i make the dumbest videos on ESvid

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Joshua Keaton
Joshua Keaton Hace 5 minutos
Modern history
Ron Falceso
Ron Falceso Hace 8 minutos
jordan and shaq was the best clip here
Isazi Sempi
Isazi Sempi Hace 9 minutos
its just shows how much control the nba has over blackmen 1. cant be too strong 2. cant where that niggas shoes 3. dont wave your finger
Lord Krishna
Lord Krishna Hace 23 minutos
Last guy look like khaby lame
Danny Hace 28 minutos
So i get the not braking the hoops and not wearing yeezys but whats wrong with a little fingering...?
Henry stickma n
Henry stickma n Hace 34 minutos
Shoo baker
Henry stickma n
Henry stickma n Hace 34 minutos
krump 7
krump 7 Hace 34 minutos
The mutumbo rule is the moment the nba said NO to personalitys and Nick names and crowd favourites. Since that day the nba became bland and boring with no flare.
YBG Block
YBG Block Hace 42 minutos
bro 10k💀
Murshid Daniels
Murshid Daniels Hace 42 minutos
Mutumbo did WHAT???
Angel Hace 55 minutos
Yo this in funny and sad days for the player’s
Scott Congdon
Scott Congdon Hace un hora
Dude, the no shatter rule is Darrel Dawkins rule, the NBA made all courts to have an extra basket apparatus. But Darrel came out of high school shattering back boards in the 70s jack
dalton moore
dalton moore Hace un hora
D Dawkins was the reason for the no shatter rule.
Clash Devil
Clash Devil Hace un hora
He knew what he was doing
Shane Dresser
Shane Dresser Hace un hora
You might actually go ahead and try to dig into the archives of NBA history and find out it actually goes back before 2010.
Josiah Rhandell Simp
But why tf would you say thankyou to your trainers daughter💀💀💀
Riley Hace un hora
Him: he fingers so many people with one finger. : me ayyyoooo what do you mean like that
Devin Cooper
Devin Cooper Hace un hora
They didn't fine him for that if that's the case they made 20k each time Jordan stuck his tongue out 😭😂
Landon Cube
Landon Cube Hace un hora
Lmao Demarcus Cousins is a real person I just thought that one guy made that name up🤣
Mica palma
Mica palma Hace un hora
Lebron ?
fitness by JJ
fitness by JJ Hace un hora
The nba ban’s everything
LiTErallythēFßī Hace un hora
“He fingered so many players” Honestly bro, I’m not tryna hear the rest of your sentence.
stick man lengend
stick man lengend Hace un hora
Lebron behind lebron
Lil Roy
Lil Roy Hace un hora
Nba would be way better if they gave fines to refs smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
📺 Crib God
📺 Crib God Hace un hora
✌☮ to the God's and the one nation13 crew 🌐
Mr Godman
Mr Godman Hace un hora
clown ass yt people love to use us but hate our style
D Seruss
D Seruss Hace un hora
Big ayoo with the fingers lol
OzziTheMan Hace un hora
The NBA is a joke
Akaraikiri Akatsuki
Akaraikiri Akatsuki Hace un hora
Building a weak hoops should have a penalty... It's understood that these players are tall and heavy. Use titanium.. Wait scratch that. I just remembered russia is the one with titanium resources
Bluebirdfalling Hace 2 horas
Dude. Don't make dumbass portrait shorts. You'e not helping.
Brad Beyers
Brad Beyers Hace 2 horas
Bro he did what