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100 Comentarios
mr wiggiless
mr wiggiless Hace 15 horas
Why cant you just give us the whole game? there is no reason to hoard it
Fehmida Bibi
Fehmida Bibi Hace 15 horas
If u cant accept qadr of Allah the magnificent, ie god decree then you have definitely major problems
Tim Hace 15 horas
amazing content keep up the awesome content
Tim Hace 15 horas
nice content keep it up dude
Stephen Watson
Stephen Watson Hace 15 horas
No one cares.. Life goes on...
Nathan James
Nathan James Hace 15 horas
If what HHH is saying is true then why is it pay per view?
Max James1313
Max James1313 Hace 15 horas
Rb in the first? What a dumb ass
aj styles
aj styles Hace 15 horas
Seeing Jordan like this and then shaq really got me
dpistons149 Hace 15 horas
Hess Video
Hess Video Hace 15 horas
Every talk show host is out doing their show from their basement and Rome is like what pandemic. #war covid19
Carlos Duncan
Carlos Duncan Hace 15 horas
Great game!
Brian Dolan
Brian Dolan Hace 15 horas
Jedrick Wills? 2nd best tackle? LOL most legit scouts have him moving to OG in the NFL. Nope.
B T Hace 15 horas
Classic Verne!
Nik Rich
Nik Rich Hace 15 horas
What should have been said about these alleged "disappearing acts" is that Cooper played last year with plantar fasciitis, an ankle injury, a knee injury, and a thigh contusion.
KirkSolo Hace 15 horas
Why would they let these retarded clapping seals in? "Wooo" is not appropriate for a memorial service.
Rick Collings
Rick Collings Hace 15 horas
What about Bama OLINE Derrick Brown was nothin!
R G Hace 16 horas
CBS should leave sports to the stations dedicated to sports. Redskins passing on an opportunity for chase on a gamble for Tua? I am a Giants fan I hope that happens but that is franchise malpractice
daniel gerber
daniel gerber Hace 16 horas
This is the most cowboys thing ever. And I love it. 🤣
Shoresy 69
Shoresy 69 Hace 16 horas
So because Dak is earning 31 million... they can't spend $2Mil? If Dak wants pay he can play alone.
Rick Collings
Rick Collings Hace 16 horas
Brinson takes too much crap CBS likes pickin on him
William Medcalf
William Medcalf Hace 16 horas
@CBS Sports do Georgia vs Florida 2012 next
Carlos Duncan
Carlos Duncan Hace 15 horas
Dom Espo
Dom Espo Hace 16 horas
The logo you and Jeffrey designed was horrible
Aroun K.
Aroun K. Hace 16 horas
Sorry but how many times are we going to mourn over their deaths? (Please don't hate on me)
Grayson James-Smith
Grayson James-Smith Hace 16 horas
Okudah falling to 12??????? LMFAOOO
Grayson James-Smith
Grayson James-Smith Hace 16 horas
*14 lmfaoooooo
Terron James
Terron James Hace 16 horas
Giants are getting an offensive tackle, Isaiah going to the lions bruh 🦁🔥
Brand Safety Chris
Brand Safety Chris Hace 15 horas
If the Lions take Okudah, the Giants HAVE to take Simmons...best player available, you can’t draft for need
white towel boys
white towel boys Hace 16 horas
That was really supposed to a overtime game. Before the half if they didn’t review to see if the clock had one second it would have kept running and auburn wouldn’t have had time to get set.
jeremy x
jeremy x Hace 16 horas
John Breech sums it up best All of you guys have valid points Less than $1M base Not $2M Plus Totally NONE GUARANTEED monies News Flash I considered Aldon Smith returning when it was only Randy Gregory/David Irvin return hype Just saying guys Dallas can lose only $500,000 at just giving him a tryout For crying out loud.....that's saying they're not banking on him Just seriously kicking the tires on this I'm buying for now JEEEEZ
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Hace 17 horas
Latest news rex ryan reported today was tua didnt have just 3 surgeries, he had 5 🖐😵, yes "5" surgeries..he was hiding 2 surgeries
GameRim Hace 17 horas
of course gives you the political fucking answer
Tanner Rosenberg
Tanner Rosenberg Hace 17 horas
Man these old dudes all insecure of their age so they take it out on Sean lol
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Hace 17 horas
Rex Ryan just reported tua didnt have just 3 surgeries, he had 🖐😵 "5" ....he was hiding 2 surgeries!!! That's way to risky
ReviewManMax Hace 17 horas
Really awesome review there mate. I did a brief one myself :D if you wanna check it you thanks! (just a small you-tuber in Miami) any love would be appreciated :D
Joe Watson
Joe Watson Hace 17 horas
James Lee
James Lee Hace 17 horas
Nice afro
SirQL8 Hace 17 horas
With 4 td, 400+ yds for Tua, the Tide offense generally played well enough to win, but the game really turned on those no-contact fumbles in the 1st that led to 10 easy LSU points....You can't do that vs. this Tigers Team....ballgame.
all about bts jams
all about bts jams Hace 17 horas
Vanessa is such great and strong women 🙌 rip to kobe and gigi 😭
David Vaughan
David Vaughan Hace 17 horas
Jordan Love all day
Amit Lko Lko
Amit Lko Lko Hace 17 horas
Hello vince sr am big fan of McMahon famly
prophetichippo Hace 17 horas
Like Paul Heyman said. Where there's chaos, there's opportunity
Wwe Lover
Wwe Lover Hace 17 horas
Watch my last video WWE
Wwe Lover
Wwe Lover Hace 17 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GpBNcofY2So.html 🙏🏼🔝
Eagles Fan Keepingitreal
Alshon is a ? Desean is a ? You can not base the success of your offense on question marks, and what's not being talked about is Howie Roseman's bad deals with Alshon and Desean last season that is preventing us from picking up reliable vet receivers like OBJ. Howie is not the wiz kid. SMH
ironic compilations
ironic compilations Hace 18 horas
I see people die every day because of America that have heart and dreams and love but when someone famous die it's the saddest thing ever
Dee Myers
Dee Myers Hace 18 horas
What 🅰️ game get it #RollTide
Case 3015
Case 3015 Hace 18 horas
Auburn Tater Tots lose!!
StonecoldPES Hace 18 horas
Ok next time , you can explain why everyone in the crowd will get the virus and die and hit their families , bravo WWE . FU ! stupid hhh go to hell
ultimatewarriorz1 Hace 18 horas
The money brother , the answer to most questions
Tommy Frederico
Tommy Frederico Hace 19 horas
What tf is this. Giants are between Wirfs, Becton, and Simmons. They ruled out Thomas
Joseph Marc
Joseph Marc Hace 19 horas
Trade down if possible to select Wills or Wirfs.
Tim Hace 19 horas
nice video bro
Tim Hace 19 horas
great content it was really good
Leave me Alone
Leave me Alone Hace 19 horas
Ryan Leaf 2.0
C-MO24-lo Mo
C-MO24-lo Mo Hace 19 horas
God I hope the chargers dont risk a 6th overall pick on him 🤦‍♂️
Chase Dyer
Chase Dyer Hace 19 horas
they saved close to 40 mill/year by letting Byron and Quinn walk, accumulated like 4 or 5 comp picks, got Dontari Poe, Gerald McCoy, lol clinton dix and Aldon on dirt cheap contracts, seriously upgraded the entire coaching staff, and still have the draft. I'm completely down with this Cowboys off season
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis Hace 18 horas
Take this W my friend..!
Yesenia Myrandah Garcia-Villareal
Vanessa we all will never forget to of the greatest legends in the world gigi and kobe
cbfbmc Hace 19 horas
HHH it's the same reason why you wouldn't cancel any shows in Saudi Arabia $$$$$$ and to be real about it I don't need WWE as long theres AEW
kgrkid Hace 18 horas
cbfbmc Uh, AEW is also doing empty arena shows, dumbass!
Ray Cole
Ray Cole Hace 20 horas
He better have a very very good offense of line or he will not be a factor this year. The man cannot scramble. And on top of that he’s playing in a division that is so much more competitive. I don’t see them doing that much. He has to play Drew Brees twice a year and Matt Ryan twice a year and probably going to Green Bay also
Softnumnums Hace 20 horas
starts at 19:21
Busta Hace 20 horas
Fake show has to make money and they really need to make money after the XFL had to cut its season. Wrestling didn't need the extra expense and they don't want to cut the funds any more than they absolutely have to.
Chris Watts' Demon
Chris Watts' Demon Hace 16 horas
@kgrkid that's not what your mom said
kgrkid Hace 18 horas
You’re the one that’s fake, boy
Noam Douek zoone
Noam Douek zoone Hace 19 horas
you sock
Rolo Tomasi
Rolo Tomasi Hace 20 horas
Let me guess the main reason why it wasn't cancelled. MONEY? They never cared about their employees anyway.
Kristen Green
Kristen Green Hace 20 horas
It's not any fun without the audience but the fights are but the audience is the whole mode they give the wrestlers energy
Andy Hace 20 horas
As a Washington fan, if they take Tua at #2 I am going to drink bleach
BiGBluERuLes100 Hace 20 horas
Simmons! Becton is a project
Terron James
Terron James Hace 16 horas
Sorry bro but lions are getting him lol
Piano-Keys of Fire
Piano-Keys of Fire Hace 20 horas
Go Hawks!
Robert Sommers
Robert Sommers Hace 21 un hora
If Chase Young is on the board and your an analyst that thinks he won't get picked outside of #1, you should be fired.
Josh Blocker
Josh Blocker Hace 21 un hora
It's sad to think we may not have football this year
Andre Lewis
Andre Lewis Hace 21 un hora
Damn can we be happy that a guy is getting a chance at redemption And getting his life back geez people smh the same people who is dogging him now will be the same people praising the signing once he starts making sacks lol give the man a damn chance and see what he has to offer before you start hating... too much hate in this world what if it was you in his shoes..
Brandon Cazares
Brandon Cazares Hace 21 un hora
It was so hard and very emotional for his wife to say many words about him. It must be hard to be a mom and have a daughter and dad lost. I’m sorry for Vanessa Bryant
Frédéric Leneveu
Frédéric Leneveu Hace 21 un hora
Jordan for president !
Joshua Polite
Joshua Polite Hace 21 un hora
Go Gamecocks ayyyee
SAZ YELME Hace 21 un hora
We remember you Kobe: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-VuiuB6bx9uM.html Go check out video and music we made dedicated to him
Ken Richards
Ken Richards Hace 21 un hora
Watch out for Bengals lmao!! Year after next don't matter. Ownership is cheap. They'd have to get lucky and burrow be next Montana
Kevin McGillicuddy
Kevin McGillicuddy Hace 21 un hora
Ok boomer
Jerry Green
Jerry Green Hace 21 un hora
O.G RayJack
O.G RayJack Hace 22 horas
A.B blocking safeties and linebackers most of the time is hard to visualize!!
Young RichSlime
Young RichSlime Hace 22 horas
The Jets GM is trash on this segment period , an the dude next to Brady Quinn horrible period
Freaky 8's
Freaky 8's Hace 22 horas
Ok Mr Blowhard... I have seen Ben towsrds the end of the year up close hes not Fat. His Face is a Big face plaster the Beard on it and the utter sloppiness just exacerbate that. Hes pretty much his normal 245 -250 NONE of which matters it's all about his Arm.
HsSpRuNg Hace 22 horas
Everyone talking shit about the guy just giveing him fuel to use. If he got it he got it if he dont release him. But give him atleast 2 years
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan Hace 22 horas
Half the NFL WILL be in the hunt for the SB
vincent jenne
vincent jenne Hace 22 horas
Tony Mandarich, was out for several years and came back with the colts and was solid
Jerry Golan
Jerry Golan Hace 22 horas
typical I told my wife he'd be living at St JETERSBERG he's a scumbag !!
ultimatewarriorz1 Hace 22 horas
Good cowboys picking up more trash after they way over paid amari , sinking ship for this crap team and wacky ass fan base
Chase Dyer
Chase Dyer Hace 19 horas
Overpaid Amari but should have gave Byron and Quinn 20 mill/year? lol
teeitup Hace 23 horas
another one year deal with another washed up old guy......cowboys keep getting older by the second!!!
2RanDumb Hace 23 horas
how do you call a guy with 2 ints in 5 years the best db in football your as crazy as the Dolphins!!!
SuffiX YT
SuffiX YT Hace 23 horas
This video end at 12:14 When you add them all it's 8 coincidence i think yes. #R.I.P MAMBA
Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant Hace 23 horas
Rex ryan called amari cooper a turd💩
Jose Marciaga
Jose Marciaga Hace 23 horas
The Funny thing is, At tht time, Roberts was guilty for putting Kershaw, Later on AJ HINCH did not use Gerrit Cole in game 7 and everybody said, Why didn´t you use the best guy in the game?, why you did not trust him?. This does not make any sense, Maybe they were meant to win this Wolrd Series. The way they won, milwaukee, dodgers, St louis, Houston. they stayed in the fight
Lemon Water
Lemon Water Hace un día
Wow! The 1K+ people who disliked this truly have no soul or heart. R.I.P Kobe. R.I.P Gianna.
Melina Ross
Melina Ross Hace un día
I feel bad for her she just loss her baby girl
Ken Mccarthy Fishing
🏆🏆 Nobody knows Glidebaits more than Oliver Nye ( Big Bass Dreams ) ESvid Channel 🏆🏆
RogueDingo Hace un día
So, about that I told you so.
Ieva Grundmane
Ieva Grundmane Hace un día
something is really wrong with those 6,6k people who put dislikes on this video
Lmb Bo Jr
Lmb Bo Jr Hace un día
Who Ever Dislike Must Dont Like Kobe
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson Hace un día
Pete is stupid lol his grading is so dumb. Simmons in Carolina!
Bobby Newman
Bobby Newman Hace un día
“She won’t be able to have a father daughter dance with her daddy” 🥺😖
Cornelius Kilgore
Cornelius Kilgore Hace un día
Eat all that offensive stuff. I hope so! More players for us. #WeAreTheJaguars
Cornelius Kilgore
Cornelius Kilgore Hace un día
Tua won't go 1st round!
Cornelius Kilgore
Cornelius Kilgore Hace un día
Okudah and Henderson will be 2nd round
Cornelius Kilgore
Cornelius Kilgore Hace un día
Everything else 2nd round on......