RPG Game Logic
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lee yongbok
lee yongbok Hace 23 horas
this was how i lost my ig account. i gave up and made a new one.
Acesprune Hace 23 horas
I would have got out with my meal bag, grabbed the burger, and walked home. Then I woulda rang the police, gave my number plate to them, and tell em I just had my car stolen.
Anderson Simeon
Anderson Simeon Hace 23 horas
So fucking accurate ..
Loso Baby
Loso Baby Hace 23 horas
Chandler Alves
Chandler Alves Hace 23 horas
Select only the pictures with cars What characters do you see? I am not a robot
Lillian Hace 23 horas
Caleb is one of the only youtubers where like at least 90% of his subscribers ACTUALLY watch his videos. He has 4 million subs and there are videos where he has like 4.03 million views. If that doesn't say quality, I don't know what else will.
Fakhriynsyh_ Hace 23 horas
I thank my youtube algorithm for showing this
Aether Hilichurl Destroyer
Bro this is so accurate😭😭😭😭😭why does it never work
akhilj36 Hace 23 horas
That man was let off with a warning not having to answer his security question...
Baby Vision
Baby Vision Hace 23 horas
ik for a fact that some of yall tried to hack his social media using the passwords in the video
The Autumn Wind
The Autumn Wind Hace 23 horas
Accurate. "Forgot Your Password" is Light Yagami from Deathnote, playing with people's lives.
Holy Materia
Holy Materia Hace 23 horas
Of all the hilarious skits Caleb has done, this has got to be one of the funniest, and my new favorite! 😂🤣😭💀
Gabriels Channel
Gabriels Channel Hace 23 horas
Slipper dmg: infinite
Captain Burden
Captain Burden Hace 23 horas
Yo Caleb you literally never run out of ideas 😂😂😂
MAARD GEAR Hace 23 horas
This is paypal fam, hate paypal😑
lauf Hace 23 horas
Wtf. I thought this shit only happens to me!
Raul Hace 23 horas
LMAOOO i thought it was only me
Trevor Fisher
Trevor Fisher Hace 23 horas
Strawberry smiggles, lol
Gabriele R
Gabriele R Hace 23 horas
Basically kira ahahah
Giovanni Bernard
Giovanni Bernard Hace 23 horas
lmao you look just like my dad
Krazy iai
Krazy iai Hace 23 horas
Did he break the knife on purpose to make a skit or the broken knife gave him the idea for the skit , I wonder 🤔🤔🤔
SIV Hace 23 horas
And here I thought it was just me
Ruoke Avel
Ruoke Avel Hace 23 horas
What? Y'all couldn't see what they were doing? The skill!
ToxicBuu Gaming
ToxicBuu Gaming Hace 23 horas
So relatable.....
memes ßrœ
memes ßrœ Hace 23 horas
I liked the rage at the end, very accurate
oWayWard -
oWayWard - Hace 23 horas
"you cannot use the same password as your last" bruh I swear when I see this shit after going through the entire "forgot your password" process I be feeling so defeated and blowed at the same time, that's that killer fr fr.. 😐
Sandile Dhlomo
Sandile Dhlomo Hace 23 horas
that scream at the end though 2:17
Christopher Bryant
Christopher Bryant Hace 23 horas
lol you forgot.. "weak".."weak".. still "weak"
Kai Enjin
Kai Enjin Hace 23 horas
1:28 Gah!
max kore
max kore Hace 23 horas
also security questions be like: "who's your third favorite uncle from the last batman movie?" "whats the name of your (insert family member who everyone already knows their name)?" "what colour was your first childhood friends favorite hat?"
Acesprune Hace 23 horas
This happen to me three times a week bro...
The Nth Son
The Nth Son Hace 23 horas
But do you hate digiorno?
Floatyoats Hace 23 horas
you fool that was the wrong password
Sceptre lewis
Sceptre lewis Hace 23 horas
Please verify your CAPTCHA
Mac Hace 23 horas
I was waiting for the “your new password can’t be the same as your last password” and you did not disappoint. 😂
TrashLord Gaming
TrashLord Gaming Hace 23 horas
almost everyone: Death note in a nutshell! Me: Jojo's bizarre adventure golden wind.
Tflame 1206
Tflame 1206 Hace 23 horas
Acesprune Hace 23 horas
He made this video just to show us a cool new editing trick he learned xD
Ckittle Hace 23 horas
Bro he just created a whole anime villain on a dialogue like this. Amazing.
ShubbyShabaas Hace 23 horas
I feel so bad
anime kaner Barry
anime kaner Barry Hace 23 horas
Good vid ur like the seven deadly sin idk witch one
max kore
max kore Hace 23 horas
the stress is real
Serd Serd
Serd Serd Hace 23 horas
This happened to me yesterday with my MC bedrock account
Janny Hace 23 horas
That happen to me fucking yesterday great video timing lol
Acesprune Hace 23 horas
"Teach me how to quick-save," "Oh, nahh, man, you gotta me the main character for that." *existential crisis intensifies*
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero Hace 23 horas
“Number 2 trending on Twitter” 💀
Boolin N Coolin
Boolin N Coolin Hace 23 horas
Ozzylep Unknown
Ozzylep Unknown Hace 23 horas
Regrowing head wont make sense, the head is you, you can't change your head, you can take away every single body part but if you keep the brain alive the person is still here... uN rEAliStiC
M g
M g Hace 23 horas
Very funny.
Cosmic Times
Cosmic Times Hace 23 horas
Yu narukami in a nutshell
MohdAamerKhan Hace 23 horas
What's the music that starts playing exactly at 1:22 ??
PeeJay Nelson
PeeJay Nelson Hace 23 horas
Password dude sat there with his hands together pleased with my mans frustration 😂😂😂
Dani050 Hace 23 horas
I finally can hack you. thanks for telling your password in this video
Karan Hace 23 horas
Where’s the “You have 3 attempts left” and then he holds him at gunpoint
Kariem & Tony
Kariem & Tony Hace 23 horas
Lmao!! This is so true
The Drunken Coward
The Drunken Coward Hace 23 horas
That "HI-YA" manages to be both completly on point and a ridiculous satire, all at the same time.
Tony _
Tony _ Hace 23 horas
Who else had 'Little Britain' flashbacks watching this? "Computer says nooooooo" 🤣
PHEwGANG SloMo Hace 23 horas
* _Create New Password_ *Enter Password:* snowflake *Confirm Password:* snowflake *_Error, your passwords are not alike_*
Kai Enjin
Kai Enjin Hace 23 horas
OverZel Arts _
OverZel Arts _ Hace 23 horas
It really be like that lolz
General Zero
General Zero Hace 23 horas
Great investment on those blinds, bruh
75hrtz Hace 23 horas
this is so weird, yet soooooo calebcity
Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson Hace 23 horas
Me: Attempts password *Incorrect* Me: Attempts to change password *New password cant be the same as your last* Me: Puts ORIGINAL one in *This is your final attempt one more incorrect answer and the FBI will be alerted to your location* Me: *suprised pikachu face*
Im._.blackmilk Hace 23 horas
when the request for the new pass when he got the notification i got a Gmail notification too
Doctor Derp
Doctor Derp Hace un día
funny enough the password guy didn't specifically say that undescribed knight with a capital U was wrong, he only said "no"
Yenpapii Hace un día
And it be cuz there be a space at the end
Nyo Hace un día
i thought the password was a person ngl
Piepachu Hace un día
fr tho
lMrClean Hace un día
when you start evil laughing before him
Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu Hace un día
When you do the Grandmaster Nightfall in Destiny 2 and the whole team gets fire loot but you.
Geruda Hace un día
Spot on lol
Ozzylep Unknown
Ozzylep Unknown Hace un día
or they just take a part of the song and the bass drop is fricking horrible and has nothing to do with the original song
OCTshaq and ItsUltimateZero
"ok ill take anger management classes" that was funny
Loengrind Hace un día
What if he's a robot and that's why he sees incomprehensible stuff?
FlashTyrie Hace un día
that was so goood man
SANDRO Hace un día
Lovetiop Hace un día
facts im not even gonna hold you
Typical Jax
Typical Jax Hace un día
Prepare a gun god dammit
Nana42 Hace un día
it warms my heart that all of the stickers on his laptop are completely even and not just sticked one on the other
xXWoodenSwordXx Hace un día
Ayyo how long has it been since the outro song changed?