$6000 Macbook Pro 16" Unboxing (8TB SSD) - But can it do Gaming?

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Unboxing review of new Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch 2019 w/ max configuration: 8TB SSD, 64GB RAM, Intel Core i9 2.4GHz processor. But can it do gaming? Fortnite Battle Royale, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Bioshock and Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay.
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Apple Macbook Pro 16 inch (max configuration):
Intel Core i9 processor 2.4GHz 9th generation
64GB 2666MHz DDR4 memory
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory
8TB SSD storage
4 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports
60Hz 3072x1920 IPS display (226 pixels per inch)


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10 dic 2019






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Comentarios 3 696
TheRelaxingEnd Hace 2 meses
Apple users here?
Iliano Goossens
Iliano Goossens Hace 10 horas
Greetsfuckers3307 - Gaming Main thats literally mackeeper. Its the most obvious virus you can get on mac. They just hacked you, has NOTHING to do with apple, but with what you browse and download
Jacopo Pieraccini
Jacopo Pieraccini Hace un día
MTHP11 Hace un día
Infinity destroyer
Infinity destroyer Hace 2 días
Noch Apple is trash
_WildеFeather_ Hace 2 días
el normal
el normal Hace 3 horas
If you want to do something good use a "gaming"laptop
MajesticAaa Hace 3 horas
That moment when the iPad Pro has more FPS than the MacBook
Guillermo Riquelme
Guillermo Riquelme Hace 11 horas
Jajajaa He doesn´t know how to use the magic mouse and the trackpad
Jesper de Haas
Jesper de Haas Hace 12 horas
Waste of money a desktop is much better
SteadySpace6940 Hace 12 horas
Can you do de unboxing of the new mac pro?
Nagunai Hace 12 horas
The only question i had here was " Did he really send the Mcbook back to Apple" ? :_D
Real Oderless635gnat
Real Oderless635gnat Hace 16 horas
YepMac book
musically jinish
musically jinish Hace 17 horas
Waste of money
Franco Angulo
Franco Angulo Hace 21 un hora
:v Asmr o que mismo?
rEEtarded Huskar
rEEtarded Huskar Hace 23 horas
3:31 trust me. It’s worth the price
Klutzy Mite
Klutzy Mite Hace un día
Apple with the smallest keyboard in the universe
Алишер Hace un día
Samsung Users Here?
Dex Kronos
Dex Kronos Hace un día
MacBook Pro is for productivity, no for gaming!
JAV1TheArt FATE Hace 3 horas
Cerra el orto 😎👍
Rex Killers
Rex Killers Hace un día
Give me one🥺
WAFFLES Hace un día
Can you for once keep the device
Guardianz iOS
Guardianz iOS Hace un día
Its 6k becuz of the headphone jack
Miami Aser
Miami Aser Hace 2 días
3:45 What German ?? Btw i am Windows user and i’m happy with that operating system
Ali Raza
Ali Raza Hace 2 días
Call of duty 3 I can play on £100 ps4 £6000 MacBook pro it worth
Espartan 2005
Espartan 2005 Hace 2 días
Yo me preguntó cómo es que gastas tanto dinero en una madre como esas y sigues teniendo varo
Melon Hace 2 días
Apple its a SH*T
Somebody Hace 2 días
If you buy this laptop for gaming,you are wasting your 💰.More good is if you buy xbox not this.Or if you want to waste your 💰,buy a gaming PC 6000$ I think.He is a beast.
Arquero918 Hace 2 días
danny poon
danny poon Hace 2 días
Omg the fan noise🤮
Simon Ehrhardt
Simon Ehrhardt Hace 2 días
Is this ASMR?
Ed Reams
Ed Reams Hace 2 días
6000$?mmm yea it's waste of money because Apple is so $$$$$$$$
Hardek WTF
Hardek WTF Hace 2 días
4:00 para usar español de Latinoamérica
Achiksa Marak
Achiksa Marak Hace 2 días
In India... Macbook Air cost around 78,000 MacBook Pro? Around 100,000
Nj Abrar
Nj Abrar Hace 2 días
i can buy better than this with 6000 dollar
Doctor Racoon
Doctor Racoon Hace 2 días
6:15 lol funny design
Marcelo Sena
Marcelo Sena Hace 2 días
I don't know why but this is strangely relaxing
Russell Galiza
Russell Galiza Hace 2 días
Where do you buy your MacBook Games from?
Fawwaz Farabi
Fawwaz Farabi Hace 3 días
I prefer to buy a house 🤣
Jiří Panenka
Jiří Panenka Hace 3 días
I am little pissed when someone uses apple stuff for gaming 🙃 however, very nice video... i can really appreciate the products you open in your vids. It’s just so unique 😍
Zohaib Jan
Zohaib Jan Hace 3 días
I am happily married, I am happily married, I aammmm haappillyyyy.... mmmmaarriiieed... ahhhhhhhhh :D
Martin Luther
Martin Luther Hace 3 días
Comprar un macbook pro para jugar ??? que estupidez
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Hace 3 días
My old 400$ pc can run at 170 fps on bo3. Yes 6k is a waste
Solaire Of Astora
Solaire Of Astora Hace 3 días
I guess its kinda worth it if you actually work with it...+ 8TB is insane especially for an SSD inside of a laptop If you’re just using it for browsing or basic stuff you could easily do with a $300 laptop... then its a waste
Samer Malagic
Samer Malagic Hace 3 días
This shit from wish
Thefollower Gamer
Thefollower Gamer Hace 3 días
Sorry, windows is the best on gaming.
Nik Lutserte
Nik Lutserte Hace 3 días
Its better off to buy a gaming laptop/pc than buying a crappy apple product that is a waste of money(no offense)
Renix Hace 3 días
Me : 'Let' s buy a macbook' on google : 'where can i sell one of brother' Also me : '.... I need to sell more three brothers!!' (I don't have 3)
Ali Malik
Ali Malik Hace 3 días
Renix good joke
Prussian Eagle
Prussian Eagle Hace 4 días
Seriously how many money does this guy have
VORTEX Hace 4 días
Роберт Undefined
Refresh rate 60hz for 7000$???????
Роберт Undefined
Just downgrade from fucking Catalina to Sierra and Have a Nice Day
Máté Simon
Máté Simon Hace 4 días
Anyone intrested more i those beautiful knives than macbooks?🤣
Rickzao199 Hace 5 días
"apple products are expensive in europe" brazilians: ...
Otavio Schwanck
Otavio Schwanck Hace 2 días
@Stimmo 4 Brazil, 50k (11k Dollars)
Stimmo 4
Stimmo 4 Hace 2 días
Rickzao199 america : 6k Europe:8 k, such a big difference
Eddy.Senju Hace 2 días
Rickzao199 5:48
Diego Contigiani
Diego Contigiani Hace 5 días
你可记得1840 Hace 5 días
I watch this video with my 128gb SSD 13''......
Pedram N Maroof
Pedram N Maroof Hace 5 días
macs are huge waste of money , for half that amount u can buy a beast laptop or destktop with the double performance of the mac, apple products just fucking expensive
Leonard 33
Leonard 33 Hace 6 días
When you paid 6k for a laptop and it can't run 32bit applications 🤦‍♂️
Raees Safdar
Raees Safdar Hace 6 días
If you are spending 6k for gaming on Mac, then you are fuckin dumb ass
Dxrrxw 0
Dxrrxw 0 Hace 6 días
6k??? Your joking???? I could get an incredibly powerful desktop setup with that..
Bernice Chui
Bernice Chui Hace 7 días
does anyone know what game is he playing at 8:41?
Jaseer CP
Jaseer CP Hace 8 días
mvdlele29 Hace 8 días
i thought it was 8gb...))
Heaney_S Hace 8 días
To play them games just install windows 10
JRY Eight
JRY Eight Hace 8 días
Not trying to be a fanboy or anything. But the mouse charges in les then a minute enough power for the rest of the day.
Raynaldi Sutedjo
Raynaldi Sutedjo Hace 8 días
I really don’t how apple works Iphone can run any games macbook cannot
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