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100 Comentarios
David Hace 2 horas
Whoa, Josh slimmed down. Good job, now I get the gym acumen.
gucci crockpot
gucci crockpot Hace 2 horas
4:13 Wise words from Will
Aidansupergamerx 31
Aidansupergamerx 31 Hace 3 horas
Put it on your forehead then boom brain damage
Freedom Dad
Freedom Dad Hace 3 horas
Mayochup is just fry sauce
Syrkyth Hace 3 horas
You could taste regular foods (pasta, steak, fruit, vegetables etc) and see how they compare when you can't taste any of the natural sugars. Also, salt on fruits is a thing. It's a flavour enhancer, it literally makes everything taste better, by boosting the natural flavour of the food.
Mary Smart
Mary Smart Hace 4 horas
Why would you cook a cake with the icing on? It was obviously already cooked! WTH??!!
Deep hug
Deep hug Hace 4 horas
I agree with Rhett! I could totally see a young Link looking down into a well with a telescope! 😂
Stephanie Jiles
Stephanie Jiles Hace 4 horas
I love all three of those sauces as well as the mayomust. I buy them regularly for my fries, burgers, tots, and chicken.
Memepool 22
Memepool 22 Hace 5 horas
And thus, a Mythical legend was born.
EPöXY Hace 5 horas
green is lemon lime and is superior to all other flavors
corby hall
corby hall Hace 5 horas
Heck yea I love putting suger on a bowl of strawberries and then let it sit in the fridge it's the best if you havent tried it do so especially if your patient enough to let it sit over night I was just talking about it the other day I rarely do it now but I definitely still love it
Plippy :p
Plippy :p Hace 5 horas
Chillchilla - Link
CurryKingWurst Hace 5 horas
I think I might be the only one but I don't like when they play videogames in GMMore.
Victoria Brock
Victoria Brock Hace 5 horas
how to make link stop talking just give him peanut butter
Hannah Sears
Hannah Sears Hace 6 horas
Victoria Brock
Victoria Brock Hace 6 horas
at 1:27 rhet rolled his eyes XD
Rani Hulen
Rani Hulen Hace 6 horas
No joke, but Link looks.........really good in that body chain
Alessandria Frazier
Alessandria Frazier Hace 6 horas
Soooooooo the first one everyone wins because neither?!?!
Loren Gassett
Loren Gassett Hace 6 horas
Also taco bell needs to bring back the grilled stuffed burritos
Aaron Hace 7 horas
Is anyone else here at this episode, curious of Josh's origin on the show?
David Hace 2 horas
Hey guys!
Overworked CNA
Overworked CNA Hace 5 horas
Aaron YUP!
Devin A.
Devin A. Hace 7 horas
I love the fact Barbra really wants to do the trick
huh im here
huh im here Hace 7 horas
Coyote can make anything come to life with his attitude tbh
Kierstyn Harmeling
Kierstyn Harmeling Hace 7 horas
OMG chunky Josh!!!!!!
Kaila Jensen
Kaila Jensen Hace 7 horas
“He’s only 19” , so what you’re saying is Linkita is a cougar?
Ghadir Alborka
Ghadir Alborka Hace 8 horas
1:42 I laughed way to hard at this
Bizarre Is The New Black.
wilde wrote more than one novel, e.g. the happy prince
Sarah Feher
Sarah Feher Hace 8 horas
I want to play this game so much. But no one will play with me.
V Arevalo
V Arevalo Hace 8 horas
It's a freakin' Ron Swanson shirt. Amazing! lol
Andrew Tucker
Andrew Tucker Hace 9 horas
Caramel apple empanadas are gone?!?!? 😩😱
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Hace 10 horas
As a person who has lived in South Carolina since the 80’s, I can confirm that we say that 5-10 times a day.
Son of Henoch
Son of Henoch Hace 10 horas
identifier of THIS world (G45.100101101000111110010100100010111111100) between all worlds .......
Magikarp Hace 10 horas
Energy more like inner g
Deep hug
Deep hug Hace 4 horas
Monbebe Fighting!!~
Zuzu the Destroyer
Zuzu the Destroyer Hace 10 horas
That book just for boys is real. They had it at a book fair at my old elementary school. I wanted to get it but no lie my teacher wouldn't let me cause I'm a girl.. was sad. I wanted it cause it said I couldn't have it!
SICKNESSS ! Hace 10 horas
Will can barely read. Why is he even one this show? Nvm...I know why he’s on the show. Smh
Leopard Bra Brado
Leopard Bra Brado Hace 10 horas
I wanna play that board game..and read that book
Blade_des Hace 11 horas
the producer doesn't workout XD
NegiandNodoka Hace 12 horas
wouldn't it have been hilarious if Rhett and Link had married twins like this lmao they are all so entertaining together LOL I loved them as guests
Noremac Blue
Noremac Blue Hace 14 horas
When you realize you over slept through your whole weekend and now it's Monday morning 2:52
Phil Trash #2
Phil Trash #2 Hace 14 horas
damn it gamzee
MannyRomero Hace 14 horas
Paul Carrisoza
Paul Carrisoza Hace 14 horas
Sierra Stewart
Sierra Stewart Hace 14 horas
My grandma also use to put salt on a watermelon. It taste good ! But bad for your health 😂
erin delaney
erin delaney Hace 14 horas
The sugar makes the fruit juices into a syrup which Is often used for strawberry shortcake
Teresa Hace 14 horas
Seems like something I need since I have a huge sweet tooth, but then, like, I just won't take it?
k1773ns Hace 14 horas
Shoulda just ate a Popeyes biscuits
Blu Brin
Blu Brin Hace 14 horas
I put sweet soy sauce on star fruit its delicious,also fries on mcd's ice cream sundae without toppings
James Peng
James Peng Hace 14 horas
That big tree! Who's here after watching them go back to NC?
Jonathan Thorpe
Jonathan Thorpe Hace 15 horas
Don't all items say calories/energy? They do in the UK.
James MacLeod
James MacLeod Hace 15 horas
I love that they used volumetric cylinders to measure mass.
RyanRolltide123 Hace 16 horas
Holly Lynn
Holly Lynn Hace 16 horas
I put salt on fruit, sometimes will even put on ice cream..
Taze Pegasus
Taze Pegasus Hace 16 horas
lemon pound cake is number 1
Laurie Owen
Laurie Owen Hace 16 horas
I ate strawberries with sugar on them growing up. 😁 Still gonna do it but maybe go a little lighter on the sugar!🍓🍓🍓
ragnarocking Hace 16 horas
fake gold turns green.
Steezy Fishing
Steezy Fishing Hace 16 horas
Salt on grapefruit is God tier on a hot Arizona day
Matthew Milburn
Matthew Milburn Hace 17 horas
What someone tell me what type of water bottle that was that Rhett used that things neat
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hace 17 horas
As a person who has lived in South Carolina since the 80’s, I can confirm that we say that 5-10 times a day.
Jamie khan
Jamie khan Hace 17 horas
my moms side of the family always put salt on fruit if its not sweet enough, it kinda does make the fruit taste sweeter lol
ragnarocking Hace 17 horas
02:37 - a hundred Brits just screamed _GEEZER_ at their screens.
CaelumT1D1999 Hace 18 horas
Finally!!! My type 1 diabetes comes in handy.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. Hace 18 horas
"What is happening? Why are you touching me?" 😂😂😂
Nella Hauser
Nella Hauser Hace 18 horas
My family used to do the sugar on strawberries too!! And we didn't put salt on grapefruit, but we also put sugar on that!
Derek p Yt
Derek p Yt Hace 18 horas
return to the channel in Spanish please
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. Hace 18 horas
"Oh gosh I dont know how that happened! You started rubbin it between your legs-" 😂😂😂 what?!?
Josephine Cornell
Josephine Cornell Hace 18 horas
i was a huge fan of toasty cheez its years before they made it a thing and when i saw they made them i was so excited. so yum
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. Hace 19 horas
6:18 Link's reaction cracked me up! 😂😂
laur ann
laur ann Hace 19 horas
it’s not my cup--puftee????
Rusty Robot
Rusty Robot Hace 19 horas
They predicted the movie. Wow
Galaxis Hace 19 horas
Miracle berry was the other one.
Alivia Noctis
Alivia Noctis Hace 19 horas
I'm just like chase allergic to everything. Lol
Levi White
Levi White Hace 19 horas
"I kinda wanna taste this and see what it tastes like." Uh...have you never eaten a cinnamon roll, Link? Jeez.
Jonathan Sakks
Jonathan Sakks Hace 20 horas
The ny cheesecake pumpkin is the best flavor of ice cream ever.
Lawrence Tang
Lawrence Tang Hace 20 horas
Foreshadow into one of Link's characters in Buddy System
lein garcia
lein garcia Hace 20 horas
I love Emily's shirt!
TWNS 10 Hace 21 un hora
I loved Rhett and Sheps staredowns through the whole thing. It’s like Rhett and mini-Rhett.
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas Hace 21 un hora
Stevia on strawberries is just as delicious.
רפאל כהן
רפאל כהן Hace 21 un hora
8:15 there is a pill that effect sourness
Ryan Sciorilli
Ryan Sciorilli Hace 21 un hora
Imagine immediately breaking the game
taterted81 Hace 21 un hora
Link’s question at the end had me laughing pretty good.
Harry's Right Foot
Harry's Right Foot Hace 21 un hora
Can someone tell me why I just watched 6 GROWN men brush their teeth with one toothbrush?
Ryan Sciorilli
Ryan Sciorilli Hace 21 un hora
Also Rhett: "Hold up guys. this game has comic mischief." Me: "So does this show"
Ryan Sciorilli
Ryan Sciorilli Hace 21 un hora
I got massive nostalgia from Link not being able to find the Wii sensor because that was just me in a nutshell at 8 years old
fun times
fun times Hace 22 horas
You can never have to much CHOCOLATE
Tree ssay oof
Tree ssay oof Hace 22 horas
No one said anything about Links shuggie cukker... Gah, some people
hen ko
hen ko Hace 22 horas
SO cute...I love it! Perfection!
Ryan Sciorilli
Ryan Sciorilli Hace 22 horas
Link: "Man I've always wanted to try this" *immediately breaks game*
Jason Case
Jason Case Hace 22 horas
I need more Josh food rants
🦇🎃Jo🎃🦇 Hace 22 horas
On why his sidebutt is weak "well I never use it" 😂😂😂. I love these weird story time's (I don't miss the hair though).
stickerartbyrd Hace 22 horas
Having just watched that Jeff goldbloom show on Disney+ I know both Ben and Jerry are still alive
EEagleTM Hace 23 horas
2:40 thats a overhead squat guys 😂
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Hace 23 horas
The first movie poster that comes up now is Blade Runner 2049, weirdly.
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass Hace 23 horas
Metropolis was epic (and way before movies were what they are now).
Class5 Hace 23 horas
Cherry Garcia is the best Ben and Jerrys imho.. i love cherries with chocolate!
Linda Dawson
Linda Dawson Hace 23 horas
This is the funniest GMMore yet....LOL 😂🤣😆🤣😂!!!! I’m cryin’ 😂!!
Genia Canales
Genia Canales Hace 23 horas
hey yall im a big fan and i just wanted to say hi
Elizabeth Sepic
Elizabeth Sepic Hace 23 horas
I had those binoculars when I was little...
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hace 17 horas
It would be cool if these 2 guys were more like guys. I guess gay is in.
J Vega
J Vega Hace un día
Cool prize
crocketmeow Hace un día
they could have looked at nutrition facts label on the carton of ice cream
The EnDleSs Gamer
The EnDleSs Gamer Hace un día
This was honestly one of the funniest episodes and idek why
Beck Warren
Beck Warren Hace un día
That’s be hilarious
Ellora Flynn
Ellora Flynn Hace un día
1 year ago: Rhett: “you should write a book, man” 2019: ...... ;)
Alec Rodriguez
Alec Rodriguez Hace 17 horas
Ellora Flynn stiiiinkyyyyy