$10 Vegan vs. $135 Vegan

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"I'm sorry, I just stole your mom."
[Edit] We mislabeled the price for ABCV, it should say $135 instead!
Food lovers Steven Lim and Andrew, along with their cameraman Adam, embark on the ultimate food adventure in BuzzFeed’s hit series, Worth It, trying delicious foods at three price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which item is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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1 abr 2018






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BuzzFeedVideo Hace 2 años
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Huwei 52018
Huwei 52018 Hace 2 meses
Adam is basicall ferb from phineas and ferb
Luis Fontán
Luis Fontán Hace un año
The one thing that has increased 600% after one year is my love for anime ☺️ And my jalapeno chip intake
Liliana Luna
Liliana Luna Hace un año
BuzzFeedVideo me watching your vids
1966Zodiac Hace un año
BuzzfeedVideo Please make more vegan episodes!! Do a vegan episode in Los Angeles or something! That would be awesome!
Amber Mazan
Amber Mazan Hace un año
hate to break it to you, but cucumber is technically a fruit xoxo
Harvey Jones
Harvey Jones Hace un día
So many of the Guy's comments on the food are actually really valid arguments for Veganism. "I don't know much of anything about vegetables...its like Pokemon" and "This looks like something from Avatar", both highlight how people are generally unaware of the variety of vegetables there actually is on Earth. We base our meals too much on meat and other Animal products, which stops us from being more explorative with our food. This point is illustrated by Andrew when he says "Whenever I think about what I want for dinner, I never think of the vegetable component first". We constantly miss out on all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables that our planet provides and instead decide to eat animal products, which are not healthy at all - for both humans and the planet. Save the world, go Vegan.
May Mendez
May Mendez Hace un día
I feel like if you want to eat something expensive just go to NY 😂
DylanTN Gaming
DylanTN Gaming Hace un día
they should change the title it sounds like they're gonna eat vegans
RAKH Hace un día
my favourite fruit is currently coconut
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 3 días
Adam is like ASMR but for the eyes
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 3 días
Of COURSE Andrew likes raccoons
I can't tell if the chef of abcv has a french accent or not
4:17 my fats 😑😑😑😑
Lee ಠ_ಠ
Lee ಠ_ಠ Hace 7 días
Someone get me out of INDIA😭😭😭 I'M alive but NOT living a tasty lyf😭😭😭😭 they all hate being an adorable gud vegans😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Sheller Qube
Sheller Qube Hace 8 días
Andrew :can I sauce you Me: can I...…huh?
J L Hace 10 días
The awkward "restauranteur watching Adam take a bite" moment is one of the quality bits that have evolved with this show
madiantin Hace 10 días
Holy Ad Overload, Batman!
Katherine Ross
Katherine Ross Hace 12 días
13:13. That is all.
G Dubrovskaya
G Dubrovskaya Hace 12 días
The amount of time that I spend on youtube *Cries in 2020*
Jitana Martinez
Jitana Martinez Hace 12 días
The amount of Worth It videos I watch has gone up in the past 2 years, as well as thinking about my own mortality 😭
Alex RalXte
Alex RalXte Hace 13 días
Vegans are most greatest people ever... the more vegan there are... the more meat they left for us🦃🐄🐏🐓🐟🍗🍗
FuckYouKaren Hace 13 días
I'd like to dedicate this video to anyone who loves to joke that Vegans only eat 'grass'.
Rajarshi Majumdar
Rajarshi Majumdar Hace 14 días
What's wrong with vegans? As a species we were supposed to be omnivores...I LOVE me some vegan food but I will stick to my meats....and if they say to me that animals have life well newsflash so do plants which you eat.
Branden Soo
Branden Soo Hace 15 días
what has increased 600%? my weight cause I get hungry after watching worth it
Vanshika Goyal
Vanshika Goyal Hace 17 días
If you must have a real vegan experience then you all must come to India.
Krish V20
Krish V20 Hace 18 días
9:08 Either it's a sex noise or my mind is corrupted.
Hollywood Tim
Hollywood Tim Hace 20 días
when Aaron said his last name i was like woah wtf cuz i wasn in the comment section
Darwin Carbajal
Darwin Carbajal Hace 22 días
"green juices that taste just like the lawnmower clippings" - Same Andrew.
OhNo Hace 24 días
eating a 10$ vegan person vs an $135 vegan
Ashley Day
Ashley Day Hace 24 días
Stress has increased.
primazz Hace 25 días
primazz Hace 25 días
I think my favorite part of most of these videos is when they sit Adam next to the owner or chef and make him eat
Kenna Taylor
Kenna Taylor Hace 25 días
I loved the sun choke toast cheers simply because my dogs are named Toast and Cheers
Hayley Hunter
Hayley Hunter Hace 26 días
i always find it dissapointing when i cant find vegan cooking shows etc so its good to see they cover vegan food here
trash vs waste of good money
Henri Lai
Henri Lai Hace un mes
Oh Steven is Malaysian....
Cyborg1337 Hace un mes
The face of the background hippie at 0:18 :D
MANAN plays
MANAN plays Hace un mes
Me watching worth it is increased by 600 %
Barigeda Gyandeep
Barigeda Gyandeep Hace un mes
I wish my friends appreciated my puns like that.
Michael Johansen
Michael Johansen Hace un mes
0:18 that guy looks like he is cringing haaard
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh Hace un mes
Fact: India has the best vegan food.
Sneha Dsouza
Sneha Dsouza Hace un mes
It's not a 600 % increase. It's a 500 % increase. 1 increased 5 times to become 6.
Raj Hace un mes
Wen he looks at pigeon and realise it's vegan food video 'Go fly you son of a pigeon'
Edge Lord
Edge Lord Hace un mes
Hopefully yours was more worth it then mine, my vegan cost me 50$ all she does is complain about the chains
DJ Peeks In
DJ Peeks In Hace un mes
i'm not even vegan & i gotta acknowledge how refreshing it was to see them be so open with the food instead of recycle the same anti-vegan boomerisms that people tend to do! seasoned vegan looked especially good!
Liam Li
Liam Li Hace un mes
Was the sauce for the cauliflower put in a beaker
Aden Braith
Aden Braith Hace un mes
What has increased by 5% in the last ThRee years? "my TrUFfle iNtaKe"
Brett_Kendrick Hace un mes
I want to eat there so badly
sarah johari
sarah johari Hace un mes
Everytime in every vid when steven mention Malaysia,i just scream saying 'yooo!!we malaysian buds!"
Ferdy Septianto
Ferdy Septianto Hace un mes
I eat vegan food at home every day, and eat meat when i go outside, im just too broke to eat meat everyday though lol
Calle Hace un mes
Alesha Ward
Alesha Ward Hace un mes
This episode convinced me that they are high in every episode. 😂♥️😭💕💕💕💕
Jo-Anne Winmill
Jo-Anne Winmill Hace un mes
Chef b is the best southern mom ever
Darianne Cabornay
Darianne Cabornay Hace un mes
Steven's way of saying "kangkong" is literally how I pronounce it... 😍
Baldip Kaur
Baldip Kaur Hace un mes
if people were less ignorant and actually did their research into veganism i guarantee we'd have more vegans. I was so closed-minded to veganism and used to make fun of it until one boring day in quarantine i thought to watch a vegan debate ( Earthling Ed ) and then went further to watch documentaries about veganism and the animal market. Now i am vegan ( mostly for my optimum health and the environment ). Just sharing xxx
Lance Hace 2 meses
$22 in Asia vs the US is feeding a village vs one dish.
rod axel
rod axel Hace 2 meses
Is it only called Kangkong in the Phlilippines? Water Spinach? I see Steven has a lot of Filipino friends? Doing worth marathon... Video by video, the comments are more entertaining..
Ahmad Fauzan Bagaskoro
1:43 that's creepy.
Mamun Hussain
Mamun Hussain Hace 2 meses
8:04 Watch that with your eyes closed
Laurel Fox
Laurel Fox Hace 2 meses
I love ABCV! I went there for my dad's birthday! I actually tried the cauliflower. It was great.
Kirstian Valero
Kirstian Valero Hace 2 meses
kw Hace 2 meses
Anyone watch these videos made a few years ago and want this type of world back?
TunaMayo Hace 2 meses
Good foods are good, regardless of it being vegan or not. Until people come and pushing their opinions on other people.
Cindy Hace 2 meses
Vegans rule
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