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100 Comentarios
Chadx M
Chadx M Hace un día
The 1980s look is kinda similar to my parent's look during almost the same time as 80s to 90s
rookie tiwaree
rookie tiwaree Hace un día
And now time for research of their names cause I ship them together 😂
Galactic Tears
Galactic Tears Hace un día
Name of the muslim guy PLEAAASE😭😭😭😭
YouGotNicoked Hace un día
No one asked but mine are SLS, gucci colours and cat with middle finger
glossyshimmer Hace un día
Damn she's good
ziomus 4123
ziomus 4123 Hace un día
Man tears wtf girl u psycho or wat
Magnamaster Hace un día
I just ask this blonde girl in pink lol She's so cute and just looks generally jovial and sweet.
Yana Simitchiyska
Yana Simitchiyska Hace un día
How the f is everyone in this video so attractive
Neylexis R.A
Neylexis R.A Hace un día
Me: am the undecided human
Dominic Ene
Dominic Ene Hace un día
I was cuttin onions a little. I wish I had a relationship with my Dad. His Dad is awesome.
Joshua Salapar
Joshua Salapar Hace un día
I don't know why, but I clicked so fast.
Karl Hansen
Karl Hansen Hace un día
Whatever you say. The most significant content of this video ist the hotness of that tall man. And I am a straight male.
Alfred Tuivaga Jo
Alfred Tuivaga Jo Hace un día
the siblings singing the pussy song and getting it deep yeahhhh are they from alabama?
Vyshnav Vishnu
Vyshnav Vishnu Hace un día
Cutest of em all 😍...1:13
RoksiYT Hace un día
2000s the best
Ramirez Alissa
Ramirez Alissa Hace un día
I feel like she liked Joe. And Antonio knows he's a douche. That's why ain't nobody take him seriously. Its whatever tho. She deserves a good guy
Suckerpunch Hace un día
Hairy ?? Step on me
Clorofilla Hace un día
This is the best video ever. I’m literally crying, I love dogs so much ❤️
Thomas Beaver
Thomas Beaver Hace un día
So you put lipstick on a pig
You Need Some Milk
You Need Some Milk Hace un día
damn those are some terrible tattoos
Noon Sun
Noon Sun Hace un día
I have 2 scars in each of my knee. I trip all the time on the road-
Bratss Gaming
Bratss Gaming Hace un día
0:19 She sounds like a rooster
Shadowskully Hace un día
1:54 When your kid says something unfunny, so you force yourself to laugh
SID Hace un día
0:40 that's definitely me
E27J Hace un día
She's cute
Messofanego Hace un día
"Hitting a female from the back doggy style" bruh what species? Just say girl, woman, lady, so we know you do it with a human instead of a cow.
rakshith .v.shetty
rakshith .v.shetty Hace un día
Indian is not a RELIGION!!!
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Hace un día
Who is the jean dress ?!
Majstor Boban
Majstor Boban Hace un día
When black guy started singing in French, it was all clear
I am Enough
I am Enough Hace un día
I agree with Madison.Im a Libra and I struggle with "What If". That is why I'm so unhappy
Jiren TheGray
Jiren TheGray Hace un día
White Guy looks great
s_xoxo Hace un día
Vote all the white people off first...then wonder why trump wins 😂
Lena Fuchs
Lena Fuchs Hace un día
Can Blain stop being creepy? I really enjoy this series but I can do without his commentary sometimes tbh
Lola Niepowiem
Lola Niepowiem Hace un día
0:13 she is sounds like a disney Ursula🐙
PGPERFECT Hace un día
He kinda looks like will
rj Hace un día
"if you look like this people assume I'm from that place" Says pretty good with geography but doesn't want people to guess her ethinic background. Smh
Matilda Hace un día
The girl from Kenya her pants fit her so well 😍
Panda Patético
Panda Patético Hace un día
I wish I had a friendly dad like the dread hair guy
ITz_AmBeR_demon Hace un día
Bro if my friend came in no one would git because she is , Singapore , new south whales , New Zealand , England
Zachary Joshua Jao
Zachary Joshua Jao Hace un día
I like raisins
TheMarkster245 Hace un día
I know we’re supposed to be more open about our sex lives and should be embarrassed to discuss them but, some of these siblings are a little to open
mini peach
mini peach Hace un día
0:47 yeah I'm gay
Stonem001 Hace un día
I love how open and game to new things the leaf dress girl was
Foxes Are life
Foxes Are life Hace un día
The first one is terrifying
Maxwell Gridj
Maxwell Gridj Hace un día
She is SO attractive omg
Rösh b
Rösh b Hace un día
Mom "i want ten kids" gets my sister Mom" i still want ten kids" Gets me Mom"2:13"
Lynda Ackra
Lynda Ackra Hace un día
Il est ivoirien 😂😂
s_xoxo Hace un día
LMAO age is nothing but a number! You can still be OLD and a DAMN FOOL! Choosing your vacations and appliances over someone who’s on disability and needs teeth!! And she seriously tells her she can get teeth in three years 😤🤔🤮
AlmostSkillfull Hace un día
Really? Nobody came out? That's disappointing.
Hadi  Hassan
Hadi Hassan Hace un día
plain bread
whitney dhahabo
whitney dhahabo Hace un día
whitney dhahabo
whitney dhahabo Hace un día
These little bastards are winning
Aaron Bates
Aaron Bates Hace un día
Very happy I don’t live in the US. That shit is just stupid!
Christoph Zeit
Christoph Zeit Hace un día
I once read erotic Harry Potter fan fiction. I felt that.
Lancer Hace un día
Panda Patético
Panda Patético Hace un día
well circumcised or uncircumcised reply your comments :)
Faye Autumn
Faye Autumn Hace un día
She is gorgeous
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Hace un día
I fuck with momma dukes
MELT3D Hace un día
This video is basically screaming “dO DrUgS KiDs!”
Marcio Marinho
Marcio Marinho Hace un día
This girl is amazing!
Melyssa Rose Lubay
Melyssa Rose Lubay Hace un día
really, why am i watching this?
Pennywise the Clown
Pennywise the Clown Hace un día
When shots were fired, I was looking at their reactions... they looked like they just killed a person...
Mary Ainsworth
Mary Ainsworth Hace un día
I never comment but I have to say, all I could pay attention to was her nonstop laughing
taco toosdays
taco toosdays Hace un día
This was like watching dan & phil
djloco3000 Hace un día
who cares if your white or black im turkish bulgarian and yemenite its cool
It’s True
It’s True Hace un día
You are South American/Central American and still white. Race does not equal ethnicity
It’s True
It’s True Hace un día
And you can be black and south/central American or any race. They do not equal each other!!!!
quackson Hace un día
red beanie lady was so fed up with the girl that said "orange is the new black" like 💀
Edel Man
Edel Man Hace un día
I can’t say the alphabet backwards sober
Solstickan Hace un día
Now that's a steady unit.
WNC Yuba2
WNC Yuba2 Hace un día
Should i be proud to last more than an minute ? No? Ok
Dariuz Hace un día
Hey women, can i get money *waits 5 minutes* hey women, can i get money
It's Angielirane
It's Angielirane Hace un día
9:56 that gurl in the back face is soOoO priceless!!Lmaooo
Daniela Petre
Daniela Petre Hace un día
Why does she look like Black Canary ? 😳
HeLLRaiser Hace un día
So he fucks her [ I'm assuming passionately] and sleeps with her regularly but is afraid to ask her out?!
Maxwell Gridj
Maxwell Gridj Hace un día
The interracial couple seem like the couple who would leave a family dinner to go have sex in the laundry room on thanks giving
Montazar Aljaberi
Montazar Aljaberi Hace un día
Is every gest in this channel gay
Blaq Kween
Blaq Kween Hace un día
Arianda was kinda annoying lol. I think the oldest or Keisha should’ve won.
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Hace un día
Some pretty ass women
Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg Hace un día
Come on don’t tell me you didn’t look up Addie Andrews on phub
M ZG Hace un día
"is this a geeeeeeeerman" = "is this a chicken?" vibes
lisatu15 Hace un día
"I speak fluent Chinese". Not fluent enough that you don't know 'Chinese' isn't a language
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Hace un día
What’s her IG she is soooo Bad
Karina Khoe
Karina Khoe Hace un día
Winston is cutie
kaya a.
kaya a. Hace un día
nobody: me: fuck is that robby apple
chandrice Hace un día
“its not always about the guy being untrustworthy its just me being insecure with myself.” i fucking feel you
Charles Storms
Charles Storms Hace un día
The sexual tension at 4:30 is too much for me hahahaha
Bxnny Hace un día
this seems wholesome not awkward ):
Andrea Hace un día
2:15 he might be asian hahahahaha i cant stop laughin
Rgh Hace un día
The scientist guy seems super nice. I like the way he handshakes people, makes him look trustworthy and warm 😊
TheStoryOf4 __
TheStoryOf4 __ Hace un día
I wish I had sisters :( I’m the only child like my life been lonely no one to talk to :(
Waha 19
Waha 19 Hace un día
She looks like billy elish
The killa kami
The killa kami Hace un día
Make one of a deaf guy teaching a blind guy sign language
AlmostSkillfull Hace un día
Girl in pink: *Exists* Lesbians: "Okay, but... That's hot!"
AlmostSkillfull Hace un día
Yeah I know guys think she's pretty too. But this is an appreciation post for all the lesbians out there who tried to think of a comment but are so intensely gay they could only apygbajwegbfjazgqilabwgerajh4gvy
Dorris Ann Narciso
Dorris Ann Narciso Hace un día
Sima the Gamer
Sima the Gamer Hace un día
I have so many!! And all of my scars look soo cool💪🏻😍
A C Hace un día
Proud dad right there
flameing rage
flameing rage Hace un día
Nah they missed the jerrycurl faze
Marc Johnson
Marc Johnson Hace un día
Lmaooooo he gave no fucks into this just like yea I’m guessing I’ll get one right
devinta diyasti wiro
"Why do you care" Mmm,,, if i'm the boyfriend, I will be mad as hell. I'm your boyfriend now, why would you want to keep another memories with your ex
whitney dhahabo
whitney dhahabo Hace un día
So funny 😂😂😂😂love it