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In today’s video, we do pick a card to look at March Predictions 2020!
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Group 1: 1:58
Group 2: 13:47
Group 3: 26:58
Group 4: 37:59
Group 5: 48:45

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These are for entertainment purposes only. Tarot is not 100% accurate and that is okay. YOU are held accountable for any choices and decisions you make after watching any tarot reading.






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Sabrina Mucelli
Sabrina Mucelli Hace 6 días
Your hands movements put me off and i stopped watching the video . Very annoying and unnecessary.
susu wEE
susu wEE Hace 8 días
5. COVID-19 makes everything delayed and go slow, which gets me feel stuck 🤷‍♀️
Aikon Hace 12 días
you have such a wonderful energy!!! i picked pile 3 and it resonated so incredibly well with me! your positivity is infectious tbh, i love your readings!
Meghna Singhal
Meghna Singhal Hace 12 días
For future reference: I chose Pile #2. So far: accurate.
Amrita Hace 14 días
Pile 1, so true what she said STOOD TRUE FOR ME!! SO SHOOK
Bule Depok
Bule Depok Hace 15 días
#4 ok I'm waiting what gift I get???? 🤗🤗🤗
Rebecca Butler
Rebecca Butler Hace 17 días
Wow picked pile 3 thank you much appreciated xx
josh schandoney
josh schandoney Hace 17 días
Group # 4: wow... It is unreal how accurate this was! I watched when it came out and it didn’t really resonate at that time. Then today my gut told me to watch again 3/10. (One day after full moon) What do you know... just a few days ago I revived a really good job offer!!!
yougotno jam
yougotno jam Hace 17 días
Picked pile 2 just rewatching it again when I first watch this It doesn't resonates now I found out everything and ot hurts but still grateful to universe He makes me confused and question myself.. and now I get the clarity
Ruby Martinez
Ruby Martinez Hace 18 días
thank you! pile#3 jumping over this hurdle & shining bright.
Sonja Basia_B
Sonja Basia_B Hace 21 un día
Reading number 4 for my TBI. I couldn't not choose between the two. I have been meditating, doing energy healing, reiki, praying so much and thanking the universe and as I continue to be my own advocate through this accident. Thank you your voice is so, you're so calming to watch
Sonja Basia_B
Sonja Basia_B Hace 21 un día
You have no idea how spot on you were for reading number 2. my fiance and I just ended and I was in a car accident last year and suffered from traumatic brain injury as well as a slew of other things. He ended it with me two and a half weeks ago studying neurology for school. I saw that he had up his ex we've been together for three and a half years.
Ananya Tyagi
Ananya Tyagi Hace 23 días
2 , 100% true i m moving on.😊
HZ Ma Hace 24 días
Pile 1 is soooooo accurate for me!!! Four days into March and I have already received my first graduate school offer, got my lab meeting postponed (so I have extra time to prepare), painted two paintings I really love (haven’t painted in 3 years), and lost some weight. So yeah, March is a happy month for me😊
Julia Bakaitis
Julia Bakaitis Hace 24 días
Pile 2👼🏻
Yvette Bam
Yvette Bam Hace 25 días
I have never come across such a clear claircognizant - holy moly
Silent Seeker
Silent Seeker Hace 26 días
#1 1. You'll be feeling yourself and others would know it 2. A month of options or possibilities 3. You'll be unexplainably happy 4. Being able to see the positivity and noticing the smallest detail of positivity and appreciating it 5. All these will carry on the entire month and longer if you foster the happiness
MaskMan Hace 26 días
pile 1 - been watched other channels and you are also telling that I will have lover in this month . I've been through a shitty February , hoping this month will be happy and overwhelming joyful as you said .
namrata paikra
namrata paikra Hace 27 días
ista nurrizqi
ista nurrizqi Hace 27 días
#3 funny that i move into new home, precisely on 1st march (today)
Rita Chung
Rita Chung Hace 27 días
3,thank you so much.
Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson Hace 27 días
MrCecilk26 Hace 29 días
You have the best energy and your readings are great and on point for me. Your wording is great and brings great understanding of the readings you give. I can’t help but smile when watching your videos. You’re someone I would love to call a friend, your energy is fun and contagious.
Chuuups Hace 29 días
#4. I applied to this fabulous internship abroad, far from all my problems and bad habits. I really hope the opportunity you were refering to is this. I want it so badly.
Wild Rose
Wild Rose Hace 29 días
Kate O
Kate O Hace un mes
u picked deck 4. my anxieties have already started as per a specialist appointmen yesterday which my specialist referred me for a test and thats in 2 weeks which i'm already stressing about. I'm what you would call a chronically ill person, so my anxieties are understandable but i just wanna stop all the medical shit so i can move on with my life and live it! I'm trying so hard for it to not consume me lol but yes its sooooo hard, just lucky for me i have access to a psychologist. I have been trying to heal my mental health by having fun and looking after myself by doing things i enjoy, this morning i went for a drive to the river with my dog. But yes the devil card makes so much sense, theres always something that pops up and triggers me after i've worked on getting myself together.
N. Tumbaga
N. Tumbaga Hace un mes
Pile 4. I’m in tears because of how much it resonated. Been feeling a lot of anxiety and worry around a particular outcome that I’ve been working on. I’ve asked for it and I know it will work out positively for me, however other people’s negativity toward it really affects me. I’m trying my best to stay focused on the positivity
I love youtube
I love youtube Hace un mes
Just what I needed❤️
Amy Mytnik
Amy Mytnik Hace un mes
Chose 1 but I'm already in a loving relationship...
Kryotoast Hace un mes
Okay I picked pile number 4 and there is a person who I am interested in. I am trying to figure out how to navigate our very strange situation. The thing that made me laugh is that her name is Jade. O.o
Eiji did nothing wrong
I went with group 1 and it was pretty awkward, since I'm engaged to one person with no other prospects LOL There must me another way to interpret this outside of romance. Otherwise it was a huge miss for me.
Serena Celeste
Serena Celeste Hace un mes
Something that I’ve noticed is that all of my card readings are the same. Literally no matter which account, which subject, or which deck it’s always the same. In every single one the reader always says that it’s a vague answer or that my spirit guides are trying to surprise me. I did a yes/no one and I picked the pile that had no definitive answer. I’m wiggin out rn and I really just felt the need to share because I don’t know if this is a common thing or if something is gonna happen soon.
MIA S Hace un mes
We love you too 🥰♥️ and you’re ridiculously accurate! Thanks for the reading!
ashley the kermit
ashley the kermit Hace un mes
i love your readings. ill be taking your advice and focusing on the good within!! ive actually already been trying to as im tired of my intrusive mean-to-me thoughts. so ill focus more on the good and do my best to be ready to receive what i want and deserve!!
Lissette Kurz
Lissette Kurz Hace un mes
Pick group 3! Spot on with my work colleagues! It’s a power struggle...
PDXFlower Girl
PDXFlower Girl Hace un mes
Group 4- yes- well said. Need to get out of my critical head and enjoy more. Healing anxiety. Thanks!
Anna Yu
Anna Yu Hace un mes
Pile 1. I WISH
Ash Rainbow
Ash Rainbow Hace un mes
What are those black and white tarot cards?
Meredith T
Meredith T Hace un mes
3 readings today same meanings- Dont give up!! Yes Universe!
Shannon Kane
Shannon Kane Hace un mes
I chose 3 and this really resonates! My family often judges me and they think they're helping but its a more critical. I have been angry and resentful because Its bringing me down and they refuse to see how they treat me
hafsa titan
hafsa titan Hace un mes
Omg I wana meet you , you have such a sweet voice that it puts me in good mood and you sound like a very nice person Plus the little talk that you do with your hands 😂 love that yaas And your tarot reading is great love it ❤❤❤
Ifsa Hussain
Ifsa Hussain Hace un mes
#4 it’s been a weird year 2020 first month I feel like something good is going to happen but last year was so hard I fell out with people I thought were friends and my ex fiancé broke up with me so this year I’ve just been in hermit mode I have anxiety and feel a little low in myself my ex got married last year too so I’ve been thinking about why I let people control me and take advantage of me why I couldn’t say no I feel stupid because I loved someone so much and he broke me the event and opportunity is to do with my nursing career I really want to study nursing I’ve always wanted to work in the medical field it makes me happy I’m focusing on me thank you ♥️
Clark Wahlberg
Clark Wahlberg Hace un mes
Group 5 🧜‍♀️ I've always loved art, my parents and friends always told me I needed to do something with my talent. For 10 years I've done nothing with it. I just ended a 10 year relationship, A year ago I lost my best friend, witchy soul sister and inspiration (she loved mermaids that's why I picked the card) this month alone I've taken the 1st steps to bringing my art to life and letting my bestie live through it. Its fulfilling, scary, and exciting. I've been reminding myself dont give up! i I just needed this little extra reminder to make sure I'm on track 🌱🧜‍♀️💖🔮
silan Hace un mes
group 2 ❤️❤️
Talos Smith
Talos Smith Hace un mes
Could I go for a harem ending though? Pile 1
Ambryn Ethier
Ambryn Ethier Hace un mes
You're so cute. Two scadooo. 😂♥️
Aryka jo
Aryka jo Hace un mes
Group 5. I know exactly what habit you are talking about and I had a feeling I was gonna kick myself for it later. Uggg.
Jazie's Journal
Jazie's Journal Hace un mes
#1 Yoooo, I am & have been feeling this for weeks already! Bring on the self joy☀️
Abby O
Abby O Hace un mes
Group 1 here: This is so wacky, I have recently been stuck trying to figure out one person in my life. Only a few day ago, another person entered. and i've kinda been stuck between the two. When you mentioned the two love interests, my jaw literally dropped. even the descriptions fit them so well, can't wait to see how this unfolds in the coming month!
ugarit abu awad
ugarit abu awad Hace un mes
You have such a fun energy, i love it 💖😁
Rachie S
Rachie S Hace un mes
I love ur vibe and ur positivity and your readings always give me important confirmations, just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do. 🥰
Nanaumi Hace un mes
Pile 2, thank you for talking about the healing, I really needed to hear those Words, I feel a bit better 💖
RA - 06CJ - Erin Centre MS (1319)
My last reading from u (which was also my first) I got the devil in reverse. I got it again.
Luna Boin
Luna Boin Hace un mes
I love your voice just listening to it makes me happy and thank you so much for the card reading ❤️
Jean-Sébastien Gauthier
Michela Hace un mes
You just got yourself a new subscriber! I picked group #3 and it's such a relief after a long time of struggling. I'm excited to get through the muck and the mess to see the other side.
Lewis Alexander Rimmer
Group 1, sounds amazing 💎
Lewis Alexander Rimmer
That intro was so cute 😊
Hillary Fritz
Hillary Fritz Hace un mes
Wow. I watched group 3. I am living with my sister who is a few years older than I am. She doesn't have a job and her life.drama has putus at odds with one another. I feel like if we can work together then maybe I can move out on my own again!!!!
roxyrose16 Hace un mes
I chose pole #4. It felt like you were speaking directly to me. You were right - I needed to hear this. I keep hearing the same message “let go” ... thought it was something or someone negative I needed to leave behind, but it’s my own pattern of anxiety and self doubt that I need to part with. It all finally makes sense - this was beautiful. I will bring about what I have asked for. It’s manifested - it’s mine. Thank you!
teresa Armstrong
teresa Armstrong Hace un mes
I think you a really good reader, but it would really help If u could maybe hold your hands back at beginning of video, super hard to concentrate on picking cards ❤️ with love and light 🙏💕
Bookish Nymph85
Bookish Nymph85 Hace un mes
#4--when you pulled Ace of Pentacles, The Devil, and Ace of Wands, I knew what it meant (for me) immediately . Thanks! You're so sweet. 😊
Iyana Wilson
Iyana Wilson Hace un mes
group 2 and 3 were so nice
hiba kada
hiba kada Hace un mes
Pile 4! You are amazing!!!! Thank you so much🌸🦋✨
Callie Mohler
Callie Mohler Hace un mes
woah this is so good i wish i could like it twice
Sore Lev
Sore Lev Hace un mes
I selected pile 4. Everything feels so dull and hopeless at the moment so it is great to know that situations will ameliorate in March. :)
Sore Lev
Sore Lev Hace 18 días
@Apollo Fateh Thank you!
Apollo Fateh
Apollo Fateh Hace 18 días
Same, I hope it gets better for you soon!
arike no L
arike no L Hace un mes
the beginning is so cute and pure 🥺
The AriesPrincess
The AriesPrincess Hace un mes
Group 1 and group 4. 😍 Resonated to both. I really hope the prediction for #1 is true.
Anna Moloney
Anna Moloney Hace un mes
Cooool! I love your videos. Out of interest, why did you mention a plague of crows at the start? It was very synchronistic for me!
kallegra Hace un mes
bluemoon Hace un mes
#1 already had me feeling myself and we're not even in march yet lol
XxBananerxX Hace un mes
Ok so this happened and I was like what it not even March yet wut
Hannah Banana
Hannah Banana Hace un mes
me too (:
yve Hace un mes
same!! ive been so happy lately
Krishna Hace un mes
La Kai Bailie
La Kai Bailie Hace un mes
love you tooo!
Morgan Dagenais
Morgan Dagenais Hace un mes
Whenever I click on one of your videos I always say the opening with you, but instead of the usual greeting I got an amazing and cute love wave that I was not prepared for! You are so cute, I melted into a puddle! Anyways hope you and everyone else is having a wonderful day 😊
melancholic daydream
hey, maybe you could show us your tarot decks, you have such pretty ones
Ericka Scarbro
Ericka Scarbro Hace un mes
Will you please say which tarot cards you use? The skeletons are my favorite
Super Siri's Sweets
I got #3 and OOF you hit home with the family issue, I’m a quiet and nice person and have been feeling like my folks have been taking advantage of that lately. Also I’ve been trying to buy my own house!! 😳 I was not expecting any of that lol!
Rahma Jama
Rahma Jama Hace 27 días
Super Siri's Sweets same here
Leora Neeley
Leora Neeley Hace un mes
When are your personal readings going to be available 🥺?
Georgia Sayles
Georgia Sayles Hace un mes
Could you possibly do a general reading for high school love/romance? I’m in high school and sometimes I feel like the regular readings have too much to do with adult life and I think it could benefit your younger audience members like myself :) ❤️
BANGtan Hace 16 días
Yes please!!!
Georgia Sayles
Georgia Sayles Hace 27 días
userofyoutube also I know hs romances arent really important for 99% of people but there’s already a decent sum of us who are bored of living the same day over and over again and seek romance. High school is different from real life so it would be nice to have insight from a tarot reader here on ESvid
Georgia Sayles
Georgia Sayles Hace 27 días
userofyoutube older viewers have money. Between several extra curriculars and enriched or honors courses it’s practically impossible to find time for a job plus also I have to save up for applications for colleges and college in general and the ACT/SAT tests
userofyoutube Hace 28 días
The people who are paying her PayPal are older viewers most likely. I would say try booking a private reading!
k f
k f Hace un mes
^^ plz !
MichelleDerwinski Hace un mes
I was drawn to the mermaid n number 5 was def for me.
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