Gacha Shiro
Gacha Shiro
Gacha Shiro

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XxRubíxX Hace 5 horas
15:17 Very cringe
Bakunun Dekusunun Shipcisi Minağ
Way amk okulun hastanesi varmıs
sasuki Uchiha
sasuki Uchiha Hace 5 horas
1:52 porfa como se llama la canción?
°June° Hace 6 horas
5:32 ignorenlo es solo para mí xd
Hiri Hyuga
Hiri Hyuga Hace 6 horas
Seyyedhassan Hosseini
I see one cringey
Hiri Hyuga
Hiri Hyuga Hace 7 horas
Ecjomjzkyd Qskfzhjaxe
Kandy Gentry
Kandy Gentry Hace 7 horas
And can’t even READ it
Kandy Gentry
Kandy Gentry Hace 7 horas
The ice cream part she didn’t smack the ice cream out of his hand
harbi Remus harbi
harbi Remus harbi Hace 9 horas
Hace 9 horas
16:25 who else would like to be a king/queen cause i know i do
Bianca Andreea Ardelean
8:40 i dont understand
David Francisco Torres ticona
pear for the one about which man abuses the girl her parents came and they were gey
marwa marwan
marwa marwan Hace 11 horas
Hrtii😞😞😞🥺😇😇😎😎😍yjruftii ivrb
Sujit Kumar Sujit Kumar
0:09 what remix is that?
Ender🤍🖤 Hace 11 horas
8:00 pls stop making abuse a trend
☆Daisy☆ Hace 12 horas
22:40 the girl looks like a statue👁👄👁
Raylla Rodrigues
Raylla Rodrigues Hace 12 horas
•Itz Guacamole•
•Itz Guacamole• Hace 12 horas
No flashing light warning 🤦🏽‍♀️
Gabriele Ramos
Gabriele Ramos Hace 13 horas
~KitCat~ Hace 13 horas
12:39 was really weird-