The Strokes are an American rock band formed in New York City in 1998, consisting of Julian Casablancas (lead vocals), Nick Valensi (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Albert Hammond, Jr. (rhythm guitar, keyboard, backing vocals), Nikolai Fraiture (bass) and Fabrizio Moretti (drums, percussion). Met with wide-spread critical acclaim, the Strokes' 2001 debut, ‘Is This It’, helped usher in the garage rock revival movement of the early-21st century-and ranks number eight on Rolling Stone's 100 Best Debut Albums of All Time, number two on 100 Best Albums of the 2000s, 199 on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time and number four in the NME Top 500 Albums of All Time.
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JFRDYtv Hace 7 minutos
yo hablo español amigo@Kuro Neko
Lenonn Henryque Pereira Rosa
Música original e criativa. Rock de primeira.
Diego Hernandez
Diego Hernandez Hace un hora
esta cancion me trae recuerdos ;)
Giacomo Miola
Giacomo Miola Hace 3 horas
Every now and then I find myself listening this and thinking that, after all, the best has yet to come, year after year after year...
ArtywooL 19
ArtywooL 19 Hace 3 horas
Thanks The strokes for also inspiring Mario Cuomo from The Orwells
Isaac Herrera
Isaac Herrera Hace 4 horas
Even though the Strokes have been performing for 20 years I just "discovered" them a month ago (I'm 57) and I am really impressed by their style and in particular Julian's voice. Good for them!!! Up with the Strokes!!! What's my favorite one? Ode to the Mets.
Narigón Records
Narigón Records Hace 4 horas
Unos de los mejores videos que vi en MTV
7th Boy
7th Boy Hace 5 horas
Faze cizzors
niki shivnani
niki shivnani Hace 6 horas
“Drums please, fab” 😭😭😭😭
niki shivnani
niki shivnani Hace 6 horas
G I Hace 7 horas
This graphic is dope.
Amirul Ianh
Amirul Ianh Hace 7 horas
Omg daft punk..
Caléo Oliveira Ribeiro
Vai the stroks, vai BRBR
Fatma Akdemir
Fatma Akdemir Hace 7 horas
Come here because of Jisoo
seabrook1976 Hace 8 horas
Love this song. Such a smooth groove.
Kelvin HPR
Kelvin HPR Hace 8 horas
I heard this song on a french radio. I didn't know that band before. I just fell in love 👍🏻
Sofia Camilo
Sofia Camilo Hace 11 horas
0:33 this part just give me so much serotonin, the way he does "nice, nice, nice" is everything
Jmarco Santiago
Jmarco Santiago Hace 11 horas
finally found it
hahahahaha hahahahaha
hahahahaha hahahahaha Hace 13 horas
The Down Strokes
RakuyO Hace 13 horas
OMG. I feel so old.
Manya Pandey
Manya Pandey Hace 13 horas
and now they are gonna be on snl so excited !!!
Robyn Quirk
Robyn Quirk Hace 14 horas
Mum said I can be anything when I grow up. So can I be the floor in this video?
Irving Lopez
Irving Lopez Hace 14 horas
¿Cómo no admirar a un cantante de "indie / post pumk" (o como se quiera etiquetar al género) que puede provocar tal cantidad de emociones aún con la ausencia de guitarras, bajo, batería?. Long Live JC.
Mikee22ification Hace 14 horas
when it starts to unwind this song brings it back in, tight
Gail Morris
Gail Morris Hace 15 horas
Brilliant song 👌👌💯💯
shenisee11 Hace 15 horas
leo rojas
leo rojas Hace 17 horas
Wandy Ee
Wandy Ee Hace 18 horas
Tangerines are better than Oranges
Listen to this crossfaded please
Arturo García
Arturo García Hace 18 horas
This is good stuff
Tangerines are better than Oranges
This song is structured so uniquely.
Brenda Alcalá
Brenda Alcalá Hace 21 un hora
Is this it is still one of the best rock albums that comes out during the 21st Century
Rafael Diniz
Rafael Diniz Hace 21 un hora
alguem em 2020?
Michell Merchant
Michell Merchant Hace 21 un hora
Man O,man
Man O,man Hace 22 horas
Who is this guy where did he come from does he not know there's more than one life to live I'm just saying who is he
ぉヴぇTsuki Hace 23 horas
bro this reminds me shissou guitar riff like the melody is the same
Edwar Caceres
Edwar Caceres Hace 23 horas
That bass !!
s Hace un día
the best ending this album could have possibly had
s Hace un día
Otako taco
Otako taco Hace un día
O weoooooooooowwwww incribleeeeeee ;0 siiiiii soyyyyyyyyyyy :D like y me baño
ever evans
ever evans Hace un día
one of the best songs ever!
ana tsamalaidze
ana tsamalaidze Hace un día
loveisexteen •
loveisexteen • Hace un día
best song of the album
bertrand rigaud
bertrand rigaud Hace un día
Cover of " dancing with myself " billy ídol?
Daniel Elston
Daniel Elston Hace un día
Brilliant song, amazing video too
N Hace un día
This music video with the song are just scary.
Rosario Diaz
Rosario Diaz Hace un día
I was looking for this song but forgot the name and only remembered the beginning words. Googled "the strokes ok" and this vid came right up 😁
Vandal Heart
Vandal Heart Hace un día
Fucking Great Band.
Sansei Horam
Sansei Horam Hace un día
Slip back out of whack at your best It's a nightmare So I'm joining the Army No house phones, but can I still call? Will you wait for me now? We got the right to live, fight to use it Got everything but you can just choose it I won't just be a puppet on a string Don't go that way I'll wait for you And I'm tired of all your friends Listening at your door But I want what's better for you So long, my friend and adversary But I'll wait for you Get dressed, jump out of bed and do it best Are you okay? I've been out around this town Everybody's singing the same song for ten years I'll wait for you Will you wait for me, too? And they sacrifice their lives In their land are all closed eyes They've said it a billion times and they'll say it again So long, my adversary and friend Don't go that way I'll wait for you Well, I'm tired of all your friends Knocking down your door Get up in the morning, yelling no more So long, my friend and adversary Well, I've been waiting for you
Vandal Heart
Vandal Heart Hace un día
2020. Great punk...
sweetsweet Hace un día
True, but somewhat long story: My boyfriend at the time gave me a couple of CDs of bands/music he disliked: DM 101 VHS (I owned the K7 already but not the video tape ), Best of RHCP and Is This It. It was 2001, had heard a couple of singles but with the album in hands, I became an instant fan and I played it on repeat at home over and over again. Not long ago, I told a friend of mine about the TNA, saying the album was "magic" and how great of a support it became when I had to tirelessly work remotely. That's when he reminded me the times in 2003/4 when we used to be colleagues and I would drive 1 of the bosses crazy bc I would ALWAYS put Is This It and ROF full albums one after the other, all day long, for the whole office to listen to. (And of course I'd sing along because, why not?) He told me he will always associate the Strokes to our times working together because that's all they could hear. He also said he liked the music actually. For some reason this whole memory warms my heart. And something even weirder happened. I've always been more of a singer-wannabe when it comes to music with a soft spot for playing the piano but never learned either. Yet, maybe it's the effect of being in lockdown, but I've just started taking guitar lessons. Never been interested in playing the guitar whatsoever, but had some weird epiphany whilst listening to Drag Queen with a different ear. For the first time in my life I felt I had to be able to make the guitar sing like in a Strokes song.. So here I am, a grown ass adult, learning how to play a classical instrument, only to be able to grab an electric guitar and make it groove the Strokes way. And I didn't keep the boyfriend but I kept The Strokes. In one word: Thank you The Strokes - you've been great life partners.
Yamileth Ruiz
Yamileth Ruiz Hace un día
Antonio Vicente Lima
A lot of Memories and cocaine.....
Marti Perez
Marti Perez Hace un día
Español------la canción tiene más años q yo Inglés-------the song is older than me
ErnestoStaccolanana Hace un día
is it intentional that the boy looks like a child casablancas?
Michel Baptista
Michel Baptista Hace un día
Great song!
Rachel Montanez
Rachel Montanez Hace un día
who else is high key hoping they play this on SNL next saturday 👀👀
The Welding Company
The Welding Company Hace un día
Verse 1] Up on his horse, up on his horse Not gonna wake up here anymore Listen one time, it's not the It's just the story I tell to you Easy to say, easy to do But it's not easy, well maybe for you Hope that you find it, hope that it's good Hope that you read it, think that you should Cuts you some slack as he sits back Sizes you up, plans his attack [Spoken] Da-da-da Drums please, Fab [Pre-Chorus] And I got it all, I got it all Waitin' for me down on the street But now you gotta do somethin' special for me I'm gonna say what's on my mind Then I'll walk out, then I'll feel fine [Chorus] Yeah, I'm under his thumb, I'm on his back I will not show my teeth too quick I needed you there, I needed you there But I didn't know, I didn't know Break] Go alone I'll go alone We'll go alone I'll go alone [Verse 2] Back from his trip, he's at the door When he gets back, he's on the phone Innocent eye, innocent heart No, it's not wrong, but it's not right Innocent time, out on his own Not gonna do that, fuck, I'm out of control I was just bored, playin' the guitar Learned all your tricks, wasn't too hard [Chorus] It's the last one now, I can promise you that I'm gonna find out the truth when I get back [Outro] Gone now are the old times Forgotten, time to hold on the railing The Rubik's Cube isn't solving for us Old friends, long forgotten The old ways at the bottom of The ocean now has swallowed The only thing that's left is us So pardon the silence that you're hearing It's turnin' into a deafening, painful, shameful roar
DL7-TehK Co-Lead gwk
Nahual Guerrero
Nahual Guerrero Hace un día
Un bálsamo en este 2020... Cuánto necesitaba estas canciones hermosas.
Nahual Guerrero
Nahual Guerrero Hace un día
Drums, please, fab ,✌️🙁
James Betzer
James Betzer Hace un día
So I may be a little out of the loop as my favorite offering from the strokes was Room on Fire, but I do like the song and video. Hearing all the talk of calming and nostalgia made me think of this song . Not saying the strokes song resembles it though every chord has been used so it is nearly impossible to have a completely original song in 2020 and that's ok. Anyway for all the nostalgia/ calming commenters totally unrelated band but I think you will enjoy the same sensation. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hezQofamyUY.html
Sarah Delmas
Sarah Delmas Hace un día
La chanson qui colle tellement à ce moment tellement dingue qu'on vit !!! Merci à the strokes, j'écoute ça en boucle !!!!
Regimes oftruth
Regimes oftruth Hace un día
Please make a feature film length version of this animation with the new abnormal as the soundtrack. And maybe chuck in 'dare i care' as well. That would be amazing, and I would happily watch that more than once with my future gf.
niki shivnani
niki shivnani Hace un día
Sarai Illanes Carata
Es una joyita :')
CWDHJ Hace un día
I listened to the isaac gracie cover before this and I'm so lost 😅
Licy Bensimon
Licy Bensimon Hace 21 un hora
Lol me too!! But if I’m being honest I low key prefer this version!!
JEM ROCK Hace un día
👍 Good friend 🙂 💫 Congratulations awesome sounds. I take it for me to playlist Rock music. I sub for you friend. Can you too please? 🙂 💫 👍 Rock on!
Millie Bella
Millie Bella Hace un día
I'm streaming all Kim Jisoo Recomendation on spotify, and found out her taste in music is amazing 😍
Lechugafria Hace un día
I'll for you...
Leandro Arruda
Leandro Arruda Hace un día
Banda rock raiz é Strokes!
BuTang Clann
BuTang Clann Hace un día
Drums please fab
Jacob McCluskey
Jacob McCluskey Hace un día
Amazing song rock 😎😎😎😎😎
Divaldi Lazcón
Divaldi Lazcón Hace un día
Se ha convertido en mi tema favorito del disco. Cada que la repito es para concentrarme en el sonido de un solo instrumento. Y así hasta no lo sé... gracias por este disco.
Erik Gonzo
Erik Gonzo Hace un día
Strokes + alcohol = yes
Erik Gonzo
Erik Gonzo Hace un día
More of this on the radio. The new music just toss it in the trash
Daniel Carrizales
Daniel Carrizales Hace un día
A lot of Masonic and occult symbolism
Cláudio Teixeira
Cláudio Teixeira Hace un día
This song is a plagiarism of a Brazilian band called Bidê ou Balde. The name of the original song is Bromélias: https: //esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cCM5fkDAyNY.html
Antonio Navarro
Antonio Navarro Hace 2 días
Yay! the Heart Breakers
Ricardo Nascimento
Ricardo Nascimento Hace 2 días
Plagiou Bide ou balde.