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88 Comentarios
Shanno Khan
Shanno Khan Hace 16 minutos
Yurishiku onegaishimasu
Argon musics
Argon musics Hace 24 minutos
Free only for 7 days*
artsy cile
artsy cile Hace 56 minutos
I dont want to learn japanease because of kanji :(
Tannor Emmanuel
Tannor Emmanuel Hace un hora
Great job Thank you so much for this lesson, I really appreciate it
Ehren Erich
Ehren Erich Hace un hora
Can you please make a lesson on when to use Hiragana and when to use katakana for Onomatopoeia
XoXoWinterCAKEZ Hace un hora
Guilherme Arruda
Guilherme Arruda Hace un hora
Amazing, your explanation is super fun and easy to understand. Thank you very much! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Dark lord • 10 years ago
When you have watched so many anime that you can understand the words but can’t remember them.
Tareq Ayub
Tareq Ayub Hace un hora
RIKA TAKUCHI Hace un hora
Kono Dio Da
Kono Dio Da Hace 2 horas
Me with akatsuki uniform and naruto head band: uhhhhhhh its for a job
ATHica/ Addicted To Horror Monica
Don’t midn me, just placing a timestamp. 18:03
Yui- chan
Yui- chan Hace 2 horas
ewww an eyee?? of what? an elephant or something ewww im gonna vomit
asuna yuuki
asuna yuuki Hace 2 horas
Hi why i can't get sign in on your link i was clicking next for many times but it won't work
ppman _-
ppman _- Hace 3 horas
ApprovedModded Hace 3 horas
I missed it again, because it was 5 AM when this Live Stream started. I just woke up... 7 hours later...
BTS Army May World
BTS Army May World Hace 31 un minuto
lilkari 123
lilkari 123 Hace 3 horas
Anyone that doesn't want ads skip all the way to the end of the video and then press refresh then all the ads are gone. XD
Gamer Child
Gamer Child Hace 3 horas
_oioioi_hey cha
_oioioi_hey cha Hace 3 horas
Hirgana✔️ Katakana Kanji
Kamal Hossain
Kamal Hossain Hace 3 horas
Please mam speak slowly so that we can be able to understand.
cultured men
cultured men Hace 4 horas
05:10 You can't tell that he isn't the voice actor of Akitaru Obi (Fire Force Captain)
do you have Facebook
Tathiana Christie Elberd
Jean Claude vom Deich
German? Guten Morgen!
Jean Claude vom Deich
Jean Claude vom Deich Hace 28 minutos
@BTS Army May World Moin sag ich mal :)
BTS Army May World
BTS Army May World Hace 29 minutos
Omg Deutsche Sind Hier auch Cool ;)
ApprovedModded Hace 3 horas
Guten Morgen xD
Jean Claude vom Deich
Sintetic Hace 4 horas
8 hours, i only need two phrases " ochin chin daisuki dayo" and " chinko o manko iretai na"
いえもん Hace 4 horas
Bonaventure Savage
Bonaventure Savage Hace 5 horas
I know your here so you could watch anime without subtitles
Jessie Art
Jessie Art Hace 5 horas
Aw I missed it 😭
Rumi honoka
Rumi honoka Hace 2 horas
Me 2😔😔
Oreo Lover UwUz
Oreo Lover UwUz Hace 5 horas
Me: OMG is Japanese hard? **Watches how to learn Katakana and Hiragana vids** Me: Okay maybe I overreacted. Me after seeing this video: Maybe not
AIR Shadow Gaming
AIR Shadow Gaming Hace 6 horas
Just say you guys are learning for anime
Melanie Lovick-Lugo
Melanie Lovick-Lugo Hace 6 horas
You two ladies are so cute and work very well together, however, I was under the impression that you were going to play some Japanese music for us. I was very disappointed that you didn't.
Chris Jiang
Chris Jiang Hace 6 horas
kanji is just simple for chinese ,like me.
Flamingo Fan
Flamingo Fan Hace 6 horas
I was listening to this while I was sleeping I realize that my phone died
Erena Obeidat
Erena Obeidat Hace 6 horas
I watch the live stream but I couldn't comment anything but goodbye
渡辺空 Hace 6 horas
A. K.
A. K. Hace 6 horas
The course you say is free actually costs 1 usd if you cancel later, and 25 usd if you don't cancel. So by definition it's not free. Free means 0.00 usd. I'm just explaining in case you don't know. )))))
pov: u see me commit crimes
ykw? fuck it. gn
pov: u see me commit crimes
also i remember nothing, japanese wize. but maybe thats because i was busy having a crisis or because i only got 3 hrs worth of it all lmao so. not a recommendation.
pov: u see me commit crimes
theres more to this dream but. yk. this isnt a dream forum for me to disect this on. enjoy my apparently dwindling sanity amongst your memes lmao
pov: u see me commit crimes
the stuff the masc dude said in my dream was more. alarming. but i don't remember anything specific i think there were threats and descriptions of the (bad) stuff hes done(to others) both voices were disembodied and playing over my actual dream which was like okay until i became aware of the voices. they were playing the whole time, but then i **realized** they were playing. and i had to *keep* listening to them. whered theyd argue. the fem's voice unchanging mostly. whatever shed say would still be translated though. the masc's voice was going batshit though. sometimes he wouldn't even talk TO her. just to himself. or worse,*me*
pov: u see me commit crimes
and like. for a sec i was like. wouldn't that be screwed up. a long ass podcast for learning, that fucks with your head part way through? imagine, if it was all a joke and apart of a horror podcast or something. with unsuspecting listeners just :) Haha Language Machine Go Brrr
pov: u see me commit crimes
so for me to wake up, "huh that was weird" and not fully register my dream until the video went fem: help! masc: no. fem: たすけてください。 masc: (silence) fem, pleading: たすけてください masc: (making sounds but not talking) me: wait. wtf fem, pleading more and cut off r ig ht as she finishes): たすけてください。 masc: (making sound that also abruptly ends as she does me: this. this isnt realy right. what the fuck what the f u c k fem, back to normal: I'm Sorry. me: huh. poor selection of order to put phrases in. now im kinda scared? and that brings us to now
Ape Hace 7 horas
hold up, you were teaching me vowel pronunciation and you follow that up with a full on listening exercise
Melissa Bustos
Melissa Bustos Hace 7 horas
I appreciate this video so much! Thank you for this amazing free lesson! I have been learning 5 characters per day and ACTUALLY memorizing them. (although around the M characters the image to help memorize them is a little hard to actually imagine lol) but other than that this video has been very helpful.
Ahmed Elbeuchouari
Ahmed Elbeuchouari Hace 7 horas
dalma peller
dalma peller Hace 8 horas
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar Hace 8 horas
Mmm sounds more like a single R in spanish to me. I do not notice a difference.
Alien Jason
Alien Jason Hace 8 horas
Jose Salazar
Jose Salazar Hace 8 horas
Japanese overall has a very similar pronunciation to most romantic languages, like Spanish and Italian. Obviously with some changes.
ChristopherDaRapper Hace 9 horas
Watashi wa genki
Tech Wiz
Tech Wiz Hace 58 minutos
Sandro Marques 👍🏻
Sandro Marques
Sandro Marques Hace un hora
@Tech Wiz i know dude ... im just saying if he does use "I" , use boku instead for men
Tech Wiz
Tech Wiz Hace 2 horas
@Sandro Marques people usually don't use the word I they just ask genki desu ka, and answer as genki des ( casual I mean), even if they're formal they don't use the pronouns for I
Sandro Marques
Sandro Marques Hace 2 horas
not watashi but boku
Tech Wiz
Tech Wiz Hace 5 horas
ChristopherDaRapper people don’t use watashi, just saying genki desu is perfect
Ebenezersa YT
Ebenezersa YT Hace 9 horas
Ur Mum
Ur Mum Hace 9 horas
you mean that episode of dexter's laboratory was some real shit?
BLU Scout ドイツ国
Omelette du fromage 😳
pepperoniipizza Hace 9 horas
Punya Indralatha
Punya Indralatha Hace 9 horas
Godblessdaily Helen Ybalio
wow great im watching
DieHard Wool
DieHard Wool Hace 9 horas
This is great thank you so much I cannot explain how thrilled I am about this
Dan Lost
Dan Lost Hace 9 horas
I always miss these videos! 😣 I wish I could have my comment read by Risa and Keijin! These live-streams happen when I am sleeping! I very much like the personal touch that they use with their viewers! 😋☺️🙃
Sonu Thakur
Sonu Thakur Hace 9 horas
Sanjay V
Sanjay V Hace 9 horas
My name is sanjay
Queen of Stocks
Queen of Stocks Hace 10 horas
Talk about lazy.
Anime.bitch8501 Hace 10 horas
I’m doing this for u 😾🤝
S K Hace 10 horas
You are graet but sorry for say you should repeat the word in a sentence using nihongo, not English. Focus on nihongo since the lesson is about that. It would make it easier for those who are learning. It is not a criticism, I really like your classes. It's a request.Onegaishimasu 🙏🙇🏻‍♀️
TRDO YT Hace 11 horas
22:09 so i learned that i can easily mistake between ''cute'' and ''scary'' when speaking Japanese
Preeti Takalikar
Preeti Takalikar Hace 12 horas
Hiroko is also my favourite sensei means teacher
Preeti Takalikar
Preeti Takalikar Hace 12 horas
How to write Japanese fast Hiroko mam
Preeti Takalikar
Preeti Takalikar Hace 12 horas
Wow 👌 arigatau gozaimasu
Kevin Gomez-Ramirez
Kevin Gomez-Ramirez Hace 12 horas
You can skip to the end and press replay, it removes the ads
Anonymous Artist
Anonymous Artist Hace 12 horas
Yuhh finna move to japan now
Bendy Snowball
Bendy Snowball Hace 13 horas
0:49 Sounds like a CD Project Red developer talking about unlocking new mission options in Cyberpunk 2077
Samuel Hace 13 horas
I just wish the language was written as it was spoken. I know a lot of Japanese when I hear it, but can't pronounce and sound it out looking at the damn Kanji.
treemantheo Hace 13 horas
In my Japanese classes they used "Hanasu" a lot for speaking, but when I went to Tokyo I had to learn that "Shaberu" (chat) is used more often
RandomReema Hace 13 horas
RandomReema Hace un hora
@punkie well im sorry I don't got a phone, but still you can put an adblock some how
punkie Hace 5 horas
Wanna know something crazy? Mostly all of us are using a mobile device 🤯
RandomReema Hace 13 horas
listens to this: 8 hours later when I wake up *PAN ARIGATO*
Malinda Childers
Malinda Childers Hace 14 horas
Is domo the same as Adiato ? They both say thanks
w7lves Hace 14 horas
から I spelled my first word that I actually know uWu
venus Hace 14 horas
that first listening test was definitely not for absolute beginner, i understood it all because i've been learning japanese for a year now so yeah
w7lves Hace 14 horas
Who's here just because they're tired of seeing random japanese text in anime and wanna be able to read it 🖐
Ajhay Sungz
Ajhay Sungz Hace 14 horas
The second kanji in chinese means for machine
Itzz_star_dust Hace 15 horas
Lets be honest you aren't sleeping
Matas Brazauskas
Matas Brazauskas Hace 15 horas
Does this actualy work? cause im tired of reading subtitles while watching anime
Sameen Jan
Sameen Jan Hace 15 horas
The girl looks like she just cutted off her mustache after 6 months or so
天才アルトン Hace 15 horas
How can I learn if I'm asleep? *Nani -100*
Sam Parker
Sam Parker Hace 15 horas
5 mins in I already knew from watching too much anime 😂
Fahad Shaikh
Fahad Shaikh Hace 16 horas
Thanks a ton
Shawn Quessy
Shawn Quessy Hace 16 horas
There's a cool game on Nintendo Switch called Hiragana Pixel Party and it's perfect to help memorise those
•Izumi• Hace 16 horas
Okay but fr, lay down and listen to this with headphones and repeat everything
Cristiano Oliveira Amaro Ferreira
I thought you so cute! I'm Brazilian, would date an African Brazilian descentant which is Cristian?
Blitz-o-Byte Hace 17 horas
so. japanese is basically speaking the same way you read (romanji)? why is it hard?
Bot Boi Gaming
Bot Boi Gaming Hace 17 horas
This is so interesting. I thought i had to download duolingo again. I am 15 mins in and i am laying in my room trying to say apple in japanese whilst thinking how i can insult people on japanese without them knowing. I only started learning to watch anime without reading subtitles but now i realize so much more. Like insulting people lmao. WEEBS RISE! | | | | How tf am i supposed to find a arrow that point down. Its 3 in the morning im going to sleep.
Local_ Hotpotato
Local_ Hotpotato Hace 17 horas
"Learn japanese while you sleep" Yyyeeeea with that add gatling firing away for the first 3h i aint sleepin..
•Izumi• Hace 17 horas
Lay down. Relax everything. Plug in earbuds. Listen to this. Fall asleep. Wake up and your genitals are now pixilated.
•Izumi• Hace 17 horas
When you think it's fake until its from JapanesePod101 Then you know it's legit
Mark Todoroki
Mark Todoroki Hace 18 horas
Listening to this and showing result (Starting now) DAY 1: DAY 2: DAY 3: DAY 4: DAY 5: DAY 6: DAY 7: (Might do more...)
punkie Hace 5 horas
Eng. Ebi
Eng. Ebi Hace 18 horas
I just have trouble in remembering of the meaning and the spealing of words. How can I pass this problem in simple way?