$8 Pasta Vs. $100 Pasta

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“Pasta-la vista.”
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30 oct 2016






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Comentarios 60
Luke Lanides
Luke Lanides Hace 2 horas
I wish I lived in LA
Putri Alisha
Putri Alisha Hace 8 horas
0:44 there it is.. Adam break the character..
Surya Kant
Surya Kant Hace un día
They finally told us that aliens exist
May Mendez
May Mendez Hace un día
as a lover of pasta, am dyin’ watching this 🤤
Uyen Ha
Uyen Ha Hace un día
Did you Just dye your hair blonde
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan Hace un día
$100 and they don't make their own pasta. Nice
me Hace 2 días
I love the pasta fact from Adam lol
Hi how are ya
Hi how are ya Hace 2 días
Andrews smile is so precious. Protect him at all costs !
TheUnknown Guy
TheUnknown Guy Hace 4 días
0:43 this is the first time I heard adam shouted
Alex R
Alex R Hace 4 días
Zjudiet Hace 5 días
I. Want. The. First. Pasta. But. I. Live. In. The. Netherlands.
Jon Allen
Jon Allen Hace 5 días
So after watching this, the cheapest pasta was the best.
Vanshika Goyal
Vanshika Goyal Hace 6 días
That's a lot of fla-vour! 6:13 so funny how he spoke!!!!
Muhammad Sardiwalla
Muhammad Sardiwalla Hace 6 días
3:43, I could watch that forever on repeat
Danse Macabre
Danse Macabre Hace 6 días
Give me the $8 pasta any day.
MrPhoenixGang Hace 6 días
10:30 guy defs has stomach ache
alpitu21 Gaming
alpitu21 Gaming Hace 7 días
Restaurant pasta: 20$ Pasta when you make it at home: $158 + tax
yuan archiel aguilar
At the start the guys from unsolved mysteries loll
Shae wood
Shae wood Hace 7 días
The first time I saw this I don’t realize that Shane and Ryan were at the start
In Power
In Power Hace 8 días
truffle oil, cream and french accents with pasta? hmmm.....
Madara Hace 10 días
Andrew looks like Eric from vat19
Withered Bonnie
Withered Bonnie Hace 11 días
Jawaad Khan
Jawaad Khan Hace 11 días
any one want to trade a pair of brand new wireless headphones for anything? Hit me up on insta @theclipventure if you're interested. If not, follow me anyway!
Literal Hace 11 días
I wish I can invite my friends to eat like that. Too bad we are all busy with our lives
Calvin Emmanuel
Calvin Emmanuel Hace 11 días
0:46 the first time I hear Adam shout
ISO x Rhino
ISO x Rhino Hace 12 días
Most of the time the cheapest one is the one that I think I would like most
snigdha rayyy
snigdha rayyy Hace 14 días
the $100 pasta made me lose my appetite and i haven't eaten for a whole day
James DeDonato
James DeDonato Hace 15 días
When it’s a pasta episode but the last place is French. Smh
brak's mom
brak's mom Hace 18 días
It's been 3 years and I'm still finding it funny that Ryan and Shane came out that elevator
Nour Nour
Nour Nour Hace 18 días
Why is it always: The cheapest dish: the most traditional The averagely priced dish: the most creative The most expensive: the most appealing visually
Kiran Chauhan
Kiran Chauhan Hace 18 días
Good looking food = high price Food that satisfy your hunger, which is healthy, makes you full, doesn't matter whether good looking or not = pretty cheap
storknad man
storknad man Hace 18 días
“Which is healthy”.. I have bad news for you
Om Rajkumar
Om Rajkumar Hace 20 días
Did anyone notice shane and rayan at the beginning
SOPHIA DETORIE Hace 21 un día
giulia Negri
giulia Negri Hace 22 días
Come to my home and I will cook spaghetti con le vongole trust me is amazing
G1ades Hace 23 días
How can these guys have more subs than Gordon Ramsay?
The Insanartiste
The Insanartiste Hace 23 días
No love for osteriamamma
Vani Hace 24 días
It's Shane and Rayan.
Preeyada Visaijorn
Preeyada Visaijorn Hace 24 días
LetsTalk AboutDucks
LetsTalk AboutDucks Hace 25 días
Drinking and driving, seriously? ಠ_ಠ
No, Formerly Maybe
No, Formerly Maybe Hace 25 días
I feel like this all started as a way for Steven to gradually woo Andrew and Adam is there chaperone...
Frederik De Keyser
Frederik De Keyser Hace 26 días
"we are not Italian restaurant" So you have to be an Italian restaurant to make your own pasta? 🤔 Argument invalid, monsieur.
storknad man
storknad man Hace 23 días
Making your own pasta in a restaurant is not something you can do just like that
ToXIC Carter
ToXIC Carter Hace 26 días
Me looking at that truffle and thinking that looks exactly like small slices of pepperoni
Day6atemywallet Hace 27 días
Idc what they say about any pasta...BUT NOTHING WILL BEAT THE ONE MY MUM MAKES 😋
gaurang sn
gaurang sn Hace 28 días
I hate it when they call Adam camera guy
Gxtch Hace 28 días
Watched this when it first came out and now in quarantine
solmyr2 Hace 29 días
That French restaurant pasta seems just bad . Just because you put some expensive ingredients doesn t mean the pasta is good .
storknad man
storknad man Hace 26 días
solmyr2 have you ever been at an expensive restaurant?
solmyr2 Hace 27 días
@storknad man nope I just say just because you put expensive ingredients doesn't mean it's good . It might be but not always is ,most of 5hose places are just snob for people who gets more satisfaction spending a lot of money than tasting good food
storknad man
storknad man Hace 27 días
So therefore nothing that is expensive is good?
Regi Playzz
Regi Playzz Hace 29 días
after watching two adult men eating pasta and being kind of gay it felt like home Bonjour :D
nadir kiani
nadir kiani Hace un mes
*P A S T A*
jack sams
jack sams Hace un mes
Hey the pasta isn't social distancing :l
Ayam Kriuk Gamer
Ayam Kriuk Gamer Hace un mes
0$ for creepy pasta
Aiko Campos
Aiko Campos Hace un mes
Me looking if there going to do olive garden
MidKnight Hace un mes
That $100 pasta looked good! Yum!
Extravaganza- Ayiesha
It's all about truffle
Creative Wolfie
Creative Wolfie Hace un mes
U should start ur own ESvid named Worth It
Soykin 021
Soykin 021 Hace un mes
This is by far the best episode of worth it
Nahidur Abedin
Nahidur Abedin Hace un mes
"Not all flour makes good pasta"
Devin Jiang
Devin Jiang Hace un mes
Squid ink pasta=jojo reference
BABA YAGA Hace un mes
Are there any episodes where they pick the most expensive one as the worth it winner??
storknad man
storknad man Hace 27 días
Fish in hawaii
nadir kiani
nadir kiani Hace un mes
Steak one
uzeir gamazsi
uzeir gamazsi Hace un mes
is it me or whenever i watch these videos i always need to eat while watching
Rahul Srinivas
Rahul Srinivas Hace un mes
the watcher boys at the start :D
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