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SCOOB! Bloopers
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Alex Golden
Alex Golden Hace 18 horas
People will call me an idiot for this but when I was a little kid all I saw at the end of the trailer was a big figure with water dripping off him. For some reason my tiny 7 year old brain put together that it had to be killer croc. Looking back not only does that clearly look like a big muscular human, it’d be absurd to put Killer croc into this realistic depiction of Batman.
kent paul
kent paul Hace 18 horas
I like Marvel👍
gllmusic Hace 18 horas
Needs more mullets
MacNHatter Hace 18 horas
does anyone know the name of the music starting at 1:10?
anillia maharaj
anillia maharaj Hace 18 horas
The movie was overall good but i think rachel's wardrobe was horrible. Her dresses were so dull! But thats jus me🤷‍♀️
Will Ellison
Will Ellison Hace 18 horas
I'll pass on this one. Doesn't seem interesting.
JIery xa
JIery xa Hace 19 horas
You had to release full movie first and then trailers.
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis Hace 19 horas
Sad... This actually looks like a good movie.
Insomnio Hace 19 horas
synder pls :c
Arpit Cold
Arpit Cold Hace 19 horas
Current situation of americaaa
Zuraimi Yahya
Zuraimi Yahya Hace 19 horas
I just wish I had Flashy MIB thing to erased my mind and rewatch this great Masterpiece again
TIK TOKER Hace 19 horas
Leonor Borges
Leonor Borges Hace 19 horas
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Leonor Borges
Leonor Borges Hace 19 horas
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juan2049 Hace 19 horas
Here’s to hoping we see Cavill reprise his role again. He is the perfect Superman 🙂
Angel Gabriel Guarin Rubio
The people who disliked the trailer just saw the trailer backwards so they misreacted.
Pheno 97
Pheno 97 Hace 19 horas
the music for this needs to be a legit track 😖
DanTonGalery Hace 19 horas
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DanTonGalery Hace 19 horas
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Matheus Moreira
Matheus Moreira Hace 19 horas
0:11 - 0:44 its better than full movie ...
meg grotte
meg grotte Hace 20 horas
Firstly I cannot wait to see this movie and please tell me that the same director directed it
Wisecrack34 Hace 20 horas
pob- Hace 20 horas
Movie was great. Didn’t expect Leonardo Dicaprio to be in it.
What's up Football players
Honestly, ever since Endgame came out, I have been starting to like DC more!!
What's up Football players
Movie was good, truth is, i find the teaser trailer a better trailer than this one
Bezex Tidar
Bezex Tidar Hace 20 horas
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zubair aziz
zubair aziz Hace 20 horas
Very excited to see Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. Zack won and he deserves this win.
C V Hace 20 horas
I come here for the music
S SR Hace 20 horas
Sorry 😐
Kenny Flanders
Kenny Flanders Hace 20 horas
I've been watching this almost 96,000 times
Orian Swordsberg
Orian Swordsberg Hace 20 horas
I watched this movie last night, it was quite good, was not amazing but it was quite good.
Moon Tide
Moon Tide Hace 21 un hora
Wow i made a youtube account just to come and comment on how sexy Denzel’s son is. Where can I order one of those, because God.
fl1p xd
fl1p xd Hace 21 un hora
I came back to watch this trailer only because I’m watching it on Netflix so I wanted to know what I’ll see and yeah I’m having some regrets
cowandchicken86 Hace 21 un hora
As if Inception wasn’t enough of a mindfuck, now we have this. Love it.
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston Hace 21 un hora
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston Hace 21 un hora
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston Hace 21 un hora
No covid
Tyler Deniston
Tyler Deniston Hace 21 un hora
An f3
dustin Hace 21 un hora
I watched this for the first time a week before snyder cut was announced. I now know this was his 'way back' to Batman. Your a good actor and a good guy ben and you must never beat yourself up about what goes wrong for you.
new World
new World Hace 21 un hora
The best mouvies i love it
D_Jon3z 198
D_Jon3z 198 Hace 21 un hora
Who feels like time has validated this movie?
Kairo Hace 21 un hora
Who else died in WW3?
Kairo Hace 21 un hora
Emil Cruz
Emil Cruz Hace 21 un hora
Bruh this movie was great.
Fit Pablo
Fit Pablo Hace 21 un hora
*Very Relevant, Especially During These Times.*
nicoborassi yoga
nicoborassi yoga Hace 21 un hora
1984, when you could go shopping...
Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez Hace 22 horas
Where was this movie? This was not what I watched in the theaters.
kawaiiafangirl Hace 22 horas
idk why people think that the audiences today are the problem w/ movies when the original Blade Runner also flopped in the box office and other great films such as The Shawshank Redemption and Fight Club under performed.
John Webb
John Webb Hace 22 horas
Oculus 2030
Ed venuto
Ed venuto Hace 22 horas
The first the best
jantheman3000 Hace 22 horas
Inception part 2
damselnlace44 Hace 22 horas
No shiny tights in 1984? I don't think so.
tentimesful Hace 22 horas
garbage movie, it tells stories too slow and too vague..... I dont really follow it
COOL KID Hace 22 horas
Best movie
Justin animations
Justin animations Hace 22 horas
Who else came for my boy Dante Dotson
Roleplay zone
Roleplay zone Hace 22 horas
No no no no no no no No no no no no no no I have bin scared for life and I thought resident evil was scary 😱
Zamir Bhimji
Zamir Bhimji Hace 22 horas
"you chose to get corona rather than skip this movie.... Welcome to the afterlife"
Jacob Rodriguez
Jacob Rodriguez Hace 22 horas
I just got chills rewatching this. Can’t wait!
Luiz Alberto
Luiz Alberto Hace 22 horas
Belo filme
Tuhin Chakraborty
Tuhin Chakraborty Hace 22 horas
VOLDEMORT--Lemme ruin this video for you.... Every 5 seconds... *NYAHHHH* .... This was so emotional without that stupid noises or language by Voldy.....
David Sassoon
David Sassoon Hace 22 horas
When soldiers who survived the Great War came back many of them ended up hating civilians even more than they had the Germans. Worked pretty much the same in other countries too. It must have been really hard to have been in an office or factory and been ordered about by someone who's only front they'd seen had been their Y fronts.
kj3283w Hace 22 horas
DELAY THE FILM, it's gonna flop. Wait 2 more months for the pandemic to decrease.
Dylan Nicolas Sandoval Guillen
A K Hace 23 horas
Nowadays people are more interested in fiction than reality The reason is the reality of modern human world sucks
solyentbrak1 Hace 22 horas
Films have always been escapism, nothing new
Dawud Bryant
Dawud Bryant Hace 23 horas
Anyone know if Peter Jackson is gonna do a sequel of World War 2?
betty rizzo
betty rizzo Hace 23 horas
Alperen Keser
Alperen Keser Hace 23 horas
Nobody: Snyder Cut: 2:24
Mi mi
Mi mi Hace 23 horas
It is such a good trailer... 💗💗🙌🏻
Mug Hace 23 horas
I want to see this so badly
TheMardBard Hace 23 horas
I looooove this trailer!!! I wish they'd stop putting superheroes in high heels
Phil Matic
Phil Matic Hace 23 horas
How about a movie about high expectation asian parents
Johnny Whitsel
Johnny Whitsel Hace 23 horas
'Do you know the oldest lie in America, Senator?' - that Jesse Eisenberg belonged in this movie?
Johnny Whitsel
Johnny Whitsel Hace 23 horas
A news editor that teaches his people not to write about 'what the right thing is' and just tell the news??? Truly fiction.
That High Guy
That High Guy Hace 23 horas
Tdk always be the best
athavan raj
athavan raj Hace 23 horas
How would you lik to die? Old to young? Young to old?
PRIVGTA Hace 23 horas
Necesito ya el Snyder Cut
Dr. Manhattan Jr
Dr. Manhattan Jr Hace 23 horas
Great movie! Has a emotion and a strong message ! Refreshing!
The Nue Kid
The Nue Kid Hace 23 horas
I hope they remember you - Thanos
علی عربی
علی عربی Hace un día
Just a small point, Where is Aaron Taylor-Johnson?
Redskins Victory
Redskins Victory Hace un día
The world needs you now !!! Wonder women!!!!
Asad Ullah
Asad Ullah Hace un día
Very good movie.
Bikim Brown
Bikim Brown Hace un día
Turn out to be a good movie... Harley Quinn was Harley Quinn
MegaGug 95
MegaGug 95 Hace un día
I hope one day that it gets cut together as one long movie with an intermission in the middle.
Ishan Mohammad
Ishan Mohammad Hace un día
The background score and the trailer gives goosebumps... Don't know how many times I watched this trailer.. Still watching .. wowww
Gabriella Dobreva
Gabriella Dobreva Hace un día
Oh god jennifer and her body
game player
game player Hace un día
Wait thats not shaggy he is not an supersayan in this movie what the
Tamu Suttarwala
Tamu Suttarwala Hace un día
IMAX: How would you like your movie? Me: Simple IMAX: Then you chose the wrong director
game player
game player Hace un día
Simon got talent You get the joke
jokkei1 Hace un día
The one and ONLY thing amazing about the entire Hobbit Trilogy....
Michael Hodgkinson
Michael Hodgkinson Hace un día
The Hobbit was worth it just for this film alone
Nick Coulthurst
Nick Coulthurst Hace un día
I guess this would be the Ayers Directors cut trailer - the other one is more lighter.
Mr Innocent
Mr Innocent Hace un día
We need this in Tamil language There are more fan for nolan in tamil
Talita Queiroz
Talita Queiroz Hace un día
32 years, 2020 quarentine and: I cried
The Verdict
The Verdict Hace un día
They thought he was weak. So both the media and the goverment wanted to frame him just to wrap it up. Win Win situation for everyone except Jewell
Laura Calotescu
Laura Calotescu Hace un día
I love Katerine Heigl and I love all her's movies😍
dany7070 Sk
dany7070 Sk Hace un día
Half of the movie will be like scene in which they have faught will never happen, they will have just feel. we have already seen this concept in many other moveis, concept is good, characters are awesome, director's are great. Trailor is little bit confusing, so the movie will be, for People who doesn't watch these type of movies. They should have used the concept of the story in the trailer too, that could had bring the sens but trailer is not on point. The trailer is not bounding the vibe of movie, im will just watch this for Robert.
Makr Berg
Makr Berg Hace un día
I heard this is a sequel of fight club.
guruprakash s
guruprakash s Hace un día
t E i M m I e T PeRrEuStEuNfT
Bhoomish Banewal
Bhoomish Banewal Hace un día
this trailer is based on Zack's cut. and it looks amazing !
Sebast236 The Pro
Sebast236 The Pro Hace un día
I need this cut, we need the ayer cut... Bro, has been passed like 5 years since this trailer and i steel feeling gossebumps when i see it DAMN!!