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Crank Cranker
Crank Cranker Hace un segundo
Buttigieg ---> f⁴qqot
Deirdre Schoen
Deirdre Schoen Hace 6 segundos
He lies and she swears to it - she has no integrity
Jeff H
Jeff H Hace 7 segundos
This is how the incompetent handle legal proceedings.
James Drynan
James Drynan Hace 9 segundos
Mr. Carlson has adopted the pejorative rhetoric of his President. Inflammatory statements, churlish innuendoes and questionable editing of videos seem to be the hallmark of his reportage. “Unlike guilt, which is the feeling of doing something wrong, shame is the feeling of being something wrong.” Shame be on you, sir.
pete 247
pete 247 Hace 10 segundos
I saw a discussion, not an argument.
aunun ally
aunun ally Hace 13 segundos
CNN MSNBC ABC TBS you're all attacking democracy yes you are
Joe Cushley
Joe Cushley Hace 14 segundos
Fuck me. Would you buy a used anything from this pile of shit.
Jon Ahmed
Jon Ahmed Hace 16 segundos
The citizens of Hong Kong are fighting the Communist occupation. The world supports you.
Banana Republic
Banana Republic Hace 18 segundos
Ain't nobody voting for him.....the fuck?
LindyBe1 Hace 18 segundos
This info blowhorn lost it's credibility a long time ago. 👎😏
Gothic Dragon warrior Queen
Fuck-ass Democrat!!!🇺🇸😡🏹🔫⚔🗡🛡💣💥
Anthony Hace 24 segundos
Cuomo let's them talking over him too much.
aunun ally
aunun ally Hace 34 segundos
Old Wolfie you've turned yourself into a joke you might want to find the real news Outlet to work for. But there may not be any left I'm sorry for you Blitzer you was once an honorable man least I thought so
Eagle007 Hace 37 segundos
CNN must have just polled Cooper, Lemon and Helium voice😉
Ozzy The Mighty
Ozzy The Mighty Hace 37 segundos
Yeah... like no one cares about CNN poll's no more..
Strait Arrow
Strait Arrow Hace 42 segundos
Interrorgate the Chancellor of the College & charge the deceased Dr Strauss . This has nothing to do with Jim Jordan . But more to do with CNN propagating fake news in order to destroy the credibility of Republican Jordan . I can smell treasonous Zucker behind this strategy.
Michael Freeman
Michael Freeman Hace 51 un segundo
I like this gov
Ken Clarke
Ken Clarke Hace 55 segundos
Obama Fired Many Foreign Official's on His First Day in Office... That is normal and if any of you Left Brain Dead People actually had a Job you would know this.... Hey I Voted Obama.. I thought he would bring US together... I Was Wrong... He Put down America,the Police, the Military, and Christians get off your high Horse, and then Praised Muslims whom were the biggest slave traders in HistoryOh yea, You do not learn that History in School.
John Eddison
John Eddison Hace 57 segundos
CNN Sucks, Wolf Blitzer, Coumo and others Democrat biased reporting.
SPRINDYS Hace 59 segundos
65wiseman Hace un minuto
When trump loses - good people win.
Brenda Davis
Brenda Davis Hace un minuto
Jake Rapper is just a plain old DEMOCRAT SOB
Sonny Cho
Sonny Cho Hace un minuto
They thought she had something in her bra. She did. It's milk for her two week old.
Zombie Cartman
Zombie Cartman Hace un minuto
Have you ever wondered what it would look like if the government was allowed to use the media as propaganda?
ture sankara
ture sankara Hace un minuto
Sport stadiums are simply the modern day Roman Colosseum.. panem et circenses : bread and circuses : sustenance and entertainment provided by government to appease public discontent. Alan Watts - Bread & Circuses esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-tU4xXxb9BGA.html
Cruz Dominguez
Cruz Dominguez Hace un minuto
Blair Penny
Blair Penny Hace un minuto
Wrong as usual CNN. That had nothing to do with why the money was withheld. He didn't come on your show because he knows your biased and fictitious coverage would try to slander him. Why was the money released without any of those "stipulations" being met? Maybe you are just flat out wrong? You know as usual?
Thomas Chappell
Thomas Chappell Hace un minuto
Trump continues to cast doubt on his intelligence.
Screaming Eagle
Screaming Eagle Hace un minuto
fake. self inflicted to sell knives
Andrew Musgrove
Andrew Musgrove Hace un minuto
I live in Iowa. I only hear about Warren & Biden. Though, I'm going 1. Tulsi, 2nd choice. Bernie.
gadder _
gadder _ Hace un minuto
This is basically like the nazis
Ryan Gennaro
Ryan Gennaro Hace un minuto
Ugh... cnn and Colin Kaperprick in the same sentence makes me want to vomit. The leaders in fake news and the a whiney cry baby sjw
Michael Mistretta
Michael Mistretta Hace un minuto
Quit trying to make a failed college town mayor with a racist police force a thing, HE IS NOT A THING.
Plague Dox
Plague Dox Hace un minuto
Based on the messages in his show, policy wise, he'd be for Bernie Sanders. No question.
Jeff Franklin
Jeff Franklin Hace un minuto
“Petition to deport Piers”
Umberto Errechitto
Umberto Errechitto Hace un minuto
Socialist democrats stacked the entire kangaroo court that convicted Roger Stone of 7 felonies. The Judge was appointed by Clinton? 0Bama? The Prosecutor is a democrat, and get this: 90.9% of the jury pool voted for Killary The jury included “CIA operatives, Democrat Party operatives, people that work for Clinton, Obama, on a high-level.
GoldFish Ninja
GoldFish Ninja Hace un minuto
Yup she pissed and shit her pants a few times. Oh wait never mind it’s CNN fake news so everything is staged
Erik Laken
Erik Laken Hace 2 minutos
Fantastic done! Pete.😻
m Hace 2 minutos
you guys really want to shovel these garbage candiates down our throats dont you? You guys are fucking miserable
The Glamourous One
The Glamourous One Hace 2 minutos
Trash Can
Trash Can Hace 2 minutos
Toy gun 😑
abby Woodhead
abby Woodhead Hace 2 minutos
Bow and arrow javelin if I see a kid with a catapult then I know shit going down
newbeeah Hace 2 minutos
No he’s not 😂. 👻boo hiss 🐍
Jus call me vell
Jus call me vell Hace 2 minutos
Cnn stop promoting this man you need the blk vote to win he dose not have the blk vote dont throw this election away
Sopian Hadi
Sopian Hadi Hace 2 minutos
CNN not good
Kenny Ho
Kenny Ho Hace 2 minutos
Honestly this is the first time where western bias is so obvious. Literally just youtube "Hong Kong". You will see all the videos of these protestors attacking civilians who have differing opinions, people getting brinks thrown at them, buildings being vandalized and set on fire, and a man getting burned alive. Yet western media never shows this. They only show things that makes Hong Kong authority look bad without the full picture. An easy example is when a hong kong police officer shot a teenager. All western media published videos of this and depicted the police officers as brutal and just attacking innocent civilians. Yet, they don't show that literally 20 sec before that, there's like 10 men attacking and surrounding a police officer. Another officer came in to defend him and they swung their poles at him and try to attack him. In that moment, the police shot fire. IMO, that shot was justified. Before everyone judge, make sure to look at both sides of the story. Everyone has an agenda.
William Grant
William Grant Hace 2 minutos
This is more propaganda.
Soleil MoonfrEyE
Soleil MoonfrEyE Hace 2 minutos
No reports on the prince Andrew. Re. Epstein interview?
Elaine Hace 2 minutos
Consultants, please pay attention to the comments below. Went through half of them; CNN is not impressing anyone.
Daybot Hace 2 minutos
Yang2020 Google Andrew Yang #YangGang #yanggang2020
Eagle007 Hace 2 minutos
Throw him off a roof😉
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell Hace 3 minutos
All the GURLS at CNN wet their panties, who knows Don Lemon might get to be first LADY yet.
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez Hace 3 minutos
Can't you put better news than that loser for crying out loud I rather hear the lies and the fake new about Trump then this guy
The Count
The Count Hace 3 minutos
He sucks just like cnn
65wiseman Hace 3 minutos
Go, Pete!
Mason Bilbrey
Mason Bilbrey Hace 57 segundos
yes! go pete! another corporate democrat sellout!
Robert Rix
Robert Rix Hace 3 minutos
CNN. Is like the national enquirer...Fake...dumbasses that watch and believe Maury same people watching Cnn
Nexus Six
Nexus Six Hace 3 minutos
You tabloid CNN trying to politicize Mr. Rogers? You make me sick.
Y H Hace 3 minutos
Anthony scarapucci is against Trump only coz he is also a billionaire Anthony scarapucci is a is a leaker
412 VW
412 VW Hace 3 minutos
No more FREE money from 🇺🇸 #bosslevel
Debbie Martini
Debbie Martini Hace 3 minutos
Cutest giggle ever!
Maxx Q
Maxx Q Hace 3 minutos
Between the sh-t shows of the comrade orange liar-in-chief and the comrades of the GOP Senate and House of Representatives, it's easy to see why the people's trust has been lost.
Jasko Hodzic
Jasko Hodzic Hace 3 minutos
Racist bimbo
J S Hace 3 minutos
Robert Paulson
Robert Paulson Hace 3 minutos
And when this man is on his knees before the throne of God receiving a lesson in humility, he will realize that he knows nothing either.
Fati Hace 3 minutos
I don’t think I would vote for Buttigeig or Biden. Bernie or bust!
Gail Albers
Gail Albers Hace 4 minutos
would that be something !
Peggy Blair
Peggy Blair Hace 4 minutos
She did the right thing by walking out on you.
Mind Crimes
Mind Crimes Hace 4 minutos
cnn scumbags.
Jeremy Parker
Jeremy Parker Hace 4 minutos
Damn CNN 😱 Trump takes his dick out of your mouth for a minute and you start sucking his freinds balls!? Hey is that governor running for president? TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
The Wiz
The Wiz Hace 4 minutos
I was really excited to hear about peter's big poll. What about you guys? Mmmm. BUTTIGIEG2020
tracy anders
tracy anders Hace 4 minutos
Why dont you guys give true news, you all sound one toned and boring lol
Jerry R
Jerry R Hace 4 minutos
He should Transition and be the first Women President*.. He likes Pant Suites and Dresses!
Asahel Marin
Asahel Marin Hace 4 minutos
I hope Democrats would walk out forever
Netcom Computer Repair
Netcom Computer Repair Hace 4 minutos
Is like first day of work after high School ,them may say thank you but everybody knows it means f... You!!!
G G Hace 4 minutos
If Trump wants to finish this clown show quickly then just release the audiotapes. Case closed.
Wayne Madden
Wayne Madden Hace 4 minutos
Trump said on ESvid he be only president of United States to make money. When he make money if he come president of United States and he doing it put bum in jail mr jordon he nut case he’s was watching a coach have sex this man doing crimes this is sick
Music Man
Music Man Hace 4 minutos
Jews do control our media. All of our media. Be real here.
Seth Peaslee
Seth Peaslee Hace 4 minutos
I’ll sum it up.. bruh they ain’t shit going on here
Gregory Vaughn
Gregory Vaughn Hace 4 minutos
The USA. Probably the only country where the criminal elite get away with murder and other crimes while the people exposing the crimes get prosecuted. Unbelievable!
Brian W
Brian W Hace 4 minutos
CNN poll = Useless
Dave H
Dave H Hace 4 minutos
If You watch this it tells everything. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Ak68nGqpKq0.html
MAD LUV Hace 4 minutos
Fucc fox news 😎
ChiKid Quintero
ChiKid Quintero Hace 5 minutos
Kentucky and now Louisiana? 😂😂😂
Nancy Stowell
Nancy Stowell Hace 3 minutos
Virginia- Clean Sweep!
Brain SmashR
Brain SmashR Hace 4 minutos
Louisiana has had 1 true Republican (not a party flip-flopper) in nearly 150 years...To imply that Trump has anything to do with that is just another lie from another morally bankrupt liberal piece of trash...
Lealman Boi
Lealman Boi Hace 5 minutos
COLUMBINE FULL SONG esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-TJe-t5o0R3k.html
Minh Nguyen
Minh Nguyen Hace 5 minutos
Biden should not run for the PO. It will be bad for the country too.
Ernest Heau
Ernest Heau Hace 5 minutos
Trump wants the Biden investigated. Fine. While we are doing that let's also investigate the connections between Trump's abandoning the Kurds and his financial connections in Turkey.
Gary Mellow
Gary Mellow Hace 5 minutos
CNN poll now that’s fake news vote Bernie the only one that will work for the people not just the 1% 🔥🔥🔥
ariesfire041 Hace 5 minutos
Jordan is a DICKHEAD!
Robert Gilbert
Robert Gilbert Hace 5 minutos
What a complete and utter schiffshow.
MusicNotRumours Hace 5 minutos
Fredo got fact checked period!
southtown j
southtown j Hace 5 minutos
Somebody look into nadlers background, he's got a long line of fixing tickets!
Shawn M
Shawn M Hace 5 minutos
You're wrong, no you're wrong.. IG report is about to come out in December let's see if dems will say those FACTS are wrong when they're exposed
Trumpet Music
Trumpet Music Hace 5 minutos
Wishful thinking by cnn? This video is the perfect example of how to do a terrible job with no shame at all.
Christophe Abiel
Christophe Abiel Hace 5 minutos
that one hispanic
that one hispanic Hace 5 minutos
"I am truly sorry" Sorry for what sorry for hitting a defenseless man 16 times in the head sorry for joking about his injuries sorry for wiping his blood out from your uniform with disinfectant there is no sorry there is only I am guilty
Toontt Toon
Toontt Toon Hace 5 minutos
Wallace.​Had.​ Been.​ Payed.​ Little.think​
AlphaflyINXS Hace 5 minutos
Republicans are shamefull because they have no shame. They don´t care about the truth, they only care about their positions and the money they make! If this is the Country that Americans wanted, this country will be going down under 45 and the Republican Partie of now. This is not the Republican Partie of old - you know the Partie of Lincoln - this is now the Trump Partie. Trying to shield him whenever he does something stupid and that is actually every single day now. If Republicans don´t grow a pair in the next few days, they will throw the US to the wolves and by wolves i mean Putin!
P A V L V S Hace 5 minutos
What he really meant: "If I had my wife's son"
Effie Marty
Effie Marty Hace 6 minutos
One thing they did't get to talk about. Biden did't announce his candidacy for Pres. for months after the phone call. So..in fact Biden was NOT a political rival until then....AFTER the phone call. But whatever..believe what you wish. CNN is a shit news network who talks over its guest to push its agenda. Talking over Jim Jordan does not make his facts go away.
Jesse Chase
Jesse Chase Hace 6 minutos
CNN you're an enemy of the people