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Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden
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LtSquidward Hace 11 horas
damn i hear i think in the background
Masonic Youth
Masonic Youth Hace 11 horas
more like Ellen Degenerate. How has this not been said?
FluffyStarshine Hace 12 horas
27:49 💀💀
HkFinn83 Hace 12 horas
There’s an historian who wrote that when you are looking at an issue you should be careful about speculating regarding human motivation. Just look at the results of an event or an idea, and that is in essence the whole ‘purpose’ or intent. So if you break down this ‘diversity’ scam in mass media, the result can’t be anything other than more racism and more sexism. That’s all that’s happening.
Luna Hace 12 horas
This is the first Drew Gooden video I've ever watched, holy crap. This video is so good, definitely not the take I was expecting. You've earned yourself a new subscribed ^^
Bloom Peters
Bloom Peters Hace 12 horas
Why are you complaining about kids movies
Lizzzie OwO
Lizzzie OwO Hace 12 horas
“Which you can watch they way movies where meant to seen, in 7,20 p, censored and constantly interrupted by commercials” *ad for Netflix starts playing*
mitchh Hace 12 horas
knowing there's a decent-sized team behind her, pumping out countless ideas solely for the sake of capitalizing on her astronomical following makes their random-ass mattress collab make a lot more sense.
awetuney Hace 12 horas
Watching the most pointless video from “drew gooden” 😐
awetuney Hace 12 horas
I watch this video, then I instantly regret it
Nishu Hace 12 horas
1:25 Drew gives John Mulaney 'Kid Gorgeous' vibes here hehhehehhe
Olivia Oob
Olivia Oob Hace 12 horas
commenting bc it good tocomment so have good aday !
Dede Hace 12 horas
You are very good at coming up with unique video ideas
Dede Hace 12 horas
Tossed a like before you even TOLD us too. Cause I liked it that much
Will Hace 12 horas
"please dont get sick" - drewgooden, january 2020.
Will Hace 13 horas
im dressing up as wheres wallie (waldo for people who like to be wrong) for a party this weekend and i was wondering where you got that tshirt from, not taking the piss genuinely curious
Ash Vs. Everything
Ash Vs. Everything Hace 13 horas
can't believe kidz bop live was where my high school graduation was. i'll never recover
-Dummy Stupid-
-Dummy Stupid- Hace 13 horas
i just drank 3 coffees, its 6 pm for me
Kat Crystal
Kat Crystal Hace 13 horas
i feel like netflix recommended the andy griffith show to drew because he looks like don knotts's son
Lulu Hace 13 horas
I do truly believe that people who attain fame when they're young just kind of stop developing at whatever age they were when they became famous. that's why these people get into so much shit when they're "adults" (see: everything James Charles has ever done)
el kay
el kay Hace 14 horas
dora for adults??
David Hace 14 horas
SNL turned a ton of people against it when they dropped making fun of politicians and turned into downright spitting vitriolic hate against President Trump just because they hated he won the election. He show was always a compilation of cringe moments with some funny sketches in the middle. But during Trump's 1st term, they dropped all that in favour of pure political propaganda.
sith lord
sith lord Hace 14 horas
*I'm taking my wedding ring off, cause right now I don't deserve to be married.* Drew is a good man. :)
The Vibe Chamber
The Vibe Chamber Hace 14 horas
Fuck amazon Except for invincible that shit slaps
ツLavenderPi Hace 14 horas
*stands awkwardly in aromantic*
RACE INSTINCT Hace 14 horas
8:23 such good advice for someone trying to create content. Thank you.
Sebastienne Noel Abenoja
StormSought Hace 14 horas
What's truly impressive is that it's a lot of people's job to do basically this, all day every day. Hosts in restaurants, greeters at stores. I've done that kind of work. And you're getting minimum wage, and the people are rude. Being paid well to meet people who actually like you, even if you're incredibly tired, dies not even compare.
Rachel Wolfe
Rachel Wolfe Hace 14 horas
I bought the chirp wheel bundle and it’s the best thing ever
Pranav Ingle
Pranav Ingle Hace 14 horas
Heyyyyyy .. that's Danny Gonzalez... sneaky lil bastard..... .. .. ... ... .... Heyyyyyy... that's old!!!
Shaky Cam VA
Shaky Cam VA Hace 14 horas
Lieutenant Dan! You got a new belt!
hi Hace 15 horas
nice death note background music lol
Owen Mayer
Owen Mayer Hace 15 horas
Yeah sorry. Don’t feel bad for them. Family was loaded well before tiktok. Those girls make it super hard to like them in general. Can’t wait until the 15 minutes is up for all these talentless, tiktok teens. they provide no real entertainment value beyond being able to capture the attention of children for 20 seconds at a time. Now I’m supposed to feel bad for them while they take advantage of resources that people with real talent would kill for? Nope sorry.
King Pistachion
King Pistachion Hace 12 horas
@Andrew Dukes shame on you
King Pistachion
King Pistachion Hace 12 horas
@Andrew Dukes I think you are the one who missed the point of this comment.
Owen Mayer
Owen Mayer Hace 12 horas
Just because I disagree doesn’t mean I missed the point.
Andrew Dukes
Andrew Dukes Hace 14 horas
You completely missed the message of this video and the context of what he said
Peace Out
Peace Out Hace 15 horas
When bf sang I DIEDD☠️🤣🤣
Erin Mitchell
Erin Mitchell Hace 15 horas
I'm so uncomfortable XD This video was so funny!!!!!
Ellen Bronson
Ellen Bronson Hace 15 horas
I thought this dude made videos for kids...? Sooo confused.
RainingSheep Hace 15 horas
Minecraft wasnt made in 2012 u dingus but the videos gud its made in 2009 btw
vinfinity 09
vinfinity 09 Hace 15 horas
genger reveal partys
Korkee Konrad
Korkee Konrad Hace 15 horas
I have said "Can I sit in the trunk?" I will not give context, but trust I have said it.
A Hace 16 horas
Zoë Freedom
Zoë Freedom Hace 16 horas
Did he say thank you guy?
JC Hace 16 horas
16:00 it's true and everyone should watch the compilations of OJ jokes Norm did. The first one after the verdict is classic.
PhishingIncorporated Hace 16 horas
Way to represent them better than their family and staff. 🤘🏻
batool Gomez
batool Gomez Hace 16 horas
hey guy
shintendo Hace 16 horas
took me a year to realise the joke in the tag
moonbunnie Hace 16 horas
wait...... are you roadwork ahead guy!?? is this why you're in my recs lmao
Diego Quintero
Diego Quintero Hace 16 horas
This was by far the hardest video to watch. I was frustrated by how cringy that show was based solely what I saw here. Drew, you are a trooper. I would wish that on my worse enemy, dear god
Alpha Baby
Alpha Baby Hace 16 horas
I think something to keep in mind when rewatching sketches like SNL way way back, alot of the jokes are based in politics, pop culture that was going on at the time. But yes alot was hit or miss or just silly
T3zlaGM Hace 17 horas
so true
imsmol and angery
imsmol and angery Hace 17 horas
There actually is a road proposed that goes near enough to Stonehenge that it could cause problems so local people and historians have to protect it. Idk if that's what he's on about and why he didn't include any relevant information about how to protect Stonehenge.
Niko Rose
Niko Rose Hace 17 horas
Dante GardenHoe
Dante GardenHoe Hace 17 horas
I was not gay I am gay now
Oberyn Dane
Oberyn Dane Hace 17 horas
its terrifying that tannerite is just sold in sports stores. No, Academy Sports and Outdoors, I don't think an explosive is a good end cap.
umaima areeb
umaima areeb Hace 17 horas
This was the best reaction video ever
M Rowley
M Rowley Hace 17 horas
Great video and this is coming from someone who never watched SNL
The man
The man Hace 17 horas
I got obsessed with comedy bang bang long ago. That was the funniest shit, but none of my friends liked it, in fact, drew is the first person I know who likes the show
NateDog Trainer
NateDog Trainer Hace 17 horas
Caffeine is a performance enhancing
Kata Csizmadia
Kata Csizmadia Hace 17 horas
Skyrim music <3
Jurga Nakaitė
Jurga Nakaitė Hace 18 horas
you literally said my thoughts.you're amazing and i love how thoughtful you are❤️
antirevengineer Hace 18 horas
"No one cares about the Revolutionary War" - RIP America, 2018
Daniel Alvarez
Daniel Alvarez Hace 18 horas
I love this one!
Will Hace 18 horas
the office U.K. was just right maybe even too short, i like that a lot of british television often doesnt overstay its welcome but i couldnt tell you why thats the case
Hace 19 horas
Ramm Thorny
Ramm Thorny Hace 19 horas
I hate that I laughed at the Paul brothers Vine
Pixie Ciaran
Pixie Ciaran Hace 19 horas
neopets is owned by scientology, which sounds like a conspiracy, but it true
CaF2 Hace 19 horas
It feels like a bad comedy sketch from an office ripoff
Kihla Jackson
Kihla Jackson Hace 19 horas
little did he know he'd have 3 million subs today :)
Belinda Short
Belinda Short Hace 20 horas
It's to be expected that someone who would be childish enough to pull a prank like this would also be really immature about it afterward.
Mus Vur
Mus Vur Hace 20 horas
"westworld" was, in fact, totaly scripted
Daddy Hace 20 horas
I kind of don't see the point of this video because friends is a 1994 show where as the office is a 2005 show which means they're what 11 years (almost a decade) apart? Of course they'd be different and the later would be funnier and more realistic. They're a DECADE apart for gods sake. And even the laugh track thing is ridiculous cause all sitcoms used them back in the days and yeah originality and being new and different and blah blah but friends wasn't supposed to be all those things! It was supposed to be a dumb, funny, just another not really that realistic show and it did a great job at it. The office is my all-time favorite show too (I mean my pfp should say something) but friends is iconic. Like gossip Girl. Or mean girls. And I like your other videos but this was just a dumb video that no one really needed but I do dumb shit when I'm bored too so can't really blame you.
Tomi Nieminen
Tomi Nieminen Hace 20 horas
Even though I've not watched American Psycho I spoiled it to myself to watch your video, I hope you like the ego boost
mona Hace 21 un hora
it makes sense drew likes PEN15, it's produced by the lonely island!
SuperDadsBaby Hace 21 un hora
Is this the road works ahead guy?
Alexandra McLeod
Alexandra McLeod Hace 21 un hora
My favourite opening scene Drew has done 😂
Kyan Ogan
Kyan Ogan Hace 21 un hora
whats danny doing at 22:49 ?
Sudhir Ranjan
Sudhir Ranjan Hace 21 un hora
Her actual name is shitty Singh
Me Hace 21 un hora
JBG Handswome
JBG Handswome Hace 21 un hora
uhh idk what your trying to do here though but there are some scene like the kid who played roblox but the screen moved its own but what's important is that the life lesson is showing to us yes there may be scene that are funny or you see it pointless but other people aren't because there are other people who likes Dhar Mann and others not but that doesn't mean you can say it's pointless life lesson even though it's not maybe you just don't understand it like you said that common solutions but people aren't able to think of that because each person or everyone in earth is different from you im not staring a fight here but you can't just say it's pointless and what if I question you that is the life lesson of Dhar Mann pointless? what would you say of course you will say yes it's pointless but it's not to other people like the video that you showed us about succession from Dhar Mann video i mean dude if you don't have patience you won't succeed but there's another thing if you don't have patience you can take a shortcut from life whic is impossible if you don't have patience you wont succeed or if you don't have patience you can take a shortcut but not succeed you just don't understand it how many I learned from Dhar Mann and I don't give a damn about how you say it to me how pointless it is so don't say its pointless or maybe you could just say that some scene are funny so to the Dhar Mann watchers out there don't listen to this guy.
JBG Handswome
JBG Handswome Hace 16 horas
@Han Solo but not to the point that Dhar Mann video life lesson is pointless maybe because the way he see it's pointless but it's not so don't say the valid points yes i understand that you say that Dhar Mann has pointless life lessons but it's not to the other people you know all people has different mindsets so maybe you just don't understand it fully but when i was first watching Dhar Mann video i kinda tought it was pointless but the more you watch the more you know maybe you just don't know yet i guess
Han Solo
Han Solo Hace 17 horas
Actually, he certainly has valid points!
Kaye Burfoot
Kaye Burfoot Hace 21 un hora
I’m just going to say it, Drew and Danny have way too much fun with all of the “they are the same people” jokes and all of the people who ship them together
naaa aaan
naaa aaan Hace 22 horas
Dude, your eye lenses are high!