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I Escaped North Korea
Hace 21 un día
37 Comentarios
Na Hee Lee
Na Hee Lee Hace 15 horas
뭔 가가가 드래그퀸 없음 없었다 ㅇㅈㄹ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 돌아이노..
Raymond Douglas
Raymond Douglas Hace 15 horas
If you wanna watch an American reactions to UK shows watch After Work Reactionis, he gets it. He does this,Ricky Gervais, Ali G and plenty more he’s good.
Faith Handley
Faith Handley Hace 15 horas
They’re right about the pronunciation of Norfolk
lenyce Roman
lenyce Roman Hace 15 horas
Bro I’d rather have my labia protrude then have a big fat moose knuckle gorilla grip looking vagina 🙄🤢
BordN-dA-K1ng Hace 15 horas
Tbh this should be try not to get mad
alex sandoval
alex sandoval Hace 15 horas
Video starts at 2:30
Lenny Robreds
Lenny Robreds Hace 15 horas
Asians in a nutshell for 3 minutes.
K H Hace 15 horas
I am learning Mandarin with traditional characters because my boyfriend is from Taiwan. I have a tutor as well, but I feel like I'd don't have time either. I like how you set a goal to set for yourself in a set time. I will do that too and I think that will push me to make it more a priority. Thank you for the video!! 계속 열심이 공부해요! 한국말 잘 해요!~ ^^ 🥰🤗
T. John
T. John Hace 15 horas
Figured out I’m a speed-reader but that absolutely did not help me on my SATs or ACT.
Nightmare Hace 15 horas
I can only write with my left-hand but my right-hand is superior are everything else.
alanr900 Hace 15 horas
I would honestly love to be able to come on and do this video with others. I feel like it would be a humbling and refreshing experience.
Jayne C
Jayne C Hace 15 horas
I wouldn't like to be a meme without knowing it, but otherwise I wouldn't care 🤪😝
Emma Lenore
Emma Lenore Hace 15 horas
That Wendy’s girl really loves her Wendy’s.
Bluestar Hace 15 horas
Renee has this really nice elegance to her personality. She’s just really well put together. So is Marlee, she (they? I wasn’t sure what pronouns to take from her being androgynous) has a beautiful personality.
Michelle The Zombey
Michelle The Zombey Hace 15 horas
I want a complication of the try guys learning to walk in heels with this very music.
X COP123 X
X COP123 X Hace 15 horas
Pissed up the Scottish accent ngl, quick good in other places tho
robert caldwell
robert caldwell Hace 15 horas
Worth it, Leftovers
Dev King
Dev King Hace 15 horas
These girls are coconuts. It’s basically what Indians who have almost no Indian traits are called.
Hanna Stenros
Hanna Stenros Hace 16 horas
Your skin Belongs to a ginger so it has ginger in it, that is why the blonde look more yellow on You than it actually is. Try use a beige caramelcoloured Toned conditioner to get a blonde in a tone that match your skin. It might give your Edge back while still having a light less yellowish tone in the hair.
Clash Robert
Clash Robert Hace 16 horas
3:52 then why are you called blind people?
Trang L
Trang L Hace 16 horas
"you know how Dì Linh is" lol i relate
PeeTee Hace 16 horas
Only Matt stonie can finish the $100 fries
annie Hace 16 horas
yixnorb Hace 16 horas
I wonder if he ever dropped a fish on a restaurant table aka "sleeping with the fishes"
Communist72 Hace 16 horas
Iced coffee all the way.
Jan Svoboda
Jan Svoboda Hace 16 horas
Why is it so fast????
B S Hace 16 horas
One thing i didn't see anybody mention that i would like a conversation on is how people interact with the police makes a big difference to how they react to the person. Black culture and white culture do not interact with police the same way. Long before the George Floyd protest my opinion is that black people had no respect for the police. I believe that would lead to more hostile interactions. (that doesn't condone the hostility just an explanation)
Nicole Acosta
Nicole Acosta Hace 15 horas
Although I can see how you think that, the way black people interact with police is from a place of generational distrust. For example, cities like Ferguson Missouri. Their entire system of policing and revenue for the township was built upon harassing and targeting black people for fines from small crimes. This was discovered during a federal investigation. This is harassment. If we have been harassed by law enforcement for generations, how can you expect black folx to be civil and respectful all the time? The lens in which you view an interaction with police is not the same for many people in this country. Also I would also disagree with how culture/interaction plays a role. I’ve seen many white people disrespecting and not following orders, being belligerent with police with very different outcomes. I appreciate your comments and I hope you take mine with respect as well.
Ryan Hoyle
Ryan Hoyle Hace 15 horas
With the documented experiences that they’ve had as a culture and as a people with the police and authoritative positions, do you believe their respect for those entities suffered as an effect of those experiences? As opposed to just inherently having a sense of disrespect, as you’re implying.
Bridger Noyes
Bridger Noyes Hace 16 horas
ttv TaneeshaHogan
Nico Jensen
Nico Jensen Hace 16 horas
Everyone she has a twitch it’s @taneeshahoogan
Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson Hace 16 horas
I really appreciated this video. I hope you guys do more!
PlaystationFanDude Hace 16 horas
Australians are so funny
Rio Gosser
Rio Gosser Hace 16 horas
In French Duck go coin coin because I am in French
Bagsznryan Hace 16 horas
Wendys girl is mad picky😂🥶
NotLame 543
NotLame 543 Hace 16 horas
I would argue if you have a Ph.D in looking at people you have no life. That chick was so damn cocky
Bloxyoyo Hace 16 horas
I like how hyperactive the puppies are and how the kittens are just very confused
Kysaac Hace 16 horas
Buzzfeed you have 21 million subscribers why does the audio of this video sound like it was recorded with a smart toasters microphone
Akopack YT
Akopack YT Hace 16 horas
As a left hand man, I really dont find some of these THAT irritating. But i do love this video for my LH life.