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100 Comentarios
ヤマイ 【YUZURU】ユズル
That cliche movie trailer echoing piano notes
Nugget McNabb
Nugget McNabb Hace 4 horas
Clues were too obvious
The Popular Brunnette
Is this movie based on true events?
Jack Wills
Jack Wills Hace 5 horas
The trailer make me feel i wanna cry
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds Hace 5 horas
A bunch of elite liberal actors making a movie about a conservative news network that already has Golden Globe and Oscar buzz even though it isn’t out yet... no doubt that this movie will be 100% accurate and no biases will be portrayed on screen...
Rachael Gordove
Rachael Gordove Hace 6 horas
I still believe in LOVE!!
Sandra Salaj
Sandra Salaj Hace 6 horas
I remember time when my brother told me that Rita and Zed really exist on the moon.😊
Perrin Giesbrecht
Perrin Giesbrecht Hace 6 horas
like titanic but for conservatives
Mikel Benavente
Mikel Benavente Hace 6 horas
Tiene buena pinta iré a verla
Bitchslapped Hace 7 horas
Break it down for me, release the drone and they got T.
Rejected Letters
Rejected Letters Hace 7 horas
This movie is going to FLOP in the most colossal manner.
Frithlethrend Hace 8 horas
Why is this movie not getting higher ratings?
jorge blast
jorge blast Hace 5 horas
i dont get it, a good packed old school movie action and no high rating, maybe too bloody for the critics.
Federal Bureau of Investigations
The whole plot sounds like complete garbage, what sort of degenerate would want to watch a movie about Megyn Kelly??
Cody C
Cody C Hace 8 horas
Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen.
Gon CS
Gon CS Hace 8 horas
I really really enjoyed this movie. Good work!
KnowstradamuS Ucka
KnowstradamuS Ucka Hace 9 horas
Does anyone else think this movie has political motivations? Cause wow lol
Franklin Hue
Franklin Hue Hace 10 horas
She's the new Weapon X
blayne gower
blayne gower Hace 10 horas
Great marketing job team, I just found out about this movie. Damnit.
Everything Football
Everything Football Hace 11 horas
What r u doin bill?
MinMin Durknester
MinMin Durknester Hace 11 horas
*Every phan-girls>....RAOUL's here* 😏 And also Liam Neeson!!! 🤩
J. Dino.Supreme
J. Dino.Supreme Hace 11 horas
What's that background music?
VENDA Hace 12 horas
Spoiler alert The most scariest part in this movie has to be at the ending when she stalks him with the axe and at this point has lost herself completely and is ready to kill him. That to me has to be the biggest scene in the movie because of the growth of the narrator from a girl in love who gave her heart to him for over 18 years of endurance for the marriage. But due to unfortunate circumstances she allowed evil to take over her to satisfy the never ending pain she felt over losing him. 😟
remy sid
remy sid Hace 12 horas
more like Rambo: Last Sperm
remy sid
remy sid Hace 12 horas
more like Rambo: Last Sperm
PigziPigKIRI Hace 12 horas
I love America I hate japan
David S.
David S. Hace 12 horas
Shania Twain is back in the worldly concert circuit wearing scantly clad clothing. I thought she became Christian filming this movie.
Dr Mojo
Dr Mojo Hace 13 horas
“You think you can take JOOOHN WICK” “You got a NASTY surprise coming😉”
MSQ 54
MSQ 54 Hace 13 horas
Great trailer, but trash movie.
Anime Donut
Anime Donut Hace 14 horas
I'm going to watch it only to see Katherine Longford
정우 Hace 14 horas
😀 korea china taiwon 😖 japan
Lison De Backer
Lison De Backer Hace 15 horas
Even by just watching the trailer I'm feeling happy. Like the movie (although the end broke my heart) brings so much happiness in my heart !!
pranati devi
pranati devi Hace 16 horas
Who's watching the trailer after watching the movie ??
Chloe Maughan
Chloe Maughan Hace 16 horas
Nicolas cage is the dad, he’s awesome
Burrito Supreme
Burrito Supreme Hace 17 horas
More lazy ass movie ideas from Hollywood. Why would I pay $15 to see this movie when I already saw it like a year ago on the news for free?
Tynan Menezes
Tynan Menezes Hace 18 horas
Don't mess with Green Goblin!
Devilsname263 THE player
what if she said, what a stupid gift
el Mikas
el Mikas Hace 19 horas
I am a fan of Rambo. Dear Sly this is a stupid movie. Hasn't this man suffered enough, now they rape drug and kill Rambo's niece?? The tunnels lol
Thanks for Trump CNN, MSNBC and Hillary
Can we get a msnbc movie about Russia and Rachael Madow licking pussy?
Rizky Mahdi
Rizky Mahdi Hace 19 horas
Hey Cap, Language!!!
Tyrel J.
Tyrel J. Hace 20 horas
Good movie except a white lawyer wouldn't listen to shit tard music
jimmy Sullivan
jimmy Sullivan Hace 20 horas
Legend's Never DIE!
Nicola Calambur
Nicola Calambur Hace 20 horas
How rude of them to steal the plot from Michael Scott and his famous “there’s been a murder”
Elvis Van
Elvis Van Hace 20 horas
_🌤️11AM Dec 10 2019~_
Elvis Van
Elvis Van Hace 21 un hora
*0:43** The dog's fuckin' grunt😂😆*
Elvis Van
Elvis Van Hace 21 un hora
_🌤️11AM Dec 10 2019~_
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones Hace 21 un hora
Ana de Armas was spectacular in that movie. She was absolutely convincing in her character.
Sophia Hurtado
Sophia Hurtado Hace 21 un hora
Everyone needs to see this movie!! Its SO GOOD! Honestly it's very entertaining and really funny at times too, and the mystery was great. Go watch it, you'll be happy you did!
SuperBullies1 Hace 21 un hora
LOL Interesting Hollywood they didn't make a movie about Harvey Weinstein? I mean they literally didn't touch it at all, and It's certainly much more interesting than this. I guess it's a coincidence this is coming out before the coming Presidential election too.
l337pwnage Hace 22 horas
Woulda been a short movie if the rich guy could've afforded an English speaking white nurse that wouldn't screw up his meds. Although, I did miss the ending since I walked out after every other line in the movie seemed to just be "Oh, those poor illegal aliens!" and "YOU'RE ALL NAZI'S!" I think this is only the 2nd movie I've ever walked out of, it was that bad.
marko dewa
marko dewa Hace 22 horas
Alright , Trump Vs Cartel He Build Great Wall , Rambo Vs Cartel , Cartel Build walls
Michael Quinn
Michael Quinn Hace 22 horas
One of the best movies of all Times
Girly girl
Girly girl Hace 23 horas
The mosr adorable sheep ever ❤️❤️❤️
ashupashu Hace un día
My friend in the HOI4 club watched this!
I’m sorry but I feel like this is going to be hilarious like the movies “Bush”. I remember me and my cousin went to see that movie (only Black people in the theater) and white peoples found the movie so “moving” and we laughed I think a little too much
Call me Emily KIM
Call me Emily KIM Hace un día
Billie‘s song is perfect for this
Sondaze! Hace un día
Glad I didn't watch the trailer, movie was great. I loved it and I hardly liked any film from this year.
Ryan Gaming
Ryan Gaming Hace un día
The rating?
Zenxymes Hace un día
Looks great. Hopefully they keep the trailer like this and don't show anything more.
Bts Exo
Bts Exo Hace un día
a dog's purpose be like heh no
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer Hace un día
Is this an actual games we can play? And why isn't Tris blonde?
dad dada
dad dada Hace un día
A walk to remember , notebook , me before you , the fault in our stars ..and now this movie ?? I can't feel my heart anymore 😢😢😢😭😭😭 I won't watch this ... it will just make me depressed 😢
uncle_jessie Hace un día
No crazy dramatic music like other trailers. Just Billie Eilish...and somehow it totally worked for this trailer. Bravo.
Lolaczyk Hace un día
*I'm in love with this movie*
Jeff Stoffa
Jeff Stoffa Hace un día
Best trailer ever
Feyza Nur
Feyza Nur Hace un día
Everyone in the trailer: *serious, trying to sort something out* Chris Evans: :)
douglas cabinatan
douglas cabinatan Hace un día
What kind of trailer was that 😂😂
Jamie Goddard
Jamie Goddard Hace un día
Great movie a true hero
Timppa Timo
Timppa Timo Hace un día
I remember the time when "post apocalyptic movie" meant a shitty but hilarious bad Mad Max copy B-movie. Franco clearly remembers too
Séverin Official
Séverin Official Hace un día
bad ass!
Meg Hace un día
It's been almost 5 years and I still have hope to hear this entire song. I guess hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it
Din Din Wo
Din Din Wo Hace un día
Do you call this a movie trailer or a movie summary ?
Darling Hace un día
Thought it was going to be shity movie, but it's actually really good.
Adolfo Pena
Adolfo Pena Hace un día
Why is Kate Mckinnon here?
dinesh roger
dinesh roger Hace un día
I was sad that girl was dead, thy could made her alive and rambho could have revenged for rapping her and could have killed that gangsters for society safety of girls...i was really sad when she rapped and was finally dead...
Katrina Jagelski
Katrina Jagelski Hace un día
omg. I didn't watch the trailer, I just saw the movie and wow, this makes me want to see it again. I loved this movie so much.
Alexandra White
Alexandra White Hace un día
The trailer reminds me of Murder By Death, a truly fabulous parody of the country house whodunit, with star power that included David Niven, Peter Sellers, Alec Guiness, Maggie Smith, and Truman Capote. If Knives Out is anywhere near its caliber it will be a divine romp.
Патрик Кормак
Scott William
Scott William Hace un día
Triggering pro trump pro Fox News people. I’m in!!!!!
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen Hace un día
Beautiful blonde women using their looks and sex appeal to get jobs, and then getting pissed when men hit on them because they have looks and sex appeal. So brainless.
Stranger_ Girl
Stranger_ Girl Hace un día
Phew, I thought I wasn’t going to find a movie trailer with comments not wanting to rip the movie to pieces...
brandon bouffine
brandon bouffine Hace un día
Name of background music?
Erelf Hace un día
He has got a frozen face with weird hand movements trying hard to mimic someone. Sorry but I didn't like it.
afnan geographical sciencesciencey
western basterd destroyed so many country to please chosen ppls dick.for them g.w.bush is still hero.
Greg Skoworodko
Greg Skoworodko Hace un día
What is the song that plays for the first 20seconds or so of this trailer?
Robyn Golding
Robyn Golding Hace un día
Is this isn’t the most iconic cast I don’t know what is ..
Aesyah Fauzi
Aesyah Fauzi Hace un día
S N Hace un día
Seems there is no Shrink full movie to purchase in Youtobe. Who can tell where it can be found? Amazon?
Japan should have won the Battle of Midway Island. Japan could win the world war. Asian colony release became earlier. It was a hell by American rule in the Philippines.
Arya Das
Arya Das Hace un día
This movie is just awesome
Adela Gluntz
Adela Gluntz Hace un día
Adela Gluntz
Adela Gluntz Hace un día
YES QUEEEENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tsar Peter I
Tsar Peter I Hace un día
The girl in red thammm I hate fucking bitches like that and some of the rich act like this
Duderus Hace un día
Some one on that elevator Tooted!💨👃🏽👀 It was a BOMB SHELL...
CeNedra Lea Heldra
CeNedra Lea Heldra Hace un día
Finally Daniel Craig at his best. Bond was not him. This is much better
Janice Papa
Janice Papa Hace un día
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Hace un día
Umm what is this even about it like gets to the point but doesn’t ever
Nikita Mohan
Nikita Mohan Hace un día
The trailer made it obvious. It's about A HUGE SEXUAL HARASSMENT SCANDAL that exploded at Fox News few years ago. These women took down the top boss in power. And what Trump said about Megyn was true and it was a documented incident. Of course they have to make it entertaining for a movie audience instead of a documentary type film cuz not everyone would want to see that.
Domo Johnson
Domo Johnson Hace un día
Didn't watch stranger things or alladin .. but the grown up me wants to watch because the young me would've wanted me to
Spitfire Hace un día
Soon enough every kid will think this was made up and was some kind of star wars story We need a better history in schools.
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Hace un día
Tottenham Hotspur, Stuttgart, Nantes