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Mirella Alves Leite
Mirella Alves Leite Hace 39 minutos
omg mom, I missed that laugh so much. Thanks netflix to bringing them back!!!
Julez galore
Julez galore Hace 40 minutos
Can't wait to see this...it's been a long time for a gold class Movie
abbeylouu Hace 41 un minuto
My girls back together 😭❤️
Athena Saridakis
Athena Saridakis Hace 42 minutos
Katya " oh boy I wander what it's likento have an unreliable work partner " Trixie and the rest of us- silence 🤣👏
Muniba Tahir
Muniba Tahir Hace 43 minutos
Where's Eleana?
Muniba Tahir
Muniba Tahir Hace 44 minutos
Just watching for I A N
Riki Arras
Riki Arras Hace 46 minutos
Yassss!! I’ve missed these twoo on uhhhhh!! 😍😍
Chizu G
Chizu G Hace 47 minutos
I don’t need trailers anymore to convince me to watch any show you want me to watch, Netflix. I just need Trixie and Katya to tell me and we good.
ben omar moad
ben omar moad Hace 53 minutos
Release the movie already...
Columbo Hace 53 minutos
I am hyped like I was hyped for the last tarantino/dicaprio And it was sh..... Please Mr. Scorsese don't do it to me also. But I trust pesci. He is a good guy
EmperialHails Hace 56 minutos
Gonna buy this on blu-ray and get the physical soundtrack too.
Merlin Borghuis
Merlin Borghuis Hace 57 minutos
A curse...
langGang Hace 58 minutos
Season 3 please
Actiminium Hace un hora
Rilakkuma looks bigger than i thought
Marzuky Yusuf
Marzuky Yusuf Hace un hora
Send the Winchester !
Mohammad Azeem
Mohammad Azeem Hace un hora
Where is Thor
FADINGSILVER 4444 Hace un hora
Ah, so this is where Santa from Rise of the Guardians came from!
Ria Hace un hora
Why make him from 14th century, if he’s not going to speak Middle English?? 🤣🤣
FADINGSILVER 4444 Hace un hora
I recently finished this movie several seconds ago and I loved it. That last scene was so bittersweet. Definitely reccommending!
Björn Pius
Björn Pius Hace un hora
Trixie had 40000 dollars in student debt so she could become a drag queen. Just sayin.
SmolHeroine Hace un hora
I can’t wait for this! I cried with the first 2. I’m even willing to have another marathon just to get ready for this 3rd one.
Haley H
Haley H Hace un hora
More more more....give them their own Netflix series please!!!!!!!
Shellsea cartoons
Shellsea cartoons Hace un hora
This will surely become a Christmas classic! 🎄🎁🎄
luisa carrillo
luisa carrillo Hace un hora
Katie B
Katie B Hace un hora
Forever my favourites 🤩🤗♥️
Josh Adams
Josh Adams Hace un hora
I was hoping castlevania would be out in December tbh.
fine day
fine day Hace un hora
The red one is hot
Moschino&Versace Hace un hora
Haha encore un navet arrêter les collaborations avec Netflix sérieusement déjà avec Marianne vous ne faite que pire par la suite, où est passé le temps du vrai cinéma français ? Aujoudhui on nous présente toujours des gens quartier c’est sûr que sa représente bien la population Française aller vous me dégoûter aucune originalité, jeu d’acteur non seulement pour la fille le reste laisse un fort goût amer
Magdalena Howell
Magdalena Howell Hace un hora
My dad made zurek using a sour rye slurry... gave it a very sour and thickness... no idea what he’s making but it’s not zurek...
mountopian 1
mountopian 1 Hace un hora
Superman as a old lady, ... great.
Helen Monaghan
Helen Monaghan Hace un hora
God I cannot believe I am so into Katya and Trixie that I immediately clicked on this despite hating both the monarchy and The Crown
Swaran Singh
Swaran Singh Hace un hora
please dub lucifer season 3 in Hindi PLEASE.....
KawaiiLean 420
KawaiiLean 420 Hace un hora
Looks like talent runs in the family
Haytham Kenway
Haytham Kenway Hace un hora
Garrett Hedlund would've been a better Joker than Jared Leto cuz his laugh was SO MUCH BETTER!
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Hace un hora
Can we all take a moment to appreciate Netflix, Martin Scorsese and his phenomenal cast for giving us what will likely be an amazing movie without forcing us to go pay $50 to see it in theaters? It also comes out the night before thanksgiving. I’ll be baking pies and watching The Irishman.
Swaran Singh
Swaran Singh Hace un hora
please dub lucifer season in Hindi PLEASE
CRUNCHYBUTT 69 Hace un hora
They make a bunch of shitty Netflix movies but cant make a 2 season of sex education
amy riddio
amy riddio Hace un hora
‘These puppies almost became British citizens’ Lmao I don’t blame them
Austin George
Austin George Hace un hora
If he had stayed in india, he would have been called Baba Ramdev
claymore2of9 Hace un hora
lost me at holiday card
Lucas Martins
Lucas Martins Hace un hora
I' m in love with her. I wanna be like her..!
Sandro Hace un hora
This movie comes out on Netflix one day before my 40 th birthday - Best pre-birthday gift ever!
bennyv03 Hace un hora
Easy 1st or 2nd in my opinion.
Columbo Hace un hora
Spoiler‼️‼️ This movie is epic
odysseas papavasiliou
Tooooo looong
Mourtada Farook
Mourtada Farook Hace un hora
Frank s laugh at the beginning means u re not ready to hear this
TL C Hace un hora
0:42 he took a shine box to me right away
sara k
sara k Hace un hora
the REAL queens
jjjjmmmm Hace un hora
I adore these two beyond words. They need to have their own 24 hour channel. All drag, all debauchery, all day.
Mine Aşkın
Mine Aşkın Hace un hora
anyone who knows the name of the song?
pixy Amber
pixy Amber Hace un hora
I just bought it hahah
Ben Keane
Ben Keane Hace un hora
In my opinion, Campbell is the MVP of the show
SkyMontana Hace un hora
The beginning of this film was okay...the rest was a waste of life. The ending, oh my word. Absolute shambles
cksz64 Hace un hora
this is some scp shit
melancholico Hace un hora
The most well balanced new documentary I've seen in Netflix so far. All the best for the citizens of Flint and the police department there.
alter3go Hace un hora
Not the V I was expecting but seems like a nice show.
Muayyad Karadsheh
Muayyad Karadsheh Hace un hora
"Food is when we lose or find ourselves". Exactly why I cook Middle Eastern food in my kitchen with a twist of food science.
Eric Brown
Eric Brown Hace un hora
Knowing Japanese, I think she did a good job for a complete beginner. Although some of her lines sounded a bit mumbled.
SKAM Swift
SKAM Swift Hace un hora
I wanted them to say UNHHHHH at the start
Székely Zoli
Székely Zoli Hace un hora
Teen drama + Vikings? :D
Gustav Bengtsson
Gustav Bengtsson Hace un hora
Yasss! Both these looks slay my life. Two biological women feeling their oats!
Elektra Wintour
Elektra Wintour Hace un hora
This IS SUCH A TREAT FOR A FAN of tracy martell and katya and also a diehard fan of The Crown! I looove it!
Ella A.
Ella A. Hace un hora
When he said you are my brother, i felt that, i felt damon n stefan
Marisa Pitarresi
Marisa Pitarresi Hace un hora
these movies are so cheesy but i love them🥰
Marwin Verduijn
Marwin Verduijn Hace 2 horas
What a terrible movie!
Jermaine L Henderson
From vampire back to vampire bruh!
leyrbag Mannot
leyrbag Mannot Hace 2 horas
WE French, wants a another movie where French win. Question or fair balance after the pain of watching this movie (it was great thought, but a pain in the ass concerning French chivalry ans image, and it's not fair dear Netflix)
Fortnite DefaultSkin
This movie is so underrated
Giovanni Tecchio
Giovanni Tecchio Hace 2 horas
this is EverythingTM
Luke Hace 2 horas
I love how drag queens are mainstream now:)
Brandon Rust
Brandon Rust Hace 2 horas
This show is really the most perfect show when you think about it. The episodes are briskly paces without feeling like they’re going too fast, the characters are quirky and relatable, it’s shot very well, it’s very well acted, the humor in it is brilliant, the show can truly be dark and create tension when it wants, and it has a good message at its heart about love and relationships and mental health. This show may not be the greatest of all time or anything, but it’s a wonderfully crafted story and it’s nearly flawless in its execution and it ABSOLUTELY is one of the very very best things Netflix has to offer. If you aren’t watching it, you absolutely should. You can probably get through both seasons in a nice day of binging. I woke up early the other day at around 6:30 to start watching Season 2 and was done by about 10. 8 episode seasons, all around 20 minutes plus or minus a couple minutes.
Star Boy
Star Boy Hace 2 horas
Still butt hurt it wasn’t mads mikkelsen
samuel amare
samuel amare Hace 2 horas
Why are Californians prone to cult mentality?
J Mars
J Mars Hace 2 horas
Yeah right. Little Wop De Niro and al PaGuido as Micks. These dagos are Not fooling anyone
LALA FILMS Hace 2 horas
BossHossGT500 Hace 2 horas
Cody Watts
Cody Watts Hace 2 horas
Oh god, the Isekei is spreading.
Manuel Ferreiro
Manuel Ferreiro Hace 2 horas
So now I have to watch The Crown, I mean, I just have to
TheStephenRead Hace 2 horas
I just want to watch Trixie and Katya watching everything
Kamikaze Monsoon
Kamikaze Monsoon Hace 2 horas
ymh xtx
ymh xtx Hace 2 horas
thanks to this animation creator, u made me crying like a baby
Greer Young
Greer Young Hace 2 horas
Been waiting for Marriage Story and The Witcher for MONTHS, IM SO EXCITED 😭😭😭❤❤❤ Mulaney's new special should be great too!
Bekkah Roberts
Bekkah Roberts Hace 2 horas
i absolutely love them so much
Angaraag Talukdar
Angaraag Talukdar Hace 2 horas
Still fresh
Manuel Ferreiro
Manuel Ferreiro Hace 2 horas
Them too!! Hilarious
shabab quli
shabab quli Hace 2 horas
Ian is love ❤
Niall Geoghegan
Niall Geoghegan Hace 2 horas
Martin Scorsese can't make any other genre of films huh.
Ella Mendez
Ella Mendez Hace 2 horas
Am i the only one who wants Otis to stay with Ola??
Notorious Triggerella
Only here for KATYA & TRIXIE 🥰💕😍
Camera Addiction
Camera Addiction Hace 2 horas
This was actually better than the film itself
Dancehall Promotion Worldwilde
I love this and baki 😍
grumpy puss
grumpy puss Hace 2 horas
motha - i’m doing a recap show about the crown... againnnnnnnnn
Andy Addy
Andy Addy Hace 2 horas
My mom watch that serie lol
Noah Hace 2 horas
Everyone on reddit thinking that this would be the as5 announcement I-
persephone ratsputin
this just goes to show, if anyone anywhere wants to promote anything the right way...hire Katie and Tracy Mendel! X)
Miles Hamblen
Miles Hamblen Hace 2 horas
Why is the black kid wearing a ridiculous 3 pound gold chain?
Ek tha bhaiya ji
Ek tha bhaiya ji Hace 2 horas
He was an indian that's enough to show how assholic he is
life is depression
life is depression Hace 2 horas
Honestly the Australian Netflix sucks like I'm stuck here watching crap shows, well not all of them are bad theres still alot of good show and movie's but the American Netflix has alot more, me and probably alot more people would greatly appreciate it if we got more and better shows
Reed Tikana
Reed Tikana Hace 2 horas
I watched all episodes and I’m so obsessed. Arias, Ying and Nahm are my favs, worth the watch