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Techno Ruhez
Hi Guys! My name is Ruhez Amrelia, and I'm a 28 year old ESvidr. On this channel I bring you guys reviews on all the latest and greatest phones, Mobile & PC, Daily Tech News With Tips & Tutorials.
My goal is to intrigue you with the latest reviews about new smartphones,Laptops,Tv's and Gadgets, Inform complete beginners on how to use their devices and show competent users little tricks that will make you say, "Oh that's cool, I didn't know it could do that." And, I hope to entertain you with passion and a little bit of humour along the way.
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92 Comentarios
fun fun
fun fun Hace 9 horas
*watching this video on iqoo 3*
Subhankar Sarkar
Subhankar Sarkar Hace 9 horas
I love oneplus phone
Sahil Sharma
Sahil Sharma Hace 9 horas
Osm phone with great price 💙💙💙
Nikhil Motwani
Nikhil Motwani Hace 9 horas
Biggest fan of one plus..and one plus 8 is just superbbb. Just waiting to collect money and buy this hot toy
TECHNICAL SAM Hace 9 horas
sahil kumar
sahil kumar Hace 9 horas
Vivo bad company
Swapan barman
Swapan barman Hace 9 horas
Love to ms dhoni
Urmila Devi
Urmila Devi Hace 9 horas
Ghar ke kheti ke Jai ho
Dipika Joshi
Dipika Joshi Hace 9 horas
Your Video Is Always Superb 👍 👍 👍 🤞❤️🤞🎉🎉🎉 & Superb Phone
Abhishek Sutradhar
Abhishek Sutradhar Hace 9 horas
2:34 Ms dhoni Pubg❤️
Shreyansh Singh
Shreyansh Singh Hace 9 horas
Realme Narzo ki next sale kab aayegi?? ANY IDEA...Please btao
bhavani Manohar
bhavani Manohar Hace 9 horas
The camera is very nice compare other phone and this best phone u liked mean u give me the give away thank you bro
x' floyid
x' floyid Hace 9 horas
Ha sir mery grandmother bhi night m sote time bolati. H...🤓🤓🤓👈👈❤️❤️❤️ Love from up...😙😍❤️❤️❤️
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Hace 9 horas
Mere saath hua hai
Rajesh Bujade
Rajesh Bujade Hace 9 horas
I like display 💪 design processer best 👍
Aryan Khan
Aryan Khan Hace 9 horas
Mujhe 5g jo wo aacha Laga
Musab Ziya
Musab Ziya Hace 9 horas
Awesome Punch hole design
CREEPY HYENAS Hace 9 horas
Love you bro
Manish Bisht
Manish Bisht Hace 9 horas
Wonder full mobile
Suhan Ahmed
Suhan Ahmed Hace 9 horas
Mujhe 1piece de do na Vai....I really need Enco W31
shubham singh
shubham singh Hace 9 horas
nihal gupta
nihal gupta Hace 9 horas
Maza aa gya
jaimin suthar
jaimin suthar Hace 9 horas
42k in only 1 colour options 😑 why? I like only black colour
S H Røcky
S H Røcky Hace 9 horas
Sir Ap Ki Har Ek Khabar Masale Dae Hoti Hai Sir Muje Ye Mobile phone To Bahut Pasad Hai Butt Mera Itana Bajet Nahi Hai Ke Me Ye Mobile Phone Kharid Saku
Yo! Yo! Forever
Yo! Yo! Forever Hace 9 horas
Sala khud paise kama k khariduga.. haath failana Apna usul nhi hai
ASM HD Hace 9 horas
nind ko chodo..mahi k dusra photo nahi ha kya🤣🤣..konsa photo laga dia
V61 comedy
V61 comedy Hace 9 horas
Neend me baat krte hue to nhi lekin neend me thukte hue zarur dekha hai 😂😂😄
Rajeev Kumar
Rajeev Kumar Hace 9 horas
Dil aa gya is phone pe, mastt hai
Rani Das
Rani Das Hace 9 horas
Shubham Waghe
Shubham Waghe Hace 9 horas
Kareem status king
Kareem status king Hace 9 horas
Bhathal Jaggi
Bhathal Jaggi Hace 9 horas
Best of luck to me
Kareem status king
Kareem status king Hace 9 horas
Bhai ajkal ap realme ke bare me nahi batate ho?
Mahadev Kokatnur
Mahadev Kokatnur Hace 9 horas
Ache hai per budget nahi...
Rajesh Bujade
Rajesh Bujade Hace 9 horas
Best 👍
Ramakanta Pradhan
Ramakanta Pradhan Hace 9 horas
OnePlus 8 5G Ne to Kamal kar diya Bhai ❤️👌👍👈
Harshit Jangid
Harshit Jangid Hace 9 horas
This is always i expect from oneplus. Comes with awesome box and the whole device is magnificent. The only regret is that i cannot afford right now. Love you @technoruhez ❤️
md sibbu
md sibbu Hace 9 horas
Mi a4 kb aaaaaaaaaaaega bhai
Pankaj Kumar
Pankaj Kumar Hace 9 horas
Good earphone
Rajneesh Singh
Rajneesh Singh Hace 9 horas
Nice phone
Sayyed yusuf
Sayyed yusuf Hace 9 horas
Bahot hi pyaara phone hai
Abhi Hace 9 horas
OnePlus 8 is awesome.
subhojit Mitra
subhojit Mitra Hace 9 horas
Mara sat HOTA ha
Nasruddin Ansari
Nasruddin Ansari Hace 9 horas
Best Camra Phone Loved One ➕ ✔
SILENT GAMING Hace 9 horas
Ruhez bhai isme handfree c typ wali kaam karegi kya..
Shafiul Haque
Shafiul Haque Hace 9 horas
Thoda bahut exited hoon bro
wish gurung
wish gurung Hace 9 horas
Phone ka design dhassu hy
DHRUVtheKiNG Hace 9 horas
Something is with the website not opening On My Phone
crazy boi kaushal solo gamer
Coi or easy tarika nai hai
Chandrmani singh Vishal
I want it please give me that
subhankar mandal
subhankar mandal Hace 9 horas
Mera ek friend tha exam dete bakt soo gaya tha 🤪 May ne utha diya😂
Indian Biker
Indian Biker Hace 9 horas
Apka pole nahi dek Raha hai
Rajneesh Singh
Rajneesh Singh Hace 9 horas
Nice phone
prashant patel
prashant patel Hace 9 horas
Amazing product best features
Biswajit Reigns
Biswajit Reigns Hace 9 horas
One Plus To Mere Liye Apple iPhone Hai.
RAVI KANT VERMA Hace 9 horas
Ruhez bhai , ye mere papa ki I'd hai... Maine apne ghar ke saare phone se aapke channel ko subscribe kar diya hai... My name Umang.. BIG FAN...
FREE KA GYAN Hace 9 horas
OnePlus is premium brand
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar Hace 9 horas
Bhai osame flexship phone hain mujhe to achaa laga
Aman Vadsariya
Aman Vadsariya Hace 9 horas
oxygen os is the best os and the display and built quality is the best part
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma Hace 9 horas
Best oneplus smartphone
PRANAY REDDY Hace 9 horas
Best smart phone of 2020
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh Hace 9 horas
Sir,this mobile are powerful It's all features are amazing
UP WALE Hace 9 horas
"Entry" "Done" Reason- if I win I will give it to my mother, she didn't use like this before.
ANIMESH DUTTA Hace 9 horas
Bekar ph
R K TECHS Hace 9 horas
No in foldable style hahaha
Devesh Patel
Devesh Patel Hace 9 horas
I love you sir and I love one plus smart phones.
Sayan haque
Sayan haque Hace 9 horas
Mara Papa karta ha sota sota bat .
ARNOY BANIIK Hace 9 horas
One plus is baget primiam brand. And one plus 8 power packed good looking mobile. I love it. 💟💟
Mahzib Gaming
Mahzib Gaming Hace 9 horas
I am also bro
prashant patel
prashant patel Hace 9 horas
Super looks
Anukul Choudhary
Anukul Choudhary Hace 9 horas
Sahi hai bhai
Tushar Khade
Tushar Khade Hace 9 horas
I ♥️ Oxygen os...
AR Chy
AR Chy Hace 9 horas
Why did Samsung launched these two nonsense?🙄
Abhishek Sharma
Abhishek Sharma Hace 9 horas
Dipak Koli
Dipak Koli Hace 9 horas
Entry done Sir, bus earphones ka sound achcha hona chahiye.
Uttam Kaibart
Uttam Kaibart Hace 9 horas
I Like The Premium Unboxing...😘😘 And Device Is Also Too Good ...
yawaar khan
yawaar khan Hace 9 horas
Ruhez bhai youtube k sath koi aur buisness bi krte rehna
kodar singh maida shankar
Superb bro Love you bro Phone main camera achcha laga
Prashant Mane
Prashant Mane Hace 9 horas
#AskRuhez Hi, I want to learn in us, foreign. What to do after 12th (sci) please Help me
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar Hace 9 horas
Totally amazing phone sir I most like One Plus smartphone. Its all features are good but i missing headphone jack. Sir apki unboxing bahut achhi hai.
subhankar mandal
subhankar mandal Hace 9 horas
Poll dikh q nahi raha hai mere phone may... Lots of love from East Midnapore, Bengal ❤️
badal kumar
badal kumar Hace 9 horas
very nice
Noor Tera Hero
Noor Tera Hero Hace 9 horas
Mast Phone hai ji 🔥
Amit kumar sah Gaming
SIR entry kaise kare glim me ek video bana do pzz 😭😭
Ravneet Singh
Ravneet Singh Hace 9 horas
Bahut log krte hai bat to rat ko sote sote ruhez bhai
bhom singh
bhom singh Hace 9 horas
oppo w31 is best
debo das
debo das Hace 9 horas
Shubham Kotak
Shubham Kotak Hace 9 horas
Apke unboxing videos mujhe best videos lagte. Good luck for next 3million.
kanak ambade
kanak ambade Hace 9 horas
Jarurat hai dedo
Aamin Shaikh
Aamin Shaikh Hace 9 horas
7:04 Is this sutable for note 7
Akashdeep Thakur
Akashdeep Thakur Hace 9 horas
I love this phone
Ajay Dalsaniya
Ajay Dalsaniya Hace 9 horas
I like the oxygen os and display quality◼◼◼◼