Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.
Watch Late Night with Seth Meyers weeknights 12:35/11:35c.
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Seven Grapes
Seven Grapes Hace 17 minutos
I can`t help getting the feeling this is all contrived. I hope Trump is not playing a part in it. I trust he is well enough informed to know if he is being played. No Country in their right mind would want a war with America. Can we not find a leader somewhere in the World around which a patriotic movement can grow. Oh! for peace to break out. Such a person will be strongly supported by the vast majority of ordinary folk. Such a person will HAVE to take the citizens of the World into his or her confidence for without which nothing will work. Tweeting and Q posting is DEFINITELY not going to cut it. With a few billion folk on the same page as a chosen one it will be accomplishable. We are so tired of death and destruction. So tired of being slaves. God knows there is enough for all. Why do the minority, the psychopaths who run this planet, want everything for themselves? Even without wars and slavery into which the controllers seem hell bent on pushing us all ..... life sucks. It is so difficult to get through in one piece. It is so easy to become bogged down by all the evil in the World leaving little time and room for ordinary simple happinesses that all crave and will find to be sufficient for themselves. Sufficient to rest our weary heads on pillows at night without dreading the the next sunrise. Enough contentment to look forward to sleep, not to escape, but to facilitate our eagerness to welcome the next day with anticipation in our hearts and not dread!! It requires an extraordinary effort by most to maintain a positive and happy outlook. We have to deliberately dumb ourselves down to reality to avoid soul destroying information that leads to anger, frustration, despair. I observe entire populations, entire Countries that suffer from collective mass depression as a result of the behavior of groups and individuals hell bent on satisfying the unquenchable thirst of self gratification. Such populaces have no chance in hell of turning themselves around in the present climate. Extermination seems inevitable. How is this friggin possible?? Why do children, who have NO choice have to suffer so? Are we so evil? Cometh the hour cometh the man!!!
Kurtis Woods
Kurtis Woods Hace 20 minutos
Seth correcting Amber at end was hella funny but I don't think Jenny won, Amber was hilarious.
Mike Bastoni
Mike Bastoni Hace 21 un minuto
Omg this was funny
Red 13
Red 13 Hace 21 un minuto
"You could tell the cutout wasn't the real Trump because it made some good points!"😄
Coreen Rafikh5
Coreen Rafikh5 Hace 22 minutos
I love the mic joke 😂
Tamala Rovaris
Tamala Rovaris Hace 24 minutos
Flying bull semen is much better than our President who explodes with BULL$HIT from ever form of communication he knows how to use! TWITTER, television, press conferences, physical assault on PU$$IES!
Jinx Hace 25 minutos
Is this guy supposed to be funny?
Dom Graham
Dom Graham Hace 26 minutos
Brilliant. 😂
Kurtis Woods
Kurtis Woods Hace 26 minutos
Loled at tried as an adult and didn't get eating out joke til second time through
2xkiller Hace 28 minutos
The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia. So... Trump wants to go defend and wage war for a country involved in the 9/11 attacks.
Steve Barrios
Steve Barrios Hace 28 minutos
Thumper you are pathetic orange Troll and you do not deserve to run this great country
Appleboy78165 Hace 29 minutos
John Goodman is a national treasure.
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Hace 29 minutos
This look is so LA lol
Kurtis Woods
Kurtis Woods Hace 31 un minuto
I know this is wrong but I'm and have been a huge fan of Amber, but, found the other woman so attractive this time. Idk you look great funny lady. All joy and satisfaction wished your way.
Rudy Oliveira
Rudy Oliveira Hace 33 minutos
firstname lastname
firstname lastname Hace 36 minutos
How is this dude so underrated as a "movie" actor??!! He's so brilliant.
TWSTF 8 Hace 37 minutos
Dexter!!! 👍😂
Appleboy78165 Hace 38 minutos
5:10 Please refrain from kink-shaming the candidates! That's a sentence I never thought I'd say lol
Kat 77
Kat 77 Hace 39 minutos
It's cute how the democrats think they can beat the ANTICHRIST.
Mary Glitter
Mary Glitter Hace 39 minutos
God I miss Johnny Carson. These new hosts suck!!!!
Sujeong Kwak
Sujeong Kwak Hace 41 un minuto
I noticed that he has a tendency to ramble, which is really adorable.
DrGyalfren Hace 41 un minuto
Fire at a genetics laboratory sounds like the start of a mutant superhero.
Ron Mimnaugh
Ron Mimnaugh Hace 42 minutos
Much more enjoyable than the real debates
charlie cleveland
charlie cleveland Hace 47 minutos
No fake tans make you orange DUMB ASS !!!
rufus jones
rufus jones Hace 47 minutos
Seth Meyers is a clown.
Rita G
Rita G Hace 50 minutos
Weather scandal I love it!!!!!
James Stafford
James Stafford Hace 51 un minuto
Please do more.
Cochraine Hace 51 un minuto
Seth: "This has been a closer look." Me: *eye rolls* As usual.
Michael K
Michael K Hace 52 minutos
We really have "no idea" what Trump's financial motivations are? Really? Really, Seth? I'm going to put my money on PERSONAL PROFIT...
cheeseonyomama Hace 54 minutos
This was hilarious
_ Hace 55 minutos
Alot of Hindu people Poppin up from Canada and America is Canada because all America back taxes go to support Canada..., especially the woman more than the men right now...
MissD Hace 56 minutos
i wonder if tRump had paid his bill unto now a month later ?
IIsYouAndYouIsMe Hace 59 minutos
At the end of the day you can't knock how hard she has worked to get to where she is today. She's been grinding for the longest and was doing everything herself for years until she literally couldn't because of how busy she got. No one is doing it like her tbh
Constance Lippert
Constance Lippert Hace un hora
cheeseonyomama Hace un hora
Michael C Hall!!
Yujin Baek
Yujin Baek Hace un hora
for a moment I doubted myself....😅
Mawen Mendoza
Mawen Mendoza Hace un hora
Lmfao bowl full of roaches 😂😂😭😭
Moe A
Moe A Hace un hora
Merge those two triangles in the middle of each other You will find out who is behind the “honest” climate change movement
Axcel C
Axcel C Hace un hora
“Blood never lies”
Thomas Palazzolo
Thomas Palazzolo Hace un hora
Well that's officially the worst superhero origin ever. "He was just an ordinary scientist until he got caught in an explosion of cryogenically frozen bull semen. Now he is... Steerile!"
mema0005 Hace un hora
You are right we are laughing but also a little sad
danceonfirejim Hace un hora
#TRUMP2020 🇺🇲🗽
charlie morejon
charlie morejon Hace un hora
Seth meyers ..making fun of Trump every single night every single joke . how original . hes the only one .. Great comedy .. Great writing ..
Lorna Irvine
Lorna Irvine Hace un hora
"Talk good"... 🤦
Troy Robinson
Troy Robinson Hace un hora
Since watching JSCT, I now like to guess which punchlines come from Amber, Jenny or neither. What do you think on this one?
Sean Harrell
Sean Harrell Hace un hora
First country he went to after taking office was Saudi Arabia. Where he is seen on camera CURTSYING TO THE KING!!! That explains everything.
laalki80 Hace un hora
Fun fact: John Goodman was the first guest of the first Late Night with Conan O'Brien in 1993.
A Ibrahim
A Ibrahim Hace un hora
"Well, who are you gonna believe, the Vice President of the United States or a horse manager"? Seriously, am asking! 😂😂
My Bub
My Bub Hace un hora
Larry king is Ruth Bader Ginsburg in a dress
Bob Minichino
Bob Minichino Hace un hora
Terrific instrumental, vocals are a bit muddied.
3-Swords Cosplay
3-Swords Cosplay Hace un hora
Toffee looks good.
Ebby C
Ebby C Hace un hora
Omg I saw the thumbnail and I was like, That's Dexter!!!!
Sahm Dhude
Sahm Dhude Hace un hora
More like Israels behalf. Trump is a Zionist puppet.
Sovereign Sentience
Sovereign Sentience Hace un hora
Deadeyes Dempsey vs McKracken
Amanda Hunter
Amanda Hunter Hace un hora
I just love John Goodman! Such a amazing actor and all around cool guy! Dan Conner is like my second dad lol😂
shane shane
shane shane Hace un hora
Boys are starting to FINALLY get the recognition/credit they deserve! Let’s see if the CMA rewards them in Nov Real country is making a comeback and would have NEVER left if not for the powers to be pushing country pop Not a better county band out today period !
Ari Hace un hora
Watch Righteous Gemstones clips here...very hilarious show esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-G1Nsjq76jSA.html
Alexandra Hannah
Alexandra Hannah Hace un hora
Six Feet Under is one of the best shows of all time PERIODTTTT
Mara Butler
Mara Butler Hace un hora
If we've sold so many arms to Saudi Arabia, why can't *they* fight Iran?🙄🤔
David Hace un hora
god, michael is such a CUTIE
Victoria Ferguson
Victoria Ferguson Hace un hora
Haha awesome
kimberly s
kimberly s Hace un hora
He was pandering so hard it was painful. One word: SYCOPHANT.
Pokerface Hace un hora
I have no idea who half these candidates are.
undertow9x Hace un hora
Misty Mountain Video
Tulsi says it best: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-9Jo8QU2s_5I.html
Ruperth316 Hace un hora
"over the line!"
David Hace un hora
my favorite man of all time
Omar Khattab
Omar Khattab Hace un hora
As neocons theorized it, a Pearl Harbor is needed to Justify a U.S. interventionist war abroad. Saudis and Israelis are hard at work to fabricate one.
Adam R. Wyss
Adam R. Wyss Hace un hora
When he said "We'll be right back with John Goodman" I had a thought that I have every so often... "John Goodman is still alive‽ That's great!"
Paitoon Khemapanon
Paitoon Khemapanon Hace un hora
Thanks for update All sounds good doesn’t But great for fun
Jim Christiansen
Jim Christiansen Hace un hora
Анна Кузьменко
Love him so much 😀
Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam Hace un hora
Definitely not a comedian 👍
TC 11
TC 11 Hace 2 horas
This ain't even funny
R Rubio
R Rubio Hace 2 horas
Fast food restaurants in other parts of the world have been delivering to homes for years.
Sepehr sep
Sepehr sep Hace 2 horas
Joe Biden is fit for retirement
You don't get to be offended by science!
Why he wasnt taken out in handcuffs is fucking bullshit!
Eric Burkheimer
Eric Burkheimer Hace 2 horas
That lead singer is 🔥🔥🔥
J E ss E Y
J E ss E Y Hace 2 horas
joiedeceivre Hace 2 horas
I know that guy he's one of the finest Air conditioning repairmen I've ever seen
Ashley Hernandez
Ashley Hernandez Hace 2 horas
I love them!
Vsure79 Hace 2 horas
Six Feet Under is one of my top 3 favorite shows.
Tich Sibanda
Tich Sibanda Hace 2 horas
Next up is Amber!!!
New Message
New Message Hace 2 horas
Is it wrong that I saw the short logo, and got excited about a possible 'Green Lantern and the Deathly Hallows' crossover?
Esther B.
Esther B. Hace 37 minutos
New Message yes
Drawn Hace 2 horas
ffs, NBC, put the fucking volume up.
pfreddyp Hace 2 horas
One needs a thesaurus to fully capture the punk-ass bitchness of Corey Lewandowski.
McSwaggerDuff Hace 2 horas
You know you're on the wrong side of history when your open speech sounds like a bad guy from star wars
Never Again
Never Again Hace 2 horas
Lock LeWORMdowshi up.
Laurel Hace 2 horas
Noooo... This is NOT what I want to hear. Gross. Couldn't watch it to the end.
Eduardo Armenta
Eduardo Armenta Hace 2 horas
I wonder what kind of Mexican music he likes...
Leggo My Ego
Leggo My Ego Hace un hora
I'm sure he's into Narcocorrido.
Paul Lenaghan
Paul Lenaghan Hace 2 horas
How many MAGAts watch this and think its real?
sirskorge Hace 2 horas
Dexter <3 Such an amazing actor
Uhh Huh
Uhh Huh Hace 2 horas
Woww just woww .. this show is just unwatchable .. I watched the Lewandowski hearing and he destroyed the democrats .. but this liberal clown is trying to portray it otherwise
Ra L
Ra L Hace un hora
@Lara Jones Make me a sandwich honey! Trump 4EVA!
Uhh Huh
Uhh Huh Hace un hora
@Lara Jones ok genius .. thank you for opening my mind ..
Lara Jones
Lara Jones Hace 2 horas
Uhh Huh Silly troll. It is better to remain silent and let people think you are a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it.
Evelina Di Martino
Evelina Di Martino Hace 2 horas
Michael C. Hall, the most talented man in the world! Love him so much! 😍
Klara Stern
Klara Stern Hace 2 horas
I like him :)
Jay Rooney
Jay Rooney Hace 2 horas
This is probably the first time I've heard a trump joke that was genuinely funny.
Michael Kahr
Michael Kahr Hace 2 horas
I used to like Goodman. But he's looking like that right extreme poop sh*t Bill Barr. I can't tell the difference anymore. Barr lies so easily, without blinking. Sorry, John.
Michael Kahr
Michael Kahr Hace un hora
@Leggo My Ego You are 100% right. I know. But with this Nazi government you must watch the news. Right extremists never stop until they have wrecked the world with a new WW.
Leggo My Ego
Leggo My Ego Hace un hora
You need to take a brake from watching or reading the news if you're thinking about Bill Barr when you see John Goodman. Maybe go to Netflix and watch the episodes of The West Wing with John Goodman as President.
Michael Kahr
Michael Kahr Hace un hora
@Alexander Zuech I know, but I can't put it out of my mind. Sorry. Someone who looks that likable is like the devil ( I mean Barr of course ).
Alexander Zuech
Alexander Zuech Hace 2 horas
John Goodman isn’t right wing though.
Arka Navarro
Arka Navarro Hace 2 horas
I love Colin 😊😍🤩
Phil Kallahar
Phil Kallahar Hace 2 horas
Dan Aykroyd always write great stuff Guy's a frickin genius
Ra Fighter
Ra Fighter Hace 2 horas
Lewandowski vs Pompeo for Worst WH Sycophant.