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We Made a Dragon
Hace 13 días
70 Comentarios
Logan Wright
Logan Wright Hace 4 minutos
Me: that river is nothing compared to the ones I tubed in. Them: paddling rapids. Me: bruh
Fixed Diagram13
Fixed Diagram13 Hace 14 minutos
If one ever wondered what a dieing animal sound like, it's probably this 12:00
I Mintayy I
I Mintayy I Hace 15 minutos
I don’t trust that soap
BH. Vishala
BH. Vishala Hace 16 minutos
Hey THKOR I wanna see what when you pump the cycle tyres with helium. Please at least try it. pllllsssss
green shoots TV
green shoots TV Hace 19 minutos
Can I use this in my cars cooling system?
Emily Jo
Emily Jo Hace 23 minutos
The bo burnam reference
Alexander Santiago
Alexander Santiago Hace 24 minutos
is nate and calli dating if da aint da should
Someone0nR3ddit Hace 31 un minuto
Pog this guy is cool
Alexander Santiago
Alexander Santiago Hace 33 minutos
were do u get that
Tenshi Hace 42 minutos
The bagpipe with the helium was the best. Gave me the best lulz
Wingedshadowwolf Hace 46 minutos
Spruce and birch are the main firewood in interior Alaska. Spruce is more common so it's used more, but birch is said to make longer lasting fires. Cottonwoods don't dry properly and tend to rot before they are ready to use, and are more of a creosote hazard.
Marcos Contrera
Marcos Contrera Hace 52 minutos
Can you deshell a reese's pieces or M&M's
Kuichio Hace 52 minutos
You should try other things that melt at a similar temperature as the sugar. I think salt is too high, but something lile that would be cool.
Abdulmohsin Al khararfi
Abdulmohsin Al khararfi Hace 59 minutos
Where is the other man if something happens I’m sorry I just Woke up from a coma
Darren Croghan
Darren Croghan Hace 59 minutos
Wow! 10 minutes packed with information. I will watch this a dozen times
Grandma Ashley’s Cat Mittens
This would be me if I lost my fingers 10:55
Xavier Morris
Xavier Morris Hace 59 minutos
Try to freeze dry An egg 🥚??
Heera Byju
Heera Byju Hace un hora
Long live the king
Lucas Lopez Schultz
Lucas Lopez Schultz Hace un hora
she doesn't know how to play hot cross buns
Anthony Gordon
Anthony Gordon Hace un hora
anyone else notice the bagpiper at 13:40? lmaoo
Brawlhalla Player
Brawlhalla Player Hace 23 minutos
Gary Clough
Gary Clough Hace un hora
I would like to see which one burns the longest and the shortest amount of time
Just Rusty
Just Rusty Hace un hora
When musical instruments hit puberty
ZackyGaming 08
ZackyGaming 08 Hace un hora
cat. I said Cat CAT C A T NOW DO IT
Mateo the Gamer
Mateo the Gamer Hace un hora
My brain: it’s 11:03 PM go to sleep! Me: Nah! After this video! Also me: Anyway i’ll get coffee in the morning!! My brain: Im sick of your wacky sleep schedule.
drones r us
drones r us Hace un hora
Why is last few people to make this thing popular has died WEIRD RIP
Trinity W
Trinity W Hace un hora
Can y’all try and see if the golden apple trick works. It has water, vinegar, dish soap and some honey substance
Sean Ballaho
Sean Ballaho Hace un hora
#1 most dangerous madscience yt : Styropyro
I wonder how beat box would sound?
Super Daboy
Super Daboy Hace un hora
Mix them half and half and see what happens
vasabi Hace un hora
in older year calcium and cement was expensive so they use egg shell to make cement.
Matt Lane
Matt Lane Hace un hora
My ears are bleeding..... IS THAT NORMAL?!!!!
Mrs. PlayerNull
Mrs. PlayerNull Hace un hora
In the basic idea clip, it sounds like the demon devil guy from Murder Trivia Party
Alaskan bush youtuber 101
Your gf is so beautiful
Brawlhalla Player
Brawlhalla Player Hace 22 minutos
Its not his gf
Came here from recommendations
CraftyChica Hace un hora
I laughed through the whole video! So funny! 🤣
Jen Son
Jen Son Hace un hora
Keith: per the comments + my opinion you are the 7th planet from the sun.
Bryan Bantugan
Bryan Bantugan Hace un hora
can you make jet engine
Dragonspirit666 dragon
I’ve always been very interested by bag pipes. I didn’t know how they worked lol
Hannah Graves
Hannah Graves Hace un hora
Rip headphone users
Pranav Venki
Pranav Venki Hace un hora
07:30 wolfhowl
AZ CUBING Hace 2 horas
Rest in peace
Zara Ali new
Zara Ali new Hace 2 horas
I haven't seen the whole vid but I thing mr egg is gonna survive
GL Boone
GL Boone Hace 2 horas
Joe from sewage everyone
OneEyedHeathen Hace 2 horas
Well, you've succeeded in making the most awful noises now know ot humankind. Congratulations! Now 2020 has theme music!
Haze1nut Hace 2 horas
i just told my mom i was going to sleep... no❤️
Fossil Smart
Fossil Smart Hace 2 horas
Rest in peace
MCdude Hace 2 horas
Fill a metal tire valve cap with this, put a flat screw inside it and drop a brick on it.
MCdude Hace 2 horas
Wear freakin earmuffs
Anjo Gemzon
Anjo Gemzon Hace 2 horas
Can you levitate 2 balloons by filling one with Helium and the other with Sulfur Hexafluoride and tying them together?
Irma Nugraha
Irma Nugraha Hace 2 horas
Well ik how to make it a like a rubber egg but it can pop if you hit it to hard btw this is how you make it: "you just need to get the egg into a glass of vinegarand wait like 1-2 days and wash it if its turn like a little bit white" . Andd i alrwady tried it and it work
FxTz 6funny
FxTz 6funny Hace 2 horas
I’m buying sulfur-hexaflouride now lol
Kristen Spellman
Kristen Spellman Hace 2 horas
they said try to plant the dna and see if it grows strawberries!
Will eskew
Will eskew Hace 2 horas
Will rust form under a vaccume i gotta know??
Jessica Jupiter
Jessica Jupiter Hace 2 horas
Cod zombie gibe me nightmare ☹
Daniel Stalker
Daniel Stalker Hace 2 horas
For someone who plays this like me this just annoys me so much
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett Hace 2 horas
Real glass blowing is incredibly dangerous because the artists work with blobs of molten glass and they're around furnaces that are over 2000 °F
zuncho.onthebeat Hace 2 horas
Do gusher juice cotton candy
KyleJulius 311
KyleJulius 311 Hace 2 horas
Great video! I first saw this effect on @Cody'sLab He did two videos, one with his sis. They also tried a few instruments.
Majed Abu-Faraj
Majed Abu-Faraj Hace 2 horas
Don’t try this at home try them at a park %😂😎
mignonetbeau Hace 2 horas
Freeze dry Boiled peanuts please!!!!
Majed Abu-Faraj
Majed Abu-Faraj Hace 2 horas
Don’t try them at home try them outside 😂😎
Monokuma Enoshima
Monokuma Enoshima Hace 2 horas
where do yall get liquid nitrogen
Shadow Hace 2 horas
I’m late to whatching this but I’m have long fun whatching science class
COASTER FAN 5363 Hace 2 horas
tkor when you burn wood make sure its not treated, that might be the reason why it was smelly
theapocilip Hace 2 horas
Nobody: Nate: Mozart wrote hot cross buns in 1735
Calvin Shaffer
Calvin Shaffer Hace 2 horas
Spruce 2x4's? Interesting, probably makes sense for the geographic location. I've always used pine my whole life.
Kimberly Corcoran
Kimberly Corcoran Hace 3 horas
Reminds me of a tick
Richard Hace 3 horas
Once a devil and a weird Ausrtralian kid had tried this before.
Rachael Frye
Rachael Frye Hace 3 horas
When you was doing the bag pipe with the helium my mom got woken up by the high note lol
Jack Hood
Jack Hood Hace 3 horas
A scotch egg is an egg with sausage meat around it and bread crumbs
branfeather Hace 3 horas
O^O That is a gorgeous saxophone