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Justin_Your_Cousin Hace 11 minutos
162k a year is not much money these days for a celeb
maschneider93 Hace 26 minutos
0:15 that’s not Jesper lol
Grant Nichols
Grant Nichols Hace 52 minutos
God Bless you Jimmy Johnson!
Makina Williams
Makina Williams Hace 53 minutos
FOX Sports
FOX Sports Hace un hora
Who are you cheering for on the road to the Elias Cup?
fonnyjootball Hace un hora
better than stephen a smith
Ishottheserf 6
Ishottheserf 6 Hace un hora
Mets irl rn
Keegan Hurley
Keegan Hurley Hace un hora
This aged horribly with his current situations
Ginny Folcarelli
Ginny Folcarelli Hace un hora
There hadn't been a country half time in 20yrs...this wasn't enough...Chris Stepleton should be doing this yrs 2024
carter0728 Hace 2 horas
It ain’t right but I don’t think it touched him
California Grapes
California Grapes Hace 2 horas
Nothing but Respect for Dana White
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Hace 2 horas
i think dana wishes he smoked marijuana so he wouldnt beat his wife
Kurton Harrison Jr
Kurton Harrison Jr Hace 3 horas
Who you got Raul! 😂😂😂😂😂
Kathleen Pierce
Kathleen Pierce Hace 3 horas
Wow, so good ❤
John Smith
John Smith Hace 3 horas
Lobo forgot his Ritalin
Aaron Wimberley [MBA, MSF]
Honestly the fact that Barry Sanders is an official member of the perfect 10 gives it street credit. He is the only man in the history of American Football that could turn a 20 yard loss into an 80 yard gain in the same play. I honestly think that the man had the Pareto Principle ingrained into his DNA to recognize a black swan event in the defense and exploit it. He alone is the reason that my closet is filled with motor city Lions gear and always pull for Detroit on thanksgiving.
Cody Dean
Cody Dean Hace 6 horas
Well deserved seen this on live tv
M'Kay Hace 6 horas
How about just leave drugs out of your life altogether.
captain obvious
captain obvious Hace 7 horas
tuco and hector
Kable 117
Kable 117 Hace 7 horas
Dana shoulda smoked some herb Maybe he coulda avoided that whole controversy
Henry Meow
Henry Meow Hace 8 horas
His reaction was my dad’s reaction the moment I told him I would definitely without a fuckn doubt donate half my liver to him! Facts!
DosMitches Gaming
DosMitches Gaming Hace 8 horas
At least dana admits they don’t live in the “real world.”
Frederik Erik Hansen
im not American, can someone plz tell me why Troy Kotsur is emoting in the middle of the stadium?
Barnfield Fishing
Barnfield Fishing Hace 9 horas
And we got paid 😂😂😂
Fabio Montaño Silva
Fabio Montaño Silva Hace 10 horas
Dana slapped his wife lol
Teresa Neal
Teresa Neal Hace 11 horas
I love this dog! So happy for Buddy Holly! ❤
C4Knowledge • 7.4B • 1 day
I am just remembering the mr bean episode about this when bean wants Teddy to win
Prithish Gupta
Prithish Gupta Hace 13 horas
I wonder what my Husky would do in this scenario! Not even half of what lobo did. 😂
Superior Carnage
Superior Carnage Hace 14 horas
Somebody here after Riddle release from wwe?
Shaun Green
Shaun Green Hace 16 horas
Its not even my national anthem and I was moved wow what a performance
Nicholas Wukovits
Nicholas Wukovits Hace 20 horas
Baseball HAS already won...
El Chapo
El Chapo Hace 20 horas
Why are they showing this video was published in the year 2023 when it was 2013?
RenBoyz YouTube
RenBoyz YouTube Hace 21 un hora
Aged Gracefully…
귀쟁이 Hace 22 horas
"Which dog was your favorite?" "Broccoli"
Tor Hace 22 horas
John Stockton (13.1 ppg) was harder to guard than Michael Jordan (30.1 ppg). Yep, that’s why John Stockton is considered the goat.
Amol Sagar
Amol Sagar Hace 22 horas
Do I look like a dog who wants to start a revolution? --- lobo the husky.
YKOS66 Hace 23 horas
An All-Time moment right there in Baseball History
Ronnie Martillo
Ronnie Martillo Hace un día
Im American, and was raised in a Mexican household, and I hold this song near and dear to my heart. Chris’ performance made me a lil teary eyed at the bar lol
Nallely b Morales
Nallely b Morales Hace un día
Que final !!!!!!
Sy Hace un día
Dogs should be able to be dogs. It should all be fun.
lauren libou
lauren libou Hace un día
Chiefs vs jets 8:20 next week
ozzy Hace un día
Hilarious 😅
Maligician Hace un día
Jesus 😂
Paul Victor
Paul Victor Hace un día
That third dog was born for this.
Grant S
Grant S Hace un día
This great man and the Cowboys made my childhood awesome. Thank you, coach!