$380 Darksiders Genesis "Nephilim" Collector's Edition Unboxing (Google Stadia Gameplay)

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Unboxing Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Limited Collector's Edition (a board game included). 5000 units made. Google Stadia console gameplay test. Thanks to THQ Nordic for sending this box for unboxing!
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Darksiders Genesis Nephilim Edition www.thqnordic.com/article/exclusive-darksiders-genesis-nephilim-edition-only-5000-units-available-pre-order


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7 dic 2019






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Flying Stormboyz
Flying Stormboyz Hace 4 días
Darksiders us an amazing series
Atomic Megalodon
Atomic Megalodon Hace 4 días
Fuck stadia Also I hate how the game that features strife, the final horseman to be featured, is top down dungeon crawler. The other 3 were amazingly done 3rd person puzzle solving action games, I just wish they took time to make it like the others. That is my opinion.
ultra dan
ultra dan Hace 4 días
I love the artwork for darksiders
tim westfall
tim westfall Hace 4 días
glitch. 13:40
Анастасия Мысик
I want this
gundam fan
gundam fan Hace 8 días
The game is not worth 20 quid let alone 380 dollars its s mobile game at best... and not a very good one controls are crap wall running on angled platforms impossible... strifes voice acting is not enough to make it a great game. Sadly 4-10 from me
Umos Hace 9 días
ew stadia
River Waterwet
River Waterwet Hace 19 días
The Collectors edition For Pc (The One I will purchase) costs 99.99 pounds and no delivery costs. For what you get in the base Collectors edition That is insane Value
River Waterwet
River Waterwet Hace 19 días
Do you actually use Stadia 😂😂 that is like the most garbage console ever
gingerwnosoul h
gingerwnosoul h Hace 20 días
TheRelaxingEnd: Pulls out fancy looking knife Me: Weird flex but okay
Bulp Hace un mes
Awesome.. amzn.to/2QlfQp4
Daily Update
Daily Update Hace un mes
12:56.... Enjoy your life man...cuz we middle class family only got 400 kbps....😅......and any Offline games for Android like this available.....plz tell me...
Kijionn Hace un mes
Erotic lol
Mathias Rain
Mathias Rain Hace un mes
How do u end up getting a majority of the very limited editions of these awesome games? U must be a game developer yourself or something of the sort..regardless awesome edition indeed
DarkLightBoy Hace un mes
yeah I wonder also
troyisfilming Hace un mes
Some know him as the plastic fist! 👊
Ronin Talley
Ronin Talley Hace un mes
I love the darksiders world and lore , love this video
Zillon Tesller
Zillon Tesller Hace un mes
Do a tour of your collection!
Justin Herrick
Justin Herrick Hace un mes
I hope we get a stand alone game with him in it not a over the top view
Lucas Cardoso
Lucas Cardoso Hace un mes
This game is so amazing! I wish I could buy this edition, but in Brazil these things are terribly expensive.
Uppliv Hace un mes
iR4kNz Hace un mes
Hey bro try out the gamesir x1
Zetraxes Hace un mes
Input lag not noticable when you have 500mbps... Oh you don't say
Max Loomis
Max Loomis Hace un mes
Ridiculous! This is not worth 380$!
Advait kolhe
Advait kolhe Hace un mes
This is insane
Madmartin gameplays
Hey how many consoles do you have
BAD_BOY Hace un mes
l wan t Darksiders game 😭😭😭
Dj_ Malibu
Dj_ Malibu Hace un mes
The best of this channel survive is the lives of CoD but stop, unboxing destroy this channel.
GugaGAMER Hace un mes
Unboxing psp please
eduardo barcenas
eduardo barcenas Hace un mes
Could u unbox the original Xbox one plz
Moggy Mog
Moggy Mog Hace un mes
So is there going to be a Darksiders 4 or is this it? ._.; The only thing I regret is not getting this for the statue as I have the other 3 horsemen..
Fluffie Hace un mes
adnan games android
do unboxing to nova 5t your brother from iraq
Babul Mohanty
Babul Mohanty Hace un mes
I love your channel very much and I hope you are going to give me what I have wished
Babul Mohanty
Babul Mohanty Hace un mes
Please give bose earbuds
Darren Shawn
Darren Shawn Hace un mes
Sony PSP 3000 unboxing please
Lil acoustic
Lil acoustic Hace un mes
upload zombies
Jay De leon
Jay De leon Hace un mes
Does it have an offline without using WiFi?
380$ for this?? hell NO
Nelson Vinsha
Nelson Vinsha Hace un mes
this game reminded me abt torchlight 2.. torchlight has potential to be honest
lhalls9116 Hace un mes
You should get your logo on a pair of your gloves. Thatd look cool
rajkumar padwekar
rajkumar padwekar Hace un mes
Please unbox par vr
Vagabundo Hace un mes
That has to be a amazing statue and board game to ask 380 dollars for it......
煙Zeldris Hace un mes
U should unbox the ps3 with the panel
Stormtrooper TS429
Stormtrooper TS429 Hace un mes
Wtf I didn't think it was out yet
Sunset Sky
Sunset Sky Hace un mes
My dad says this isn't ASMR I say it is ( my dad watches this stuff) is it and ASMR chanel or no?
Evangelos Killer mike
Thq Nordic likes making fucking expensive collectors editions that nobody will buy,plus mammon means cocksucker in Spanish,ROTFLMFAO,they should has check the names first but this darksiders game looks better than the other 3 since dungeon crawlers action rpg is the best genre,these are facts.
Jerome Valeska
Jerome Valeska Hace un mes
I swear to god I just ran into him in bo3 zombies on pc!!!
ABU SHANAB Hace un mes
Huawei Nova 5t
UHELLO Hace un mes
Dr debox))))))
Xehanful Hace un mes
I want to cry... I'll never be able to get this. Thank you for this vid and for all others !
And Games
And Games Hace un mes
You ware still watcheble when you did zombie stuff but now.....
Trunk s
Trunk s Hace un mes
I want that Strife's figure so bad...😣
Anders Paulsson
Anders Paulsson Hace un mes
This edition is absolute shit, not even kidding, compared to collectors edition the ONLY thing you get is a boardgame and you pay $260 for that, the scam is realz!
ǝsɹǝʌǝɹ Hace un mes
NFS Heat collector's edition?👍
Eren Güneş
Eren Güneş Hace un mes
Pls Life is Strange 2 collecter edition come
Alicia Chan
Alicia Chan Hace un mes
The figure is the best
N S gameing
N S gameing Hace un mes
Big fan sir Love you ❤️ from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🤩🤩
Azizul hasni
Azizul hasni Hace un mes
Unboxing Nintendo switch again Salam Malaysia
Gaby Alex
Gaby Alex Hace un mes
7:08 That table game is really awersome 😉
Gaby Alex
Gaby Alex Hace un mes
5:53 Yes 😉
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