$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich Vs. $20 Fried Chicken Sandwich

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“That’s a face wiper for sure.”
The Window at American Beauty
Son of a Gun
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22 dic 2019






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Noah Hannon
Noah Hannon Hace 18 horas
Song at 15:41 17:30 ?
꧁CRYsis𒊹_ Sxyth꧂
5:17 5:19 *Top 10 biggest anime regrets*
ahnatanha Hace 3 días
I thought that 5$ for a fried chicken sandwich was already expensive. The only one I can afford to order is the mcchicken from the dollar menu and that’s already an expense I can afford to make maybe about once every two weeks.
lortab Hace 4 días
No, Fuku.
Rey Skywalker
Rey Skywalker Hace 4 días
Did the last chef remind anyone of Rie?
Kent Pham
Kent Pham Hace 4 días
I want one day where two videos release, and The Ghoul Boys switch places with the Worth It boys.
Brandon Burkhalter
Brandon Burkhalter Hace 5 días
Chaim Weingarten
Chaim Weingarten Hace 5 días
That five buck sandwich looked the best.
Aesthetic Hace 6 días
Here i am again... While fasting..
Jul S
Jul S Hace 6 días
This must be the best job ever...
Andreas Lacey
Andreas Lacey Hace 6 días
15:38 height difference????
Sheaskedme Hace 7 días
americans really don't know what sandwich means
txkillersnow Hace 7 días
Chik fil a makes the best chicken sandwich sorry not sorry
Sarbani Groy
Sarbani Groy Hace 8 días
U eat and get paid for it
E r i k a
E r i k a Hace 8 días
i love how their relationship has changed since season 1, they seem a lot more comfortable around eachother
CrazyTitan1 Hace 8 días
That lady look like rie
superbeert Hace 8 días
The fried chicken, taste so good when I eat with the Delta Parole music on blast the fried chicken is love fried chicken is life.
Special Kayy
Special Kayy Hace 9 días
Me hungry watching this video : 👁👄👁
Neel Narula
Neel Narula Hace 9 días
I am so frickin hungry rn
Rabia Rahim
Rabia Rahim Hace 11 días
8:03 that lady reminds me of rie
Jared Knutson
Jared Knutson Hace 11 días
I wonder what Buzzfeed would do if these men went on their own, like the Try Guys did
AgiØsPetrØs Hace 12 días
The first one was lit so clean 🔥🔥👌
Melonhead 123
Melonhead 123 Hace 12 días
Who else thought the cheap one would be Popeyes? 🙋🏼
funny dude
funny dude Hace 12 días
Anyone else notice the weird background music from the first restaurant?
Heather P
Heather P Hace 14 días
4:37 Adam looks so ready to eat this
lennin_tomes j
lennin_tomes j Hace 15 días
0:39 I thought it was a Jewish restaurant
Shack Racks
Shack Racks Hace 15 días
5:20 I wanna eat this fried chicken as a challenge, he should have this as a challenge with like a $50 reward
Elysia Tan
Elysia Tan Hace 16 días
The double down comes back occasionally in singapore
89Ahmed 891
89Ahmed 891 Hace 17 días
Haha, anyone else get a target add about back to school shopping? Target making jokes now
Spookey Spooked
Spookey Spooked Hace 19 días
I am saddened that they didn't say Pikunico-nii~!
Dan Mercado
Dan Mercado Hace 19 días
Burger king Spicy Chicken burger is the best and you can get 2 in $ 6.00. Again the best!
teps Hace 20 días
Kado Potato
Kado Potato Hace 21 un día
I’d definitely do this job with no salary
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D Hace 22 días
a lot of words and adjectives thrown around in these vids but "perfect", "best", "most", and insert "I've ever" always finds it's way out of Steven's mouth lmao.
Ricky Dartawan
Ricky Dartawan Hace 23 días
Boku no piku
Cuong Do
Cuong Do Hace 23 días
then: two dollar pizza vs. 2000 dollar pizza now: 5 dollar fried chicken sandwich vs. 20 dollar chicken sandwich what
William Lee
William Lee Hace 25 días
How old is Andrew?
Raul O' Escobar
Raul O' Escobar Hace 25 días
Nowhere compared to Ryan and Shane
lily mbae
lily mbae Hace 26 días
When you watch enough of these videos you start noticing everyone is like "our menu is just different....we wanted to be different...we are not the same as everybody else..."
shumpie41 Hace 26 días
what no $1000 chicken samdwhich?
kuudez Hace 26 días
The Window at American Beauty 2019: cool idea for a restaurant 2020: every restaurant
SParasyte Hace 27 días
4:32 should've said absolute moron
subscribe for no reason at all
6:50 damm rie looks different
KC Hace 28 días
I swear I was 99% sire Popeyes would appeae
Chloe McClendon
Chloe McClendon Hace 28 días
Do a worth it gluten free
Dj Brown
Dj Brown Hace 29 días
I thought that the $5 chicken sandwich was the $20 one for a min
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo Hace un mes
“There’s pickles you can have along insi-HHIDE.” lmao
DEVIL Gaming
DEVIL Gaming Hace un mes
They should leave buzzfeed and open their own channel.
King Legerme
King Legerme Hace un mes
4:40 that black Air Force one energy 😂😂😂
Eric Tinnis
Eric Tinnis Hace un mes
Just went to The Window. Got the cheese burger and fried chicken sandwich, taste was ok,but just ok burger and chicken were half the size of what you show. Girl friend says they robbed me. Parking lot smells like a sewer. Things here are not the same. Not worth it.
Mika Hace un mes
i'm a pickle hater.
GibFen 123
GibFen 123 Hace un mes
Can you add as comments a time index when the price for an item is mentioned. The links are nice but prices are often hidden.
The Kings2758
The Kings2758 Hace un mes
Fuku... *Fuk u*
Xander Legaly
Xander Legaly Hace un mes
Am I the only person who thought we found Rie Doppelganger??
Ashley Stone
Ashley Stone Hace un mes
total war three kingdoms
Some Dude
Some Dude Hace un mes
Imagine walking your dog and you see three guys in a car putting on black gloves
derpy bin
derpy bin Hace un mes
As a sucker for buzzfeed unsolved I died @ the ending
Alex Shrestha
Alex Shrestha Hace un mes
"Look at those fresh Assholes"
mufazer ozak Abdul kadir gaeylanei
Haha Elisha is a Girl name
MVHD Video Games
MVHD Video Games Hace un mes
Only if you could fly globally for the best dish for the price then that would be my worth it winner.
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