Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar
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Kay Stone
Kay Stone Hace 18 horas
Man Kendrick is more than just a 🐐. He is a prophet, a healer. I love this song.
La Shawn Jordan
La Shawn Jordan Hace 19 horas
Mr. Morale and big steppers deserves the Grammy for Rap album of year 🔥 Kendrick Lamar is murdering the verses on this CD!
Becky Sweet
Becky Sweet Hace 19 horas
Tune in! Music every week ! ampl.ink/83Mw5
Vishal Soni
Vishal Soni Hace 19 horas
we definitely need a video for this song
Aura Love
Aura Love Hace 19 horas
"Choosing humanity over religion"...... is such a powerful statement. People often forget the difference. If you believe "God is Love".... than love ALL people. Period. Proud of you Kendrick. This is a real man. #Truth 🙏👑💜
privateya Hace 19 horas
privateya Hace 19 horas
Tough damn
privateya Hace 19 horas
privateya Hace 19 horas
🤲🏿 💯💯💯
Jasmina Unais
Jasmina Unais Hace 20 horas
Hm,ok.Talking about social struggle and sitting and singing in the f...Fashion Show? I guess Im not getting the Business right at different points.
anetu izuchukwu
anetu izuchukwu Hace 20 horas
I remember when my mom and dad use to sing this song, never knew it was from Kendrick
FTLDONTQUIT2 Hace 20 horas
One of the evilest wicked mindaltering demonic songs of a sell out
Aura Love
Aura Love Hace 19 horas
Sorry to tell you this but. You're projecting.
Tshepiso Olifant
Tshepiso Olifant Hace 20 horas
Protecting my soul in the valley of silence
A-arøn R
A-arøn R Hace 20 horas
I knew there was tap dancing missing in the beginning why did they remove it on Apple Music😤
Kal El
Kal El Hace 20 horas
Pushin’ like huuuuu’ snakes 🐍 and fakes huuuuu’
Xavier BronxHalo Fernandez
4:17 why did he tell me to shut the fuck up so aggressively
Everything, with Ely
Everything, with Ely Hace 20 horas
Lyrics: Hello, new world, all the boys and girls, I got some true stories to tell You're back outside, but they still lied, whoa-oh-oh-oh (yeah) Take off the foo-foo, take off the clout chase, take off the Wi-Fi Take off the money phone, take off the car loan, take off the flex and the white lies Take off the weird ass jewelry, I'ma take ten steps, then I'm takin' off top five Take off them fabricate streams and them microwave memes, it's a real world outside (take that shit off) Take off your idols, take off the runway, I take off to Cairo (take that shit off) Take off to Saint-Tropez, five day stay, take a quarter mill', hell, if I know (take that shit off) Take off the front flag, take off perception, take off the cop with the eye patch (take that shit off) Take off the unloyal, take off unsure, take off decisions I lack (take it off) Take off the fake deep, take off the fake woke, take off the I'm broke, I care (take it off) Take off the gossip, take off the new logic and that if I'm rich, I'm rare (take it off) Take off the Chanel, take off the Dolce, take off the Birkin bag (take it off) Take all that designer bullshit off and what do you have? (bitch, huh-huh) Ugh, you ugly as fuck (you out of pocket) Huh, two ATMs, you steppin' or what? (you out of pocket, huh) Who you think they talkin' bout? Talkin' 'bout us (you out of pocket, shoot, shoot, shoot) Who you think they copy off?, Copy off us (get back in pocket) The world in a panic, the women is stranded, the men on a run The prophets abandoned, the lord take advantage, the market is crashin' the industry once Niggas and bitches to sleep in a box where they makin' a mockery, followin' us This ain't Monopoly, watchin' for love This ain't monogamy, y'all gettin' fucked Jumping on, "What the hell is that?" I gotta relax when I feel (huh, facts) All of my decendents, they come in my sleep and say I am too real (huh, facts) I'm done with the sensitive, taking it personal Done with the black and the white, the wrong and the right You hopin' for change and clericals, I know the feelings that came with burials cries (bitch, huh-huh) Ugh, you ugly as fuck (you out of pocket) Huh, two ATMs, you steppin' or what? (You out of pocket, huh) Who you think they talkin' bout? Talkin' 'bout us (you out of pocket, shoot, shoot, shoot) Who you think they copy off? Copy off us (brr, brr, brr) Serving up a look, dancing in the drought Hello to the big stepper, never losing count Venting in the safe house, venting in the safe house Can I vent all my truth? I got nothing to lose I've got problems and pools I can swim in my faith Camera's movin' whenever I'm movin', the family suin' whatever I make Murder is stackin', the president actin', the government taxin' my funds in a bank Homies attractin' the feds when I'm brackin' Look at my reaction, my pupils on skates (hol' up, hol' up) Let's think about this for a second (let's go) Tell me what you would do for aesthetic (let's go) Would you sell your soul on credit? (let's go) Would you sell your bro for leverage? (let's go) Where the hypocrites at? What community feel they the only ones relevant? (go) Where the hypocrites at? What community feel they the only ones relevant? (go, huh-huh-huh) You outta pocket, yeah, you outta pocket (this shit hard) You entertain the mediocre, need to stop it (this shit hard) You entertaining old friends when they toxic (this shit hard) What's your life? Life, bullshit and gossip (this shit hard) What the fuck is cancel culture, dawg? Say what I want about you niggas, I'm like Oprah, dawg I treat you crackers like I'm jigga watch, I own it all Oh, you worried 'bout a critic? That ain't protocol (bitch)
Bigg Chris
Bigg Chris Hace 20 horas
Summer Walkers verse is way more funnier now knowing Westside Boogie ghost wrote the lyrics 🤣 "it Ain't Love if you don't eat my Ass" we know what you be doing with your free time boogie lmao
Bigboykable1 Hace 21 un hora
Kendrick probably one of the greatest rappers to grace the mic thank god we still got biggie and Tupac quality levels of lyricism in this day and age !!!!!!!!!!!!
Janet Arreola
Janet Arreola Hace 21 un hora
This sounds like Kendrick, Kanye, Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean and childish Gambino morphed and a new being was formed.
earthiswatching Hace 21 un hora
And they worry where I’ve been……..
Nelly Oroo
Nelly Oroo Hace 21 un hora
Both perspectives well represented
Cuban Linx
Cuban Linx Hace 21 un hora
I swear listening to this something else takes over me
Abdulla Nuredini
Abdulla Nuredini Hace 21 un hora
Her voice is a vibe. Damn
Adrean Hace 21 un hora
I don’t think people are actually listening 🤦🏽‍♂️
Raphael Oliveira
Raphael Oliveira Hace 22 horas
Kodak last bar is 🔥🤯
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez Hace 22 horas
Kendrick’s verse subbed to noname and to tie it into this song was amazing to listen to
Karabo Tsotetsi
Karabo Tsotetsi Hace 22 horas
heavy is the head that chose to wear the crown indeed
Rick Wigly Jr
Rick Wigly Jr Hace 22 horas
Ghost is so fooking good god damn
Qew Production
Qew Production Hace 23 horas
OMAR Man Hace 23 horas