Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.
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SmOoThYwOoDy Hace 11 horas
The Government wouldn't be paying for everyone to have health care. It would be tax payers getting something for all the money that the Government took from us. The Government actually doesn't pay for anything, We the People Do. They just choose how to spend our money and what Countries we are going to give Millions or Billions to. Our Government doesn't care about the People.
R SWIFT Hace 11 horas
I remember a bit on snl he did with Christopher walker. Walken was funny af. And then this guy was........padding. He’s just not funny. What network is he on again? Why are you doing this to yourselves
Jeremy Toh
Jeremy Toh Hace 11 horas
Karen Chee’s grandpa could do a Korean version of Dirty Grandpa. 😂
sev7n80 Hace 11 horas
She so cute
Daniel Tucker
Daniel Tucker Hace 11 horas
Teaganbear Hace 11 horas
HA! My dad often writes most of (if not the entire message) the message in the Subject line too. I lol'd. I guess it's a thing
R SWIFT Hace 11 horas
Have you ever seen a more punchable face? Painfully unfunny. Hats off the the laugh and applause sign guys. Those jokes sucked
Kimberly Borders
Kimberly Borders Hace 12 horas
🤣🤣😂that's not a straw🤣
Michael Dearnley
Michael Dearnley Hace 12 horas
Good God! That’s a badger USA style? I had assumed that your badgers were the same as British badgers - tough creatures, but they don’t look like they’ve been spawned in hell.
Herb Hungry
Herb Hungry Hace 12 horas
I am sure he can read. Maybe not fast. or even average. but i am sure he can. He just chooses not too out of stubbornness.
Nick D
Nick D Hace 12 horas
Woods people ain't so stupid as that. His look belies his -- what was it, $15,000,000 in his pocket -- talks like that anyway, all pied in the sky. Extending medical care to all is what all or most developed nations already do, so their people aren't kicked when already down, incapacitated with illness, only to be slapped with a big bill. Canada has had it since 1963. Catch up time with Bernie, the visionary with 20/20 clarity
SmOoThYwOoDy Hace 12 horas
I wonder if Phil Robertson's dad is his Uncle/Grandpa, because he's been inbred one to many generations.
Tom Peters
Tom Peters Hace 12 horas
Milania got her visa in a lottery...not Slovenia's best
silverpurkat Hace 12 horas
Drop the mic! You got Bernt! 🎤
357CLOUDY Black Feather
He looks like the Quaker Oats guy.
Ankh-ef-en-Khonsu Hace 12 horas
Wow - she's really porked up.
E H Hace 12 horas
Okay, Let's not make this a year!!! Where is the next show you two are watching?!?!??!
RicketeeCricket Hace 12 horas
Selling meats door to door? What a dumb idea. Maybe if he tried selling gas door to door or maybe a door to door garbageman type scheme he would have been way more successful. What a goddamn idiot.
Marc Bell
Marc Bell Hace 12 horas
Canada has had medicare for 60 years and loves it. The US economy is terrific...for the top 20%. Also why does this host laugh at his own jokes? Weird.
claire bigelow
claire bigelow Hace 12 horas
he cant read..THE CAT IN THE HAT is beyond his comprehension.....!!!!
Lisa C. Humble
Lisa C. Humble Hace 12 horas
So, here we are. Feb. 15 th, 2020. If the ADA won't reign in the blatant disregard for the rule of law, can you imagine what the legal landscape will look like in a few short years? I love my children and grandchildren but as an old woman, I almost wish I hadn't had them. I'm very frightened for what they may have to live through. And another thing! God has stepped in and literally saved my life 3 times. The last time was only last year. I never understood why. I'm beginning to think it was too witness the slaughter that's to come. Do not fool yourselves. Dictators like Kim, Putin & So are thinking about the population crises. They see something like the corona virus and it gets their wheels spinning.
Eastman Webb
Eastman Webb Hace 12 horas
One word: November.
jessob1 Hace 12 horas
Foreigners (others than Russians) are not laughing at America, we are just sad how you guys can end up in this situation. Americans are friendly, smart, funny and welcoming to everyone! How did you end up with this idiot?
soulassassin0g Hace 12 horas
Well it's better than selling gas from door to door.
Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas Hace 12 horas
Wow, Maynard James Keenan has lost weight.
calicoD Hace 12 horas
Ya Bernt XD
Dan Lee
Dan Lee Hace 12 horas
So cute haha
Carter Hughes
Carter Hughes Hace 12 horas
“Hey kid, it ain’t that kind of movie” Why does he sound more like Harrison Ford than Harrison Ford does?
Ivan Johnson
Ivan Johnson Hace 12 horas
I just thought it was going to be a being gay with your clone skit. I was wrong. 😂
Backinblack Bunny
Backinblack Bunny Hace 12 horas
Is....is Seth secretly in the tank for Bernie? Feel the bern
jpdemer5 Hace 12 horas
They should impeach him again. And again. And I bet he'd still not wise up.
kcmn00 Hace 12 horas
Korean movies are really good, if you liked Parasite, watch 'The Handmaiden'.
Susan Hace 13 horas
Phil Robertson is worth $15M... Of course he doesn't need nor want to pay his fair share into social services. Most naysayers are multimillionaires protecting their wealth. We want Social Demacracy now, not Corporate Democracy for the wealthy.
Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee Hace 13 horas
통통한 여자 전혀 안좋아하는데 저런 여자라면 사귀고 싶을정도로 너무 귀엽네 ㅎ
royston mason
royston mason Hace 13 horas
SUSAN HARRIS (said with shaky voice ) I hope you are having fun ! FREAK
Heathen Apes
Heathen Apes Hace 13 horas
That's not an actual audience. It's computer audio. She is horrible.
Vlad T
Vlad T Hace 13 horas
Idk what u dummy’s are doing my and all my friends taxs was lower 1099🤙🏽
BerekH Hace 13 horas
Trump can't read. Seriously. Tillerson was right.
Robertw Hace 13 horas
This socialism fear crap is just ignorant social security and medicare is socialism millions depend on USA is already socialist it's not a bad thing
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 13 horas
our world is dying!!!!!
Adrian Waterman
Adrian Waterman Hace 13 horas
John Kelly was always crooked...remember when lied stink about the senator from Florida...
Angela C
Angela C Hace 13 horas
Most of homeless comes to California from another States beacsue we Californian have the the best weather and also State of california have the best programs to help the poor or homeless.
Dafna Schlosberg
Dafna Schlosberg Hace 13 horas
Hi bunce
Duke of Ducats
Duke of Ducats Hace 13 horas
Curb Your Water Cooler Talk
Bryan B
Bryan B Hace 13 horas
If a celebrity held,Obama’s head.. there’d be riots.
L4L1LuL3L0 Hace 13 horas
So much Costanza. Love that character.
Justin Shim
Justin Shim Hace 13 horas
In other words, Rule 34 is alive and well folks.
Ashley Nyal
Ashley Nyal Hace 13 horas
I love that being with all my heart. RuPaul. Changing lives everywhere.
TheTrueSonofSparda Hace 13 horas
Wow she still bangin!
J C Hace 13 horas
Blue no matter who voters are like trump voters. Theyre a waste of perfectly good oxygen.
Ninety5tag Hace 13 horas
Your listening to a half ass comedian who hasn’t been seen in forever ,,, tell you your political views. The news and comedy channels have been overrun by one sided , left OWNED , no body’s who AREN’T political figures (anywhere) ....who tell you what to think and who to listen too AND vote for. Get off your ass and do your OWN HOMEWORK!!! And you will see how good OUR PRESIDENT IS ACTUALLY DOING!!!!!
Iron Tribe Issues
Iron Tribe Issues Hace 13 horas
M Devorah
M Devorah Hace 13 horas
Maybe DJT's animal soul is a badger! Lol
Nasser Bastanmehr
Nasser Bastanmehr Hace 13 horas
SHUTUP Susan Collins he never learn you can teach an old dog new trick, that is all you can say LEARN. You should be ashamed of your self. Last term for you.
Angela C
Angela C Hace 13 horas
Because he is the most dumb ignorant individual. How the hell you raking the forest you imbecile.
The warrior z
The warrior z Hace 13 horas
NotSure SureNot
NotSure SureNot Hace 13 horas
This isnt funny anymore
G R Hace 13 horas
Diggin the chemistry between these two
Judy Doyle
Judy Doyle Hace 13 horas
So sad he left the race. I hope he gets picked for VP
moflo303 Hace 13 horas
Despite all our rage we are all still just rats in a cage
Angela C
Angela C Hace 13 horas
That's my Man. Love my Governor MR. Newsom.
Jim Burig
Jim Burig Hace 13 horas
Trump is amazing, getting that big melon of a head so far up his ass.
K Mac's Kitchen
K Mac's Kitchen Hace 13 horas
it would all be funny if it wasn't so short of the horror that is the truth...
Jay Harter
Jay Harter Hace 13 horas
It's only going to get worse, The Orange Grand Wizard now knows he can get away with anything he wants, he has NO plans of EVER leaving the White House. He is on the road to becoming the dictator he so wants to be and his worthless, simple-minded, inbred, racist, homophobic, cross-burning, flag-waving, evangelical cult following are right behind him with their heads up his ass.
Proverbs 31
Proverbs 31 Hace 13 horas
Yesssss Willie
Nina .D
Nina .D Hace 13 horas
Someone pls tell me what aryan is? I googled it and still don’t get what it is...😅🤷🏻‍♀️besides that I love this man! His funny as hell! Loved him from what we do in the shadows. 😄👍💜
Joel Ramírez
Joel Ramírez Hace 13 horas
I have a BIG crush on John!!!
Statler N. Waldorf
Statler N. Waldorf Hace 13 horas
wow.... ANOTHER snl cast member. way to stretch as a talk show host, seth. 🙄🙄🙄 and engaged to an OBESE woman? fyi... it's only gonna get worse!
Diego Fernando
Diego Fernando Hace 13 horas
How can someone be this cute.
Susan Haines
Susan Haines Hace 14 horas
She is GREAT!
feedthesnake Hace 14 horas
she's gonna be a star.
CDNUSER Hace 14 horas
Best explanation of how dangerous trump is being with the justice department esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-vR6T26uZQP8.html
bxxx9 Hace 14 horas
Seth and Stephen must've shared writers
John Wood
John Wood Hace 14 horas
That man looks smart and with good character. Keep it up 👍⚖️🇺🇸
John Wood
John Wood Hace 14 horas
Trash the orange turd!!! 👍👍👍👍 And flush it out for good.
ca bo
ca bo Hace 14 horas
Toilet your ma'am house
ca bo
ca bo Hace 14 horas
Call in jews
ca bo
ca bo Hace 14 horas
Since your stinks/ stink.
Earl Thompson
Earl Thompson Hace 14 horas
Trump is incorrigible; he cannot change.
Treasure2Behold Hace 14 horas
Poor crab ☹️ I want Leslie at every event of my life.
Troy Daniel
Troy Daniel Hace 14 horas
I feel the same way about D,D,G.
Michael Washington
Michael Washington Hace 14 horas
Ok,Jay.like the time you toldDiddy"I know you wear your underwear backwards!!!.Mr.Beef?come on man.
Isabella Simancas
Isabella Simancas Hace 14 horas
Los carajitos llegando a la casa de su mamá y que Timmy les de los caramelos, esos niños ni siquiera sabrán a quién tienen en frente, qué desgracia
바그다드카페 Hace 14 horas
This is so funny ~~~
TRHS1976 Hace 14 horas
Jarod Strain
Jarod Strain Hace 14 horas
I'm not really sure he has the leeway to sue Twitter users for mocking him. He is in the public domain. It would rather up here to be a slapp suit.
Aline Horikawa
Aline Horikawa Hace 14 horas
she is so funny!!
Rose marie Herrera martinez
Grandma willie you are the best granny you have proven the with real action that age don't matter as long you have faith n in yourself you can really train yourself n kick some good ass all the way I feel sorry for intruder cause he got beat up by granny . Way to go I love you n my full respect to you you . You are blessing to this world .
Deborah Freedman
Deborah Freedman Hace 14 horas
Actually getting a degree in cannabis genetics and chemistry would be very profitable. It's an up and coming field.
Niixz PK
Niixz PK Hace 14 horas
I would vote for her if she was running for President.
alan thunder
alan thunder Hace 14 horas
Seths spray tan shade = Trump LITE
Keith James
Keith James Hace 14 horas
If you people ever listened to the actual words trump sais and his actuall efforts instead of slanted biased lies like every word out of this dumbass on this show you might have a clue on whats true and real instead of being completely uneducated as you all are
alan thunder
alan thunder Hace 14 horas
You can literally cut the tension with a knife, every single time Seth is around a superior SNL "actor"
henry farve
henry farve Hace 14 horas
I cant wait till this guy is history!
OJ Was Acquitted Too
OJ Was Acquitted Too Hace 14 horas
Buttigieg is a real life Sheldon Cooper.
alan thunder
alan thunder Hace 14 horas
I honestly do not know who is trying harder to act; Julia or her push up bra!
Im the smallest peach
Im the smallest peach Hace 14 horas
Turns out I was wrong, he's a hufflepuff.
Morning Star
Morning Star Hace 14 horas
I got to admit I had no idea who she was until I saw Castle Rock and now I'm starstruck. What an incredible woman she seems to be.
Itosalix Hace 14 horas
You know what's going on. It's not that Barr has morals, he'll do exactly what Trump wants, he just doesn't want Trump to blurt out what he's doing. This is Trump problem (one of MANY), he has never faced consequences and gotten away with breaking the law all his life. Even the senate lets him continue breaking the law even when they've admitted it was wrong. So... why not do all your dirty dealings right out in open? It's not like anything will happen if you do, right. So happily tweet that you are interferring with the Justice Department. After all, it not going to be Trump's ass on the line anyway. If things go south... Barr is there to take the fall. That's what his cabinet is, dominoes that fall for Trump while he gets to stay safe. There's always somebody else waiting in the wings to be the next domino for him.
kras118 Hace 14 horas
Not sure enough people in the audience got the National Enquirer reference ......