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I have a combined 4 years of experience as a Baseball & Basketball Play by Play announcer, which is where I learned my skills for educational commentary/breakdowns.
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Toryn Fliehman
Toryn Fliehman Hace 17 minutos
Toryn Fliehman
Toryn Fliehman Hace 18 minutos
some body in truble
ToreNaydos Hace un hora
if #10 on UCLA getting a scholarship to the #2 ranked team.. i’m going to Bama for football... and i have never played football
cps_03 Hace 2 horas
I went to summer camp with him that summer and he was my bunkmate for the week
Tony Wong
Tony Wong Hace 2 horas
So weird seeing Andy petit wearing a warm up running the bases
Delton Hall
Delton Hall Hace 3 horas
I think that first drive, pre-injury, shows why Sanders should be Okstate's starter. Guy has matured and is an additional threat that must be accounted for.
Green Ernie
Green Ernie Hace 5 horas
I mean this kid is good, but some kid went 13 out of 16 AB with home runs
Jamo Hace 6 horas
Damn Cc used to throw 95
Marco Solo
Marco Solo Hace 6 horas
Back to the same ole song and dance,...........and take that damn head thing off Pruitt
MadMax 57
MadMax 57 Hace 11 horas
Holy productivity
john sexton
john sexton Hace 15 horas
I'm really impressed with the play of the little schools
marlonsmith924 Hace 17 horas
Jayden Daniels the truth!!
caleb blackwelder
caleb blackwelder Hace 20 horas
Just a clout game
david blue
david blue Hace 20 horas
Has Jeremy Prewet now joined Al-Qaeda?
SunburyGeorgia Hace 22 horas
On that first pic, they rode the running back. A lot of no calls.
SunburyGeorgia Hace 22 horas
See you in Atlanta
Kristopher Fugitt
Kristopher Fugitt Hace 22 horas
Gabe Jenkins
Gabe Jenkins Hace un día
Disgusting 🤢
Gamer Nerd
Gamer Nerd Hace un día
I feel like laughing at Wisconsin right now...
Erin Webre
Erin Webre Hace un día
growing up in Texas, being a die-hard LSU fan, it was my dream to be able to go to this game
Robin white
Robin white Hace un día
Go GEORIA Bulldogs
justafanintexas Hace un día
What's the Over/Under on how many "seniors" on that field will graduate with a degree? I'd say 2.
Redrum238 _
Redrum238 _ Hace un día
Bulldogs Fans Thought They Were Good 🥴
Michael Milton
Michael Milton Hace un día
Early in 3rd quarter uga called 4 pass interference . put bama on 1. Momentum shift from there. Come on refs.
Aiden Brocious
Aiden Brocious Hace un día
Matt Hummel
Matt Hummel Hace un día
I still cant believe oregon wasn't able to just run it down their throats all game.
Red Bug3
Red Bug3 Hace un día
Did someone tell him his team jersey is white not red?
Lets see how they do against decent teams. The schedule is going to start heating up
衛宮切嗣 Hace un día
None Ya
None Ya Hace un día
Congratulations on the win and Reece on the record it's definitely something to be proud of there's not many people can say they were in the history books at 12 years of age and set the bar high and the team work was Best out of all I seen there wasn't anything any of them couldn't do ! Congratulations y'all definitely earned it !!! And congratulations to the good coaches that's definitely a dream team to have!!!
aka501z Hace un día
Why do Texas players keep saying "Talent is not the problem". Yes, it is. How many times Keaontay Ingram choked, dropped the pass, fumbled in crucial moments? The punter, DB have bad habits. Com'on, injury is nothing new in this business and you blame your coaches for that? No coached ever asked you to commit the penalties. I believe there is a time to lose or win which is OK by me... but all those stupid talks and eyes of Texas issue.... No.... Talent is the problem. So is the attitude, actually bigger. I am sure this problem will go for years.
Luke Castaneda
Luke Castaneda Hace un día
Man almost blew it last inning holy shit
Kay Kay
Kay Kay Hace un día
My homeboy Kobe Hubson plays for auburn 🏌🏾‍♂️
SYNC Elevate
SYNC Elevate Hace un día
Is it me or when Ole Miss plays Alabama they r good but when they play everyone else they suck
K Harper
K Harper Hace un día
Holy Hell Bama is Great
logan gable
logan gable Hace un día
lol minnesota will never be better than us. ever
ABQPhil Hace un día
All this conversation about the bats. Just go back to wooden bats. That's what we had to hit with when I was a kid.
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck Hace un día
Clemson would smack both of em. There really is no competition for them this year sadly. Georgia and Notre Dame are too inconsistent, and Bama has a potent offense, but a pretty weak defense.
khkartc Hace un día
I can just see the average Utah fan looking at Houston’s 26-14 lead in the third quarter and practically having a Toobin over it.
Gavin Pierce
Gavin Pierce Hace 2 días
Gavin Pierce
Gavin Pierce Hace 2 días
Simon Coleman
Simon Coleman Hace 2 días
3:44 Did the ref just say, "the ruling on the field is a touch for a passdown?" instead of a pass for a touchdown?
Sith God
Sith God Hace 2 días
UGA really should've won that game. Once they get the QB situation good. Its over with 💯
Yajayra Hidalgo
Yajayra Hidalgo Hace 2 días
Con te ni se juega demasiado dura 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴💪💪💪🔥💯💢💥
T.C. Archery
T.C. Archery Hace 2 días
How about the BYU receiver wide open at the 4 yard line at 1:57 and Wilson still through into traffic!
AA-RON TV Hace 2 días
Louisville pitcher shouldn't have been talking shit. Maybe they would have won
Do they not have a backup qb? How many interceptions the coach want to see
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson Hace 2 días
I swear, Georgia Bulldogs and the Atlanta Falcons are laughable
Case Williams
Case Williams Hace 2 días
GO CATS!!!!!!!!!
TrillMatic 187
TrillMatic 187 Hace 2 días
As an Sooners fan, this is why I don't like Spencer Rattler 3:00
J Owens
J Owens Hace 2 días
nothing sucks like tennessee football
Minnesota Cards
Minnesota Cards Hace 2 días
How did that Kentucky team make it? They were brutal.
Bryson Turner
Bryson Turner Hace 2 días
Go dawgs
Christopher Oliver
Christopher Oliver Hace 2 días
Austin Clark
Austin Clark Hace 2 días
Dang that tipped interception took momentum from Georgia the entire game after that...
Jaimie Boley
Jaimie Boley Hace 2 días
Unbelievable that great of game ended like that. Mac throwing 2 pic 6's. Tough to win giving them 14 then umneccesary penalty on 4th down. Smh. Worst played game of the year for my guys.
Amanda da Cunha Dias
Life Of Brandon
Life Of Brandon Hace 2 días
8:54 orange jacket was me
Mikeswrld Hace 2 días
Oh don’t worry auburn fans Demetrius Davis is coming
Yo Boy
Yo Boy Hace 2 días
My 12u travel team played Australia and we demolished the in 2018 it was super fun tho
Yo Boy
Yo Boy Hace 2 días
My 12u travel team played Australia and we demolished the in 2018 it was super fun tho
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes Hace 2 días
Ashton Ellsworth
Ashton Ellsworth Hace 2 días
3:06 minutes left in the game. Home game and the only thing you herd was the BYU chant from the crowd. That’s wild!
John Arroyo
John Arroyo Hace 2 días
As a giants fan this is the one time i cheer for the dodgers.
SamyBigBlue 919
SamyBigBlue 919 Hace 2 días
Nothing better than some bulldog for dinner in the tide household
Trey Hace 2 días
tennessee will never be back. they will suck for the rest of history
Kate Willett
Kate Willett Hace 2 días
Look at all those fans at Tennessee 😂😂 dorks 😂
Tim Andrews
Tim Andrews Hace 2 días
If i have to watch a 5th yr qb play one more qtr like a high school freshman ima blow chunks!!
Jack Drier
Jack Drier Hace 2 días
That poor kicker
zymbotictoot Hace 3 días
I'll take Waddle and Najee Harris on my Dolphins next year please. Reunite them with Tua would be unreal.
Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson Hace 3 días
I was at that game!!! until November 20th I'm still a patient ambassador for Shriners in Houston.
jade minnick
jade minnick Hace 3 días
crab rave
stgann510 Hace 3 días
I was called out when I said preseason M. Wilson can't cover me on Twitter. All Gator girls got riled up, now everyone talking
Ramon M.M
Ramon M.M Hace 3 días
Guess they don't care about covid.
Danny Aranda
Danny Aranda Hace 3 días
Let the boys play coach!
Austin Clark
Austin Clark Hace 3 días
SEC is wild this year!
Dirty Boy Slim
Dirty Boy Slim Hace 3 días
qb, qb, qb, hell kirby give somebody else a chance bennett ain't it.
tontoace7 Hace 3 días
Sloppy Top lol!
Austin Clark
Austin Clark Hace 3 días
What a rough game for TENN! Kentucky was handed that win
Fissey Gaming
Fissey Gaming Hace 3 días
You know how Texas has a live longhorn mascot Bevo. Well what if TCU had a live horned frog that would like be held on a leash and run out of the tunnels lol.