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100 Comentarios
Taikoo Ailie
Taikoo Ailie Hace 3 segundos
Bae jinyoung's new habit : taking off his jacket
Agustin Abapo
Agustin Abapo Hace 33 segundos
Sana all mo kaon og daghan dli manambok
Vaughn Wesley
Vaughn Wesley Hace 33 segundos
I'm crying😭 They deserve to win! They are just so precious and talented stan golden child!💖
Oakhlay Oakhray
Oakhlay Oakhray Hace 55 segundos
Yay! Looking at them makes me full.
mylittlestarmychingu Hace un minuto
Sh*t joochan really a bias wrecker for this era
Ratna Har
Ratna Har Hace un minuto
Wait wait wait... I think in the past usually MusicBank at first upload they 'mute' the comment... but now? Aigooo... where am I recently?! 😰😰😰
Khrisna Artuz
Khrisna Artuz Hace 2 minutos
Jibeom just keeps on getting more and more handsome every comeback😍
Mark Jhon Paul  Dayes
Mark Jhon Paul Dayes Hace 2 minutos
Song triplets 😍
Fatimah Zahrah
Fatimah Zahrah Hace 2 minutos
6:38 when dongyun yelling at me and makes me not mad at all KYAAAAAAAAAAA
pnoi808 Hace 2 minutos
I love how all dads help each other taking care of each kids. I don’t see that often hahaha but for me I wish I had like that with my own dad 😞😞
el safir
el safir Hace 2 minutos
Can 'We Kpop' invite Dreamies again? 😊 I really want to see these babies in We Kpop again... they're so funny... 😊💕💚
왜그러고살아 Hace 2 minutos
축하드립니다!드디어 한국어를 찾으셨습니다🎉
Risphoria Hace 3 minutos
Me wondering myself as moa because i dont know who is in tumbnail till i realize that is not txt
Z 001
Z 001 Hace 3 minutos
Wah I wish I had a body like her, the more I eat, the more muscular I get XD
Ayu Dabuke
Ayu Dabuke Hace 3 minutos
Cix fighting
you know who
you know who Hace 4 minutos
Ratna Har
Ratna Har Hace 4 minutos
who said Wannabe is dark concept?! they are snow concept... thats why Jangjun bring Frozen ticket today... lol...
lhyan yuni
lhyan yuni Hace 5 minutos
Wow its so cool
Cam Reyes
Cam Reyes Hace 5 minutos
Thank you music bank for this wonderful stage. The visuals, vocals, performance, stage and camera effects are good combination. And even creating a golden stage for them waaaahhh!!!!
Luby solomon
Luby solomon Hace 5 minutos
i think i need English subtitles to understand
you think ya big boi throwing three stacks
5:09 Frozen 3
Roseanne Feliciano
Roseanne Feliciano Hace 6 minutos
Hoping for their first win
Ratna Har
Ratna Har Hace 6 minutos
they are master on running competition thats why their stamina is good sing and dance...
taejin furevah
taejin furevah Hace 6 minutos
im a baby moomoo and this is sooo wonderful :'''''']
Fatimah Zahrah
Fatimah Zahrah Hace 7 minutos
My Day
My Day Hace 7 minutos
What do they mean by hybrid band?
Kimmi s
Kimmi s Hace 7 minutos
Wow shes so clever❤ naeun-a 👍
Ratna Har
Ratna Har Hace 8 minutos
Joochan aaa... nice outfit 🤪
Alex Lao
Alex Lao Hace 8 minutos
Ah so bags on TROS kids hold their mike? I thought every Korean child going outside need it for when they get lost or something... 🤦‍♂️
hweseungie cutie
hweseungie cutie Hace 8 minutos
Son unos angelitos yo en serio-
you think ya big boi throwing three stacks
Lai Naya
Lai Naya Hace 9 minutos
That's such a beautiful stage i've ever seen. Take all my love for my boys Golden Child. Love ya guys!
hunnie hun n LHADOEN
hunnie hun n LHADOEN Hace 9 minutos
1:43 seunghun just always sliding like this into my heart 😻🍯💛
aonny sarunya
aonny sarunya Hace 9 minutos
Ronie Angoluan
Ronie Angoluan Hace 9 minutos
Wow to Golden Child 😍
Jellamarie Manalo
Jellamarie Manalo Hace 9 minutos
I love this show😍
NCTzen & THEB Hace 9 minutos
NCTzen & THEB Hace 9 minutos
Wander Jay
Wander Jay Hace 9 minutos
Jellamarie Manalo
Jellamarie Manalo Hace 9 minutos
🇵🇭 💜
hweseungie cutie
hweseungie cutie Hace 10 minutos
Los ojitos de amor con los que Hweseung veía a N.Fia:(💕
Hm apa ya 04
Hm apa ya 04 Hace 11 minutos
Woaaaahhh l love that song so stan my 10 boy
Chupa Girl
Chupa Girl Hace 11 minutos
keep streaming gust Let's make first win for them
Spring Butterfly
Spring Butterfly Hace 11 minutos
Moonbyul is literally so captivating that even the confetti can't resist
Jayshree Kumari
Jayshree Kumari Hace 11 minutos
Oh God! It's so intense and good, I died for the nth time. 😍
hweseungie cutie
hweseungie cutie Hace 11 minutos
No saben cuanto los amo JAHSJAJSJAS 😞😞💘
kuro usagi
kuro usagi Hace 11 minutos
How could this sweet and gentle uncle can make me nearly loss my sanity in stranger from hell?
Nari Nam
Nari Nam Hace 12 minutos
Live singing + synchronize choreography = GOLDEN CHILD A true woollim artist 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞
Rinka Salatan
Rinka Salatan Hace 4 minutos
In any genre, they nailed it
balqissoo Hace 13 minutos
Golden confetti, golden stage, golden light and golden spark editing for Golden Child is super amazing, thanks KBS 🤝🤝
GR HK Hace 13 minutos
Didn‘t know John Park entered the fashion industry lol
Muireann Hace 13 minutos
This is Seven O' Clock! They debuted in 2017 and are currently under Forest Network. Their fandom name is ROSE! Hyun is currently on a break as he got sick after their Europe tour this year. 0:13 is Taeyoung (lead vocalist) He auditioned for MIXNINE but didn't pass. 0:17 is Andy (lead dancer, vocalist) He was added to the group in January 2019. He is half Chinese, half Korean! 0:30 is Rui (rapper, maknae) He ranked #13 on Under19 0:34 is Hangyeom (leader, main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, visual) He ranked #6 on MIXNINE! 1:33 is 2Soul (main vocalist) He auditioned for MIXNINE but did not pass.
Arwaa Hamd
Arwaa Hamd Hace 13 minutos
It was sooo pretty stage today ❤❤❤
RG CARD Hace 13 minutos
송희 이연 승은 시명 정우 Stan 밴디트🧡
Herlina Septi Andini
Herlina Septi Andini Hace 13 minutos
Aku ikhlas berbagi juchan kepada para goldeness baru 😔😭
Maria O'Brien
Maria O'Brien Hace 14 minutos
Wow!!! Bravo Song Sohee, that's an amazing performance, I wish she'd do more of this type of singing as well. I like her singing gugak as well but it's nice to see her do different things. I really admire her, for such a tiny person, she's got so much power in her voice. Good job Sohee.
Wrtuioiugh Wwrtuooo
Wrtuioiugh Wwrtuooo Hace 14 minutos
Eunho is damn hot🥰🥰❤🔥🔥🔥🔥
Aditya Thapa
Aditya Thapa Hace 15 minutos
Fook man these guys are really funny😂
Rubén Pinel
Rubén Pinel Hace 15 minutos
Rui's first stage, i'm so proud of him 💜💜😭😭 I love them so muchhh, they did so good
Belle CD
Belle CD Hace 15 minutos
Thank u so much for this wonderful drama and for the happy ending. This drama is well written. I cried and laughed so much. The dad made me cry the most.
전지연이 Hace 15 minutos
I'm a simple person, I see letchon? *I CLICK*
carlene lenaii
carlene lenaii Hace 16 minutos
I die when jam jam and william carry the big spoon and fork 😂😂
Muh Ilham
Muh Ilham Hace 16 minutos
Kang daniel❤️❤️
Mikee Ursais
Mikee Ursais Hace 16 minutos
I love each of you, that’s all thank you
thureiya ally
thureiya ally Hace 16 minutos
Plz aploud
L.O.V.E Hace 16 minutos
I bet for first win... Wannabe song is like combine from THE EYE and BAD song..
Alina Ray
Alina Ray Hace 17 minutos
Compass is complementary song for wannabe.... Nice!
Worlwide Handsome
Worlwide Handsome Hace 17 minutos
No one talk about Soobin's voice😞His voice is so sweet.
Christina Alcocer
Christina Alcocer Hace 17 minutos
Yess lets get it!! They’re on fire 🔥🔥
Sri Wardian
Sri Wardian Hace 17 minutos
I love you 3000 nokdu, king of my heart❤️ I wait for episodes 31 and 32 not to be missed😍 this is the coolest drama I have ever aired Greeting your fans From Indonesia🇮🇩
heni wahyu
heni wahyu Hace 18 minutos
Golden Child Fighting
Dixie Ann Castillon
Dixie Ann Castillon Hace 18 minutos
Dinosaurs makes me missed the triplets😔😂
Gusti Ayu Santi utami
Gusti Ayu Santi utami Hace 18 minutos
Stan talentt stan Golchaa
dropped my croissant
dropped my croissant Hace 18 minutos
the camera man did us so dirty
Justice Kings
Justice Kings Hace 18 minutos
For 13,632 pesos you can feed 30 persons on a birthday party!
Goldennesssia 99
Goldennesssia 99 Hace 18 minutos
Golden Talent, Golden Stage. Yes, only Golden Child
Fai Yoke
Fai Yoke Hace 19 minutos
Bomin eyes at the ending ❤️❤️
LuisahLove infinite
LuisahLove infinite Hace 20 minutos
blink-cix Hace 20 minutos
2:31 senyumanmu mengalihkan duniaku 🥰
[Kim Rae-Hyun]김래현
[Kim Rae-Hyun]김래현 Hace 21 un minuto
She so cute 😍😂
Tan Just being Me
Tan Just being Me Hace 21 un minuto
Taegwang “be whoever you want to be” versus Ian “Who are you”. Ian in my opinion is perfect. Taegwang in my opinion is imperfect. That’s why I like Taegwang more than Ian. I was able to relate with Taegwang and see his growth because he was imperfect. Taegwang and Go Eunbi having friendship in my opinion was stronger than Lee Eunbi and Ian friendship. That’s all that matters to me lol.
Ochie Kim
Ochie Kim Hace 21 un minuto
Y or elki CLC ???? 😄
gwichanist Hace 21 un minuto
Is it just me or the formation at the beginning of Wannabe kinda looks like a heart? 😍
Reggina ne
Reggina ne Hace 22 minutos
Best segalanya
anne recio
anne recio Hace 22 minutos
its 2019 and i still dont understand why they didn't win
Rinka Salatan
Rinka Salatan Hace 22 minutos
Looking forward for the world tour, They deserve it 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Kath D.
Kath D. Hace 22 minutos
As a Ginebra fan, thankyou for enjoying and staying in the Philippines.🇵🇭
kaito tatsuya
kaito tatsuya Hace 23 minutos
Never thought he would be the first in My little old boy .....aww man I was betting on jong kok
balqissoo Hace 23 minutos
Compass is 💞 i love Jibeom and Seungmin's parts❣️
Friiiday Hace 23 minutos
i hope they do season 3 tho, this is so good
Rey Breneaux
Rey Breneaux Hace 23 minutos
Kmedia is lame and weak. Netizens are mostly ignorant and unwoke, so that doesn’t help.
Alina Ray
Alina Ray Hace 23 minutos
Woah the floor during wannabe really giving nice reflection of footworks effect....
Keryn Abdallah
Keryn Abdallah Hace 23 minutos
U did right thing to use ur power
Arise Sidhu
Arise Sidhu Hace 24 minutos
Why no English subtitles? So sad
Akhmad Koesnan Rosyid Anwar
2j and 2m handsome
smile Hace 25 minutos
The fanchant is so loud omg thank you 😭
Diane Kim
Diane Kim Hace 26 minutos
too bad naeun and gunhoo aren't here 😭
Michael Woollim
Michael Woollim Hace 26 minutos
Stan Real Talent like this Golden Child , stop sleeping on them they are great . Fighting GnCd
thieulong hang
thieulong hang Hace 26 minutos
Bora ❤️
Phamtasticnessa Hace 27 minutos
IVE BEEN WAITING ALL WEEK FOR THIS. I ordered their album and can't wait for it to arrive <3
Muireann Hace 27 minutos
This is Luri! You may recognize her as Lee Suhyun who ranked #13 on Produce101 Season 1 and was a member of I.B.I! This is her solo debut.