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Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world-100 million play every month-League of Legends® is a multiplayer online battle arena game (MOBA).\n\nPlayers choose a role from an expanding cast of powerful champions and join forces in strategic, fast-paced gameplay to take control of the enemy’s end of the battlefield.\n\nSign up for a free League of Legends account at riot.com/signup
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Zakariya Usman
Zakariya Usman Hace 8 minutos
Alexander Martinez Hatton
Necromancer from Diablo 3 what?
Caiubi Barros
Caiubi Barros Hace 9 minutos
Tempo que o LoL prestava
Noctu' PtitGaming
Noctu' PtitGaming Hace 10 minutos
So nobody talks about the music in the cinematic? I can't find it anywhere, litterally, i'm so sad. When Darius gets corrupted, the ost is insane
Igor Wojciechowski
Igor Wojciechowski Hace 11 minutos
*crosses through death and invades Earth* Viego: Return my queen! Senna: NO, simp Viego: Understandable. Have a nice day
JustTristan lmao
JustTristan lmao Hace 11 minutos
the lux at the end using her ultimate... her eyes.... it gave me so much chills
skoczv Hace 13 minutos
In Pentakill's Blade of The Ruined King is the same theme as here in 3:45
Роман Василів
Truly The Ruined King, EUW servers ruined right after the update.
- Kalishua
- Kalishua Hace 17 minutos
So, you basically have to know all champions to be good with him ? X)
Rewire Hace 17 minutos
Does anyone familiarize the guitar with Rigby and Mordecais from Regular Show?
Frogchair Hace 17 minutos
Ok, but why he gotta be so secsi? 🥵
Alessandro Severino
Alessandro Severino Hace 17 minutos
"Don't forget to test Sylas!" (Now viego) 1 day and less and the servers are in pieces from the Ruined King release
Frogchair Hace 17 minutos
Wowwww! That music is phenomenal!
reuben kufahl
reuben kufahl Hace 17 minutos
2:47 is that stitch
GPortakal Hace 18 minutos
You either die like a hero or live enough to see yourself become the villain. idk but this theme is reminding me this sentence
shoug 7717
shoug 7717 Hace 21 un minuto
Come from sweet home
r n
r n Hace 21 un minuto
Why he had to look like some wannabe edgelord tho?
WhiteSummer1337 Hace 21 un minuto
Day 1 and already 2 emergency maintenances have occured because of him wp riot
Damian J
Damian J Hace 22 minutos
Lobby: First pick Me:
Dexterous4 Hace 23 minutos
Leauge doesn’t miss with this it’s music
Chester Dudley
Chester Dudley Hace 24 minutos
When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.
Jacob Lalonde
Jacob Lalonde Hace 25 minutos
What I want to know is what those gems are
Adrian Bunea
Adrian Bunea Hace 28 minutos
Bro, can you guys make champions with actual weaknesses? Every single hero is the same, they have 100 sources of damage and no real cooldowns to speak of, leaving no window to punish. Lux misses her Q and she's either dead, or has to play from spawn for 10 seconds. Viego, and every other new champion released can miss a spell and he still has 100 more things to hurt you with, so you can't ever try to fight him.
K M Hace 29 minutos
“China money”
Johan v Rooyen
Johan v Rooyen Hace 29 minutos
Please remove Clash from the League of Legends launcher. Have servers for it separately so we (leagueplayers/TFT players) don't get the clash crash issue! Please learn from your faults and move it away from the successes in your life.
JIN MORI Hace 29 minutos
Haha 😂 Moontoon (Mobile legends ) copied alphelious and create a new hero named Beatrix ...
NANIII Hace 29 minutos
I love this song
Maurizio Formicola
Maurizio Formicola Hace 30 minutos
Very broken champ in 2021😂
Ramazan Talha TANRIK
Ramazan Talha TANRIK Hace 32 minutos
Şarkı efso şarkıya kötü diyenlerin akli bazı sorunları olabilir psikologlara tavsiye bu şarkıya dislike atanları deli hastanesine götürebilirler hsaıgdlsaşjdkas
patlesnar1 Hace 35 minutos
Hecatim’s wife
lem Hace 35 minutos
Kinda wish Kindred would just get AOE damage, ya know, death itself. I think that would be cool.
For Real
For Real Hace 36 minutos
Fix your game.
Mordo 2010
Mordo 2010 Hace 36 minutos
end is very good
Signum Ignotus
Signum Ignotus Hace 38 minutos
I'm tired of pretty champions. China's vacuous tendrils are sucking the life out of Leagues. This new design philosophy is so BORING.
Dead King
Dead King Hace 29 minutos
China has nothing to do with the Champion designs
juan pablo
juan pablo Hace 38 minutos
Aquí los que ven manute
Vilezi Hace 41 un minuto
Did you just stole these Viego sounds from Sea of Thieves bounty skulls? o.O Edit: Grammar
Iurtinha do pastel
Iurtinha do pastel Hace 42 minutos
HyperionTitanus Hace 44 minutos
am I the only person who HATES the look of his sword?
Stack Hace 45 minutos
Such a cool champ, but how he holds the sword is so stupid. Just make it like it is at 2:54
Julia Montero
Julia Montero Hace 45 minutos
2021 anyone?
Chris Nevin
Chris Nevin Hace 45 minutos
After seeing this Moonton Let crate a Epic hero like Aphelios. And ML named it Beatrix
FIX TRIX37 Hace 46 minutos
New song k/da
Mista Hace 47 minutos
wallah patcher xerath bande de choupinou
Cala Content
Cala Content Hace 48 minutos
Prepare for low ELO rankeds with people picking Viego and controlling champions they don't even know how to play.
Pedro Ermiro
Pedro Ermiro Hace 48 minutos
so this is the next generation of 3D maneuver?
Jonard Hace 49 minutos
they took the meme too seriously.
sup can a loc come up on your crib
Viego steals you Neeko steals your look Sylas steals your ult *Thresh steals your girl*
nhat minh
nhat minh Hace 51 un minuto
I always remember the time when i and my friends play Galio mid and Sion top that was good time in my high school
Okamia Hace 52 minutos
Hearing this vs the slow version is soo interesting
Paul You
Paul You Hace 54 minutos
Riot music: 100/10 Riot Balance: -20/10
조민우 Hace 55 minutos
개븅신같지만 사고 싶노
It’s me Sett
It’s me Sett Hace 55 minutos
Anyone here because Viego?
Aesthetic Cloud
Aesthetic Cloud Hace 56 minutos
I know I'm late but I'm really hoping for a new game mode where it has the monsters shown in the battle queens and a map with mystical look or a map with two levels and which will be held in Piltover and Zaun. I know it's kinda hard and maybe impossible for this suggestion to reach riot cause I'm just hoping (2) but I'm really hoping (3) to see this in the future, if ever lmao.
Aesthetic Cloud
Aesthetic Cloud Hace 53 minutos
also the twisted three line like map with the yordle vibes in it, okay I wished too much lmao. (Sorry for the bad english)
App1eSniper Hace un hora
Absolutely adore the inclusion of Pentakill's Blade of the Ruined King, really nice touch
XatiroX Hace un hora
Nice, i can't wait to ban him :)
Innego Niemam
Innego Niemam Hace un hora
Another broken champion. Not in my matches - permaban.
심우진 Hace un hora
내가 제일 좋아하고 아끼는 롤 노래
Juan Brujo
Juan Brujo Hace un hora
0:56 lol lee sin´s body
Sina B.
Sina B. Hace un hora
Why does vayne remind me of laura croft played by angelina jolie?:D
RoyalRachel Hace un hora
Ahri looks like every pop singer who makes it in their music and then descide to be depressed after going big... This song is empowering... but the music video gives it a very bad message... ?
Kensig Hace un hora
Why does he sound like slavoj zizek?
nile kinnick
nile kinnick Hace un hora
this is a boss theme if iv ever heard one
Naman Kumar
Naman Kumar Hace un hora
Everytime Listening this Song** Mom: Why wouldn't you study?? Me: It is gaming that I shall do. For that is my calling.
bilinmeyen Hace un hora
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne Hace un hora
I love this so much I'm back again
Aarshia Bhattacharyya
Not me trying to do the swirly hand thing-
Haruto Hace un hora
He kinda reminds me of Davy Jones.
Yuna Ito
Yuna Ito Hace un hora
One year later Aphelios's sister was found now She go to ML and change her name alune to beatrix 😂😂
Ghinannafsi Aqila
Ghinannafsi Aqila Hace un hora
Indonesia please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭🙏😭🙏
shuuu Hace un hora
is that a toggle button for the full suit?
Ghinannafsi Aqila
Ghinannafsi Aqila Hace un hora
android please🙏🙏🙏 for Indonesia
Rose Redmayne
Rose Redmayne Hace un hora
Obsessed with this song still
Heleta Heleta
Heleta Heleta Hace un hora
this reminds of Ulquiorra from Bleach
Babylon-Saycon Hace un hora
Niccolò Pilati
Niccolò Pilati Hace un hora
gg ahri
Clover Pop
Clover Pop Hace un hora
Nah, this is what the baddest do: 0/9/2 *sobs*
Obelix804 Hace un hora
Last time i was this early the servers were up
Kevin Tran
Kevin Tran Hace un hora
Sounds like Nolan North as Richtofen
Obelix804 Hace un hora
Last time i was this early the servers were up
Just Imagine
Just Imagine Hace un hora
That woman should have tooken the time to understand Annie more.