$210 7-Course Seafood Dinner

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"I've never eaten anything that looks like this. Ever."
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30 dic 2017






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Ashfida Shahid
Ashfida Shahid Hace 25 días
Aahhh this can't even fill half a baby's stomach
Alexander Legaspy
Alexander Legaspy Hace 26 días
The first chef/owner is really John C. Reilly undercover
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
That's why i go to 5 stars restaurant, leave and never come back. :)))
Nasima Hace un mes
those were snacks
Chris Britton
Chris Britton Hace un mes
A nice character building episode-- a break from the template shows how much we just enjoy Steven and Andrew!
Ishita Agrawal
Ishita Agrawal Hace un mes
Wait did Steven said Minecraft?
Sarcastical's Pocket Dimension
People are missing the point of the meal, it's not to fill you up but for you to experience new flavors and even extend your palette
Mayusha Sawant
Mayusha Sawant Hace un mes
So less quantity 🤦🏻‍♀️
M Mmc
M Mmc Hace un mes
Oh the public school system....an elephant "trumpets".
Mikkle Chua
Mikkle Chua Hace un mes
Steak on a seafood course. Was lobster too much?
Subhrajyoti Bhattacharyya
So basically bird food costs 210 dollers .... 🤣🤣
harley keener
harley keener Hace un mes
To people who get bothered over people saying they're on a date: Friend dates are a thing too 😌 you don't have to be romantically involved to go on a date ✨
Olivia Smith
Olivia Smith Hace un mes
The bartenders accent confused me. Is it American, British, Australian? What up?
pandapoo777 Hace un mes
You know its going to be good when they got fake nanners on the wall.
maplebobo Hace 2 meses
That crispy 210$ dinner where 1 calorie costs 1 $
Zyer Anoth
Zyer Anoth Hace 2 meses
how do we eat this is a question i would really ask
janasica Hace 2 meses
TO BE FAIR: Geoduck, sashimi, abalone, santa barbara spot prawns, white sea bass, and A5 wagyu beef are expensive foods. I mean, still, this isn't worth $210 but they do be having some expensive foods
Heather P
Heather P Hace 2 meses
That elephant sound was more like a pterodactyl 😂
Holly Pendred
Holly Pendred Hace 2 meses
Also Steven looks mighty fine in that colour
Holly Pendred
Holly Pendred Hace 2 meses
"Is this what you're like on real dates?" "A treat." Honestly same ahaha I have never been on a real date but if it was with the right person I bet it'd be all giddy and childish and showy-offy. Also, "how do we eat it?" is also me when there's fancy food that looks too pretty to eat ahaha
sofia ortiz
sofia ortiz Hace 2 meses
The amount of LeBron James references from Steven is amazing
April Choate
April Choate Hace 2 meses
These aren't really "courses"...More like 7 Amuse-bouches...
grace Hace 2 meses
The theme music is terrible lol
Erica Fuantoni
Erica Fuantoni Hace 2 meses
I wasn’t sold by this concept of experiencing all the food in one place only , plus the amounting food they got for 210$ is ridiculous, not even if i was rich.
Evan Joel
Evan Joel Hace 2 meses
Erica Fuantoni Well lucky for me and many other people who enjoy experiencing good ingredients in food, you will never amount to enough in life to be able to dine at this restaurant.
Filip Hace 3 meses
the vapour stuff coming off the space shuttle is evaporated fuel, they need to get it out of the fuel tank because if enough of it builds up it explodes (this actually happened to a few shuttles during testing), its one of the problems of making fuel tanks out of aluminium, although all materiels get the vapour, aluminium has the highest transconductivity so it ignites the gas much easier. Just a little space science fact for y'all
Ali Hace 3 meses
This is not worth it . Who all remember the las Vegas Sterling buffet. Unlimited lobster , caviar and champagne now that was worth it
Sarah Craig
Sarah Craig Hace 3 meses
9:03 What the heck did she say?
Cornellius Nguyen
Cornellius Nguyen Hace 3 meses
is that Seth Rogan
LOLLY POP Hace 3 meses
RIP Lebron James
Yasmene Fallaci
Yasmene Fallaci Hace 3 meses
Gordon Ramsey and Seth Rogen’s lovechild = 1.15
Koop Hace 4 meses
You have $200. Do you A) Get a mountain of delicious food at a mid-tier restaurant that you can both enjoy in the moment and take home for leftovers, and maybe share with friends and family, or B) Get 7-14 bites of the most frilly and pretentious food you can find, with flavor profiles that are unusual or unique to your palette and aesthetic (which, depending on your taste and unless you're a human dumpster that will consume anything, might not taste very good to you).
Luckemia Hace 4 meses
"We've gotten to the part where we go hard, in your mouth"
Why Hello There
Why Hello There Hace 4 meses
To the people complaining if they'll be filled or not the purpose of these meals is not to get you filled its to experience these complex flavors
biano ci bouie
biano ci bouie Hace 4 meses
Rich people love spending hundreds of dollars for two bites of food
Bob Joe
Bob Joe Hace 4 meses
I like how they’re nervous about this when they have 1000 dollar pizzas
ƏČŁĪPßƏ Hace 4 meses
So every course is roughly 30$
Erin Dyer
Erin Dyer Hace 4 meses
the little smile andrew did when he said 'olive all of the foods' is so cute like he knew what he was doin
Apex_Ari Hace 4 meses
LMMFAO the elephant sounds and face.
Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman Hace 4 meses
R.I.P. Lebron James (Because of that one mention)
Cortex Hace 4 meses
This is just therapy for me after watching kitchen nightmares
luluk Hace 5 meses
Ladies Of Life After
always look forward to Adams part on every video XD although, i wish they would just part the food or set aside Adams share than have him eat leftover :( (just my opinion, i just get sad to see that sometimes XD)
Satyam Dey
Satyam Dey Hace 6 meses
Fine dining is only good for first time dates cause, honestly, the 7 courses combined is only like one part of a normal human's lunch. I would never be full with only this much of food.
koppy Hace 6 meses
This some rich people stuff
mikeisu Hace 6 meses
$210 7 course menu where you leave the restaurant still hungry. That .0000000001 oz. steak just didn't cut it
Josh Langston
Josh Langston Hace 6 meses
Always love seeing the guaranteed bitching that comes with any video of a tasting menu on ESvid.
Hajar Renate Midbrød
I would so definitely pay over 200 bucks for this ..hells to the yeah
lucas8265 Hace 6 meses
This doesn’t seem like your getting your moneys worth. If I’m having seafood. Give it to me not 2-3 slices surrounded by a lot more of other things so I can’t taste the seafood. Waste of money , it seems it ego massaging more than anything. Oh look I can afford this.
lucaboden Hace 6 meses
Whatever, I am gonna go get a Animal Style Double Double Happy Meal for under $10 suckas.
Isaac Donnelly
Isaac Donnelly Hace 6 meses
All of the courses were so small I don’t even think I’d get full on the whole 210$
Nina Hace 6 meses
Kat B
Kat B Hace 6 meses
"i'm not even massaged by hand." - Andrew 2019
Lillian B.
Lillian B. Hace 7 meses
I dont like the background music, it doesnt fit in.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala Hace 7 meses
7:16 Check out those fingernails, beads and wristbands... Eewww.
A disciple of Joseph Stalin
Wait so that prawn dish was a prawn seasoned with prawn topped with prawn which then had more prawn on top.
Danny Coffey
Danny Coffey Hace 7 meses
These the most unpicky eaters
ChrisSaint66 Hace 7 meses
1:13 is that Seth Rogen?
Eunmi Strange
Eunmi Strange Hace 7 meses
Why am I watching this? I’m allergic to sea food 😂
Alex Blain
Alex Blain Hace 7 meses
I never knew anything could be smaller than an atom... until I saw their serving sizes
OJ Vitug
OJ Vitug Hace 7 meses
how to be broke and how to starved in one seating
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