$1 Street Food Around The World

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From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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13 sep 2018

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Psyco Angel
Psyco Angel Hace 33 minutos
In brazil you can buy a coxinha, in some time you will be able to buy a coke too if the dollar keep rising
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Hace 45 minutos
In Ethiopia you can buy a baby for one Euro
Nicoletta :D
Nicoletta :D Hace 45 minutos
nin met
nin met Hace 54 minutos
Here in England you can get basically nothing for a pound
Ryan-Alyssa Productions Inc.
Here in Toronto, you can’t get sh*t for a dollar 😂
NanoTechTips Hace 59 minutos
$1 or £0.60 won't get you anything here in the UK
Deep Hours
Deep Hours Hace un hora
London: 3 hot wings and fries for 1$
JuaumExtreme Yt
JuaumExtreme Yt Hace un hora
Brazil Nothing
Vea Pfirter
Vea Pfirter Hace un hora
SWITZERLAND: Forget it, everything is expensive
Muzic Lyrics
Muzic Lyrics Hace un hora
Romanian pls 1 lei chalange Ps the 1 lei thing you can find is covrig 🤪 so delicious
xulia Hace un hora
Vulcan Helios
Vulcan Helios Hace un hora
India seemed so angry.
André Costa
André Costa Hace un hora
Coxinha from Brazil please
David Cho
David Cho Hace un hora
South Korea?
Mutotoru Colfer
Mutotoru Colfer Hace un hora
In Italy you can buy almost everything displayed inside a BAR showcase. From croissants and small sweet pastries, to focaccia.
Demokrat Bal Arısı
Türkiye'de 1 dolarla sokak yemeğini bırak karnın doyar amk
Deadpan Hace un hora
I live in Mexico and I never heard of guajolota
ToXicJONAS Hace un hora
Germany Brezel 🥨 😊
Devin Choi
Devin Choi Hace un hora
when I see people making the food without gloves I could vomit
Mahmudul Hasan Navil
Welcome to Bangladesh. In my country, Alhamdulillah,here Food is enough cheaper than other countries around the world and price worthy too. With 1Doller = around 84taka, you will able to eat lunch,i mean whole meal. Maybe it won't be top notch quality, but you won't be hungry for 5-6hours. And snacks, ahhh, welcome to our country again. ♥
Razan Ahmed
Razan Ahmed Hace un hora
Lahore pakistan please
laura may
laura may Hace un hora
jesus christ it is ungodly how hungry i am rn
Phoejin Hace 2 horas
In France with 1€ toi can buy one baguette 😂
Rawane Chaibane
Rawane Chaibane Hace 2 horas
hu du
hu du Hace 2 horas
In Switzerland you would get a chewing gum
Trym Hognestad
Trym Hognestad Hace 2 horas
jontemyran 03
jontemyran 03 Hace 2 horas
Street food in sweden
Niels van Hoef
Niels van Hoef Hace 2 horas
Herring in Amsterdam
Marcus Huusko
Marcus Huusko Hace 2 horas
Cheap food = best food
Otto mottomo
Otto mottomo Hace 2 horas
I'm wanna see SHAURMA in this video.
Hikari Lyra
Hikari Lyra Hace 2 horas
In Indonesia for 1 dollar you can eat a meal... Rice and vegetables in "warteg" or satay or porridge or nasi goreng
YANA DERKACH Hace 2 horas
Jules Woodbury
Jules Woodbury Hace 2 horas
Switzerland: One spit in the face please! - 200 Schweizer Franken(2000 Dollars) -Here you go *Spit* _contains saliva and bile_
Jules Woodbury
Jules Woodbury Hace un hora
Liberia: One prostitute please! -200 Liberian Dollars (80 cents) *Prostitute* _contains AIDS and syphilis_
10 000 without video ?
Way too expensive for me
Jammy Jammich
Jammy Jammich Hace 2 horas
OMG that last one.....😅 I'm so hungry now
Jana Bæ
Jana Bæ Hace 3 horas
I want to See Vietnam or germany
Ingrid Koldenius
Ingrid Koldenius Hace 3 horas
*omg i want churros*
Pr3gnant Gaming
Pr3gnant Gaming Hace 3 horas
it's mica
it's mica Hace 3 horas
Philippines please
Halo Faith
Halo Faith Hace 3 horas
please do a south africa one in durban KZN
What im
What im Hace 3 horas
You Shouldve added filipino street food!!!
Картофель Hace 3 horas
hello! hot dogs are from germany
White Hace 3 horas
1 dollar is worth almost 20 pesos, not 12, in that case it would be like ¢60 or so.
HACKY Hace 3 horas
Malaysia Street food Nasi lemak. A rice that you a with a chili paste and boiled egg
Tenichi Yohkoh
Tenichi Yohkoh Hace 3 horas
this video fake as fuhhh you cant by no got damn hotdog for no one dollar in newyork foh
Christian Kng
Christian Kng Hace 4 horas
in italy a coffee😂
celia pastor zacarias
The porro is a marijuana cigar in spain
funny vines
funny vines Hace 4 horas
India's pav bhaji was worth it
CallMeMahir Hace 4 horas
Jaime merino heredia
It’s porra Porro in Spanish is joint😂😂😂
FNVINCYXX 1334 Hace 4 horas
What no Italy😲😲😡
kth v
kth v Hace 5 horas
gotta try that pork bun it looks good
Len Hace 5 horas
I was waiting for 1 dollar "Bánh mì"
federico stella
federico stella Hace 5 horas
Dove è la pizza fritta a un euro?
Sabrina Aini
Sabrina Aini Hace 5 horas
I live in nyc so a bottle of water is $4
Kuuko Hace 5 horas
hot dog? *laughs in completo*
Maria Jettar Sarquis
In Brazil those things are 10 dólares
Maham Ashraf
Maham Ashraf Hace 5 horas
Here in Pakistan you can get two flat breads(naan) a dessert called( halwa) and a curry of lentils(chaane) in just 1 dollar now this is worth it and its hard for every individual to eat whole of it
GameHunterz Hace 5 horas
Lol KFC menu in Iceland afleest 15-17 dollar (i’m Dutch btw)
Jackthelex LEL
Jackthelex LEL Hace 5 horas
Camille Balba
Camille Balba Hace 5 horas
hello Hace 5 horas
Where I live you just go to church and get free food lol, otherwise it's a bit over a dollar for something that's somewhat good
Smrithi P
Smrithi P Hace 5 horas
Please try the pani puri from India.
CheTops Hace 5 horas
en vez de porra han puesto porro xddd , un green
Natalie Hace 5 horas
those pork bun things looked so good
vega s
vega s Hace 5 horas
Very interesting.
나ᅳ Hace 5 horas
in Korea that Japan fish shaped bread 3pieces is 1dollar. Am I right?
Reinoud Hace 6 horas
Kroket from The Netherlands
axe smash
axe smash Hace 6 horas
in Russia 1 dollar can buy you
Marshmello Jr
Marshmello Jr Hace 6 horas
Do more of these please!!!
Nikolas Christodoulou
FINLAND BRO wait you were in Lappi sooooo THATS NOT finnihs what you said
Olle Fängström
Olle Fängström Hace 6 horas
Sweden plz
PineApple Squishys
PineApple Squishys Hace 6 horas
Lithuanian pleasee
Studious Anjy
Studious Anjy Hace 6 horas
I love the transitions in the video!
sensemille Hace 6 horas
Shanghai totally wins it!
Mubeen Shaikh
Mubeen Shaikh Hace 6 horas
Dude, ₹100 for pav bhaji?!
Abdessamad Ejjiar
Abdessamad Ejjiar Hace 6 horas
Loubia in Morocco is better
Rosario Gorostiaga
Rosario Gorostiaga Hace 6 horas
YellowNinja 1
YellowNinja 1 Hace 6 horas
Please vietman🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
Gamania GV
Gamania GV Hace 6 horas
Guy:Oh its delicious! What he actually means: I just get payed for making this..
ThatAngolanChick G
ThatAngolanChick G Hace 6 horas
The way that indian street food was made was intense.... but like that small about of bread with all that sawse
LoLxDMaČo_ GAMER Hace 6 horas
Christy CoOl
Christy CoOl Hace 6 horas
In greece we have Gyro 😉 it's delicious too
kaif Hace 6 horas
in india you can buy pizza for 1 dollar
Christy CoOl
Christy CoOl Hace 6 horas
Idk spain had euro
Kiên Lê
Kiên Lê Hace 6 horas
Come VietNam pls
Maham Baloch
Maham Baloch Hace 6 horas
Pakistani food....love..
Cynamonek Hace 6 horas
Felicia Lavendel
Felicia Lavendel Hace 6 horas
Aipril Hayday
Aipril Hayday Hace 7 horas
Wow buzzfeed! What a great idea I wonder where you got this idea from 🤔 oh right off the youtuber that made this a trend LIVINGBOBBY
Abdul Raheem
Abdul Raheem Hace 7 horas
Where is Pakistan
Sadhbh Young
Sadhbh Young Hace 7 horas
Muhammad Rasyiddin
Muhammad Rasyiddin Hace 7 horas
in indonesia you can eat 1 portion of ketoprak, nasi goreng, gado -gado
lil blumf
lil blumf Hace 7 horas
in Brunei, youll get rice and chicken for a dollar
Mouse Mickey
Mouse Mickey Hace 7 horas
I want to see Vietnamese’s street fooddddd
Mimn chii
Mimn chii Hace 7 horas
haha in India you can have an entire meal in $1
Fareeda 2026
Fareeda 2026 Hace 7 horas
I'm from UAE l've tried pav baji it is so delicious l just loved it 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
dumbDlCKmigee Hace 7 horas
Germany and ask for the Hitler supreme
Ahmed Mohd
Ahmed Mohd Hace 7 horas
You can literally with no joke get nothing for $1 in the Middle East
christelly lly
christelly lly Hace 7 horas
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