No TV show is without sin.
Sinning your favorite shows every single week.
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Heni Gaming
Heni Gaming Hace 15 horas
MORE B99!!!
looy_looy GG
looy_looy GG Hace 15 horas
Like more than half the sins is because Rick obviously was drunk while building this
Craaig91 Hace 15 horas
Another video involving CORAL! Love it :P
Heni Gaming
Heni Gaming Hace 15 horas
ori ziv
ori ziv Hace 15 horas
funniest shit i have ever seen
mattmanj gigs
mattmanj gigs Hace 16 horas
gurkin jeremy has a small dick
Maeve Nayler
Maeve Nayler Hace 16 horas
I love this show but I’m laughing so hard at this
Timothy Myers
Timothy Myers Hace 16 horas
everything spoilers wrong duh with!
Austin Williams
Austin Williams Hace 16 horas
My wife sell Lexus' in a Baton Rouge dealership. Broken side view mirror was $700. Chrissy's damage would have been at least 2k
Tyletsanteevlogs Hace 17 horas
This is not the Walking Dead this is fear The Walking Dead get it right TVsins
Novekye Hace 18 horas
How optimistic of you to think we'd live long enough to see season 42
conazpi Hace 18 horas
I really want to see an Everything Wrong With Sherlock
There Is No Sandwich
There Is No Sandwich Hace 18 horas
The classic Glenn bat reference haha
Julius Merlino
Julius Merlino Hace 18 horas
I love it 😂
Kevin Corbat
Kevin Corbat Hace 18 horas
penis *bawlz*
David Jenum
David Jenum Hace 19 horas
Really had to do the Timberwolves like that
Tuco Salamanca
Tuco Salamanca Hace 20 horas
You got a problem bitch, you come talk to me!
Angel Donoghue
Angel Donoghue Hace 20 horas
This whole vid has me wheezing so much 😂😂😂
Angel Donoghue
Angel Donoghue Hace 20 horas
2:06 it’s the finale so which brother to sacrifice himself this season 😂😂😂 I’m dying I’m wheezing 😂😂😂 so accurate
Dakota Williams
Dakota Williams Hace 20 horas
There is an actual song called "Squidward's Nose" and it's pretty damn good!
lazy1287 Hace 22 horas
there’s nothing wrong with it!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Phillips
Elizabeth Phillips Hace 23 horas
Yup gonna be this person. When you doin' Tiger King???
Bryan Hughes
Bryan Hughes Hace 23 horas
I felt that not caring about the car line was a pretty straight forward lie. Be hard press to find one fan who watched that episode that doesn’t like that car as much as one might a dog or cat that’s been a constant companion for five seasons 🧐
Dr. Shark
Dr. Shark Hace 23 horas
You do not touch the work of god
JamesAtron Media
JamesAtron Media Hace 23 horas
OK extra sin why doesn't the doctor imedientyl tell Donna what TARDIS stands for once she questioned it looks. He did for rose when she questioned it
Captain Prometheus
Captain Prometheus Hace 23 horas
Do Everything wrong with The Boys
BeginnerTeddy Hace un día
the last good season of this show... yet somehow it goes on for 10 more seasons. they really kept trying to sacrifice a brother every season
Michael 55
Michael 55 Hace un día
This was the very first Spongebob episode i saw. Just saying.
Yong J
Yong J Hace un día
0:40 Maybe because you havent actually watched the show and/or dont understand it
thalia Hace un día
John doesn't remember Dean was the one who gave him the car advice because he got his memory wiped in "The Song Remains the Same"
dpop1 Hace un día
I’m sorry, but did you know that Logic is biracial?
Jonathan D'Haiti
Jonathan D'Haiti Hace un día
I absolutely LOVED the first three seasons of Supernatural, but I can't stand it after season 4... Sorry
Renato Corvaro
Renato Corvaro Hace un día
Ugh. This show makes my head hurt. Thank you TVSins.
MrsDeanmon Hace un día
I know you did Buffy but you should do Angel!! I loved his show more than Buffy’s. Do Angel! Please.
Bryant Salcedo
Bryant Salcedo Hace un día
The episode has no sins stfu
OriginalDarkMew Hace un día
It's bamboo holding the sign up, not bones. How was that not obvious?
Bernadette B
Bernadette B Hace un día
“Nobody answers the phone like that” Me, having flashbacks to the time when my brother picked up the phone saying “yeah, in this moments I think you’re a cunt” And it wasn’t his girlfriend. 😂
MrsDeanmon Hace un día
Y’all haven’t watched the latest season then because Barry says he is a cop. Lol 😂 It was the Valentines Day episode.
por22ito Hace un día
1:38 I never understood how people misheard that lyric. It was always obvious to me that he says "laugh and cry." It's like the Yanni/Laurel phenomenon. I just can't hear "effin' cry" no matter how hard I try.
MrsDeanmon Hace un día
“He has to be God to know this kind of knowledge.” Umm he is... lol 😂
Matthew Rusinyak
Matthew Rusinyak Hace un día
U should do avatar the last air bender
Terminator Jack Knife
Are we not gonna take about how Spongebob can't drive a boat but I'd perfectly capable to drive a F*CKING BOULDER!?!?
Garrett Carbullido
Garrett Carbullido Hace un día
Thank you for doing a spongebob episode! The next spongebob episode you should make should be band geeks
James Neville
James Neville Hace un día
No sin removal for Squidward standing up for Spongebob against Fish Karen?
Rat Of Letters
Rat Of Letters Hace un día
Erik Vince
Erik Vince Hace un día
Speak for yourself I love The Walking Dead that's my favorite show on TV
Sniperflashgaming Hace un día
welp. Most of these were just petty jokes (some funny).again.
Sierra Symone
Sierra Symone Hace un día
Please do more of these pllleeaassseee
Ryn Mckin
Ryn Mckin Hace un día
4:35 this audio is from sml’s “The Pizza Delivery”
Quinn O'Shea
Quinn O'Shea Hace un día
Do i have a bad taste of shows or are you just more cynical to shows than movies
spunkdaddy 420lad
spunkdaddy 420lad Hace un día
shit video
Derek Lasker
Derek Lasker Hace un día
5:11 oh boy 2019 doesn’t have SHIT on 2020 already
ICommentCuzILike Hace un día
careful--this is by far my favourite supernatural episode
Retarded Rants
Retarded Rants Hace un día
Episode the box Funniest one
Sabella Shepard
Sabella Shepard Hace un día
Um Chuck is god on the show.
Leticia Castillo
Leticia Castillo Hace un día
Now I know why the Birdman exists to prove how seemingly incapable you are at understanding what satire is and how to remotely watch movies and apparently tv.
I am lagon
I am lagon Hace un día
You shaint sin spongebob
Mysterious Sunshine
Mysterious Sunshine Hace un día
Why won't Cinemasins sin the SpongeBob SquarePants movie 2004 and 2013
Sebastian The Goat
Sebastian The Goat Hace un día
3:46 "sweet colonic Christ in hurricane heaven" XD
CRITICal MOMENT Hace un día
Slippery slope man, supernatural fans go hard AF, so be careful!!!!
ItsJustBelle Hace un día
Watching this in 2020 hits different lol
sarielpg Hace un día
As much as I didn't want it to end that season, that episode would have made an amazing series finale. Just my personal opinion. It just had that final feeling to it. And not everyone gets a happy ending sometimes.
BlackLion Hace un día
Donna was the best companion.
Dracone1024 Hace un día
I will never understand why TheCW thought it was a good a idea to make Green Arrow essentially be batman, but with Arrows.
{Onion} Hace un día
why is this boner
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hace un día
Technically spongebob can go in either bathroom because sea sponges don’t have a sticking gender
Andy Duarte
Andy Duarte Hace un día
You left out also he complained about his tentacles and he’s a squid and one of those isn’t a tentacle and he’s been walking on it.
firedem0n5 Hace un día
I will never not see the buttons again
Sovereign Snorlax
Sovereign Snorlax Hace un día
Danys storyline is the only storyline I don't give a single solitary fuck about.
Barry Bee Benson
Barry Bee Benson Hace un día
Is there a movie you don’t hate?
Ulkavyn Hace un día
There is NOTHING wrong with this episode it’s absolutely iconic in every way 😭
Ghani1399 Hace un día
Never thought I’d see the day TV Sins sins Spongebob Squarepants
Liza Rios
Liza Rios Hace un día
you left out the part at the end where monica's watching the tape and it cuts to her parents having sex :'''D
Sarah Jordan
Sarah Jordan Hace un día
Hope you do more survivor episodes in the future! I’ve been watching this since this first season when I was 2 lol 😂
Ariel Steinsaltz
Ariel Steinsaltz Hace un día
Having spoilers in these videos is really not cool. I’m watching the show for the first time and watching the videos as I watch the episodes and have had several things spoiled by you already. And I thought these were made as a lead-up to Season 8 so I would be safe if I watched after finishing Season 7 but no. These videos are supposed to be sinning the episodes, not future episodes.
BlaqRainFresh Hace un día
I don’t care if Cinemasins sins my favorite things, but l do require them to remove an appropriate amount of sins the show/movie deserves. They failed me this time.
Jordan Denny
Jordan Denny Hace un día
Movie episodes used to be this long, ahh the good old days when cinemasins was funny
Jay's Movie Review
Jay's Movie Review Hace un día
Sin more Simpson episodes
Triksta206 Hace un día
Cody Gradwell
Cody Gradwell Hace un día
My things is that it doesn't seem like anyone is commenting that he was opening doors without turning the handle after he shot out of the toilet. Obviously, who cares, it's a great episode, but in a video as picky as this, that one seems obvious.
Thahigher Priestess1111
Thank you for the distraction. Much needed
Tea laBlu
Tea laBlu Hace un día
0:22 it’s bamboo. Very tropical
Dallas Sneary
Dallas Sneary Hace un día
Yeah sorry this episode is flawless Gtfo 😂😂😂😂
Ace Kermitcat
Ace Kermitcat Hace un día
You forgot that the boat had the steering wheel on the right side instead of the left, when later on in the show all the boats had the steering wheel on the left side, and we can prove that Bikini Bottom is (technically) part of the US, seeing as they have Dollars, pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, and in the Christmas commercial for Plankton’s Christmas album, it says to send him the formula to the Chum Bucket, Bikini Bottom, USA.
Josh Charbonneau
Josh Charbonneau Hace un día
What the fuck is wrong with you. This is literally the best Spongebob episode ever!
Royal Garbage
Royal Garbage Hace un día
6:00 But at this point in the series it’s been established that holy oil, which they used for the fire is deadly to angels. They’re just being consistent With the rules they’ve established. The UNholy fire would be a kinda dumb name since the oil kills both demons and angels
shabrina z
shabrina z Hace un día
Nikan M17
Nikan M17 Hace un día
3:18 that's because they meant it's the next day morning(they spent the whole night before work delivering the pizza)
E B-1
E B-1 Hace un día
Everything wrong with justified !!!!
Jacob Holm
Jacob Holm Hace un día
I never did understand why spongebob was able to drive a rock, but can't drive a boat.
Johanna Mödinger
Johanna Mödinger Hace un día
If you say "no one cares about the car" one more time, I'm going to kill you. And by the way: Carry on Wayward Son is a masterpiece
Rumi Gilani
Rumi Gilani Hace un día
Ross was in the right when it comes to getting mad at Rachel. Rachel knew how important this was to Ross and you would have to be pretty brain dead to know that Ross was getting annoyed. Ross saying something as simple as “I don’t care if they match, I don’t care if they make your ankles look fat just do it.” Rachel acts like a bitch and becomes selfish. When Rachel came out of her room with the Knicks I was thinking: You fucking spoiled brat, shut up and get ready. You know how important this is and you overreact to something as simple as “Just get ready.” Season 3 and I feel like Rachel still needs to be told “Welcome to the real word, you’re not perfect. Deal with it.” 6:11 I do ship them, but like how you would ship Kelly and Ryan from The Office. They’re both toxic as hell, they both mess up and refuse to admit they’re wrong and both are always full of jealousy.
salinium Hace un día
The pole for the Krusty Krab sign is bamboo
Inkypaws Hace un día
The main thing that really annoys me about this amazing show is that Dean yells at Sam for “abandoning him for a girl” when he did the exact same thing.
J Schmidt
J Schmidt Hace un día
Waiting for EWW Avatar the Last Airbender.
Lion O Cyborg
Lion O Cyborg Hace un día
Good Futurama joke at the end. Same with the Star Wars and Spaceballs end gags.
Nelly Williams
Nelly Williams Hace un día
God ex machina-Deus ex machina
CultClassic/ DeadInside
Please do Hash -Slinging Slasher next 🙏🙏
DaniChilla Hace 2 días
still the funniest shit I’ve ever seen
god dammit
god dammit Hace 2 días
Fuck you