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My First SUBARU!!!
Hace 6 meses
Hace 6 meses
Learn how to drift!
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Hace un año
100 Comentarios
Jesse cumbee
Jesse cumbee Hace 13 minutos
That a Polestar 1?
Darren Hague
Darren Hague Hace 42 minutos
Nice to see you back son
m m
m m Hace 47 minutos
So where exactly is the car on your „dealer website“. All I see is wheels. And why is the Bentley still advertised at Ogara‘s ?
m m
m m Hace 50 minutos
Why buy an s 63 instead of one of these ? mhm let’s see: 1. half of the price. 2. S class interior looks 10x nicer (especially at night) 3. Bentleys aren’t near as reliable as Mercedes are
santiago hernandez diaz
santiago hernandez diaz Hace 58 minutos
khe no le entendi nada parce
Hi SuperCarBlndLucy you are nothing like the others girls what you say, you do super greed job , the cars are 💥🤯, And this don't have nothing to do with that you are pretty or blond, better the lot of the man's also ... one more thing verry noce dogs you have, mine also like people witch love, but its very smart like person but we use telepatic and body language. 🙉🙈🙊 Go Go more Tipical'Super'Car' Blond'Girl !!!
Smblp Speed rr3
Smblp Speed rr3 Hace 2 horas
Buy back the CGT !
Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes Hace 2 horas
Rolls is killing me.. I want it so badd. I got to give it to you ... PROPS lol (=
Hector Reyes
Hector Reyes Hace 2 horas
So much excitement.... OMG I fell in love with the Senna and I cried when car died.. )=
XJWorld Hace 4 horas
The new ford GT would look even better at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Along with the rest of Ford Motor Company.
colin kolano
colin kolano Hace 5 horas
Squirrel_McNuts Hace 6 horas
Thanks for the explanation! Makes sense
rabiejos Hace 6 horas
@salomondrin what about la ferrari?
Mr C
Mr C Hace 6 horas
Dude rambling like crazy, just buy the car, bring back chemicalmethod and the rest of the squad.
Mr C
Mr C Hace 6 horas
The Senna has really grown on me.
Holyman430 Hace 6 horas
Tbh I don’t really care what car you have is the nicest way I just want your channel to be like it was before #WasNumber1
J Torres
J Torres Hace 7 horas
Coming from the guy pushing Bitcoin & Cryptos on his subs lol
Jeff supercars
Jeff supercars Hace 7 horas
McLaren totally disrespected you when yours burned, Why would you still buy Anything made by them?
Peter Mackenzie
Peter Mackenzie Hace 7 horas
One thing you should always take with your new McLaren....... The full bumper to bumper warranty package
Noah Wou
Noah Wou Hace 8 horas
Mike Rioux
Mike Rioux Hace 8 horas
Ale! My man.... I can't wait to see what comes in 2020 and the channel. Looking forward to some great content! If you come out to the Rolex 24 or the Amelia Island Concours let me know!
yutasknight Hace 8 horas
So, creatively you are now in March....that is ok....because that means from now, just one way up to the top!
clint Miller
clint Miller Hace 8 horas
Rich dude learning from his big money mistakes lol still a shitty car youtuber had the best thing running and went stupid with it
Gustavo A. Rios
Gustavo A. Rios Hace 8 horas
Fuck you and your great life • Piece of shit!!!!
Brandon Perry
Brandon Perry Hace 9 horas
Germán Muñoz Carbajal
I like the videos where you talk business
Birnie98 Hace 9 horas
glad youre in a good place dude
Jeremi Singletary
Jeremi Singletary Hace 10 horas
Pls get another 918
FuelJunkie Hace 10 horas
I couldn't care less about electric/hybrid cars. Nothing wrong with them, but they don't produce what's essential to me as a car guy...no motor sound, no gas-burning smell, vibrations, etc...it's that visceral, human feeling that no electric car will ever have for me.
Carl Subong
Carl Subong Hace 10 horas
Let's not hope your mclaren doesn't burn
It’s Vizor
It’s Vizor Hace 10 horas
Huh. Interesting.
Corey Roca
Corey Roca Hace 10 horas
andrefrm Hace 11 horas
whaddup fraudster, gonna burn this one down too? lol careful, feds are watchin' now
toyspeed71 Hace 11 horas
Tu dale, sigue siendo chingon 👍 Saludos a Tata 🐿️
Pruthvi Dani
Pruthvi Dani Hace 12 horas
cant believe its gonna be a year since the senna incident!! Anyways, do go for P1, u definitely miss senna but u have already been in it..... be in something new and different, bet that widow maker is gonna be amazing.................. side note, Dubai's vip motors have 2 best P1 on sale ( GTR & CARBON Edition) not promoting but ya whatever, good luck
Andrew Gurney
Andrew Gurney Hace 12 horas
Has this dude been in rehab and is clean?
Christopher Blake
Christopher Blake Hace 12 horas
Aleee! Que onda! Question... What about the EP9 Electric car that smashed Rimacs and Teslas?
Sinethemba Ndlovu
Sinethemba Ndlovu Hace 12 horas
Wow😅... this dude really considers his wife
Christopher Hace 12 horas
did he just say “I paid half million over sticker?!” did the insurance check include that? holy shit....
Simon Farmery
Simon Farmery Hace 13 horas
It's great to hear that you're ready to buy a hyper car!! It's going to be awesome to have a Senna back on the channel!!
dReamTV Hace 13 horas
Wow a Mexican giving trump credit for the economy I never thought I would see the day
Pedro Oliveira
Pedro Oliveira Hace 13 horas
This video is like “come back in March”
Alkimpo Sael
Alkimpo Sael Hace 13 horas
This vid restored the hype
Alkimpo Sael
Alkimpo Sael Hace 13 horas
You never disappoint salomon😎 get the fcking senna!!
FBH FBH Hace 13 horas
Why you didn’t upload your trip to Saudi ??
Sky High Worldwide
Sky High Worldwide Hace 13 horas
Electric is NOT eco-friendly. How do we make electricity? Unbelievable that people buy in to that crap.
David Brady
David Brady Hace 14 horas
Welcome back 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮
Wade Hadley
Wade Hadley Hace 14 horas
Go with the p1 !!!
Rodri Croce
Rodri Croce Hace 14 horas
so...another clickbait.
Rohan Tanawade
Rohan Tanawade Hace 14 horas
who the hell cares what he said Just be excited for what is coming Cause I know I am
Rohan Tanawade
Rohan Tanawade Hace 14 horas
Mushthaque Ahamed
Mushthaque Ahamed Hace 14 horas
So no Chiron, Laf or TDF... -_-
Rohan Tanawade
Rohan Tanawade Hace 14 horas
What happens to the svj?
Clark Kastory
Clark Kastory Hace 15 horas
If you are the financial expert that you claim you are you would be aware of the negative interest rates and how 2008 has repeated so until something happens with loans or interest rates nothing will happen to the economy but when it does it will be a repeat or worse
KevOnDabus S
KevOnDabus S Hace 15 horas
The P1
湯terhangs Hace 15 horas
Richard Bekkers
Richard Bekkers Hace 16 horas
greed is still bad it still corrupts cramps the free style possitive only love all be good
Gradi Nzuzi
Gradi Nzuzi Hace 16 horas
ahhhhh this finance talk is my spoiler go up
Sarper Sabuncu
Sarper Sabuncu Hace 17 horas
Buy one of the Senna XP's from McLaren Beverly Hills and start balling again
Trey Hace 14 horas
Sarper Sabuncu he can’t afford it
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Hace 17 horas
Buys a RR Cullinan and then says he wants to go green lol
Trey Hace 15 horas
Peter Smith he’s such a tool
Brian Hastings
Brian Hastings Hace 17 horas
😒 Did you not learn the first time? Truth be told isss dope 😁
as10076 Hace 18 horas
What happened to the tacos?
JOSEslayer 101
JOSEslayer 101 Hace 18 horas
this year was for sure a shit year for your channel, but hopefully its just a bump in the road when we look back. lets hope for an awesome start next year.
Gateway_photography Hace 20 horas
If you buy a senna i suggest carrying a bag of Marshmallows with you.
Jake Handel
Jake Handel Hace 20 horas
Keep posting man I love watching you and it motivates me to work hard a drive a car like this one day given the fact I just got my license!!😁😁
2SlimMike Beatz2
2SlimMike Beatz2 Hace 21 un hora
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa Hace 21 un hora
11 minutes video to say that you're gonna buy a car, but actually not. this channel has become a real pos.
Seven Sense Detailing
Seven Sense Detailing Hace 21 un hora
MOTIVATION BOSS KEEP GRINDING, Are you Spanish bro? Shits tough rn...
Fran M. L
Fran M. L Hace 21 un hora
you previously own a Senna and 918, so P1 is the natural choice
Aleksey Chernozubkin
Aleksey Chernozubkin Hace 21 un hora
You should buy P1! Senna might be faster, but the sound P1 makes is something that Senna lacks
u chavez
u chavez Hace 22 horas
I remember when Alejandro would actually buy cars.
Trey Hace 15 horas
u chavez now he just runs his mouth
Manuel Hace 22 horas
This dude's English is really bad.
Mavas Mavas
Mavas Mavas Hace 22 horas
motocrosser784 Hace 23 horas
You ain't buying shit. Delete your channel all ready
Ben Hace un día
Would you buy with a Ferrari 488 Pista?
MrMrfishy55 Hace un día
Mclaren must be winning like crazy if they can have a car burn down and a customer want another one
Jonah Ravi
Jonah Ravi Hace un día
Ah sh!t, here we go again
Juan More Mile
Juan More Mile Hace un día
no you're not
tb12269 Hace un día
What happened with farshot
Chris Todd
Chris Todd Hace un día
you fucker haha
M Van Horne
M Van Horne Hace un día
Ale: Just another rich bitch.
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman Hace un día
matty drebz
matty drebz Hace un día
Easy if you want to make more good vlogs get the lads back like the old days and have a laugh end of
jerry evans
jerry evans Hace un día
Gotta love the McLaren, best car out there
Zakiyeh Rahanjam
Zakiyeh Rahanjam Hace un día
Buy the 918
Darryl Smith II
Darryl Smith II Hace un día
P1 Baby!
Vince Fernandez
Vince Fernandez Hace un día
6:50 ...booo!
Splooshy Hace un día
Alejandro the type of guy that claims "Mexicans supporting Trump" as he buys a few million in cars.
PokerFaceTV Hace un día
Bring back "Banging Gears"
MeFiii Hace un día
Buy the Senna 👌
KyoRaccé Hace un día
i like the fact that he realised his content has been sorta mid. and he gave a valid explanation as to why. im excited to see whats coming cause it sounds like the old salomondrin is coming back
Panamera Ghost
Panamera Ghost Hace un día
I already ordered my Cullinan BB, I want the Pano roof tho.
manolooo1 Hace un día
Please get the Tesla roadster
IceColdKilax Hace un día
100% No Way Alejandro Gets a new Senna.
Trey Hace un hora
IceColdKilax not in a million years. He’s just being the typical fraudster he normally is
Datoda Hace un día
"Ah shit, here we go again."
Abhik Kashyap
Abhik Kashyap Hace un día
No hate on Ale but the dude is legit the biggest U Turner I've ever seen.
Trey Hace 14 horas
Abhik Kashyap and a U-Frauder too
Santiago Usme Gonzalez
Este man no aprende 😤
Antonio Mtz
Antonio Mtz Hace un día
Algún mexicano por aquí?🥴
yvnggeo Hace un día
Trey Hace un hora
yvnggeo not if you actually want to get paid
Daniel Engerby
Daniel Engerby Hace un día
dude P1