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Meep Hace 4 horas
"We'll always remember he was that tall." PFFFFFF
Mike Brintik
Mike Brintik Hace 5 horas
Andy hesitating to give Woody in the third film really make sense now. Talk about foreshadowing
LiquidBlaze9000 Hace 5 horas
Toy Story 4: Finding Woody
Sloppier Manx
Sloppier Manx Hace 8 horas
cant wait for her to review Promare!
kkmadi1 Hace 9 horas
This girl deserves more views
ziba sav
ziba sav Hace 11 horas
Not gonna lie in the thumbnail your character looks better with a mouth
IHadToDelete Hace 16 horas
Did you enjoy the queens corgi?
Sir Corgi
Sir Corgi Hace 18 horas
*c a k e i s a l i e*
CLEM TIME BITCH Hace 20 horas
And by the way I love how emmet doesn’t want to accept the horrors of the new world
CLEM TIME BITCH Hace 20 horas
Lego Movie 2 = Far Cry New Dawns Hope County? I see the possibility Both desert/forest wastelands Villains are legit gangster hipsters Story = chosen one (wut again first fallout 2 now these games) Edit: Both are post apocalyptic 21st centuries
Matthew A. Whiting
Matthew A. Whiting Hace 23 horas
Aw, Coraline, giving kids Nightmares for an entire decade :).
Equius Zahhak
Equius Zahhak Hace un día
I love it so much because it reminds me so much of my own life. I live in a small home like the Woodsman's with acres of forest in my backyard. I live in a place that decided the 80's were penacle of everythin so I still have Butt drugs, VHS stores, Record shops and still use cassette tapes actually! The mythos reminded me of a Mid-western Wendigo, a story parents always tell their kids to keep them from sneaking out at night... I even recognize those "Hahaha.... ha? OH SHIT I'M GONE!" like from that one time I nearly took out a kids eye *his eye started bleeding* and ran off pretending I was at home the whole time. All that put together makes me feel like I am already in the unknown and the series is a work of true art.
SANICRAW Hace un día
Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck about how the characters look. I never cared as a kid, I don't care now. I admit the story isn't perfect but it's honestly my favorite Christmas movie ever and I haven't seen a Christmas movie yet that can make me feel as good as polar express does.
Sean Jackson
Sean Jackson Hace un día
Review treasure planet pls! Its so good and underappreciated! ☺
ARC the Clarinet Master
20:47 Yep, it wouldn't be a Cellspex video if she didn't sperg about _Spider-Verse_ for the 9-millionth time.
broken yolk yolk
broken yolk yolk Hace un día
I liked the second one but the first one is better
Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-
Yikes when was this filmed? With the whole 12 forever thing
Pokémon Trainer Max -NintendoPlushWorld-
CartoonishIdealism lol holy shit, that’s the funniest shit I’ve read today
CartoonishIdealism Hace un día
It was legit published a couple of hours before the stuff about Julia Vickerman came out. Not kidding.
SOVA 123
SOVA 123 Hace un día
I really liked angry birds game and movie
megasxlr22 Hace un día
1: monster mickey mouse in runaway brain 2: seeing blood in gargoyles 3: insert batman tas epi ok no ya know what no! That scene in episode three or four idk but the one where joker pushes joker gas throughout the city. Anyway, after batman destroys the clown robot, he chases the joker in the junkyard on a conveyer belt. Joker sits comfortably on a car and the body is static, the camera zooms in on his smiling wicked face while the shadows and light pass over him and I FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT every time light would pass over me in the dark. I was scared shitless. Anywho: 4: this errie indiana commercial where someone was holding something up. It might’ve been a finger but it was a body part. My dumbass little brain somehow put it together that this one frame of a villian cut off someone’s dick. I don’t know if it’s because the word penis was just funny to me back then and now but god damnit I never saw the commercial again and it freaked me the fuck out just thinking someone cut some kids dick off and it was terrifying. All I remember was lightning, blood, that generic white curtain with the blue light behind it and god did those shows scare the crap outta me. 5: that plant people episode from goosebumps. Poison ivy please come save me from these terrifying creatures cause at least I know batman will come and save me from you damnit! 6: the soul stealing v-pet copy people episode from are you afraid of the dark. NOPE! All v-pets in my house have lost their right to exist in my house! No thank you! Bandai if you’re reading this please sub to cel but also dear god give me a new digivice cause I miss them even if they could steal my soul and trap me in a virtual prison while they stole my body and holy shit why is this getting a reboot! 7: the opening of the goofy movie. You know why. Screw you puberty! Haha naw I’m kidding. That scene was just absolutely bat shit terrifying for a number of other reasons 8: sinbad getting another tv show. Thanks freakazoid! Actual 8: the dad in casper dying. No idea why! Might have to do with my dad dying when I was little and that moving coming out not long after to help teach me what death is without the aid of spark, explosions and kick ass guitar solos accompanying 5 multicolored teenagers. 9: the dark ocean in digimon. To this day, I jump when I round a corner and someone is coming from the other side. I still can’t look up before coming around the corner. 10: going back to those multi colored teenagers, the evil green ranger from power rangers breaking the command center. No blanket fort was strong enough to keep the nightmares away until I knew Tommy was a good guy again. Holy mother of skittles did the idea of someone that looks like one of the good guys breaking in and suddenly taking out every single thing that protects them scare the ability to sleep out of me. Bonus mention: something about a reaccuring nightmare involving alivin and the chipmunks where some of them were zombies and dave was dead. I don’t know. You try explaining nightmares to people and make sense of them especially when they’re a kids lol
Ze N00B
Ze N00B Hace 2 días
1. Kung Fu Panda 2 was AMAZING 2. Rango was AMAZING 3. Opinions are stronger the more people agree and I think many will agree with me
Khara Gillock
Khara Gillock Hace 2 días
Treasure planet!
Cash0311 Hace 2 días
I am confusion
TwistedClown912 Hace 2 días
LunaticWaffles20 20
LunaticWaffles20 20 Hace 2 días
I'm surprised you didin't mention galactic mermaid (it's a song from carole & tuesday that has... lets just say really strange lyrics)
TJ Bolton
TJ Bolton Hace 2 días
4:47 to the point where it can be pretty hard to say who really is the TRUE antagonist.
Khara Gillock
Khara Gillock Hace 2 días
Wait Zuko is bad again?
Khara Gillock
Khara Gillock Hace 2 días
Khara Gillock
Khara Gillock Hace 2 días
I love this movie even though im not really a santa person
Tiny Slimer
Tiny Slimer Hace 2 días
i have noticed there seems to be more anime now with sexy buff guys or guys with odd transformations and im not sure if i should watch them :/ I mean i love anime were the main protagonist is 1 strong as heck from the start or 2 gets super strong. I mainly like them beacause they tend to be funny and wired also im kind of a sucker to want to see how they will cheat the system or survive and mainly because i love fights and like to see some ass kicking but not all the time.
Fragmentation123 Hace 2 días
why is fallout 4 crashing
The Real Spider Bart
Great review!!! This movie was better than I expected to be
Dogs can’t animate
Watch soul eater
Dogs can’t animate
Norm of the north three is out!!!
Dogs can’t animate
It sucks
Pokémon Gamer
Pokémon Gamer Hace 2 días
This is so sad press f to pay respects to the penguin is penguins of Madagascar
dex tex
dex tex Hace 3 días
Seriously, I love final space.
Mark Casadevall
Mark Casadevall Hace 3 días
I can't thank you enough you for this video, Wolf children is one of my favourite movies ever and this was the video that first made me aware of that movie. But since I wasn't a fan of anime I would always skip that part but that was good because i practically got the movie spoiler free. But even then Thank you for introducing this film to me.
Khara Gillock
Khara Gillock Hace 3 días
The book of life looks weird
Chips Hace 3 días
You forgot bfb 13
Llamll 64
Llamll 64 Hace 3 días
When the first Lego movie came out I love that bloody film I watched it countless times and could say some of the script...
Noel Hace 3 días
My girl Catra better turn good or else I will kill something.
Prof C
Prof C Hace 3 días
My favorite part was the credits. I'm not even kidding.
Crystal nova
Crystal nova Hace 3 días
She roasted every other series expect my boy zim.
The Hidden Link
The Hidden Link Hace 3 días
Why haven't I heard of this movie?
The Ark of Gaming
The Ark of Gaming Hace 3 días
When I saw that Goofy , Chip and Dal , and Darkwing duck all in the same pic , I'm so happy
Skeptical Bunny
Skeptical Bunny Hace 3 días
I though this channel was dead Someone question me please
IHadToDelete Hace 3 días
I still prefer bluesky
IHadToDelete Hace 3 días
Still better than Norm of the North
IHadToDelete Hace 3 días
It could have been better if they haven’t picked emojis
Sp//dr Hace 3 días
Jonah’s artists and Jonah himself, have changed in the 14 years since the original series. Also the movie is based and connected to the comic book series, which shares the same art style.
The Good Mudkip
The Good Mudkip Hace 3 días
Hey Celly, yesterday was the 50th anniversary of Scooby-Doo. Are you gonna say something about that?
Kalishia Gray
Kalishia Gray Hace 3 días
Do we really need a dance number after every movie
bullwinkle524 Hace 3 días
I hope the creators of Ducktales do a reboot of Darkwing Duck. The origin for both him and Negaduck is cleverly done
Karl Holde
Karl Holde Hace 3 días
Can i watch enter the florpus if i haven't watched zim?
Slap shot Studios1708
Karl Holde you’ll probably not understand a lot of things that is in it but it’s good overall
OneeSansAMVAnimatic Hace 3 días
drama queen? Nah the animation is fine the story/plot just there is trash :)
oscarREVEIWS 547
oscarREVEIWS 547 Hace 4 días
I wonder if i could do 2008... I mean i have a youtube channel
Tramael TV
Tramael TV Hace 4 días
This movie was great
Billy MCFC
Billy MCFC Hace 4 días
I'm not gonna lie I hated Balthazar Bratt on this movie just because of WTF kind of villain is he? He was a kid actor, he uses music as a weapon and I just think his entraining mood wears off after a while
super randomguy69484
This is the best movie ever existence and ever created
Nightmare Invader Dragons& Squids reborn
To me I think teens titans go is the worse show in cartoon history the show is a pile of shit coming out of a sloths ass hell invader zim is better than this shit here waaaaay better than this shit here because invader zim has violence and cruelty and sarcasm and darkness and grossness and scaryness and I fricken love that in invader zim
Nerd Clips HQ
Nerd Clips HQ Hace 4 días
Could u do a review of S2 of Ducktales?
TheDeath7ofsb Hace 4 días
I cringed up when you said tanya's name
I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that
Cellspex: Ignore The Nut Job Me: Hey guys, let's watch The Nut Job!!!
Shipping Is Magic
Shipping Is Magic Hace 4 días
21:45 As much as I would really like Slime to be incorporated in Season 2 it seems like just those that are under Kadokawa are allowed and Slime unfortunately isn't under it. One stand out Isekai under Kadokawa that could be incorporated is Shield Hero.
O Rei do Iêiêiê
O Rei do Iêiêiê Hace 4 días
I personally think it was poorly advertised, at the start of the year I was like "oh yeah there's Lego movie 2 this year that's cool I guess" then I forgot about it and didn't hear a single word about it for months and months, I only recently found out it's already been released
Lydia Day
Lydia Day Hace 4 días
The live action death note is a sin against humanity and should be erased from this world
Batman VS Dracula
Micshork Hace 5 días
Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart was a pretty decent film, I recommend watching it in French. I LOVE the book that the film is based on.
Carlin Ani
Carlin Ani Hace 5 días
Its not fcking magic
Plush Master Jaden
Plush Master Jaden Hace 5 días
Worst: strange magic Ok: minions, hotel Transylvania 2 and home Good and funny: Shaun the sheep the movie Impressive: the good dinosaur Amazing: the spongebob squarepants movie: sponge out of water Well done: the peanuts movie Outstanding: Inside out
Tony Shum
Tony Shum Hace 5 días
1:56 oh shi is that mister chris mclean director and host of the so loved reality show total drama?
Doodle the poodle
Doodle the poodle Hace 5 días
Wow..........Dracula's an ass hole
Meep Hace 5 días
10:07 People are still talking about it to this day. I honestly just want to forget this abomination exists
Byulétapus L.
Byulétapus L. Hace 5 días
No. It WAS a completely unesassary piece of shit.
Meep Hace 5 días
Still a better Christain movie than Joshua and the Promise Land
JPlanet Katz
JPlanet Katz Hace 5 días
Moral of the story: Friendship is a nuclear bomb that destroys anything in its path. So get some gosh darn friends.
Summer Jones
Summer Jones Hace 5 días
Hiccup has a beard. I don't like it when I see Tony hale and Neil Patrick Harris with facial hair.
Summer Jones
Summer Jones Hace 5 días
9:55 makes me think disney is pathetically failing to pander to the lgbtq fanbase.
Voracious T
Voracious T Hace 6 días
i agree a lot of dads get stereo typed as bad or stupid
JustSomeRandomAnimeDude !
The best movie ever
McKenna The Mafia Boss
I never even watched ninjago yet I watched this movie and thought it was ok lol
localdragon RAGE
localdragon RAGE Hace 6 días
Fuck the new Grinch. He's more depressed then we'll..... Grinchy
Maggie Ent
Maggie Ent Hace 6 días
Professor Kukui! He's more like an uncle, but he's a good father figure for Ash. Also Stoick. (book Stoick is a buffoon ish type for laughs, and animated Stoick is better even factoring in the change in settings between the mediums... but Book Stoick is still written well, and I wish he was animated. Book Stoick really improves a lot throughout the story, and he has a good relationship with his brother (though they fight a little) and his wife Valhallarama (who is often away on Quests- but they clearly love each other deeply). And he gets more complex as the series progresses and Hiccup grows up. and I love Hector.
Erinn Valdez
Erinn Valdez Hace 6 días
When the first lego movie when i was little i wanted a squal to it and you know what 5 years later me childhood movie squal and i saw it why i put that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) UwU~miku
Erinn Valdez
Erinn Valdez Hace 6 días
Ⓨ Ⓞ ⓤ ⓝ ⓔ ⓔ ⓓ ⓣ ⓞ ⓖ ⓡ ⓞ ⓦ ⓤ ⓟ
Eli Barosh
Eli Barosh Hace 6 días
Raptors are the best characters and the playmobil movie is trash also they ARE making a playmobil movie
Mike Dieffenbach
Mike Dieffenbach Hace 6 días
how the grinch stole christmas sucks and is the worst movie ever
Nick Perro
Nick Perro Hace 6 días
6:52 Disney after buying Fox: *hold my beer*
SQUIDBEAR Hace 7 días
All might:Ok he didn’t adopt Deku but he’s a surrogate Father.He gave Deku a chance to have a father when he never had one.He Cared for him,worried for him,and guided him.If that’s not a father than i don’t what is! And thx CellSpex for getting me into My Hero Academia.For that i’m grateful!
Jimmy The Nerd
Jimmy The Nerd Hace 7 días
Weird. I didn't sense anything romantic between Entrapta & Hordack
Front2battle Hace 7 días
still waiting for that Lego Rock Raiders movie.
DredgeX97 Hace 7 días
I was just too busy working.....
boi wowly dopty doo my 2nd chanel
14:49 what i say about star wars 9
Just a Average Nerd
Just a Average Nerd Hace 7 días
Kinds sucks now that I have discovered a sequel to Norm Of The North
Isaiah Johnson
Isaiah Johnson Hace 7 días
So I was looking through Netflix and THERE’S A FREAKING SEQUEL TO NORM OF THE NORTH
Frostare Hace 7 días
Oh boy why am I discovering this channel just now
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes Hace 7 días
I loved this movie when I saw it. I was 10. Edit: Actually 11
The End of Darrelsville, Ohio
Nice boo to you parade music, it's catchy.
Tyler_ Davis
Tyler_ Davis Hace 7 días
Morgan The Rat
Morgan The Rat Hace 7 días
#11 - I thought the way "Bolt" subverted dogs=good/cats=evil was brilliant #18 - to be fair, Anna and -Sven- Kristoff did make a good couple, and they didn't overtly despise each other then suddenly fall in love. To me their pairing was just likely, rather than inevitable because plot, and it seemed -more organic- less forced when they realized they did care about each other #29 - I thoroughly enjoyed "Horton Hears a Who" up until that ending, it was textbook "gratuitous." Shrek 1 & 2 will always get a pass from me though
Morgan The Rat
Morgan The Rat Hace 7 días
lol oops, yeah that's who I meant >.<
The Awesone Bat
The Awesone Bat Hace 7 días
Morgan The Rat Sven ? Don’t you mean Kristoff
MrFlipperInvader792 Hace 7 días
4:28 pfft jojo fan 4:12 hell you talking about?
MrFlipperInvader792 Hace 7 días
4:09 dib & gaz got a tan