The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
The Late Late Show with James Corden
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100 Comentarios
Gabe Bowers
Gabe Bowers Hace un hora
He should have David Goggins on to discuss the subject:)
seema rana
seema rana Hace un hora
I think James destroyed Shawn🤣
Duncan Thetall
Duncan Thetall Hace un hora
i mean, most of my life i was overweight and now, finally in my late 30's i've spent the time to get fit and i gotta tell ya, having been a fatty for so long...it's a choice. obviously there are glandular issues that make it harder for some people than others, but being overweight requires eating more than you burn off, that's just physics. are we going to get upset if people speak ill against laziness next?
BigReala01 Hace un hora
I agree with Bill Maher
CKG Hace un hora
I agree with both sides!!
Fatin Amirah
Fatin Amirah Hace un hora
i appreciate the book talk but im looking for 2:59 moment and forth 😄
Ngọc Minh Lê
Ngọc Minh Lê Hace un hora
Katherine Hickey
Katherine Hickey Hace un hora
There have literally been so many studies done that weight stigma has the OPPOSITE effect (Schvey NA, et al. 2011, Vartanian 2008, Tomiyama, et al. 2018 to name a few): it has shown a statistically significant impact on increased caloric consumption and on exercise avoidance behaviours. Not only does it not help, it makes it worse. If you truly want to help people lose weight, encourage them and provide positive reinforcement. Don't be a dick about it.
David Malton
David Malton Hace un hora
How this segment should have ended ...... Bill Maher " S H U T T H E F U C K U P, please "
Hace un hora
... when you realize 5sos' shortest member is 6"0 feet which is how tall One direction's tallest member was
Elisha So
Elisha So Hace un hora
Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson Hace un hora
Congratulations on your awards they're very well deserved although I do miss Carpool Karaoke. It's a shame Carpool Karaoke is on Apple TV, it's like you've sold your sole, can't it be on something people watch?
Penelope Hunt
Penelope Hunt Hace un hora
Clearly it's not a thing to be respectful these days
Beginner Artist Reviews
...is this supposed to be serious?
TC Nance
TC Nance Hace 2 horas
♡Neil Patrick Harris!!
TheAndysim66 Hace 2 horas
James Corden is fat
LucidLucifer Hace 2 horas
Never liked bill I don't quite understand how he still on the air. Who watches that blowhard? Other ignorant douchebags.
GHOST ACTUAL Hace 2 horas
What the hell are those jeans?
Christine Haanes Lunder
GREG LEE Hace 2 horas
He is our of breath half way through this clip. Bill Maher is right, he was talking about woke culture celebrating fat people more than fat shaming.
G3 Spawn94
G3 Spawn94 Hace 2 horas
Offset looks a little like Virgil Van Djik
xander james
xander james Hace 2 horas
Amen, brother! What ever happened to not saying anything at all as it is no one's place to shame another for any reason. There were no good intentions behind what Bill said. He's just a jerk encouraging other jerks to be mean and hateful when, in truth, are some of the saddest people. Love & Respect for you, Jim!
C.A. Lopez
C.A. Lopez Hace 2 horas
Emma Pleasance
Emma Pleasance Hace 2 horas
*ari walks in* Ariana grande: THANK YOU NEXT
BIG SCREEN QUIZ Hace 2 horas
I’ve been lucky enough to be there for two tapings and they are one of the hardest working crews in the business. Congratulations to James, Reggie (you’re still my favourite) and all the crew at the late late show.
Anna Rentmeesters
Anna Rentmeesters Hace 2 horas
Beautiful I mean!
Anna Rentmeesters
Anna Rentmeesters Hace 2 horas
Hysterical! And the harmonies on the Memories parody were hysterical!
myles ale
myles ale Hace 2 horas
Can we just admire since how long he and his husband been together this man taught us love is not between man and woman love is between love and love By the way I'm 100 % straight man
MarMooz Hace 2 horas
i cry.. i cry not only for me but for ppl who are in worse condition than me being fat.. thinking what do they go through..
nobody survives even one bit
She is so pretty
Samuel Venilde Simoque
Let me state the obvious that everyone seems to be acting like they cant see! How does she manage to seat right in the middle of her side of the couch? That's just amazing!
Sean Sartor
Sean Sartor Hace 2 horas
How could James NOT have a sense of humor ? His Mum and Dad were TREMENDOUS !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Maggi Mix
Maggi Mix Hace 2 horas
Lov it
stanley maxfat
stanley maxfat Hace 2 horas
Bill is correct, growth in waist line is down to growth in consumption of shit food, it's ruining people's health and placing burdens on healthcare. James is right, shaming people is not going to help with the problem, bullying fat people hasn't gone away and it has never changed anything. Bill is wrong that shame and ridicule help people to change for the better. James' assertion about genes and obesity doesn't account for the rise in obesity rates in the western World since 1980.
Afsal Pv
Afsal Pv Hace 2 horas
What song ?
FREE CAS Hace 2 horas
I like him but...... BOOKS SUCK!
ree roo
ree roo Hace 2 horas
Obesity is a hormonal problem (made worse in America by all the processed foods) You'll lose weight and understand what's happening if you Watch Dr. Fung's video Intermittent Fasting "solving the two compartment problem and "Read "The Obesity Code" (I say this as a person who's been dealing with it for a lifetime as well)
Januda 619
Januda 619 Hace 2 horas
Mamba mentality 9:13
Love Seventeen
Love Seventeen Hace 2 horas
1:43 im joe-king HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
Ash R
Ash R Hace 2 horas
Kris’ cheeks are getting too big.
Moondancer Targaryen
He's clapping back at Beyonce.
Callit Real
Callit Real Hace 2 horas
Awwww Tom! One night with you will last me a lifetime of happiness!
StellarDrone3100 Hace 2 horas
Nima Mostafavi
Nima Mostafavi Hace 2 horas
"whatever you do in this life it's not legendary unless your friends are there to see it." Barney Stinson
Uhh Huh
Uhh Huh Hace 2 horas
James you really need to lose some weight .. you 🐖
Alex Hace 2 horas
Why did I think she could sing? Well good thing she's a great actress.
last chance
last chance Hace 2 horas
The sisters❤❤
angelblade riven
angelblade riven Hace 2 horas
That was impressive wow 😃 I saw better stuff but he did that without any preparations and that is good
Nicole Walton
Nicole Walton Hace 2 horas
Well said James Corden!
Mara Biro
Mara Biro Hace 2 horas
just a wonderful brilliant man
Brian S
Brian S Hace 2 horas
Yes some people are more susceptible to gaining weight but they usually figured that out early on in life like me being middle aged I can't eat like I used to so I don't.
Eunice Ayn Paguntalan
I miss that H smile
Malcolm D Muir
Malcolm D Muir Hace 2 horas
I am not from the USA, but I have got to say that from here in Australia, the world seemed a much better and more intelligent place to live, when the Obama's were in the White House. As for Michelle as the first lady, the USA has never had a better person. Intelligent, communicative, caring, great sense of humour and especially, a wonderful wife and mother. Now look at what the USA has,...a President who is a big nothing, and has absolutely no respect from the rest of the world. How very sad!
Shay G.
Shay G. Hace 2 horas
Good job
PsychoPhoenix123 Hace 2 horas
try being boen on the 12/12/2000 and my 12th bday was the 12/12/2012
Stephen Andrew
Stephen Andrew Hace 2 horas
I’m surprised at Bill Maher, he seems intelligent enough to realise that sensitivity is a must in our interactions with each other, bullying fat people is the same as racism and any other type of discrimination, if you’re making someone else feel bad for no reason, that’s just plain wrong. BTW being fat is not wrong, ask Sumo wrestlers or defensive linemen in the NFL, they have to be huge and make a very good living.
Cesarsanvicente Hace 2 horas
I can´t wait to buy a new Apple Watch
George Harrison
George Harrison Hace 2 horas
Kngt Rdr
Kngt Rdr Hace 2 horas
holy crap he ain't lyin. Doogie Howser era... esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iCC5rM_9g6Q.html
patrick cadalzo
patrick cadalzo Hace 2 horas
the lights and the outfit tho 🤘🏼
T A L H A Hace 2 horas
When zlatan dropped his bitten apple Iphone was born
O. B.
O. B. Hace 2 horas
Here's James' backstage speech at the Emmys: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iW3xEsHSj_U.html
Mark Manzano
Mark Manzano Hace 2 horas
love it from philippines...your so funny JAMES!!!!
epiphany difference
epiphany difference Hace 2 horas
Fat people can learn to ignore those that fat shame others. Most people that fat shame tend to be insecure, unintelligent, rude, and obnoxious.
catie hodge
catie hodge Hace 2 horas
Lesbian Vampire Hunters was a bloody BRILLIANT film!! I loved it.
glae dax
glae dax Hace 2 horas
When contance said "can you do it with your pants?", she became my spirit animal.... Ahahaha
Robert Marks
Robert Marks Hace 2 horas
Paul McCartney and James congratulations on your Emmys winnings well deserved and to empressive channel fire burn haters and cremate you deceit say that this was are car karaoke. This was documentary full of soul and free love to a non rehearse setting and a controlled stage setting .🔥🔥👍
angelina chai
angelina chai Hace 2 horas
laura loper
laura loper Hace 2 horas
Jay Hace 2 horas
UniQwer Hace 2 horas
"obama netflix" ~ Donald Trump
Paytor Hace 2 horas
Everyone' finds motivation in different ways. It's the same thing as screaming at you to push harder to get a weight up, it doesn't resonate the same with everyone. When my mom tells I look a bit bigger, it motivates me to work harder cause I know she ain't playin. Similar to if you were out drinking and your clearly 1 drink from black out on the streets, but your friends are telling you, "nah, you're fine, you can drink more if you want." vs "homie you fucked bruh gimme your wallet i'm cuttin yo drunk ass off". I prefer the latter. Again, that's just me.
Antonio DG
Antonio DG Hace 2 horas
We should invent "dumb shaming" for people like Maher. Only in the states can he get away with his ignorance.
Master Richie
Master Richie Hace 2 horas
Without the internet it would take much...
Laura Griffith
Laura Griffith Hace 2 horas
Thanks James. I watch Bill Maher, but he is very prejudiced where weight is concerned...he is obcessed, as if it is a personal affront to him. I wish he could see it. He has a few blind spots like this . But this one is a black hole!
Mark Smith
Mark Smith Hace 2 horas
What a guy.
Kitty Meow
Kitty Meow Hace 2 horas
The thumbnail- I can't believe Trump has the audacity to spend millions of dollars of Our Money to Fricken Pay Himself to stay at a hotel He Owns! How can that even be legal?! I despise that man. At least Bernie has integrity and cares about middle class and poor people more than rich people.
DespicableContent Hace 2 horas
looks like old walter and pinkman stealing methlamyn
B Bond
B Bond Hace 2 horas
Who knew what American late night really needed was an adorable British guy name James. Very proud of the Emmy wins for his awesomeness and his awesome crew
stevey kay
stevey kay Hace 2 horas
which way ?
Rob Li
Rob Li Hace 2 horas
Loved Constance Wu in Fresh Off the Boat.
Fauzal Amri
Fauzal Amri Hace 2 horas
Nice try, swarley
Anime N' Games
Anime N' Games Hace 2 horas
BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Hace 2 horas
Neil Patrick Harris is a national treasure and he must be protected at all costs.
Dorothy Harris
Dorothy Harris Hace 2 horas
Bill Maher should be ashamed and apologize. Somethings are genetic. He obviously did not research before opening his mouth. Shame on you Bill Maher, grow up, and talk about something that doesn't involve putting children and adults down. And shame on your show for airing such negativity.
starburst honeybuns
starburst honeybuns Hace 2 horas
Some people DO come out of the womb fat, i saw a baby that weighed 13 pound at birth
Sherosekhan Khan
Sherosekhan Khan Hace 2 horas
James Corden’s “tom cruise run” 😂👌🏽
Janine Ramirez
Janine Ramirez Hace 2 horas
Y'all luke's vocal is improving a lot better than my life is
SAM LEE Hace 2 horas
Go cut some weight Mr. James 😂😂 do not be ashamed
Narendrajit 01
Narendrajit 01 Hace 2 horas
I think none of the food is real. They just pretend for entertaining
tonnyang lagahit
tonnyang lagahit Hace 2 horas
What's the title of the song?:)
HaslTom Hace 2 horas
Barney really impoved his magic skills
DMM Hace 2 horas
If obesity rates weren't increasing then Corden has an argument. Maher is right not to give obese people a free ride. Dynamic and energetic people can take care of themselves, obese people need encouragement...
Jack Stapleton
Jack Stapleton Hace 2 horas
9:12 Look at the ground, and the lake. Doesn't that resemble Sandy Shores, or is it just me?
Andrew Jr Limpiada
Andrew Jr Limpiada Hace 2 horas
She is so unique
jeansecond Hace 2 horas
shaun playz
shaun playz Hace 2 horas
ariana : hold mah ponytail for a second me:ok ariana:ok now put it down ariana:how does it feel me:it makes me think i am a fu**ng s**t with a ugly voice
Tuaine Vaka
Tuaine Vaka Hace 2 horas
When James landed he did the splits😂😆😂
Jia zubair
Jia zubair Hace 2 horas
Harry is so perfect 😍😍😍
Ted Mosby
Ted Mosby Hace 2 horas
i can swear iv meet this guy somewhere