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My First SUBARU!!!
Hace 10 meses
Hace 10 meses
100 Comentarios
WIjoey Hace un hora
You should probably get more of your facts right if you're going to have a podcast about it
XIII Hace 2 horas
'75 mph' when it clearly says knots.....
ThePlayahans Hace 3 horas
T R A S H.
Didier Peroni
Didier Peroni Hace 5 horas
Ale, you need to watch evil genius. It will blow your fucking mind
GOLDENEYEAL Hace 7 horas
i LOVE the eb110
Best beats Official
Best beats Official Hace 9 horas
Is it just me who would be terrified of going fast in the veyron because I do not want to scratch or crash it.
HakonBB Hace 10 horas
Couldn't spot ONE single good looking watch troughout this sad 18 minute ad. What happened?
Peter Kalel
Peter Kalel Hace 11 horas
No idea what he’s talking about! The AMG C43 is a real AMG do your research! The Toyota Spurs isn’t in the same league 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior Hace 12 horas
For only $56k and no gas, this car blows away my Supercharged NSX with a 4.55 rear end. Go drive one👍
Gandul #
Gandul # Hace 13 horas
There was a beautiful house similar to that one in size and on a large lot about half a mile from where I live in TX back in 2013 or around that time. I never saw the inside. They were asking around $680,000 and they could not sell it. I think the catch was that the taxes were very high.
Edy Aldo
Edy Aldo Hace 18 horas
Mames, no entendí ni madres pero como me reí, súbelo en el canal en español perro infeliz! Nocierto Salo bb 😜 se te admira!
matthew persad ali
matthew persad ali Hace un día
Fuck it buy it
Sean Egan
Sean Egan Hace un día
Interesting perspective on China "preparedness and response". Quite a different message being sent by many media agencies and generally the stats.
Randy Reneau
Randy Reneau Hace un día
The problem is will jobs return? Great Depression.
Randy Reneau
Randy Reneau Hace un día
Allot of people have lost money.
waitwuttt Hace un día
change title to shameless plug
The Watch Lounge
The Watch Lounge Hace un día
Great watches I got a chance to review the white dial RS model I like that their inspired by cars and car colors , the limited edition gulf version would be a cool one to own
Adam Buchholz
Adam Buchholz Hace un día
Seriously? That's it? Remember when this used to be a car channel?
Edward French
Edward French Hace un día
1.7👍 and 1.1💩 Says a lot about this channel these days! I use to subscribe but don’t anymore. Hope everyone’s well out there including you Salomondrin!
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales Hace un día
Son galletas high?????
Daniel Gordon Jones
Daniel Gordon Jones Hace un día
Nice selection of Vacheron? Blancpain? AP? Patek? Nope, Gerrrarlias. :D
Natan Reis
Natan Reis Hace un día
how the fuck did you predict that deep in march, there wasn't even a coronavirus case yet.
Ramon Blackz
Ramon Blackz Hace un día
I can't believe this is what this Car Channel has Become I unsubscribed but I check back now and again Hoping sigh where did it all go Wrong from an Epic Trio to some B.S I guess He really issa Dick
Beowulf tfsmartguy
Beowulf tfsmartguy Hace 2 días
I'm an essential worker, I don't fucks with that unemployment shit.
quattro porte
quattro porte Hace 2 días
Nothing special
Sérgio Gonçalves
Sérgio Gonçalves Hace 2 días
This channel it´s dead, period...
Sudeep Bannerjee
Sudeep Bannerjee Hace 2 días
*AT THIS TIME BACK IN 2018, this Channel was the Top Most Quality Automotive Content Creator* Sad to see it ruins now 💩 Thanks to the cheap lies & salesman tricks by this Mexican ❌
Daniel Kew
Daniel Kew Hace 2 días
You should be talking about how your youtube life is having a huge crisis now. and it suck so bad i seriously have no idea wtf has happen to you. Your garage has changed so much in a bad way. gawdamm you need more contents. after the senna. your channel has turn to shit
Jay McGuigan
Jay McGuigan Hace 2 días
This guy is nonesense
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner Hace 2 días
bruhhhh I live next to that house its in Bradbury and not Pasadena
Mrsonicslash5 Hace 2 días
Channels dead because you are a sellout
Juan Gallardo
Juan Gallardo Hace 2 días
The Government gave to the banks, not the people.
teggsrb18c1 Hace un día
Juan Gallardo This. No matter what the situation, the banks always get a cut. Makes you wonder who really runs this country....it’s not the federal government, that’s for sure.
Cole Trick
Cole Trick Hace 2 días
Content sucks, watches are Ok but nothing great... reminds me of those QVC watches that are on sale for 80% off all the time
DIAMLER Hace 3 días
Can we get some more Baking Baked during this quarantine pls i love that
2013shelbygt5001313 Hace 3 días
I want more of these videos!
Alex Colegate
Alex Colegate Hace 3 días
Hands down framed.
Adam S.
Adam S. Hace 3 días
An 18 minute ad for cheap watches with an expensive price tag, that you directly benefit from their sales.
Martin5599 Hace 3 días
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Hace 3 días
Nicole is one awesome sexy Babe and that voice..............
- JACKAL Hace 3 días
You need a tesla
Natraj Patil
Natraj Patil Hace 3 días
Wow never saw any ad that long. Was looking for Skip button...
ALI SAMER Hace 3 días
They all looks the same
Spiritual Gangster
Spiritual Gangster Hace 3 días
The camera man needs to focus on the car more. This annoyed the shit out of me. Why the fuck do you focus on the guys when he's talking about the rear of the car for example. I just figured I have anger issues after watching this video
Ricardo Maldonado
Ricardo Maldonado Hace 3 días
Remember when this guy burned down his own mclaren 😂
PBnKickz Hace 3 días
Thank god you brought this back 😭🙏🏼I’ve been waiting forever lol it’s too funny everytime
kyle west
kyle west Hace 3 días
And that is badass that you can get different color bands too!!!
kyle west
kyle west Hace 3 días
Those watches are bad ass!!! My favorites are the rs fastback and the first drift watch!! What a dope ass watch and affordable!!!
John Doe
John Doe Hace 3 días
Where do they sell that bar at and what brand racing simulator is that guys?
Cindy Toadski
Cindy Toadski Hace 3 días
This channel went to poopoo
Cole Trick
Cole Trick Hace 3 días
Don’t ever get another mid engine car. I don’t want you to have another freak out and end up in a rubber room. Not being mean just being 💯
abcdLeeXY Hace 3 días
True AMG will always have a handbuilt engine unlike these AMG tuned product
Jimmi Wind
Jimmi Wind Hace 4 días
They look shite
Joel Bates
Joel Bates Hace 4 días
Rarest and coolest VW they've ever made. Nardo and Golf W12 - Am I a joke to you?
Akuspqbs Hace 4 días
Wouldn’t you want to pay for watches which actually look good and not look like watches for 6y olds
nogoe89 Hace 4 días
I like omg like can't like listen like whatever to like some like us like people like who like omg like uhm say like like every second like word like
xavier marken
xavier marken Hace 4 días
I didn't see a single Koenigsegg
Brian Fernandez
Brian Fernandez Hace 4 días
Most banks have already begun to defer mortgage payments and waive fees and the Us Goverment has started to back loans for businesses to keep payroll going etc. We learned from the 08 crisis it’s different this time
Victor Hristov
Victor Hristov Hace 4 días
Great show 😄
Dro Id
Dro Id Hace 4 días
Salomundo with no ideas
karol napitupulu
karol napitupulu Hace 4 días
made another hypercar video "hyper6"
Mathew Dempsey
Mathew Dempsey Hace 4 días
I'd rather have a normal manual z8 rather than the shit box, automatic alpina z8....
Expert Reviews
Expert Reviews Hace 4 días
Couldn't hang in till the end... Rubbish stuff... What a shabby salesman he's become since his McLaren caught fire
Expert Reviews
Expert Reviews Hace 4 días
AP guys putting japanese $40 Miyota movement ??? Yeah right
Expert Reviews
Expert Reviews Hace 4 días
For a thousand bucks, I'll get a Tissot, Seiko or Hamilton, why this piece of garbage???
Expert Reviews
Expert Reviews Hace 4 días
Sold out all 77 of them!!! Yeah big deal!!!
Expert Reviews
Expert Reviews Hace 4 días
Comments are more interesting than the watches...
Noor Athirah
Noor Athirah Hace 4 días
Is this the house taylor swift use in her blank space video?
w j
w j Hace 4 días
I think they failed as soon as they chose the brand name. Seriously. Are you guys for real?
w j
w j Hace 4 días
Are you tacky and have no class? Gorilla watches are for you! Buy now!
保羅·拉斐爾·奧爾蒂斯paul Ortiz
Like si quieres que ponga subtítulos en español like
Dharam Jagroop
Dharam Jagroop Hace 4 días
i still cant get over how sexy the amg gtr looks with that rap tho
jonathan Beckham1
jonathan Beckham1 Hace 4 días
Pinches relojes feos es mejor una copia de un rolex
Tyler Coort
Tyler Coort Hace 4 días
We need videos with Avi
Lambullshitini Hace 5 días
Zoom is trash, many security issues
London Watch Collector 1 - Salomondrin 0 (watch advertisement company) Jean-Claude BIVER plus 100 - Salomondrin minus 100 René BEYER Level over 9000 - Salomondrin Level Mr Satan DBZ
cesar Bustamante
cesar Bustamante Hace 5 días
Hola Alejandro hablas inglés o español
SirBender Hace 5 días
Wow Salomodrin the “Car Guy” says: “it’s the Lamborghini screens” NOPE!! actually Lamborghini belongs to Audi. And: He hasn’t got it yet, that in terms of quality, Audi is better than BMW and Mercedes, nowadays😅 Almost every “details” he got freaked out of, are things Audi has since the Audi A8 of 2002 🤦🏻‍♂️
SirBender Hace 5 días
These watches don’t have a good value, because their movement is a cheap Citizen Miyota. It’s actually cheaper than a swissmade standard, but PERFECT, ETA 2824 movement that cost 3 to 4 times more. Actually SEIKO makes better movements than Citizen... all in all: these watches are CRAP!
Brett King
Brett King Hace 5 días
Producer Michael has a better time collection pff
azgul Hace 5 días
HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH the guy who added the SponsorBlock for this video is a god damn legend
AKS Hace 5 días
A Carrera GT under 280k that's not happening. They might correct 20-30% based off of a lack of interest in cars, not the economy so much. A Carrera GT is the last of its breed and very special, in 08 it was newer and not so special, they should be at a mil + but since the economy has been in the toilet way before the CV means it will just stall for a few more years. IMO. There's still a lot of cash on the sidelines waiting for deals. We'll see a 30% correction across the board which is enough to do serious damage to anyone leveraged. If you play the leverage game this will be VERY painful. Homes over 2 mil will get hit hard as well. IMO
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose Hace 5 días
Sorry, I disagree, these watches are the most gorgeous watches I've ever seen. The quality is all there and should be competitive in the watch game. Man, I wish I could get one of those watches, if only I had the cash. It would look good as I drive my 2015 Q60 S manual down Malibu.
Jonathan Carcamo
Jonathan Carcamo Hace 5 días
nikki hot asf got damn
Alejandro Alcala
Alejandro Alcala Hace 5 días
Andrés Gómez Mikán
Man! your web site sucks!! but i love your videos!!
Shareef Alsayed
Shareef Alsayed Hace 5 días
Next time you need a co-presenter, give me a buzz. Your friend there is not the guy for this.
PaypalMyMoney Hace 5 días
The Spicy Deluxe (add bacon even) at Chicfila is so undefeated it's disgusting.
Rotorcraft Driver
Rotorcraft Driver Hace 5 días
I didn’t even watch your stupid video I only down voted it because an icon a5 is not affordable, you’re just an asshole.
Ultimate Sus
Ultimate Sus Hace 5 días
You and your wife are litttt
Ruán Conán
Ruán Conán Hace 6 días
Using a non hacking cheap Miyota 8215 movement usually found in $200 watches and selling for $750 hahaha, garbage.
KA 918
KA 918 Hace 6 días
Do you still have the 918 ???
Sam Bab- SVD
Sam Bab- SVD Hace 6 días
Well this was... just a sponsored bullsh**😖 why Salamondrin?
Giscard Maalouf
Giscard Maalouf Hace 6 días
Nice commercial assholeee
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Hace 6 días
Poor hen pecked husband, he must feel humiliated by being ignored, while his wife hogs the limelight.
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Hace 6 días
Mexican food looks like vomit. What the hell is refried beans. Guacamole has the consistency of dog poop. Why do people think Mexican food is great.
Guuggel Hace 6 días
More like product catalog lmao
Jonathan Langlois
Jonathan Langlois Hace 6 días
The last boyfriend of joe i think is actually gay and loves joe. 🤷‍♂️
Rashid 55
Rashid 55 Hace 6 días
I'm not gonna lie comparing this house to other 15million dollar houses this house is actually a bargain the attention to detail as they mentioned, the quality EVERYTHING this house is stunning if i had the money i would buy it in a blink of an eye.
Marek Cizmar
Marek Cizmar Hace 6 días
It's all about the VIBE