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Easy DIY "how to" video tutorials. DIY Accessories, Make Up Tutorials, Life Hacks, Pranks, Home Décor and and MUCH more! Make it easy!
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Megan Miu
Megan Miu Hace 4 horas
the narrator's voice is so annoying
raed Aldossri
raed Aldossri Hace 4 horas
Victoria Year 3
Victoria Year 3 Hace 4 horas
I am Victora in america and i love mermaids troom troom
Nadhira Luthfia Ahmad Channel
I love jeli
Unicorn Rainbow
Unicorn Rainbow Hace 4 horas
Ashley is a winner
عراقيه للموت
لا والنبي ما جان قصدي على خير يا قلبي انتي
عراقيه للموت
لا ما يحجون مرحبا مليون دولار الى رحمة الله عليه وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد صلى الله وبركاته مساء مساء الخير يا ابو حبيبتي انا وصلت الموقع اللي فيه الخير يقدمه ربنا يخليك ليا يا حبيبتي ربنا ع اساس اني ما اعرف احد في البيت بس انا ما احب احد من اخوانك مرحبا ممكن طلب لو ما احبك احبك يا قلبي يا ناس يا ابو عبدالله انا في الطريق إلى الله تعالى أن شاء الله تبارك مرحبا سهم ممكن سهم ممكن اعرف من انت عشان غ غ مرحبا ❤️❤️♥️♥️💜💜
Nadhira Luthfia Ahmad Channel
Wowwwww lul berck I’m so okey
Jacquelin Cashman
Jacquelin Cashman Hace 4 horas
05:39 0:19 03:46
kshitin Sen
kshitin Sen Hace 4 horas
keerthini kotwal
keerthini kotwal Hace 4 horas
I love these hacks so much 😊
deepak jain
deepak jain Hace 4 horas
Peeny is the winner 🥇
Marir Abou Haidar
Marir Abou Haidar Hace 4 horas
Dinesh sharma
Dinesh sharma Hace 4 horas
Please make a video on soup bubble solutions challenge (please)
elabacanta Hace 4 horas
pratha Creations
pratha Creations Hace 4 horas
no not fair even I want to die my hair in to blue and pink
Laboni Adil
Laboni Adil Hace 4 horas
Is it your first episode ?????
Dua Ali Khan
Dua Ali Khan Hace 4 horas
She is Elisa not frozen
Arijit Patnayak
Arijit Patnayak Hace 4 horas
Anjie's Creations
Anjie's Creations Hace 4 horas
When i have my curly hair down boys always use it as a pillow
David Foreman
David Foreman Hace 4 horas
I like Disney
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson Hace 4 horas
I bet $100 that everyone else in the world was thinking that she needed to go to a mental hospital
Thabile Zungu
Thabile Zungu Hace 4 horas
Do helpful thing because there is a virus
Erika Saucedo
Erika Saucedo Hace 4 horas
i liked ashleyes
Louise Redding
Louise Redding Hace 4 horas
Uh oh is good mermaid are u ok? evil mermaid whiy did u push her?
Nkemka Agbo
Nkemka Agbo Hace 4 horas
i love you dc universe
Neorita Gwen
Neorita Gwen Hace 4 horas
These pranks are kinda rude y'know
Paul Eaton
Paul Eaton Hace 4 horas
I like the irly bird
JordiPlayz Hace 4 horas
Easy Draw - Cool Things to Draw
Trash can... hilarious....nono trash bag.
sk gaur
sk gaur Hace 4 horas
I think the socks hack is copied from 5 minute crafts
Anthony Conley
Anthony Conley Hace 4 horas
Troom troom you guys are so so so much fun and you can get some rest and you guys have fun at school and you guys have fun and you guys have a good 💓
Leanne Maine
Leanne Maine Hace 4 horas
Carly Moore
Carly Moore Hace 4 horas
I actually have to go to the Dentist 🦷 on the 15 to get my braces off and I’m scared 😱 but I now every thing will be fine.
Emilie Lehmann-Charley
can you please make a video of how to make harry potter room accessoires? thank you
cozplay potato
cozplay potato Hace 4 horas
Emaan Alam
Emaan Alam Hace 4 horas
My pick is shon
Anthony Conley
Anthony Conley Hace 4 horas
Thank you so very much because you guys are doing ❤️
Shobhit Bhansali
Shobhit Bhansali Hace 4 horas
Loved the last one seriously your ideas are flawless👌👌❤️❤️✌🏻✌🏻😎😎❣️🤍😃
Isis Castro Pineda
Isis Castro Pineda Hace 4 horas
ANGIE MURABA Hace 4 horas
I pick Ashley
Andrew Low
Andrew Low Hace 4 horas
Anthony Conley
Anthony Conley Hace 4 horas
You guys are cool and sweet 👍
Anthony Conley
Anthony Conley Hace 4 horas
I love you guys as a little ❤️
2E 03 陳裕羲 CHAN YU HEI
I cant eat candy
Fathimath Mufeedha
Fathimath Mufeedha Hace 4 horas
i dont like troom troom now i love 123 go
Cold Heart Girl
Cold Heart Girl Hace 4 horas
I pick Penny
Monique Custodio
Monique Custodio Hace 4 horas
I like the vanpier
Cassie Ann Claveria
Cassie Ann Claveria Hace 4 horas
cozplay potato
cozplay potato Hace 4 horas
Tasman Holland
Tasman Holland Hace 4 horas
I love this video so much😍😂😘