“His Little Bet...” •Gacha Life Mini Movie•

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aCk-- it’s finally out, this took me a little longer then expected but it’s finally out, please don’t ask for “part 2” I don’t mean it in a rude way, it just really stresses me out 😅🥺 This was inspired by a movie called “Hello, Love, Goodbye” it’s a really good movie, please watch it!!! 🥺💘

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Where are you from? Mars🤠

Can we be friends? Sure :3

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ily, Toodles, Anne🌸

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aizen38 Hace un mes
Guys, please do not ask for a part 2. It stresses her out and she has other stuff to do. Maybe if we're lucky she will, But please don't force or scream in caps for it. This mini movie was amazing though UwU Here is also another add on: She may not be using this panda intro, please read the desc of dis VID
Anod Hamli
Anod Hamli Hace 3 días
Cindy Vega yea me too
It’s just Natalie
It’s just Natalie Hace 4 días
Jose Lotto Gang m
Joseph Gustafson
Joseph Gustafson Hace 6 días
How do you make these?please
MZZ Hace 7 días
I know that it may be stressful but is she working on one
CuddlyKitty Hace 7 días
Oh sorry
Elminor Padi
Elminor Padi Hace 12 horas
Nathan and clover are the perfect match
Carmen C
Carmen C Hace un día
I don't understand why colver is calling Nathan Andrews confusion
RandomPerson Pants
RandomPerson Pants Hace un día
By the way, the first song that isn't the intro is called "Dream away" by Day 7.
Alexy galaxi
Alexy galaxi Hace un día
Just a little
Alexy galaxi
Alexy galaxi Hace un día
Tbh the ending made me cry
XxReesexX Hace un día
the flowers are died🥀 the water are dry💦
Dummy Weeb
Dummy Weeb Hace un día
Gorl, you be making me cry with these mini movies ;(
Faded Tae
Faded Tae Hace 2 días
CowboyGhost Hace 13 horas
Naw it's a heart
Mobina Hace 2 días
If it’s possible, part two? Not forcing, just curious 🤭
Kylemhaye Salac
Kylemhaye Salac Hace 2 días
Your good at making a gacha life (love it..)😍🤩💖🔥✨
Clover_ Chan
Clover_ Chan Hace 2 días
Me:*reads description**GASP* P 3 P Me: So you know hello love goodbye eh~ So your a pilipina to or its just me O_O
ꨄ Me on a Monday ꨄ
Love it (I’m gifting my next 5 royal subs ꨄ
Linda Edica
Linda Edica Hace 3 días
well clover's luggage is big WHY CANT YOU JUST GET IN ?!??!?! whyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Violetta Rajóngok
Violetta Rajóngok Hace 3 días
Omg😭😭😭😭❤❤❤This is so amazing/cute 😭😭😭❤❤🌷🌷
ItzÀñgêl xWôlfy
ItzÀñgêl xWôlfy Hace 4 días
Part 2!!!
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Hace 4 días
Why does this video have the same thumbnail as this vid esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JGw9uK9uF_U.html
Iitz_ ToaxterXD
Iitz_ ToaxterXD Hace 4 días
Guys what song is this?? At the 0:25
BFF'S VLOG LIFE Jilliane gacha life
Part 2 plss....im always waiting for it
cherri pxt
cherri pxt Hace 4 días
Good Job! 🤗
Kaddy Crew
Kaddy Crew Hace 4 días
Its Ya Gurl. fOrTnItE
..hell nawww🤨....nawww 😣NO😤 😐....where is part 2 where they get married 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and get alot of kids 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️....? ...😤 JK im just really in love whit this. If you have no time for part 2 (becouse of stupit school😒) i get it 😁
EpicStiky Bot
EpicStiky Bot Hace 5 días
Hello love goodbye? Is this a fillpino movie
Fiordaliza Peña
Fiordaliza Peña Hace 5 días
The end is sooooo sad i was about to cry😭
elements fox
elements fox Hace 6 días
The hell dude my SHIPP noo
Little Cupcake
Little Cupcake Hace 6 días
Oh my God.....Hello, Love,Goodbye is my favorite movie OwO But does that mean your Filipino?♥😮 Luv ur vids♡
Margareth Esteban
Margareth Esteban Hace 6 días
Plssss make some part 2 plsss😭😭🙏😟
FMREYNA86 Hace 6 días
I heard if you say the creaters namez 4x u get pinned let's see Birdi:3 Birdi:3 Birdi:3 Birdi:3
Radwah Alamri
Radwah Alamri Hace 7 días
I love it when clover goes: “Oh, shut up Andrews”
Ruby Heart 2
Ruby Heart 2 Hace 7 días
im sorry i need da part 2 but i undrestand u dont have to it okay
TYTMegagodTYT Hace 7 días
What’s the first song 0:40
karo Hace 8 días
Sakura is my favourite 😗
Jake Kun
Jake Kun Hace 8 días
OH.....MY...............GULAY............. (gulay means veggies or Vegetable).......... ........................... Yob9ydtenr9yejYob9ydtenr9yejhYob9ydtenr9yejYob9ydtenr9yejheYob9ydtenr9yejYob9ydtenr9yejhYob9ydtenr9yejYob9ydtenr9yejhee59ryd9te59r9yry9bet9ey9nd9te85ebe5w5e5w4ete8t4e5ey9f9td8rst8s
Andrealovespets Andreas channle
so sad IMA cry but that was a good mini move
Dayana Guzman
Dayana Guzman Hace 8 días
I'm sorry but i..... want a part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's ok i understand if it stresses you out but please do a part 2 it doesn't have to be quick but ill be waiting!
Diganta Bora
Diganta Bora Hace 9 días
Can you give part two please!!!!
Atari Reese
Atari Reese Hace 9 días
Is this what's going to be like for me when I start traveling with my mom again I'm gonna be living the gacha life
Chloe Reynolds
Chloe Reynolds Hace 9 días
what's up with her friend's hair at 13:56????
Harmony Rodriguez
Harmony Rodriguez Hace 10 días
Is there gonna be part 2??????? Just asking I need to know if they where ever reunited Video was amazing tho
Arsina Sala
Arsina Sala Hace 10 días
Dude even tho you said sorry you can never changed the pass if you relly love you her you should let her go piss
Creeper Hace 10 días
Lemme guess... Your filipino am i right?
Shakira Yapching
Shakira Yapching Hace 10 días
I wanted part 2 but if it stresses you out i understand
I’m not Okay
I’m not Okay Hace 10 días
We need a part two, I’m not forcing (plz don’t hate meh) you, I just asking, if you’re okay with doing it, I’m good but you take your time
Gacha Luna
Gacha Luna Hace 11 días
Can you shout out my youtube channel? I just started and have like 4 videos... But it would really help
Biscuit Bell
Biscuit Bell Hace 11 días
part 2
Katia castiglione
Katia castiglione Hace 11 días
i love gacha so much
brian de leon
brian de leon Hace 11 días
I knew it!!! Its from the movie Hello, Love, Goodbye!!! But actually I love the movie:)
月Tsukii Hace 11 días
I really don't know why, but this Ending reminded me of "Dororo"(Anime) Ending, because they both went different paths and "They will meet again in the future", and now I want to cry again, gOrl, what have you done to meh?! ;~;
Heidi H
Heidi H Hace 12 días
It can't end like that
꧁ղíցհԵʍҽɑɾ꧂ 06
How does the music names?😍
BunBun Sneaky
BunBun Sneaky Hace 12 días
guy:annoying girl 12:O;clock ad: "appears" me:annoying ad now..
Code Sarry
Code Sarry Hace 12 días
Waaah how sad i what a sad Part Q.Q
Diolito Edollantes
Diolito Edollantes Hace 12 días
Jenny Chavez
Jenny Chavez Hace 12 días
Sorry that I'm saying this even thought it stresses you out but can you make a part 2, it's so interesting.
Hazel Nish
Hazel Nish Hace 12 días
Hazel Nish
Hazel Nish Hace 12 días
Omg Nathan yaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssss
Yackeline Amaya
Yackeline Amaya Hace 13 días
Angela’s Life
Angela’s Life Hace 13 días
Xtria X Bubble Amy
Xtria X Bubble Amy Hace 13 días
Aww that was really really cute and a nice story.
when he went to the airport i was like me: AND I OOP AND I OOP SKSKSKSKSKSKKSSKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK
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