeah I'm suggesting the word but I'm not entirely sure too. 😂
CrusaderZirαs Hace 21 un hora
@PandaMan Idk man It's hard to remember everything
PandaMan Hace 21 un hora
Pretty sure it was dekai/dekē
Kawaii Stefan
Kawaii Stefan Hace 22 horas
I can't do this.. leave me behind, guys.. I would only... slow you down... Go! You still have a chance! I'm happy... to get this far....
SweatOnly Hace 23 horas
Can’t wait to wake up like Hō? Mukkate kuru no ka?
Nιɠнт Wαιкєя
Nιɠнт Wαιкєя Hace 23 horas
All I can learn in one night: YAMETE KUDASAI...... SENPAI!!
Nihilanth1 Hace 23 horas
Question: On the description of the あおうみかめ around 7:20、why is it うみにすinstead of うみにすむ?
AX DEE Hace 23 horas
Too much fast teaching..
javier montes
javier montes Hace 23 horas
Muy buena clase de idiomas, gracias
javier montes
javier montes Hace 23 horas
Muchas gracias por su vídeo
kazuyoshi sakamoto
kazuyoshi sakamoto Hace 23 horas
The sound is somewhat low....
Calestine Robert Dol
kimetsu no yaiba
- Jxshxa -
- Jxshxa - Hace un día
I learned Hangul so I can learn Hiragana aswell
Lipika Misra
Lipika Misra Hace un día
My favorite is akagami no shirayukihime.
Leopold aguw
Leopold aguw Hace un día
Anata wa yasashina sensee desu🙏✌👍
天笠菜菜 Hace un día
原田麻里子 Hace un día
Jessie Ann
Jessie Ann Hace un día
Anyone know if this actual works while sleeping and if so how long do you need this program to work
Dean Jelbert Austria
00:46 same with filipinoes, most of the time the last piece of food will just be discarded because no one wants to eat it :p
caleb collins
caleb collins Hace un día
Risa bae
Unknown_Alex Hace un día
Is it just me or does the word for bandage sounds like hold tight