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100 Comentarios
D'Afrique Rousseau
D'Afrique Rousseau Hace un hora
I love brisket! Especially made by a Jewish mom!!!
Nikka's Nook of Fun
Nikka's Nook of Fun Hace un hora
I dont like how evan doesn't call merle by her given name 😤😤😤
prlnsl Hace un hora
I’m disappointed that they didn’t choose Eugene to represent Dionysus, the god of drunkenness and alcohol. Literally Eugene as part of the Greek pantheon
Nizam Roslam
Nizam Roslam Hace un hora
0:44 oh lawd
Dinocornz _
Dinocornz _ Hace un hora
0:32 this is wut me and my friends do when one of us has OrAnGe JuIcE
Lone Wolf Zakuro
Lone Wolf Zakuro Hace un hora
I know you don’t count it because this is Asian noodles but Kugel is a thing...
Wesley EVC
Wesley EVC Hace un hora
so true
Britaney Burnett
Britaney Burnett Hace un hora
The Racy Picture 😁😁
Duckie Spams
Duckie Spams Hace un hora
0:56 what else did you think it was
JustPlay_YT Hace un hora
The time of this video is 9:11 anyone get it
Cheza Rosanna
Cheza Rosanna Hace un hora
madeline Hace un hora
mexican corn? girl u mean esquites
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones Hace un hora
I remember seeing that bald bouncer getting dropped of angry guy who he tried to escort out of the club
Jen Moreno
Jen Moreno Hace un hora
🤣 wow
Jeff Schmidt
Jeff Schmidt Hace un hora
I watched about 3 minutes of this video and am gonna comment that the first place was absolute trash. I'd rather eat ramen....like the cheap cup kind. Sorry.
I talk About stuff
I talk About stuff Hace un hora
Ikhwan Taqwa
Ikhwan Taqwa Hace un hora
Indomie number one!
Vaypn Hace un hora
This Is How Many Times They Said *_Noodle_* | | | V
nassy yakubu
nassy yakubu Hace un hora
All in all, I liked the e-boy look. it's always great to move out of your comfort zone and try something else... Now that Aria likes this look, he can actually pull off this look anytime he wants, adds variety to his style
Lucy Reyes
Lucy Reyes Hace un hora
I didn't think Logan losing was a big deal
Raikun Hace un hora
should be kevin as megamind
deepa sakthi
deepa sakthi Hace un hora
I hate how the camerman had to eat the leftovers
Tan Wei Xin
Tan Wei Xin Hace un hora
Jus saw a viral video on a restaurant making a tornado omelet rice and tot tat Andrew should try making it
AETHER lol Hace un hora
Title sounds racist
Jay Peeples
Jay Peeples Hace un hora
Aria: I’m definitely getting laid tonight Next morning: * records Merle while getting ready *
j.mary rathna puppy
j.mary rathna puppy Hace un hora
Try "choco bee" Shinchan's favourite snake 😊
Julia Piekarska
Julia Piekarska Hace un hora
Kichi kichi guy is the best
ღ h o s h i m i - m i t s u ღ
Who got Dirty minded at the thumbnail? Me.
joonsdd _
joonsdd _ Hace un hora
Jairo Sanchez
Jairo Sanchez Hace un hora
There even over 1000 types of noodles period? 😂
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Hace un hora
I miss the old camera
Deni Zuko Dream Team
This video made me smile inside :)
Lin Chen
Lin Chen Hace un hora
Steven looks like hes about to sell me the new IPhone
Mythtik Oxide
Mythtik Oxide Hace un hora
Bro look at the dudes ESvid account, he has a gay film on it gg
fem wynn
fem wynn Hace un hora
I've always anticipated people giving low scores for everything but their own....and we finally have that with the wendy's bish. girl people are going to wendys for burgers and frostys..NOT the fries. I have to stop at mcdonalds or rallys for my fries. and ps the best sauce for fries and burgers is honey mustard mayo and ketchup. mix it up well and I promise you will thank me later.
Erika Yanes
Erika Yanes Hace un hora
"Justin bieber at that point he became an atheist" 😂😂
Kpop idol facts
Kpop idol facts Hace un hora
kuro sekai
kuro sekai Hace un hora
wait! x is not 4 but it's 10 by the romanian numbers
R o c c o
R o c c o Hace un hora
They are roman numbers not romanian
That’sABDULL Hace un hora
Who else got hungry while watching this😭😭?
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Hace un hora
That’sABDULL no one fak u
Ripperino Zealz
Ripperino Zealz Hace un hora
imagine paying 10$ for a noodle ffs
onen Hace un hora
So it’s really $10 noodles vs $16 noodles + $78 crab on the side. I think they’re missing the point here :D
cam 231
cam 231 Hace un hora
$10 hashbrowns Vs $60 hashbrowns
d.ronzo17 Hace un hora
imagine being someone from uyghur, how great would it be being in the middle of all the flavour capitals of the world
Super Dahl
Super Dahl Hace un hora
Me: alright I think it’s time for bed ESvid recommendations: here’s another food video...
The Anime Libarian
The Anime Libarian Hace un hora
Blonde girl cute as hell very model like
SajiD EmpirE
SajiD EmpirE Hace un hora
Imma right side person
Rafal Bechert
Rafal Bechert Hace un hora
Rie is a Bae
C.A. Margazano
C.A. Margazano Hace un hora
Let your boys pick the baby's coming home outfit and design the newborn photoshoot
Skilledllex IOS
Skilledllex IOS Hace un hora
When he said “ I wish you can grow for other things “ I felt that.
StepKickKing Hace un hora
That one strand of hair on JJ’s head is triggering my OCD so badly 😂
JD Hace un hora
Anthony all the way.
Inami Hernandez
Inami Hernandez Hace un hora
riley is cute for the buttface #3
Jesse Hace un hora
Unusual tension between you two
Jeremy Canja
Jeremy Canja Hace un hora
i miss them
DK THEMAN Hace un hora
Give me a tip, I want a tip! How about get a real job maybe that can pay your bills not our hard earned money from tips
StepKickKing Hace un hora
You could see in Logan’s body language from the weigh in up until the fight, Logan was terrified. He’s not made for combat as much as he wants to say he is. Respect for getting in the ring, but he probably shouldn’t do it again.
Kat Buchan
Kat Buchan Hace un hora
omygad this narrator made me laugh
Mariel Ang
Mariel Ang Hace un hora
spittin out the food was so rude lol
Harry Sanger
Harry Sanger Hace un hora
Nice to see them using the term noodle correctly. The pasta episode was painful.
Bence Ungor
Bence Ungor Hace un hora
Can’t believe I watched this for free.
Hamoody Hace 2 horas
We’ve literally had everything other than Arabs
P Mix Youtube Channel
1 man 12 shits.
Nah u don't know me
Nah u don't know me Hace 2 horas
7:47 Uyghurs- The Uyghurs, alternately Uygurs, Uighurs or Uigurs, are a minority Turkic ethnic group originating from and culturally affiliated with the general region of Central and East Asia.
Its Jt
Its Jt Hace 2 horas
Jewish ladies try their own cheeseburgers!
Taekwondo, basketball Cavaliers
Ryan: hi I’m Ryan and I have never tried meat before *Tries meatballs* Ryan: it tastes like a lemon with carrots mixed with it! Mmm I like that 😋
MusicalElitist1 Hace 2 horas
I love the lack of commitment from all of them.
I Barley Upload
I Barley Upload Hace 2 horas
No it’s bubblé
catsftw Hace 2 horas
7:47 VERY important message on the chef's shirt. Seriously.
Hannah&Gracie Thomas
Oh boy... garrett...
butzelbovat Hace 2 horas
Not relaxing at all... Cant watch ...
AngryPCLobby Zweitchannel
is it me or are they trying to avoid mentioning the most expensive as their worth it winner in these last episodes? :P
Ellywe Ꮚ ̆ ꈊ ̆ Ꮚ
1:58 Kkkkk até na Bala tem samba
Angelica Galeadriano
Is it me that she looks so awkward when sitting in that chair?? Oh ok only me😐
Abdullah Waqas
Abdullah Waqas Hace 2 horas
Slurp slurp
Miwan31 200iq
Miwan31 200iq Hace 2 horas
*me eating slowly my cheese burger and wondering why am i eating mcdonalds when i can travel to LA and eat perfect noodles*
Lucas Kaczmarek
Lucas Kaczmarek Hace 2 horas
I love how whenever the Wendy’s girl said something they would change the music from joyful to very daunting
MiranaDota2 Hace 2 horas
7:18 these Google “Uyghur” shirts are epic
Jolan Hace 2 horas
*dramatic music intensifies as the Wendy employee awaits its chicken sandwich*
Yee Hace 2 horas
littlesemtex ayoub
littlesemtex ayoub Hace 2 horas
Am I the only one that's bothered by the fact that they didn't give them the SAUCE , she Brought it for a reason smh
Leila Mangos
Leila Mangos Hace 2 horas
Please do a worth it episode in Sydney, Australia, and try out different pavlovas or something like that!! And let me know when you're here, it'd be insane to meet you 😂💕
Med z
Med z Hace un hora
They’ve been to aus.
Jeremy Pharell
Jeremy Pharell Hace 2 horas
You will eat her looks cute
Cycling Cycles
Cycling Cycles Hace 2 horas
Felt like I've watched this before...
Le_POTATO Dust Hace 2 horas
aria: "*SLIGHT*" feelings... me : mhmm yea.... k
Jenna Akemi
Jenna Akemi Hace 2 horas
U should try the $2 peanut noodles in nyc
Itsyourboi 101
Itsyourboi 101 Hace 2 horas
I’m 11 and shot a shotgun at a clay pigeon and got way better accuracy than them 7/8
Randii var
Randii var Hace 2 horas
More like Korean boy
TQS_ICECUBE Hace 2 horas
Like hvis i er dansk
David wu
David wu Hace 2 horas
dry noodles are fuckin disgraceful
andrewhasbigbrain Hace 2 horas
he even look like michael b jordan
Reene Kay
Reene Kay Hace 2 horas
Inga has a whole series on tasty...
Nycina Hace 2 horas
why'd he say murderer instead of serial killer :(
HEYY YAH Hace 2 horas
I feel like The former Wendy’s worker only worked because her rich parents made her get a job to teach her the value of money paha
Cflick3 Hace 2 horas
I am not going to lie....thumbnail looks like a turd on a fork.
jade Hace 2 horas
anyone else think of aria from pretty little liars when they hear the dudes name? 😂
Marry Jayne
Marry Jayne Hace 2 horas
Satanist are Christians. They're just good lying Christians.
Itsyourboi 101
Itsyourboi 101 Hace 2 horas
I’m soooooooo surprised the vets won
c Lok
c Lok Hace 2 horas
So has the Asian guy try to make a move on the white guy yet.?
juancho deveraturda
juancho deveraturda Hace 2 horas
Hey steven, are you a Christian?
Lybery Bery
Lybery Bery Hace 2 horas
I never knew shaking a bag of paper is fun.
fem wynn
fem wynn Hace 2 horas
lmfao pizza bagel