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21 may 2022






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•LoNa•🌸 Hace un mes
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yujbWnEqGxk.html&feature=share(This is the knew video watch it plz🫶🏻)
Bazcakes Hace 3 días
@Maykel Basabe Leon rickroll
NUBIA Hace 3 días
Damaris💋 Hace un mes
This contains homophonic content… no one else thinks it’s rude ? It’s not only one clip aswell…
Alex Alexander
Alex Alexander Hace un mes
°Gacha Blueberry°
Video is good yet 👌🏻🌈
• Gaxha_Livvieツ •
Here’s some of the songs (Idk them all) 0:00 Story Of My Life 1:44 Better Than Me 3:08 Money So Big 3:18 Sayo-nara 3:45 Lovegame 4:08 Prom Queen 5:14 I Wanna Be Your Slave (mashup of two different versions) 5:31 Ticking 6:38 Lovegame (second time) 6:53 idk 7:05 solo 7:13 lovegame (third time) 7:34 Ena Remix (aka Allergic To People) 7:46 Below The Surface (instrumental) 7:56 Middle Of The Night 8:37 Towards The Sun 8:57 Power 9:18 Ice 9:29 Big And Chunky 10:56 Blackout Days 11:04 Anaconda 11:27 idk 11:44 Clear (aka the Pusher meme) 11:50 idk 12:42 I'm An Albatraoz 15:06 Shape Of You 16:27 Mi Mi Mi 17:57 Baby In The Kitchen 18:12 Pacify Her 18:42 I Wanna Be Your Slave (cover and original) 19:04 Redchinawave 20:10 Below The Surface instrumental (second time lol) 20:52 Windows 7 Sparta Remix 21:27 Gangsta 21:40 Gentleman 22:18 Suave 22:48 idk 23:05 Young Girl A (aka Your Voice Is So Far) 23:20 Circus 23:51 Washing Machine Heart 24:52 Somebody That I Used To Know 25:02 Not a song, but I think this is from one of the Despicable Me movies (or the Minions movie, something with minions) 25:12 Candy 25:27 idk 25:47 Blackout Days (second time) 27:43 Breezeblocks 27:53 Lovely 28:46 Ride
~Soft_dark~ Hace un día
Drew Worden
Drew Worden Hace 4 días
@LozerSiren yeah
LozerSiren Hace 4 días
Is it just me or are the timestamps wrong?
シ︎ Mercury シ︎
11:50 is i wanna die
シ︎ Mercury シ︎
11:27 is mi gente i think
ppbones Hace un mes
We stan all religions unless they're disrespectful, but we dont stan homophobes and transphobes, racists, and people who think they're religions are above others and people+peoples gender identities and sexualities.
Gacha_wolfy 031
Gacha_wolfy 031 Hace un mes
*+Your local weeb+*
Eris Hace un mes
3:31 wtf!? I'm very uncomfortable, The creator of that tiktok video thought that making this would be a 'good' idea but it's not and If a kid saw that they will be very confused, they will think that this is some sort of trend and would make videos about it. This could get popular cause of large amount of gacha heaters and toxic gacha tubers. This is why gacha community is getting hate from other people, if this continues then Luni will have no choice but to gacha club down and gacha life also.
candy!🍬 Hace 17 días
And it says y/n which means your name
Ben but realistic
Ben but realistic Hace un mes
Bro write a whole essay 💀
Ben but realistic
Ben but realistic Hace un mes
@Muichiro Tokito we don’t know that
Eris Hace un mes
Yes she Looks like it
Avyn Marksbury
Avyn Marksbury Hace un mes
0:14 this gave me the chills
¥xxki x
¥xxki x Hace 2 meses
The main reason 2018 was like this is because all us older gachatubers like around the age of 13or something have grown up, now we have matured and we aren't all glitter and rainbows anymore lol. That's my opinion.
Luni Revived
Luni Revived Hace 11 días
i always hated glitter and rainbows what are you talking about 🤨
Sunny Days Pey
Sunny Days Pey Hace un mes
Also now 8 year old kids act like their 18-20
-NEON GACHA- Hace un mes
That pfp is everything 😭👌
Coffee Sloth
Coffee Sloth Hace un mes
ShadowDev Hace un mes
10:09 Egypt is always respectful I'm from Egypt and all people there are so nice🕋🕋🕋.
Wen rock
Wen rock Hace un mes
@𝓝𝓮𝓳𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓗𝓪𝓭𝓸 wait so why'd they say "always" respectful?
𝓝𝓮𝓳𝓲𝓻𝓮 𝓗𝓪𝓭𝓸
@Shaheen Dhiaulhaq one person doesn't define all
Maya Faiad
Maya Faiad Hace un mes
Jasmine! 💕😩
Jasmine! 💕😩 Hace un mes
Yay they also added Tunisia!
amber Hace un mes
@Shaheen Dhiaulhaq . How do u know if they’re mean if u haven’t even met them
•Awful_ Sara•
•Awful_ Sara• Hace 2 meses
3:30 I find it weird not comfortable why do people use “y/n” for tik toks like literally..some people find it disgusting and I find it to so people need to stop shipping us with some gacha characters that not even real if they wanna do it then they should do a new oc and then do what they call “aN eDit”
Luni Revived
Luni Revived Hace 11 días
yeah its really weird-
jellybear Hace un mes
Like im 6 years old and that gacha characters looks like over 22 and yeah... plus I know im too Young but I still don't know if part of The lgbt+ or I just suport them qnd Katie James realy true
jellybear Hace un mes
Adam Sudi
Adam Sudi Hace un mes
Exactly. I’m only 12 and I’m a Muslim so I find it really weird why this is going on. I’m a literal Minor. That person looks like a person that’s over 18 or something.
?Jinxxd¿ Hace un mes
Also basically someone is screaming crying because their pregnant prob because they thought he was protected, and he’s just all smug. Really gross
ShadowDev Hace un mes
4:08 man the old gacha life was amazing 😔
Michael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler Hace un mes
11:59 it’s amazing I love it
Hager Gamer
Hager Gamer Hace un mes
مشتركه جديده❤ new subscriber❤
Clownzee_Funzee Hace un mes
I felt like at 5:10 in the vid it was kinda-… not the best idea. How they made the ‘gay side’ beat up the Muslim side since they were rejected, was quite rude towards the LGBTQ+… Gays are not ruthless as they are seen in this video… It’s kinda stereotypical…
Adam Sudi
Adam Sudi Hace un mes
It’s also offensive to other Muslims and me.
Tiana electric star ( New)
@✨ D A N I E L L E ✨ ik i said is was normal they dont support but they continued tslking about it
✨ D A N I E L L E ✨
@Tiana electric star ( New) they can't because that's there religion
Mia Rile
Mia Rile Hace 2 meses
10:12, the girl should be Max from stranger things and the guy should be Lucus from stranger things:))
RavenP Gaming
RavenP Gaming Hace un mes
أحب هذا الفيديو كثيرًا وأتمنى أن يكون هناك فيديو آخر
Annalise Gomez
Annalise Gomez Hace 2 meses
3:37 don't do this like their could be younger kids watching and it can make the viewer uncomfortable
Addie Timko
Addie Timko Hace un mes
Adam Sudi
Adam Sudi Hace un mes
@•LoNa•🌸 It’s alright! Just try to avoid these next time!
•LoNa•🌸 Hace un mes
I know but this is my first video for me so I didn’t knew that ,so Im sorry
Benjamin. Hace un mes
Exactly the first thing I thought was: "I am 14 years old." *skip*
mel Hace un mes
I loved the video it's good in a vibe 😊
Chanel taken
Chanel taken Hace un mes
I just love how the repeat the sound 1,000,000,000,000,000 times =]
itz_Giuly Gamer UwU💜🛐
At the time 3:59 I cried like a bang because I miss 2017 a lot
RavenP Gaming
RavenP Gaming Hace un mes
أحب هذا الفيديو كثيرًا وأتمنى أن يكون هناك فيديو آخر
Ruben Bediones
Ruben Bediones Hace un mes
15:30 is sooo funny i paused it
Nicoly Desa
Nicoly Desa Hace un mes
eu adori assisdos seus videos eu amei continua assim
RAWAND 🤍🥺 Hace un mes
‏اقسم فيك بالله انه الفيديو حلو اقسم فيك بالله
RavenP Gaming
RavenP Gaming Hace un mes
أحب هذا الفيديو كثيرًا وأتمنى أن يكون هناك فيديو آخر
Sayr Bino
Sayr Bino Hace 4 días
*-R Ø T T E N P Ö T A T Ò-*
5:10 wtf this is so freaking disrespectful omg i thought this community was fixed :( this is disgusting i'm muslim and i'm very upset
KennyLennyTroll Hace 3 días
Hi there! I don't know who you are but I hope you're having a great day! I'm just here to say that that's not how the lgbtq community is. They respect religions and they understand that people who follow the religion of Islam (or other religions) cannot support or be lgbtq. They just want you guys to respect them, and they'll respect you too! If you're confused, no they don't beat up people who reject them or wear colorful clothes and blush at random people, that was stereotyped. I hope you understand! Again, have a great day!
*-R Ø T T E N P Ö T A T Ò-*
@╬ Avi-Coffe-Rock╬ and not changing ourselves in anyway (eg: plastic surgery, gender, tattoos ect.
*-R Ø T T E N P Ö T A T Ò-*
@╬ Avi-Coffe-Rock╬ most of the time we just respectfully avoid them as in our religion it's all about loving the way allah (god) made us
*-R Ø T T E N P Ö T A T Ò-*
@╬ Avi-Coffe-Rock╬ no not at all, we don't support but there's something called respect which we have :)
ANINO Hace un mes
صراحا أعجبني فيديو 😣😣😣💕💕🥴🤌💗
Lara Midoriya
Lara Midoriya Hace 2 meses
3:53 i miss 2018 gacha so much
MyLittleWorld Hace un mes
me too... There wasn't any gacha heat in the past, now there is and they didn't make nasty characters in the past.
احمم Hace 2 meses
حبيت التجميع🤍+1:05حد يعرف اسم الاغنيه
gacha Fuol🌼💦
gacha Fuol🌼💦 Hace un mes
@السيدة شقراء🍂 спасибо
السيدة شقراء🍂
فاعلت خير💃🏻❤️ إسم الأغنية: See Tình
Tizzi Mazzi
Tizzi Mazzi Hace 17 días
0:15 beautiful
kaeya Hace 6 días
•[Natasha Gacha]•
3:20 Hay que Cute 🎀❤️
Saja Ahmed
Saja Ahmed Hace un mes
حلو المقطع مرهه والى السعوديه حلوهههههههههههه👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💗💗💗💗💗💗🌷💞
mena Elgharib
mena Elgharib Hace un mes
أنا بحبك و بحب فيديوهاتك♥😭👍🏻 بتمني تقرئي تعليقي 😗
بتال فهد الدوسري
واااااااو نعمUwU😏👌🏻❤️
•LoNa•🌸 Hace un mes
Malak Tamer
Malak Tamer Hace un mes
10:00 litearly my mom when she tests what is working and what is not🤣🤣🤣
Aminath Shifana
Aminath Shifana Hace un mes
I love it
Fernando Willame
Fernando Willame Hace un mes
A parte linda quando a menina de cabelo marrom tem uma flor sei lá o que tem na cabeça ela pegava uma coisa um óculos que mostra de 2018 parece nossa eu amo essa parte eu adorei eu amo essa parte 2019 não 2019 não é 2018 essa parte é muito incrível eu adorei gente é chorando morrendo de tristeza morrendo de tristeza gente eu adorei é que não adora isso velho maravilhoso tô até chorando aqui meu olho tá chorando gente do céu e sonhar a parte mais triste que eu já vi a parte mais legal que eu também já vi é do do sei lá aquele aquele povo lá gente do céu aquele povo lá gente que é verde eu esqueci o filho dele né adorei muita parte a parte que que é de 2018 para eu amei 2018 eu vou ter que desligar e eu amo todo mundo que fez isso eu adorei todo mundo que faz bonequinhos 2018 já tá tudo mudado mas ele se lembra né quando a gente vai fazer um bolo aqui de 2018 fica muito coisado agora de hoje em dia né diferente
patin o pato normal :)
Yael Eduardo Leos Jaime
good :D
-Purple Gem Of Life-
These edits are getting to good 😭😭
Clikeem Hace un mes
Ikr! They are going God mode 🤯
Dinesh Badgujar
Dinesh Badgujar Hace un mes
I know
MOCHA-BEAR-COCO!! Hace un mes
So beautiful I like it a lot!!
Amna Tooti
Amna Tooti Hace un mes
I love it😍
⸼• ᵗᵃᵉʸᵃⁿᵍ   ᵕ̈.
That one person in ur math class
3:55 made me so sad I remember when Gacha was like this 😭
what is the name of the song that appears at 4:47 minutes?
Sophia human
Sophia human Hace un mes
Sometimes I wonder why homophobics get so much hate,my dads homophobic and I’m bi I haven’t told him yet but he said that he wouldn’t publicly announce that he was against gay and lesbian and stuff👍❤️
Baldi Baldimore
Baldi Baldimore Hace 3 días
Okay, time for a lesson, Its actually okay to not like lgbtq+ but, please. Keep it to yourself. And dont think less of anyone because of it. Your father, a good example! However, why people hate homophobes is because theyre known to be rude and wont keep their hate to themselves. Thats why.
get away from me cringey gacha kids
I'm asexual my big sister is homophobic she doesn't support me she respects me tho :)
Briana Brya
Briana Brya Hace 2 meses
*3:31* thats clearly disgusting i am not shipping myself with you.
I'm more concerned on why and how 9/10 year olds know what that means.
Deer pers0N !
Deer pers0N ! Hace un mes
@Mr. Harm me to im literally 10,
Briana Brya
Briana Brya Hace un mes
@•LoNa•🌸 i was telling him dont worry
Mr. Harm
Mr. Harm Hace 2 meses
Agree I am NINE/TEN I hate when ppl ship us with them >:(
كيم عنوده 😬💖
Dračice_CZ Hace un mes
Super 😁
•Ashlyn• Hace un mes
8:25 I took my headset off,I thought she was gonna scream.
kissy missy
kissy missy Hace 19 días
• Liv •
• Liv • Hace un mes
The first one is legendary🌙
الوحش الأسطورة
i want to slaughter someone
6:15 People who are Muslim are not allowed to be LGBTQ+ in their religion, which is why everyone leaves when she says "If you don't support pride, then leave", most of Gacha Tiktok Community is Muslim. They are also not allowed to *support pride* , but they can *respect it*
Wild Tia
Wild Tia Hace un mes
Yes, personally, I believe that it's a controversial topic. As long as we are respected as a regular human who has rights, I personally don't see a problem. However, that video was just not it- A topic like that shouldn't be portrayed like that at all. It can be just plain hurtful. I think that as long as Muslims or LBTGQ+ don't make content or spread hate like that towards each other, they should be fine. Unfortunately, as I said, it's a controversial topic ad cant be easily discussed. This is exactly why it shouldn't be portrayed from something like gacha memes or TikTok. It only makes the situation worse.
L0SER Hace un mes
THANK YOU, Without even seeing the reason they call us homophobic
Wild Tia
Wild Tia Hace un mes
@🌁•Funtime_Francisco•🌁 Once again, this is not meant to offend you, I'm sorry if it did. I guess it sorta makes sense, but not exactly to me. However, I am open to hearing further explanations. :)
Wild Tia
Wild Tia Hace un mes
@🌁•Funtime_Francisco•🌁 I see where you are coming from. However, if you don't support something, then I'm guessing you don't like the idea of LGBTQ+ and don't want it to happen by your definition. However, people cannot control if they are the LGBTQ+ or not. LGBTQ+ rights shouldn't be an opinion, they SHOULD have rights. When it comes to human rights, supporting is almost the same thing s respect. If you don't support someone's rights, you don't respect them. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but "respect but not support" doesn't make sense for something that was never a choice.
@Wild Tia Support is when you like the idea of something and want it to happen. respect is when you may not like something٫ but you still respect peoples opinions and feelings even if you don't like their opinion :3
lovely sunshine joy roxas
they just laughed at her
Yuii Himiko
Yuii Himiko Hace 2 meses
3:12 alguien sabe como se llama el meme?? 0-0
Teresa Hace un mes
The second tiktok got me crying and the son is stuck in my head
Magalie Saintil
Magalie Saintil Hace un mes
Hallie S
Hallie S Hace un mes
10:29 this happened to me when I was 5 and I ended up going to the hospital with a cracked bone😶😓
Xavier King
Xavier King Hace un mes
I like your vids
thanyawan jaipanya
thanyawan jaipanya Hace un mes
اااااه مبدعة❤❤❤❤❤ Sousou Khelfi ا عيسى عليه السلام💫✨ 5- ظهور ياجوج وماجوج👹🤙 💔 6- شروق الشمس من مغربها⛅ 7- ابواب التوبه تغلق🙌💥 8- ستظهر دابه الارض لتضع علامه عَـِِّّّـِِْْْلََـِِّّّـِِْْْےَََ المسلمين 9- سيعم الضباب على الارض لمده اربعين يوم وسيقتل كل المؤمنين الحق حتى لا يشهدو بقيه العلامات🤦‍♀✨ 10- نار عظيمه ستسبب الدمار 🔥11- دمار الكعبه🕋 ✊ قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه واله وسلم🤲🖤 (((ان من نقل هذا النبأ عني ساجعل له يوم القيامه مكان بالجنه)))♥🤲 ركز على الحديث ركز على الحديث ركز على الحديث🤙💫 نسخ+لصق =إرسال لا تقول مالي خلق وانها طويلة ..✋💥 تخيل لو نشرتها في ١٠ فيديوهات فكم ستحصل من حسناااااااااات ?🤷‍♀✊💜 مابي تثبيت ولاشيء 💖.
¡par4chvtes! Hace un mes
10:33 2018 vibes 😭
Deywisson Brumatti
Deywisson Brumatti Hace un mes
Ficou muito bom
°Gacha Blueberry°
نور ناصر سيد حسين
HILLARY sanchez❤🍓
Megus tan tus videos
BannyNootmare Hace un mes
⭐️︎ ᔕᑌᑎ ⭐️
"aM i tO yOuNg FoR tHiS?" me: yes...
น้ําหนาว น้ําหนาว
1:14 นาที ❤️
•yoko^ Hace 2 meses
6:21 me too 💗💗💗
DLinda AOthman
DLinda AOthman Hace un mes
Baimon😛😛 Hace un mes
Wow is a good video 😀😀🙂
Sousou Khelifi
Sousou Khelifi Hace un mes
اااااه مبدعة❤❤❤❤❤
Perico De los palotes
Perico De los palotes Hace 10 días
El primero me encantó Xd
Alison Paola Beltrán
Alison Paola Beltrán Hace 20 horas
get away from me cringey gacha kids
3:32 guys Y/N means your name this is disgusting whoever made this better get canceled.
Deer pers0N !
Deer pers0N ! Hace un mes
@~ Amy :D ~ in my opinion canceling is a good idea
~ Amy :D ~
~ Amy :D ~ Hace un mes
Ik its disgusting as hell, but canceling isnt the best idea... it can ruin someone's life.
☆LUZ NOCEDA☆ Hace 2 meses
M Germany
M Germany Hace un mes
@[ linny ] someone else idk how I pressed you
[ linny ]
[ linny ] Hace un mes
@M Germany wait me? Or someone else?
M Germany
M Germany Hace un mes
@[ linny ] you think 2018 was good girl pls look back
awaa awaw
awaa awaw Hace un mes
do you miss the mister policeman meme?
[ linny ]
[ linny ] Hace un mes
Where was the good old days back in 2018?! There was still cringy videos in 2018 seriously
Scared wolves team
Scared wolves team Hace un mes
3:53 How much Gacha life changed😢😢
Alan Kityys
Alan Kityys Hace un mes
10:14 Kidnapping isn’t a trend. It is something that happens in society
get away from me cringey gacha kids
Exactly! Kidnapping is a serious topic, but what did you expect this commiunty is disgusting they make everything a trend even the Ukrainian war which is absolutely unacceptable
Mauri Barbosa
Mauri Barbosa Hace 2 meses
Lillianna Shaw
Lillianna Shaw Hace un mes
4:06 made me cry🥺
ألين -Allen
ألين -Allen Hace un mes
حرام السعودين أفضل من القي ذولي 🏳️‍🌈❌🇸🇦✅
iara robloxiana
iara robloxiana Hace un mes
MarzokFatiha Hace un día
احسن مقاطع قاشا 😣👍👍😍😊
XDioh Hace un mes
Mirko Gabrielli
Mirko Gabrielli Hace 5 días
0:54 whats the name of the song. So beautiful.
KennyLennyTroll Hace 3 días
it's see tình
Katherine Rodríguez
Bachour Youcef
Bachour Youcef Hace un mes
ولله فيديواتك غار جنن استمري يا حلوة
فطومه♡ Hace 2 meses
هههههههه كيوت
Xa X
Xa X Hace 2 meses
15:37 if you can't stop, here you go
3:32 pls stop the Y/N x ??? because some people are minors and people are shipping Y/N(which means your name)with Bakugo who is probably 15 or 13.
*~7Am Sunr1sE~*
*~7Am Sunr1sE~* Hace un mes
Btw this isn't Bakugo. This is the creator shipping him with us basically. But I do agree if it was Bakugo
ʚɞ кαηηα ʚɞ
15:37 XDDD
can you not like zoom it in or put credits i wanted to see the ppl who made it
Jenny situ
Jenny situ Hace 4 días
That girl in the pink and black screamed so loud and cried so beautifully lol
M Germany
M Germany Hace 2 meses
5:09 was heat dude ur getting to comfy with those tiktok
Fandom squad
Fandom squad Hace un mes
@M Germany ok well now it showing the time y’all were talking about yea I don’t like that one I also don’t like how broken and stupid my phone is
Fandom squad
Fandom squad Hace un mes
@M Germany I clicked the time it wasn’t any heat dude you prob put down the wrong time 😑
M Germany
M Germany Hace un mes
@Fandom squad bro are you blind ik🤓
Fandom squad
Fandom squad Hace un mes
BRO ITS NOT HEAT! It’s red the colour of ANGER!
Ayaya💀 Hace 2 meses
@M Germany ...
Leas Night core
Leas Night core Hace un mes
I like the fact I think it was the 3th or 2th that they respect the lil girl that died bc no body can do that so respect for those ppl that did that I know it’s fake it’s gacha but still that can happend in real life
Damaris💋 Hace un mes
This contains homophonic content It’s not only one clip aswell and it has Gacha heat-. Just me or the report bottom is ✨SHINING✨callin my name ☺️
احب قاشا كلوب و لايف
ممكن تعملي تصبيرة لماذا تكرهيني ياأمي بليز🥺
-.𝒴𝒶𝑜𝒾 𝐿𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓇.-
Character: *wants to learn to fight* Training dummy : *hehe it’s my time to shine* yes I got this idea from someone else. i don’t remember their @ but I got it from them
Sare Atabey
Sare Atabey Hace 2 días
daneene03 Hace 5 días
I love the one where it shows the girl in tricks the boy in the bathroom
Jamal Rifinho
Jamal Rifinho Hace un mes
هههه واخيرا لقيت احد يحكي عربي الكل اجنبي
GachaLife - TikTok Compilation