UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
Ultimate Fighting Championship® is the world's leading mixed martial arts organization. Over the past decade, with the help of state athletic commissions throughout the United States, UFC® has morphed itself from a spectacle into a highly respected sports organization. Major fights between world-renowned mixed martial arts superstars have become some of the most popular sporting events of the year, surpassing pay-per-view records previously held by boxing and professional wrestling. Sports fans have made their voices heard - they want reality when they watch sports, and UFC is clearly "AS REAL AS IT GETS!"
UFC 247: Weigh-in
Hace 19 días
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Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
18:24 Don't you mean Dublin ???
Hamoud khaled
Hamoud khaled Hace 15 horas
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Hamoud khaled
Hamoud khaled Hace 15 horas
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Hamoud khaled
Hamoud khaled Hace 15 horas
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Dinco422 Hace 15 horas
Holy shit this was so cringe, i loved it.
Michael Hill
Michael Hill Hace 16 horas
Felder, fuck that Hooker!
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
13:00 this guy is amazing I wanna see him fight guys like Blachowicz, Reyes, Marreta and Smith!
Jaka Škoberne
Jaka Škoberne Hace 16 horas
Cliff 1:0 Dana White
Azet Khasanova
Azet Khasanova Hace 16 horas
So looking forward to Watch him fight Khabib-it will be E.P.I.C
Mario Angeloski
Mario Angeloski Hace 16 horas
*Deontay Wilder entered the chat*
Frank S
Frank S Hace 16 horas
Legend!!! The fucking Count baby!!!
Marcos J
Marcos J Hace 16 horas
Hes an elbow merchant.
NUDA 07 Hace 16 horas
Пошел нахой Кебаб чемпион младенцов
Kevin Carpenter
Kevin Carpenter Hace 16 horas
Both trying to not lose,instead of trying to win.
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
10:19 If The Rock and Dana White had a son.
Marco Lostaunau
Marco Lostaunau Hace 16 horas
“Izzy, I see you soon boi” -Yoel Romero
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
Donna Hassan
Donna Hassan Hace 16 horas
Who clicked coz they thought it was adesenya vs mayweather???😆😆
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
5:23 Maynard is looking pretty grey in the beard!
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
3:32 that's some crazy maori stuff!
Javier Avila
Javier Avila Hace 16 horas
Muy buena, la verdad me gusta su actitud, que todo te salga bien
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
2:36 Nam Phan looking ripped as fuck these days!
Johnny mac
Johnny mac Hace 16 horas
All the masvidal bandwagon fans in the comments that didn't even watch the fight is hilarious
DR Demo DRDEMO Hace 16 horas
fk you Tom Styre
Somos Espana Bullz
Somos Espana Bullz Hace 16 horas
Michael buffer is so much better than bruce as an announcer
Still Awake!!
Still Awake!! Hace 16 horas
Felder looks like a tank. I really like Hooker too and anything can and will happen. Both of them can win this fight but I think Felder can take more punishment . This is a huge fight and feels like a Title fight. Good luck too both fighters. Let's go !!!
D G Hace 16 horas
This fight is on my birthday, a nice birthday gift
Immigrant Mentality Stiopic
0:41 she kinda look like a man
Antanas Sasyskinas
Antanas Sasyskinas Hace 16 horas
Paul who ?
Jawn117 Hace 16 horas
Zhang wins via coronavirus
Richard Lee
Richard Lee Hace 16 horas
All of those women fighters are ugly as sin haha.
Republika Srpska
Republika Srpska Hace 16 horas
Khabib the best
abhi r
abhi r Hace 16 horas
The second one was early stoppage by Herb Dean standards
ECM Clan leader
ECM Clan leader Hace 16 horas
Hooker: this is my house Irish dragon: we'll see
Dj Cbostyles
Dj Cbostyles Hace 16 horas
this is the only one that sucked
Shame Nolan
Shame Nolan Hace 16 horas
Zubaira needs his head caved in the rat
Keviv Tawar
Keviv Tawar Hace 16 horas
Why m getting a feeling that it's gonna end badly for Izzy ...think it's gonna end up like Wonderboy v. Pettis
nesotr Hace 16 horas
This guy does not give a fuck about hitting unconcious people lmao
knowledgeisthepower1 Hace 16 horas
"Diego, the aliens are coming for u!"
Leandro Santana
Leandro Santana Hace 16 horas
Michel Pereira??
Somos Espana Bullz
Somos Espana Bullz Hace 16 horas
Kimo got Therapy!
Nick Gerrs
Nick Gerrs Hace 16 horas
WTF did he say!!!!???
Sam .R
Sam .R Hace 16 horas
ha ha when u face beast it's another story khabib
Daniel Gil
Daniel Gil Hace 16 horas
Paul felder by KO
Ez 420
Ez 420 Hace 16 horas
Fuckin hope Yoel ko’s this muppet.
Jay Tal
Jay Tal Hace 16 horas
Israel taking easy fights gfys the guys so old and out of his prime
Markus Flavour
Markus Flavour Hace 16 horas
Bryan Hace 16 horas
So the fight is personal because Paul posted a hooker meme? I find it very hard to believe Dan didn't grow up hearing people joke about his last name.
Anthony Emerick
Anthony Emerick Hace 16 horas
Let's go Irish Dragon
Mma Focused
Mma Focused Hace 16 horas
The fat guy who always asks questions firsts, asks really bad questions. Very dull
SHoK I Shinobi
SHoK I Shinobi Hace 16 horas
It's times like these Im disgusted with what this MMA community has become. I remember back in the 2000s and early 2010s before the UFC went mainstream you could actually have an intelligent and unbaised conversation/debate about anything MMA related and most of the time everything was reasonable. Now if you support a fighter your a fangirl d*ck rider and if someone disagrees with your opinion they immediately label you a casual who knows nothing about the sport. Now whenever a fighter loses their wrote off as "washed up" and never as good as people claimed. People who rooted for them toss them aside and pretend they were never fans in the first place just so they can say they were on the winning side. (Witnessed it with Holloway,Whitaker, Velasquez,Weidman,Aldo and many more just to name a few examples) I was hoping to see some refreshing comments about the classic highlights and fights and submissions shown in the video. But I guess that was just wishful thinking. Instead its nothing but comments about McGregor when there's plenty of other good highlights to talk about. If your reading this please don't misunderstand me I'm not defending or attacking Conor. It's just at this point its become classless and predictable. Especially now that it's been almost two years since his defeat to the eagle. It's okay to relish in a fighters defeat when you don't like them, especially someone as outspoken as Conor. (Trust me I've been there). But nowadays that's all there seems to be. Sh*t talking for the sake of sh*t talking and arguing with no substance or logic. This community has become a husk of negativity and bad energy. As a fan who's been hear for over 15 years its sad to watch.
justice4germans Hace 16 horas
what a psychopath
Jonah Webster
Jonah Webster Hace 16 horas
So fun to watch
AXO URBAN Hace 16 horas
I can say that this is Romero's last chance to get the belt.I hope he can make the weight.
Arch God
Arch God Hace 16 horas
Tony the definition of long muscle type
Kevin Landon
Kevin Landon Hace 16 horas
Romero has cheated and manipulated every situation possible, hes def on roids, cant make weight, and still never got the belt. Based on his history, he probly didnt show up so he could continue training camp, he dont care about the fans
Hadis Mustafi
Hadis Mustafi Hace 16 horas
Zubaira is not from dagestan tho. He is from chechnya
1101bear1011 Hace 16 horas
11:10 whoah...crumble like the twin towers...bro...very tasteless
TimeSpace Hace 16 horas
Didn't appreciate the twin towers comment. Officially team Romero now. Fuck Adesanya
capt Obvious
capt Obvious Hace 16 horas
Felder looked intimidated at the end.. count it..
Norton Brennan
Norton Brennan Hace 16 horas
Lol like his coming in to fight the best romero has lost his last 3 fights I'm sure and his 42 years old Israel a bum if he had bottle he would have set up the fight with paulo Costa his beating legend when they are worn out and done yet his getting major credit for it lol get fucked cant Wis for this guy to get ended like he has multiple times before
Farm family Tv
Farm family Tv Hace 16 horas
When he was in elementary Paul sang “head elbows knees to jaw knees to jaw”
sakarias Persson
sakarias Persson Hace 16 horas
1. Jones 2. GSP 3. Anderson 4. DJ 5.Khabib if he wins vs tony if not 5 is cruz
pdxraves Hace 16 horas
Felder is Intimidating
TheLance3185 Hace 16 horas
Good to see Sonnen get that facial. Fucking loudmouth cunt.
Sipiturak Se
Sipiturak Se Hace 16 horas
When will UFC firer Mic operation team?
iyadart Hace 16 horas
9:40 they have identical noses!
Karl Jan Contado
Karl Jan Contado Hace 16 horas
I hope hooker gets beat up and KO'ed. 😁
Azyouc The Great
Azyouc The Great Hace 16 horas
Team Stylebender
Julian Rodas
Julian Rodas Hace 16 horas
Did he just say, like the twin towers? Lmfao straight savage
Myst Ery
Myst Ery Hace 17 horas
Why doesn’t Yoel have improved English by now lol, it’ll help his career a lot
Adam D
Adam D Hace 17 horas
Dang. Rashad got a haircut and now looks like he's going down to Welterweight.
Harish Thakur
Harish Thakur Hace 17 horas
Crowd was disrespectful towards yoel.
Denny Byrum
Denny Byrum Hace 17 horas
Romero has had too many punches to the throat.
TheBerserkRage Hace 17 horas
non amo veder le donne combattere, ad ogni modo questa è un'atleta formidabile!
Adam D
Adam D Hace 17 horas
Dan Hardy is so bad at announcing these things. Cringe.
Braza Mamba
Braza Mamba Hace 17 horas
Last time I saw Hooker being that cocky he got beat in a violent fashion by Edson Barbosa. BTW Felder fought Edson twice. I want Felder to win just because Hooket did not learn humility after that loss to Barbosa. Felder were being humble during the build up for this fight...no need for Hooker to create anything. Felder for the win
iveL Hace 17 horas
0:45 that ref is a disgrace
Arizona Colour
Arizona Colour Hace 17 horas
Why do Interpreters always suck ASS???
Die Lichtgestalt
Die Lichtgestalt Hace 17 horas
Stupid refs they are to slow.
Rizin FF
Rizin FF Hace 17 horas
Damn I actually wanted to hear what Sugar Rashad was about to say before the video cut off when he said he judges a lot off the stare down.
JP13 Hace 17 horas
I hope he knows the tattoo on his left forearm (Korean) is just a gibberish
Flavio Alves
Flavio Alves Hace 17 horas
Realmente na trocação ele não levava ... O cara era muito forte.
Akhil Cv
Akhil Cv Hace 17 horas
33:31 damn
Iye_witness Hace 17 horas
What a bad crowd
Liam Curley
Liam Curley Hace 17 horas
Every guy when Rachel jumps 11:11
david franco
david franco Hace 17 horas
Adesanya will regret hes gonna get his ass kicked
HULK-ROGAN Hace 17 horas
Very misleading thumbnail. Yoel was like an imposter on Izzys conference
med lemin ahmed
med lemin ahmed Hace 17 horas
He needs to improve his cardio doesn’t look ready for 5 rounds and improve his English to promote his self promoting your self these days is even better than fighting good
n3r0k Hace 17 horas
see you soon boi VS look at me (joker)
dj Curiosity
dj Curiosity Hace 17 horas
Worst fight I ever seen!
over opinionated
over opinionated Hace 17 horas
If Yoel Kills izzy It Will Be Synchronicity
Mansor Yusuff
Mansor Yusuff Hace 17 horas
Khabib making lightweight contender amateur...
CorpsWars97 Hace 17 horas
11:10 for 9/11 joke by Adesanya
nIveK66 Hace 17 horas
12 minute video with 30 seconds worth of slams. Should be called "announcers talking about the best slams in UFC history" be prepared to rape the forward button
Mike G
Mike G Hace 17 horas
Joe Rogan vs Diego Sanchez Prelims Main Event
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 17 horas
Bring that W back to the U.S.A Paul # Let's Go
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Hace 17 horas
The savageness of feeling another man crumble under one elbow to the temple and tap you on the shoulder 'please, stop' Felder: I don't see no fucking ref, just gonna keep doing what I'm doing man, sorry
Ecologist Maximum
Ecologist Maximum Hace 17 horas
Yoel can win but he won't.
Panzerkampfwagen 1
Panzerkampfwagen 1 Hace 17 horas
Seems like such an advantage being 6’3” and cutting weight to 155. Then you get hit in the chin