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Broken._. Girll
Broken._. Girll Hace 14 horas
1:14 kInDeR iN aFrIkA hÄtTeN dAs NoCh TrInKeN kÖnNen
wan S
wan S Hace 21 un hora
HaleyRei Hace un día
0:30, 0:56, 1:06 Don't mind me I'm just making time stamps of my favorite clips
Rory Palmer
Rory Palmer Hace un día
i love you guys please can you give me a shout out please!!!!!
Peyton Albaugh
Peyton Albaugh Hace un día
Did anyone hear the lady say go when she ran over the water(bottle)?
Cross to Jays side Jules
imm add a thumbs up everytime this gets a like 👍
Avokado Hace 2 días
1:09 ''go'' was so cringe, xd.
이순례 Hace 3 días
이거 겨울왕국 광고라해도 무방함.
Seth Bowen
Seth Bowen Hace 3 días
*On Both Sides*
Jason Bourne The CIA Agent
9:15 I guess that’s where my dreams went *CRUSHED!* Ba dum tsss! (Unsure if someone else said this but who cars!)
Gamerkiller Gamerxx
Gamerkiller Gamerxx Hace 4 días
I freaking hate that you wasted those water bottles and all the stuff and especially the eggs
kezha miachieo
kezha miachieo Hace 4 días
In one of the things why was it wrote as don't be a BITCH!
Jake The Dog
Jake The Dog Hace 5 días
Everything so wonderful until that loud guy starts yelling questions
Amber McDonald
Amber McDonald Hace 5 días
Australia is in drought and your crushing eggs
Bobbi Floss
Bobbi Floss Hace 5 días
6:00 make sure to take an hour putting that sealing stamp on. RETARDED.
Cat Hace 8 días
the cheetos really freaked me out for some reason
Han Dozer
Han Dozer Hace 8 días
This is the perfect example of the kinds of videos I can’t watch while doing something else. I want to watch every second!!
Alice Angel Gacha
Alice Angel Gacha Hace 8 días
Why did this say sign in to confirm ur age wtf dude
Amir Hace 8 días
As a muslim I'll pay these guys to make the drinks and let my non muslims friends drink just so I can watch this happen live. Win-win situation, they get free drinks and I satisfy my ASMR need.
One Fap Man
One Fap Man Hace 10 días
9:13 wtf is that a mini bong
Flavacks Hace 11 días
Me a child.. Bartender hands me a drink: Me a child:....hmm.. ok...dont tell anyone
Nayla McDaniel
Nayla McDaniel Hace 13 días
My hopes and dreams hen I got to school 0:42
Austin Alexander
Austin Alexander Hace 13 días
Must be a slow night for that bar
EVILPHOENIX !! Hace 13 días
16:41 thank me later
mmodnao Hace 13 días
Nice cocktail, but I asked for a beer.
MrMartena56 Hace 14 días
That smooth fucking move at 0:46
Everyone: *commenting different stuff* Me: *thinking about how much money these damn people waste to just crush the items* *realized that I don't care because the video is satisfying*
Caroline Cullen
Caroline Cullen Hace 15 días
Video title: 10 minutes long 12:13: am I a joke to you!
Yung Kanz
Yung Kanz Hace 15 días
4:32 how did he make the cup bust a nut
CuriousCow Productions
What was in the bags in the first clip?
iiellq UwU
iiellq UwU Hace 17 días
Tbh at first I thought it was like bubblegum or something. xD
Kawaii Gacha Girl
Kawaii Gacha Girl Hace 18 días
They spelled kiki as "keke"!
70s Baby
70s Baby Hace 18 días
He needs some gloves lol
Eric Page
Eric Page Hace 18 días
6:30 Ayyyyy
Jesse Stewart
Jesse Stewart Hace 18 días
DrPepper1785 Hace 18 días
I can find at least one case of sandwich breath here.
Jewish jah
Jewish jah Hace 12 días
DrPepper1785 W reference
presofcamelot ehh?
presofcamelot ehh? Hace 18 días
2:30 Relaxing, but your giving me anxiety
Katie Fehlman
Katie Fehlman Hace 18 días
They are crushing dreams
MrBlubbi123 Hace 19 días
Paulina S. Schuindt
Paulina S. Schuindt Hace 20 días
I'm brasilian
Steve Sloan
Steve Sloan Hace 20 días
Just another reason why I love Japanese culture. Grace and perfection in what ever they do.
꽁냥 Hace 20 días
i'm tire worry...;;;
Chris Gomez
Chris Gomez Hace 22 días
ya'll should do ASMR hand crushing
Beth Griffiths
Beth Griffiths Hace 22 días
6:41-6:49 well that’s awkward..
D V Hace 22 días
1:00:34 That’s a fucking boxing referee not a doctor. Let my dick go loosssssssssse
Tyreeses Arm
Tyreeses Arm Hace 23 días
Lmao the way they shake is so extra I love it
galaxy female lion
galaxy female lion Hace 23 días
Not to be rude AT ALL but this was not 20 mins just to let u know :3
CallDwn theSky
CallDwn theSky Hace 23 días
I got one of those before. it was 4,000 dollars. I am worth it
Nichtdasich Wüsste
Nichtdasich Wüsste Hace 23 días
Ist there a second part somwhere ?
_Cilvēks bez nosaukuma_
Feed me Chicken
Feed me Chicken Hace 23 días
What is it called when he tapped on her back multiple times in different spots?
Feed me Chicken
Feed me Chicken Hace 17 días
@Kitanael thanks buddy
Kitanael Hace 17 días
Caroline Charney
Caroline Charney Hace 25 días
4:41 🤤🤤🤤
Callie Alderfer
Callie Alderfer Hace 25 días
6:47 When you have a child 😂😂😂😂(dreams crushed) it’s a joke btw
Tom Dunstan
Tom Dunstan Hace 25 días
I did this with my feet... esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-efBSwmCy8YA.html
Sofia Bubb
Sofia Bubb Hace 26 días
6:45, another way of them saying your dreams will be crushed
Jordan oop
Jordan oop Hace 26 días
i legit listen to this when i get anxiety
Manoj Philip
Manoj Philip Hace 26 días
Can you get a raspberry purée seal on White Claw?
Doğukan Hoş
Doğukan Hoş Hace 26 días
1:51 I wish I had that sound and feel with my every step..
LAWLZY560 Hace 27 días
Top tier asmr, but i have no fuckin clue why they added clips of molten metal. It has no context and i hate that noise
lindsay wilson
lindsay wilson Hace 27 días
5:41 0:30
Jesus Hace 27 días
That first guy seems so nice
jack siberry
jack siberry Hace 6 días
Thank you
Kerry Robertshaw
Kerry Robertshaw Hace 27 días
*when the crayons fall* I SPENT ALL MY TIME FOR THAT!!!!
Xavier Cook
Xavier Cook Hace 27 días
The light shines down on the pickles
Videos to help anyone with anything. Enjoy!!
'Why do you keep squashing my dreams'? 😂🤣 Couldn't resist, sorry! ❤️ I think the floral foam bricks always sound better,when they're dry, I just loved that sound!! *Ooohh tingles* 🤭 and when you add dry spaghetti, it's great too!! 👍❤️ I also love you going over the squishes and different slimes (with or without crunch) ❤️🤤 lol 😂👍
onanera Hace 28 días
Theo Pathitis in a new lease of life as a physician
Валентин Одесса
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ESWYeGVH2Uc.html. ASMR CRUSHING
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Hace 29 días
I want to get drunk as hell with these guys.
emily hum
emily hum Hace 29 días
1:23 Idk why but it looks like explosive diarrhea
GigiMakeup AndVlogs
Another Episode of "Smashing Shit With My Car"
Sungjoo Hwang
Sungjoo Hwang Hace un mes
Robert Plant?
Alexander Avila
Alexander Avila Hace un mes
I don’t know why, but he reminds me of the Riddler in Gotham.
Hope Wolf
Hope Wolf Hace un mes
Why is the car my anxiety and I’m everything it’s crushing?
Dat Boi
Dat Boi Hace un mes
4:40 me on December 1st
Blahammad Ali
Blahammad Ali Hace un mes
RIP Barbara 😔
CannibalWHORE22 Hace 3 horas
She died?
Victor Lara
Victor Lara Hace un mes
The guys who made this video and keeps commenting needs to STFU. You removed the video on your channel because you gave into the trolls. This a good ASMR video so just let it be and go be sensitive somewhere else.
αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd
Unrighteous feckshites like you need to be taught a bloody lesson.
Ian Moone
Ian Moone Hace un mes
It's literally his video, if he doesn't want others using HIS work then he has every right to ask for it to be taken down.
william fisher
william fisher Hace un mes
I’d be snoring if I was the patient
Alexander Avila
Alexander Avila Hace un mes
Ah, come back for more backstory have you. Well, there’s no time to look back on the past. A new threat has arrived, a new dangerous threat. We don’t have enough alcohol to stop it, alcohol is too weak anyways. We need the Kyles and their energy drinks, sadly it’s the only way. I shall contact you every now and then for reports, so you’ll need to stay on task. What is that task you ask? Well, it’s to find Grandmaster K and tell him about the threat. If he doesn’t agree to go, leave him. He’s too crazy to be stopped if things get nasty, we’ll just have to contact the Coffee temple. Have good travels, and make it back safely.
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu Hace un mes
9:12 mini bong
Subscribe to this cookie For no reason
6:45 is literally just crushing dreams lol
Tom Dunstan
Tom Dunstan Hace un mes
Now THIS is asmr: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-UrtdD4ddDF8.html
James Michael Harding
Didn't know Jason Statham and Moby had a child together :)
ghostdog2041 Hace un mes
05:38 What is he checking by smacking the fingertips? Then he goes on to rub one finger with his thumb twice. What was he doing and checking for? Edit - 13:09
Ekinoxx Hace 21 un día
Seems like "capillary refill test" to me
OCD Stig
OCD Stig Hace un mes
Doctor: Whispers 69 into patient's ear... Patient: Nice...
JoinTehBlackParade Hace un mes
This must of sucked to Clean up
A B Hace un mes
the Intro music of these videos is some serious space dolphin shit.
GamingWithDahStars Hace un mes
Bloody Marys are nasty af. Why would I want to drink tomato juice???
mariiolock Hace un mes
He needs a navy suit for war
CannibalWHORE22 Hace 15 días
He needs to get red in the face first
Chiru Starr
Chiru Starr Hace un mes
Paintballs tho like 😳💗
EchoInFadingLight Hace un mes
I cannot for the life of me tell if her name is Corny, Cornea or Courtney
James Milner
James Milner Hace un mes
One of the greatest. Up there with Lita.
ConnectuPower Music
This sounds like a really loud wet fart 0:12
ADCMCNW Hace un mes
Watch your pants or that first guy will sniff them
Rosie xo
Rosie xo Hace un mes
Watch the video once. Imagine whatever object the car is crushing is your hand and watch the video again. I'm sorry
Jamie Grisham
Jamie Grisham Hace un mes
the flowers be like oof
Jamie Grisham
Jamie Grisham Hace un mes
who else heard the kid say go several times
Jamie Grisham
Jamie Grisham Hace un mes
wow that asmr was not "family friendly"
NaiCoya Shelton
NaiCoya Shelton Hace un mes
The tire is like I don't get paid enough for this job😂
Dino PuPpEt
Dino PuPpEt Hace un mes
Poor people:why you bully me Me:exactly
Simulated Rain
Simulated Rain Hace un mes
only thing that gives me tingles anymore