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Dude Perfect
5 best buds just kickin' it.
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Jason Hogan
Jason Hogan Hace 4 horas
Best with rage monster 😡
3靖夫是妓女 Hace 4 horas
red team noobs, just play like kids they dont deserve win
ayesha Fahad
ayesha Fahad Hace 4 horas
Please! post a nother video
Ben Gaming
Ben Gaming Hace 4 horas
Brendan Schaubs Ear
Brendan Schaubs Ear Hace 4 horas
Every song in every video sounds like the same song
Elisha Sauter
Elisha Sauter Hace 4 horas
My favorite series is the bucket list one!
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes Hace 4 horas
Codey you are discussing
G Carpenter
G Carpenter Hace 4 horas
It’s a disgrace
Mohamad Mansour
Mohamad Mansour Hace 4 horas
How to make this rocket
gods 935
gods 935 Hace 4 horas
Um, can you die if you get hit by a bowling ball
Ronnie Ketchum
Ronnie Ketchum Hace 4 horas
Ty wins because he plays smartest
Leigh-Ann McCoy
Leigh-Ann McCoy Hace 4 horas
Can you make more stereotypes please
jennifer angrisano
jennifer angrisano Hace 4 horas
93 years
delilah jock
delilah jock Hace 4 horas
im from new york
Julianni Melo
Julianni Melo Hace 4 horas
M6 favart
Isaac Boaz
Isaac Boaz Hace 4 horas
You forgot the guy that goes try-hard against little kids.
Dom Sevillo
Dom Sevillo Hace 4 horas
Triston Loux
Triston Loux Hace 4 horas
Still team Coby for life!
LAWLESS JOHN Hace 4 horas
Joseph DiVito
Joseph DiVito Hace 4 horas
Charity Diener
Charity Diener Hace 4 horas
Flour blows up, who knew?!
Ronnie Ketchum
Ronnie Ketchum Hace 4 horas
Finally the twins won
Hi Guys
Hi Guys Hace 4 horas
What happened to Garret during the first stereotype did you guys sacrifice him???
Leigh Ellen Bristow
Leigh Ellen Bristow Hace 4 horas
Ty’s dad looks alike
Monica Tseng
Monica Tseng Hace 5 horas
More bucket list!,!
Isaac Boaz
Isaac Boaz Hace 5 horas
Tyler probably thinks he’s cool doing all these dunking tricks and stuff, but he’s using a freaking trampoline to help him. You know dang well he has no hops in real life.
Jakinwhale Hace 5 horas
Disc Golf Trick Shots with McBeth and Brodie Smith?
James Boya
James Boya Hace 5 horas
The top ten sucks avengers is number one
John Neustadt
John Neustadt Hace 5 horas
At least 100 yards of sweet tarts rope
Ayn Z
Ayn Z Hace 5 horas
Hjyk6y6y666y6mh/;;pkpp[h-y;;u’wf’a”et’’’ye’r7’/7’y’’ ‘I’h’h’h H’h HHhhghgggcgcycvr6rth
MrFilipe83 Hace 5 horas
Wives versus Chad 6-2
Gargi Tandon
Gargi Tandon Hace 5 horas
Twinkle Twinkle
arathianevasion Hace 5 horas
Bet it took you guys days to make it perfect
Monica Pinheiro
Monica Pinheiro Hace 5 horas
Coisa mais impressionantes não é nada
Brenah McAlmond
Brenah McAlmond Hace 5 horas
Did Garrett actually brake Cobys desk?
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem Hace 5 horas
abdul raheem a 100 and 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000)0000000000000000000000000000)00000000000000000000000000)0000000000000000000000000000000000000)00000000000000000000000
Kenneth Gregory
Kenneth Gregory Hace 5 horas
Team Cory for life
Roz Garrido
Roz Garrido Hace 5 horas
It went to 2012 to 2020
Bo McCabe
Bo McCabe Hace 5 horas
Amey Karwarker
Amey Karwarker Hace 5 horas
Yes it was checkers
Boston Bradshaw
Boston Bradshaw Hace 5 horas
CrazyJDZ Hace 5 horas
Dennis Hall
Dennis Hall Hace 5 horas
Twinkle little star
Magdalena Batuara
Magdalena Batuara Hace 5 horas
Do anyone think dude perfect is mostly edit?
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem Hace 5 horas
abdul raheem a 100 and 10000000
Teddy Sassen
Teddy Sassen Hace 5 horas
I love how all the waiters just went with the cardboard person 🤣
yyanny248 yy
yyanny248 yy Hace 5 horas
The Rage Monster is the reaction to March Madness being cancelled.
Autumn Creek
Autumn Creek Hace 5 horas
there is no way you are going to crush that diamond AND definitely wheel unfourtunate
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace 5 horas
Since Did Power Rangers Do Trick Shots?
Tiffany Caton
Tiffany Caton Hace 5 horas
Are you going to make another all sports golf battle cause those are always the best especially if Coby wins
Dung Vu
Dung Vu Hace 5 horas
I think you need play badminton trick shot in the future. I think it's interesting :)) !
Vallem Harsha
Vallem Harsha Hace 5 horas
Yes it was a checkers😈😈😈😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😃😃😃😃😄😐😈😇😇😇😇😠😠😠😠😱😱😱
Luke C
Luke C Hace 5 horas
This isn’t like PUBG at all. No one is getting kicked from the game. No desync. No one getting destroyed by a hacker. 0/10
Chillin’ With Dylan
How does Cory keep on getting picked
Kenneth Gregory
Kenneth Gregory Hace 5 horas
Where's my 10 bucks Gar?
Hazem Abrahem
Hazem Abrahem Hace 5 horas
Garrett got 2 out 5 for coffee ☕️
Tiffany Caton
Tiffany Caton Hace 5 horas
I was so disappointed that Coby failed but he did technically win the first battle of 2020
MineMaster Pro
MineMaster Pro Hace 5 horas
YO you reached 50M subs
Mateo Reyes
Mateo Reyes Hace 5 horas
Twicle twicle little star
yathaarrt chhabria
yathaarrt chhabria Hace 5 horas
Hi i am yathaarrt from from mumbai india i am 10 years old and I love you guys youl are the best i have seen all your videos you have many fans in our city please perform at mumbai during your tour bye
Varun Shah
Varun Shah Hace 5 horas
Which shot was the most hardest according to you(dp)
bhanumathy ramaswami
Rival Snjya
Rival Snjya Hace 5 horas
RUCHIR B Hace 5 horas
Disgrace ty
thor bekemans
thor bekemans Hace 5 horas
Imran Hussain
Imran Hussain Hace 5 horas
Marianna Cartin
Marianna Cartin Hace 5 horas
micah ackley
micah ackley Hace 5 horas
The Lions will make it to the superbowl someday and they'll win hopefully
kimheng1229 Roblox
kimheng1229 Roblox Hace 5 horas
Are they use salt?
Patryk Smolarek
Patryk Smolarek Hace 5 horas
Visit nasa
Melissa Springmann
Melissa Springmann Hace 5 horas
where are you at are you in washington
jennifer angrisano
jennifer angrisano Hace 5 horas
Do a nerf badal
Left Hand Productions
He’s not camping he’s TaTiClY wAiTiNg
D Money
D Money Hace 5 horas
Anyone else here still refers to Tyler as TT?
Navaneethakrishan Gopalsamy
Jakob Zihlmann
Jakob Zihlmann Hace 5 horas
Hey guys! I had a battle idea: extreme hide and go seek in the DPHQ
Petq Todorova
Petq Todorova Hace 5 horas
Hockey Goddess
Hockey Goddess Hace 5 horas
Hi Guys
Hi Guys Hace 5 horas
3:36 Did no one notice Cody looking on in disbelief as Garret made those waffles into the toaster
Ami Gasca
Ami Gasca Hace 5 horas
Ned is the panda
Itz_ Arielys
Itz_ Arielys Hace 5 horas
The baby was my fav shot😂😂
Ricky rao
Ricky rao Hace 5 horas
Who else is watching after Overtime 14 and notices how different the theme song is?
Itz_ Arielys
Itz_ Arielys Hace 5 horas
Muhammad Ikhsan
Muhammad Ikhsan Hace 5 horas
Dari Indonesia like
Manisha Goel
Manisha Goel Hace 6 horas
Coby can win