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The False Rabbi
The False Rabbi Hace un día
I live in the area. Its a nice town, although the REALLY nice part of it is entirely privatized. Not a fan of the guy at all.
Laura Juarez
Laura Juarez Hace un día
Laura Juarez
Laura Juarez Hace un día
Laura Juarez
Laura Juarez Hace un día
Laura Juarez
Laura Juarez Hace un día
Laura Juarez
Laura Juarez Hace un día
sams military endeavor
What is so good about socialism? Total government control? I don’t want the government telling me what to eat what not to eat. How to live my life. Under socialism, the government can give everything to you but they have the power to take everything away
George Stuffer
George Stuffer Hace un día
He's pretty optimistic for having the misfortune of sharing his DNA with such a dirty low down dog. It's not his fault of course I just think he's trying to live with the fact his dad was a murdering cult leader.
Boringo PR
Boringo PR Hace un día
DrDevilish1 Hace un día
this cop protects the politicians
Sissy Boy
Sissy Boy Hace un día
This world is now being controlled by racists using white guilt to take over a white country and it worked. Those liberal whites they have sold u country out.
RL R Hace un día
Lisa Biagiottti is cute as none other...
T S Hace un día
Baby blue sweater is a typical Rush Limbaugh sheep.
Shawn D
Shawn D Hace un día
Please dont bring them back here... i can barely fight the common cold.
van wray
van wray Hace un día
Panders is dreaming if he thinks he will completely change US energy sources. A radical socialist/Marxist, Panders wants us all to hold hands and sing Kumbaya while we all have to live in a powerless Amish-like throwback society, while he gets richer and enjoys the luxuries of western life. Also, Spermie Panders is the most racist of the current politicians. He is always bashing white people. If you don't think that is racism, then you need to get your head checked. Also, Panders is very vague about his views on Socialism concerning production and manufacturing from large companies. He states that the means of production should be partly controlled by the workers. Then he claims that it shouldn't be government controlled. Who will ensure that some of the power will be in workers hands? The government, that's who Panders! Keep on dreaming Spermie about your Socialist Utopia. Hopefully the dream will stay only in your head.
TheIxtlan Hace un día
You who are this this. Jesus love you.
Memes are Cool
Memes are Cool Hace un día
They changed and painted a whole wall in the other side of a store just for a stupid painting of Kobe’s face and tribute to death
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-EQ4JYWt20Nw.html 🔥🔥
Memes are Cool
Memes are Cool Hace un día
They changed and painted a whole wall in the other side of a store just for a stupid painting of Kobe’s face and tribute to death.
Rob Fitzsimmons
Rob Fitzsimmons Hace un día
A full paid vacation while they create the necessary lies.
Le Grid Studio -נאמן לאלוהים
A sick and pathetic wast of brain mater is what i saw in the few seconds i wasted with this DimRotic sidewalk poop. the funny part is the fool's think we the people are buying there crap. Again!!! Trump is going to own your ass's as we the people vote the DimRot out.
Denise K.
Denise K. Hace un día
I'm in Texas and I'm voting for Bernie as well as my whole family and co-workers. #Bernie2020
rohit gosavi
rohit gosavi Hace un día
If he became president. USA will loose control over Asia. Because Bernie Sanders interfaring internal sensetive issues of Asia.
Glen-Roy Anderson
Glen-Roy Anderson Hace un día
Candidates like Bernie come along once in a lifetime. He's the FDR of the 21st century.
Jose Rojas
Jose Rojas Hace un día
Mexican Police: We captured El Chapo’s son! Mexican government:🤦🏽‍♂️
Reef k
Reef k Hace un día
He knows how to handle the media since he was 17
Reef k
Reef k Hace un día
I used to call him the Tupac of the NBA most loved and most hated
Marian Yulo
Marian Yulo Hace un día
He never tells her why he’s arresting her ! what did she do ????
LI Auto LLC Hace un día
First of lady everything started in obama and New York and California run by Democrats
LI Auto LLC Hace un día
Full of lies really guy you are dumb blind....
00XJFreedom Hace un día
I feel like Rocket in The Guardians of the Galaxy after the infinity stone blows up. When he sees that they still have the infinity stone and says WHAT DO YOU STILL HAVE IT FOR!?!?! Why are we letting this non curable disease in for?!? 14 quarantine days... Because China said so??? Double that and add 10 and its probably still not enough.... just like thier total dead numbers.... fake news
Marian Yulo
Marian Yulo Hace un día
This was an abuser Plain and simply he abused her for doing nothing
The futer of this girl is going to be homlees her family will not want anything to do with her she will be just like me
Marian Yulo
Marian Yulo Hace un día
This cop is a ticking bomb
Ma Cho
Ma Cho Hace un día
Bernie was a bum before being elected as a mayor and he continues to be a bum in office. He was an anti millionaire until he himself became a millionaire, but conveniently he is now an anti billionaire and no longer an anti millionaire. He’s a scam artist who hopes to illicitly gain wealth using office. Oh and saying you’re a democratic socialist is the same as saying “I’m a rapist feminist”. The term alone is paradoxical.
Ross Nowlin
Ross Nowlin Hace un día
Could had actually used someone that was actually from the city as the main character
Angel Valdivia
Angel Valdivia Hace un día
Omg for a liberal like me that's the heaven, how did I ended in this rural Virginia area full of Confederate flags weaving in troglodytes' trucks lol
2Xcitizen Hace un día
0:38 that is a joint Army-Air Farce base that has most of the medical training and medical specialization programs for the Army and AF. Not a coincidence.
zia Hace un día
caring about the mentally ill! i got so happy when they brought that up :,)
Celine Hary
Celine Hary Hace un día
Bernie Sanders is the only one who I truly believe in and trust. President Bernard Sanders, for the good of our people, our country, and the world!!!
Burt Collins
Burt Collins Hace un día
If anyone wants to be fair and hear all sides.. watch on youtube BERNIE SANDERS FIRES BACK AT trump OVER SOCIALISM
When lil bro said Kobe Bryant it hit different
Rob III Hace un día
Socialized Medicare only works in those countries because we pay for and cover everything else for thos countries, mainly military power and protection...
E Judd
E Judd Hace un día
It’s not nice to fool with the boogeyman’s son
Rob III Hace un día
All the asylum talk is bs. The laws state that you need to go to the neighboring country if safe. Soooo technically only mexicans can claim asylum in the USA. Mexico is a safe country. Therefore they are breaking the laws...
Joshua Ransom
Joshua Ransom Hace un día
Miss ya, Kobe.
Fajoes Hakiem
Fajoes Hakiem Hace un día
Wy thies people that came from a ather country.. Don't complane in there country??? Wy all them go in USA and one to tel the Americans how they should run there country??? God bles trump...
David Lopez
David Lopez Hace un día
Ilove Potatoes Forever
He’s from Brooklyn!
Burt Collins
Burt Collins Hace un día
man in back row.. light blue shirt.. Shirt is too tight .. Your voice is annoying
Burt Collins
Burt Collins Hace un día
trump has cost us over 64 million dollars flying to Mar Largo ,,, his own golf course and he charges the government for his hotel rooms he uses.. Tax write off eh?
Sandi Palazzo
Sandi Palazzo Hace un día
👿👿👿 if u tied trump and this thing to a tree for a week I would clap my hands and speak not-English for the entire time
Jack Tripper
Jack Tripper Hace un día
Does California still prosecute against robberies? Oops I'm thinking of SHOPLIFTING.
Jack Tripper
Jack Tripper Hace un día
Looks like the LA liberal policies are working. You are doing a great job democrats. Keep up the great work!!
RuleofFive Hace un día
Good piece. Thank you. So many MSM pieces on him and smear jobs.
Ionizenation iration
Inside 5 peoples opinion on bernie and climate change. This is an obvious bias news. Not real new reporting.
SuperBullies1 Hace un día
Absolutely... I can feel the burn right now! There is absolutely no reason for Americans to not have free healthcare, free college tuition, college loan forgiveness, free child care, free food, credit card balance forgiveness, free housing, a free automobile, (like how can we be expected to get to work dude?). I enjoy surfing how about a free surfboard? Yeah cool man! Who'll pay for all of this? Why of coarse, the Billionaires will. After those Billionaires shelter their money overseas, we go after the multimillionaires, like Micheal Moore, and then simply anyone with more wealth than poor old Bernie. Who, by the way, owns 4 homes and gave less than 1% of his income to charity on his 2018 tax returns. It's okay old fella, it's what you say not what you do.
Safety First
Safety First Hace un día
Hispanics don’t want to vote for dick suckers and communist!!!
Rich C
Rich C Hace un día
Dems will nominate Bloomberg who will lose to Trump
josefino72 Hace un día
Too cute
johigg Hace un día
The facilitator talked over the participants too much. This disrupted the ability to get authentic answers from them. He would ask a question then interrupted them while they were answering. I felt his technique was ineffective. He responded too emotionally instead which I felt hindered his ability to draw out their honest opinions.
blue grotto
blue grotto Hace un día
300 cleared to deboard: That’s a 5% FALSE NEGATIVE. They plan to release the remaining ~3000 passengers onboard after a further 14-days under the illogical assumption shipboard tests can reliably detect the virus 🦠 in ALL stages of progression in human bodies. NOT POSSIBLE! Hypothetically, if 20 passengers per day contract during this final 14 day period, only those who have carried the longest hold the greatest probability of testing positive. This could result in another 5% inadvertently released with the virus, with potentially dire consequences to the general population.
Ivan Tacalo
Ivan Tacalo Hace un día
Where's Joslin?
only one Mr X Only one Mr y
They have a cure. Go back to sleep
Jeremy Eagles
Jeremy Eagles Hace un día
This is not blink
j3wpb Hace un día
Go Bernie go!
Albo Nezi
Albo Nezi Hace un día
why they waving at the press like they some kind of superstars
Malcolm Hace un día
14 days quarentined on a Cruise ship then 14 days in quarentine on the base? Jeez.
Q Hace un día
Guess he thought he was on fast and furious 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️ this why I don’t like parking my car in the streets
Richard Green
Richard Green Hace un día
So if I shoot a gun into the air I'll get prison but if a cop shoots innocent people having no probable cause and no outright threat to their safety shoot 103 rounds into an unknown occupied vehicle I'm justified? Something is wrong with the rules of engagement, they don't exist and that is damning.
Ojay B
Ojay B Hace un día
Land of fruits and nuts - and it has been proven that a President can win without this entire state.
Feng gao
Feng gao Hace un día
Cp3 is a cool guy!
poetmaggie1 Hace un día
Lysol doesn’t seem to be doing the job
Moises Zavala
Moises Zavala Hace un día
this looks like a scene from a movie 😔
Abdulla Ex
Abdulla Ex Hace un día
Give thanks to your politicians. Just wondering what letter the city leaders have by their names? I bet ya not one politician lost a pay check as the beautiful city falls. Where are your political savors? Polosi, Fienstein, Schiff? Where is the help from those hundreds of billion dollar corps in California. I'm sure their army of attorneys have answers for that one. So sad such beatiful cities like LA, SanFran, SanBernardino, etc have gone the way of ignorance. Destruction the way of ignorance and greed. Once the proud and beautiful place of my birth. Good luck people of California... Peace
tatianna beattie
tatianna beattie Hace un día
😭this is so sad
Ssgt Griggs
Ssgt Griggs Hace un día
I love all of these people.
nccchicko Hace un día
Got to vote for Bernie. ONLY candidate which will bring the US forward not only on national level (where it is much needed) but also internationally were the US is currently seen as somewhat of a joke thanks to many wrong decisions and opinion the current president has. Bernie never changed up and he won’t change up on us. Bernie 2020 all the way. 💪👏
Jeremy Grandison
Jeremy Grandison Hace un día
Rip Kobe
Kevin Liu
Kevin Liu Hace un día
Wow, i'll be praying for these people and their love ones. Definitely pretty scary.
Mr. Goodbar
Mr. Goodbar Hace un día
The real story: How much is this costing Americans to rescue fun-loving cruise people halfway around the world.? "Oh, look at me, at Yokohama!" "Save me"! You too, hikers, mountaineers and daredevils. Dont expect a free ride from the blue collars. PAY UP!!L
Stephen Hace un día
Coming to a California city near you!
Joni Boloney
Joni Boloney Hace un día
Yes, and the rest?
Ron Saxon
Ron Saxon Hace un día
I am born and raised in Vermont and even lived in Burlington for five years and I can say this video is completely bullshit. They seek out complete libtards for this kinda Bernie propaganda videos
Anthony Newman
Anthony Newman Hace un día
I bet most of you would say yes to suspending the constitution in a Medical Emergency.
I cannot change my name for 90 days ,
That Ship Is Hell on earth
My penis is unbelievably small but ,
They All have it so just bomb them cause I’m heartless.
Mercury KT
Mercury KT Hace un día
14 days? Might as well make it 3 weeks or a full damn month of being quarantined
photoshopknight Hace un día
andre madeira
andre madeira Hace un día
bernie is the light america needs.
Tuna Loco
Tuna Loco Hace un día
Interesting a black woman feels Trump was divisive. Im sure she voted for the most inexperienced president we ever had. But she voted for him because he was half black. Obama was the most divisive and segmented the US citizens into as many groups as he could.
Glenn Dryden
Glenn Dryden Hace un día
They knew they had it indangered everyone to get out hope to god that’s not the case didn’t they test them before leaving
MistakenMystery Hace un día
Are we all going to die?
Bob Bart
Bob Bart Hace un día
" They will find a reason to like him (Trump) or dislike him no matter what he says ... " The Statement is True ... it would have been EQUALLY true if we were talking about Obama. Polarization in American Politics is nothing new. "We pay TOO many Taxes ... " Not a new sentiment. " Climate Change is a Hoax " the sentiment is NOT new, but the use of the word HOAX is very much new ... along with Scam, Do-Nothing Democrats and Witch-Hunt ... all of these existed in the vernacular before Trump, of course, - but they were NOT a Common feature in day-to-day speech until quite recently ... THAT IS TRUMP.
Jango Fett
Jango Fett Hace un día
Recovering Soul
Recovering Soul Hace un día
They will hopefully have a better chance of survival off that SHIP OF DEATH that spreads disease.
RPG 808
RPG 808 Hace un día
If everyone researches coronavirus you will find that it has the exact same symptoms of a cold or flu and the same outcomes in those that have lowered immune system function. I just got over two illnesses back to back here in Las Vegas. One without a sore throat and wheezing and a fever and one without. Both lasted about 4 days. The fact is that most all of us have had this type of virus before as it has been around a long time. Not a big deal unless you are older and on immunosuppressive meds. Not a big deal really, but the MSM likes to make it seem that way. Assholes!
richeyrich81 Hace un día
Notice how the President hasn't said anything about this??? It is being planned to spread in the US...
matt durgin
matt durgin Hace un día
Am I the only one thinking we shouldn't allow anyone with the virus in?if it were me with the virus I'd say, well shit, I'm dead and accept it.
DiZZLE D Hace un día
God damn people are stupid!