$7 Buffet Vs. $95 Buffet

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"Champagne wishes and caviar dreams."
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19 mar 2017






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Elliot Henderson
Elliot Henderson Hace 6 horas
I feel bad for buffets, they probably won’t make it past COVID-19 😫
n d
n d Hace 23 horas
I went to the first 8 dollar buffet. It was cheap and great went with my fam
TONY WANG Hace 2 días
Too many talking
Saket Jha
Saket Jha Hace 3 días
are you kidding me 8.99 dollar for that buffet this low price buffet isn't even available in INDIA
Yu Nick
Yu Nick Hace 3 días
Sb is no longer worth the value.... if they still feed you frozen lobster tail, they used to feed you half of whole lobster plus i noticed they really cut corner on a few items.. don't think i will go again
ashley fortune
ashley fortune Hace 4 días
"Spoon is my favorite utensil" Liam Payne is crying
Fredrick Quey
Fredrick Quey Hace 4 días
I am jealous how they eat so much over the videos and not gain weight
P!xel Hace 4 días
Should just have get as much as you can and don’t share
RandomWhiteChild 1
RandomWhiteChild 1 Hace 5 días
Steven I’m having some of your hash brown Get off my hash brown PAUSE
Mary Smith
Mary Smith Hace 5 días
I can go to the Feast buffet all day! Everyday! What food heaven that is!
Mg Y
Mg Y Hace 5 días
I can't wait until COVID is over!!!
US RoninHammer
US RoninHammer Hace 6 días
Why is the blonde guy on all these videos. He has no charisma at all. I like felt myself getting the energy sucked out of me just watching him. He is just painful to watch
TheLittleMeggy Hace 6 días
My picky self could NEVER
Geoffrey Garfein
Geoffrey Garfein Hace 9 días
I watch a ton of food shows. This is easily my favorite. I appreciate your review of the Wicked Spoon. I have seen some so-so reviews of this place and I think the reviews have been unfair.
Jomi Vale
Jomi Vale Hace 10 días
4:02- The happiest I’ve ever seen Adam LOL
Coochie Cutter.445
Coochie Cutter.445 Hace 11 días
Imagine paying 95$ and getting only crab claws I mean I’ve been to a 17$ dollar buffet and they had whole lobster and snow crab I can’t imagine there only being claws
Eliyyahu Hace 11 días
The last thing I wanna see when watching these videos is an ad in the middle of it, let alone an Amy Schumer ad 🙃
Harry Abrigo
Harry Abrigo Hace 11 días
Uhmm in the Philippines we have a buffet called Freska and its only costs 5 dollars with ALOT OF CHOICES and theres a free meal if its your birth month but you need to bring 2 adults
michoel panzok
michoel panzok Hace 12 días
I can’t believe there’s hungry homeless people with a 8 dollar all you can eat buffet
michoel panzok
michoel panzok Hace 12 días
8 dollar buffet are you kidding
El Compa
El Compa Hace 12 días
Am i the only Vegas local that didnt know about the sterling brunch AND IVE BEEN HERE MY WHOLE LIFE
Titanium Nightcore
Titanium Nightcore Hace 13 días
"i'm stuffed"
Katherine Ross
Katherine Ross Hace 14 días
You know they had a lot of champagne at the last location when they let Adam drive.
Kassandra A
Kassandra A Hace 14 días
The wicked spoon is literally the best Buffett in Vegas. I’m dying to go back 😭
Shon Star
Shon Star Hace 18 días
The shade 🤣🤣🤣
Dixon Lixon
Dixon Lixon Hace 19 días
Why did they even do this video? There acting like a $95 buffet is a big deal, thats probably the average price for a buffet.
FuckYouKaren Hace 13 días
That's shocking, an 'expensive' buffet where I live is like £25.
Jacob Francis
Jacob Francis Hace 20 días
adam reminds me of Kenny from the middle
Persephone Winters
Persephone Winters Hace 21 un día
The most relatable thing Andrew has *ever* said is "Yo, pull the f**k over, I'm petting this puppy."
98 Gaming
98 Gaming Hace 21 un día
0:08 not cool
Josh Pilisuk
Josh Pilisuk Hace 21 un día
Next time I go to Vegas I'm going to check out that brunch.
Marissa Strull
Marissa Strull Hace 22 días
Growing up every time we visited my grandparents we’d go to the feast buffet one night while we were there it’s pretty good
Johnny Yadida
Johnny Yadida Hace 22 días
Freaking steven 😂😂 that foo said "Alright first things first... I'm the realest." 😂😂
Val Heth
Val Heth Hace 23 días
Adam ate a cinnamon roll, thats cannibalism.
Alexander Legaspy
Alexander Legaspy Hace 24 días
Andrew is low key alcoholic
Jclmaster123 Lau
Jclmaster123 Lau Hace 24 días
That wasn’t cool
Ariel Ross
Ariel Ross Hace 27 días
9 dollars for a buffet that looks that nice?!?!?! I've been to crappier buffet more expensive than that!
Rachel Lynn
Rachel Lynn Hace 27 días
Jeremy Cornwell
Jeremy Cornwell Hace un mes
America is my buffet and the Rajneesh $hit on it. butt fungus enslaves\kills.
Music G
Music G Hace un mes
: v food
aligirl1808 Hace un mes
all you can eat lobster? that's dangerous
Michelle Sharon
Michelle Sharon Hace un mes
Adam while driving is so freakin hot
mich6282 mich6282
mich6282 mich6282 Hace un mes
“White chocolate is for children” *Me technically a child: hates white chocolate*
Brian Cooley
Brian Cooley Hace 22 días
I only like white chocolate if it’s those little morsels
Shiori Roy
Shiori Roy Hace 26 días
Me an adult: *loves white chocolate* XD
Katie Selby
Katie Selby Hace un mes
10:53 😂😂
jack whiteman
jack whiteman Hace un mes
Please do an episode on ibérico Ham
Syed Abdur Rehman Khalid
Feed adam more
Julliana Ruiz
Julliana Ruiz Hace un mes
The one guy that gave them champagne made me uncomfortable
Goho Poho
Goho Poho Hace un mes
1:04 tongue vibration🤣
Hadia Khadeeja
Hadia Khadeeja Hace un mes
4:02 The most chaotic moment I have seen.
Cole Tech Tips
Cole Tech Tips Hace un mes
Clickbait &8.99 dollar buffet not 7
The Person
The Person Hace un mes
Nobody is surprised that Andrew likes carrot cake.
Rocco Cioffi
Rocco Cioffi Hace un mes
No one: Not a single soul: Not even Jesus: Andrew: SpoOn iS mY FavOriTe uTEnsiL
Sammy Mwamburi
Sammy Mwamburi Hace un mes
"First things first.. I'm the realest."
James Meredith
James Meredith Hace un mes
i will got to the wicked spoon
Peter Parker
Peter Parker Hace un mes
I would go to that 95 dollar buffet. This is the first most expensive place that’s actually worth it. You get a bunch of food. And it is very high quality and you haven’t tried lot of the food.
RandomCitizen Hace un mes
They literally just stopped the car just to pet a dog.... Yasss!
Nadia Purnama
Nadia Purnama Hace un mes
My rule with buffet is always spend on the most expensive. With that amount of calorie intake, must... make.. it... worth it
rjxd Hace un mes
Duff looks like an end-game raid boss
asad butt
asad butt Hace un mes
12:45 when they started yelling I was literally startled, like wth did they saw?! But when I realized it was a dog/pup I was like "Hmm makes sense I guess. I would do the same if I see a stray cat or dog passing by xd"
Natalia Pola
Natalia Pola Hace un mes
I heard there was $125 buffet
Adyasha Rath
Adyasha Rath Hace un mes
No one: Andrew : "Spoon is my favourite utensil"
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