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hi again
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21 sep 2020






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Tommaso Bianchi
Tommaso Bianchi Hace 9 días
I swear someone have to do a HIC compilation
Luke John
Luke John Hace 11 días
Omg the begining laugh killss me mannn so kawaiiii
Cliff Lee
Cliff Lee Hace 11 días
I think everyone here was low key turned on
Julian White
Julian White Hace 12 días
You know someone's good when they sing in the middle of a gun fight
Kudo Shinichi
Kudo Shinichi Hace 12 días
Alex Schlee
Alex Schlee Hace 21 un día
i love how she anounces super chat readings
Alex Schlee
Alex Schlee Hace 21 un día
1:14:55 ahhh the classical, two groups fighting, you come along and clean up the remainings and get all the loot X'D Amelia: Ohh a lot of people, a lot of kills!
Alex Schlee
Alex Schlee Hace 21 un día
she should play Ranked i think she would reach platin for sure.
Alex Schlee
Alex Schlee Hace 21 un día
The friendly stream snipers bringing loot lol, classical :)
Alex Schlee
Alex Schlee Hace 21 un día
omg disney wants to bring out vtubers like barbie wtf, d-i-s-g-u-s-t-i-n-g! I knew some shady companies would gona try to copy it and jump on the wagon, but thats kinda preposterous. I already predict they will fail misserably, they will get a big no no by the vtuber fanbase X'D
Darkvoltinx Hace 21 un día
even though i cant play Apex. at least i can enjoy Amelia play it. keep being Awesome.
Harkz0r Hace 23 días
Initial thoughts: - Damn, she actually knows how to play - Her aim really is decent, ok, I see you, I see you - Whoa her sens kinda high though - Wait why are you going into your inventory every time - Stop it there is a button for that why are you like this - Holy loot goblin Batman - ...You know what? You're alright 10/10 would watch again. Kinda refreshing to find someone decent at FPS who manages to be cute while doing so. Damn this rabbit hole :p
たくあん Hace 25 días
JustRyan Hace 25 días
Kinda wanna see Amelia play the Batman Arkham series :D
Nicocchi Hace 26 días
Amelia the GOD 💪
Beanos Beans
Beanos Beans Hace 26 días
Everyone saying she is the best hear me out, she has ssbm like on the max, she doesn't get lobbies with over lvl 20 players, you'll get me when you look at her teammates and enemies, they are near players and so she has some skill in other fps games so she has an easier time getting more kills, lemme just say I'm level 340 and my highest kills is 14 and a 4 win streak and I NEVER get those lobbies, EVER and so since she is new too, she gets those lobbies easier, when she gets like too 100, she isn't gonna get those kills and games ever again.
Beanos Beans
Beanos Beans Hace 26 días
Sorry again, 2 nd line
Beanos Beans
Beanos Beans Hace 26 días
On the first line when I said, "near" I meant newer
CW Evan
CW Evan Hace 26 días
you need to give rocket league another chance!
I hate people
I hate people Hace 26 días
There were approximately enough hiccups in this video, thank you.
I hate people
I hate people Hace 26 días
i love watching your streams because you seem to have genuine fun playing the games you do. Btw Siege is a very toxic game but you might like it
Ridho Agung Gumelar
Ridho Agung Gumelar Hace 26 días
Wow she pro in fps game
Brezals Hace 27 días
55:40 She can't help herself.
Brezals Hace 27 días
NT_iSky Hace 27 días
i love you generally
grrrdn Hace 27 días
RVL ackerman
RVL ackerman Hace 27 días
Mana nih pakteknya, gua cari ganemu
The Salvadorian Warrior
The slow will fear the fast.
dylstix Hace 27 días
She has some crazy good eyesight
mitsuki Hace 27 días
Me wanting to watch the stream but I hav to sleep when the stream starts 🧂🧂🧂
Tridon Mitts
Tridon Mitts Hace 27 días
Kevin Dreemurr
Kevin Dreemurr Hace 27 días
what the hell is wrong with the guys who call her toxic lol
Evanism Hace 27 días
This mixture of an FPS, her commentary/hic/singing, and this BGM is one of the most satisfying experiences on the internet.
Legal Loli
Legal Loli Hace 27 días
wow i see how it is
Augusto Campanher
Augusto Campanher Hace 27 días
Broadway Hace 27 días
I am always amazed at how good her lip syncing is with her model
Krulty Senpai
Krulty Senpai Hace 27 días
For me only: 1:50:42 Thank you, Amelia. I love your competitive side.
Kuro Chan
Kuro Chan Hace 27 días
Zylbrad simping? 20:32 in chat 22:24 Superchat
Joe S
Joe S Hace 27 días
whyy watson do i always miss your stream i thought you loved me lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 just kidding always happy to watch the streams even after they happen your awesome hoping to caught one soon cause i miss watson and her juice she gave during debut stream lmao 🤣🤣🤣
TheOneTrue Madrigal
TheOneTrue Madrigal Hace 27 días
>Hiding the mini-map so stream snipers have to find you based on landmarks: i sleep >Keeping the mini-map visible so you can flex on stream snipers: real sheet.
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
The most clean stuff hits. 6:37 volt hits shots 7:54 how to hit re45 shots 13:59 destroyed gibby volt 18:00 hits volt, breaks shields with re (how) 18:25 kill hiding enemy 24:55 then proceeds to mock dead enemy.( how. just how with re45.) 25:58 its the sentinel 26:20 its the sentinel but a head shot. Italian hands -132hp 27:06 re45 + bloddhond (im still confused why she uses the re, and wins) 30:04 straight up splinter cell death from above 30:29 came in one punch man 34:05 clean hiccup. the enemy was me 40:20 not really but ok. ill let it slide 48:50 miss 5 hit 2. sounds about right for the wingman 50:15 spray and spray 50:59 two clean shots 52:00 die dieeeeeee, then one punch 52:14 die pt 2 1:00:00 im not ready. ok im ready 1:00:45 flanked gibby? 1:15:10 slide in to the action with call of duty ghosts. also 3rd party toxic 1:16:32 steals a kill then proceeds to wipe the squad 3k 1:17:28 hes one shot. becomes kill leader 1:19:42 downs gibby then punches him toxic loot goblin plays 11:59 shield bat 14:37 all the gear, and gold barrel 22:57 exhibit A of being loot goblin 23:33 denies 30:19 exhibit B of being a loot goblin (loots teammates) 41:23 exhibit C of being a loot goblin (you can miss this, she instinctively went to octane) 58:54 mine 1:11:46 this is a long shot but she need a backpack to carry more loot. big backpack= more loot (cherry picking) 1:13:07 found back pack 1:14:43 loot? is that the word 1:30:40 got her boys. It's confirmed. Loot goblin found. Octane main = loot goblin. Better watch your stuff 😎 1:23:53 yes let the anger flow through you if there is something i missed let me know also watson, i would like a 1v1 with the re 45 if cross play ever comes out. how do you do that? how. i want to know the secret to using the re 45. it looked like god tier skill. also thigh gang also i missed most of the stream, rip. good luck on the next streams. not like you need it (super luck watson) but good luck anyway.
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
@Banwae that would be cool
Banwae Hace 27 días
I’m just gonna wait here for it to get possibly pinned
チョコプリン Hace 27 días
I started studying English to understand your English. You’re very cute !!
NONゆー Hace 21 un día
Thor Casiano Thank you.訂正「して」くれてありがとう!
チョコプリン Hace 21 un día
Thor Casiano 訂正「して 」くれてありがとう
Thor Casiano
Thor Casiano Hace 22 días
@NONゆー This is a little (wrong) But (「,」を除いて) that sentence is almost (understandable) for Japanese!
Thor Casiano
Thor Casiano Hace 22 días
@NONゆー Thanks for the correction! これは日本語でどう言いますか? 「訂正くれるありがとう!」?
NONゆー Hace 22 días
Thor Casiano あなたのモチベーション「は」もっと深める方がいいと思う。あなたの勉強「法」はもっと楽しんだ方がいい。私の文章に誤り「が」「あるなら」!this is a little miss. But,that sentence is almost of understand for Japanese!
Rem : Subaru, I love you. Subaru : I love Amelia
MoleculeXmolecule Hace 27 días
I can't wait for her and Botan to team up together. They would be fucking unstoppable!
Toriako Hace 27 días
Our Toxic British Investigator cant be this cute.
Bibo Hace 27 días
25:10 and so the lewding continues
kamipvp 1102
kamipvp 1102 Hace 27 días
Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces Hace 27 días
48:85 Amelia he was being friendly 🥺
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn Hace 28 días
40:26 Champion!
Persownage Hace 28 días
I’ve been tricked, I’ve been backstabbed, and quite possibly, bamboozled, No Coat OFF today T_T
Persownage Hace 28 días
But i love you anyway :)
Celéstial Vidār
Celéstial Vidār Hace 28 días
Bibo Hace 28 días
Damn I really fell asleep before she could start the apex stream last night sad bois
Silent Dawn
Silent Dawn Hace 28 días
Yeah, choose YAGOO instead of D1sney! M1ckey M0use is such an a$$! If it ever has vtubers they are all going to be fake and censored, the exact opposite of what we love about vtubers!
Ricky Hace 28 días
Zylbrad I know you're here
kleine cop3
kleine cop3 Hace 28 días
Love that we get more apex legends game play
Edma Basogan
Edma Basogan Hace 28 días
Amelia kinda goated ngl
Keeys Hace 28 días
How the heck does the manage to kill three people in a row only with hip fire!? I can't even aim with sights
Hank Lu
Hank Lu Hace 28 días
Can any one tell me what is the bgm's name??
tiger of the sky
tiger of the sky Hace 28 días
the hat is a limiter lol
Xenocross Prajnadeva
Xenocross Prajnadeva Hace 28 días
- missing sniper scope in death box and then in care pack - missing mobile respawn beacon in her own lifeline care pack while her teammate can be respawn instantly on that spot - not using the shortcut for healing... So she is still new to apex
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 26 días
@Xenocross Prajnadeva i have seen some streamers on twitch not use the shortcut and it drives me nuts. she probably took a break when reverant came out but she knows all the old guns. the sensitivity for the scopes are so high that i just dont use them or pick a smaller one. she only had the thermal. also i think she said she was smurfing but idk.
Xenocross Prajnadeva
Xenocross Prajnadeva Hace 27 días
@Mad Mango Mundo Watching her 2nd stream - not zooming on sniper scope - never use replicator. Not even gathering the points. - still not using the shortcut for healing - not using enemy free totem when opportunity arise I think she is new to the game... still not familiar with some mechanics
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
She does talk about certain wepons and how the volt is very new. Also she did armor swap
Xenocross Prajnadeva
Xenocross Prajnadeva Hace 27 días
@Mad Mango Mundo hitting means familiar with fps in general. She doesnt seem familiar with apex specific mechanic
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
I think she knows how to play. She just didn't see the stuff because it's high paced maybe. She hit a lot of shots.
Loveisinportant Hace 28 días
She tells me she can't picture ASMR without roleplay and then does me that ara ara that makes my heart flutter. Even when it's just half of it.
Phantom1356 Hace 28 días
1:14:36 'Amelia Watson and the case of the missing enemies'
htmluq Hace 28 días
She's so cute! I'm starting to watch VTubers and it's worthy.
htmluq Hace 27 días
@Stormex Thank you! I'm happily getting into the rabbit hole. Watson is already my favourite one.
Stormex Hace 27 días
Welcome to this rabbit hole, once you're in you can't get out.
H0lyn3vil Hace 28 días
so she actually remade stream im so sad i missed it
zakazmadan Hace 28 días
1:52:36 Amelia thank you for spoiling us
No Name
No Name Hace 28 días
The volt getting called new triggers my inner Titanfall fan but no matter there is entertainment to be had!
Ryan Hace 28 días
Ameila is a stone cold killer and it's awesome.
Steamloco Hace 28 días
Amelia: “The Volt is pretty new, I like it.” Me, a Titanfall veteran: “You’ll learn to hate it eventually.”
UpstageBeast Hace 10 días
@Grawlix the 3rd game is confirmed and will potentially release late 2021.... the series ain't dead yet lol.
Grawlix Hace 25 días
Maaan, fucking RIP titanfall, I'll miss that series
AviatorNicBoy28 Hace 26 días
Cold War main here, I can confirm
Zander Jay De Guzman
Zander Jay De Guzman Hace 27 días
no, us volt users must unite against the true enemy: CAR and Spitfire mains
Artuno Hace 27 días
Welcome to Titanfall 2, where all the weapons are noob weapons, so just have fun.
Matt Ism
Matt Ism Hace 28 días
Am I the only one who wants her to play Scrutinised?
Invel Hace 28 días
She should do a stream of osu! it would be amazing to watch her play and sing allong
The Amazing Spider-man
Play fortnite please
Zach Hace 28 días
Watson using her inventory menu instead of just pressing 4 is gonna drive me insane
2 Xtatic
2 Xtatic Hace 28 días
The hip fire queen
もみ Hace 28 días
Don Hace 28 días
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
British to New York
SENPAI Hace 28 días
25:10-25:13 i love it
Tharja-iBW Hace 28 días
Surprise Apex stream gdi
Casual Filth
Casual Filth Hace 28 días
Thanks for the FPS Filled timeframe
Ayybiel Hace 28 días
ngl, she's got some good aim~
Chet Manly
Chet Manly Hace 28 días
"Ara" Yes plz
MrWannabe Hace 28 días
She's good in Apex, if only the other members of Hololive were the same rip
Alex Gonzalez
Alex Gonzalez Hace 27 días
Botan and Amelia are good fps players
MoleculeXmolecule Hace 27 días
Botan is actually a really good FPS gamer. She must have played CSGO with the way she places her grenades meticulously. I can't wait for them to collab.
We Protecc Gawr Gura
We Protecc Gawr Gura Hace 28 días
She literally said HELLO TO THE PHILIPPINES 4:57 Edit:this is big yes yes
Jay Mon
Jay Mon Hace 28 días
rubbermarble888 Hace 28 días
1 ara at the end, we take those
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
Always a win in my book
M.R. Samaon
M.R. Samaon Hace 28 días
I really like the bgm, so I felt empty and lost when she stopped the bgm for a moment.
毟り取る Hace 28 días
DoctuhD Hace 28 días
Turns out that there's *two* Apex Predators in Hololive EN
ruick78 Hace 27 días
@Chi Wuyao ones a shark other plays aped
holysheet Hace 27 días
@Chi Wuyao gawr i think
Chi Wuyao
Chi Wuyao Hace 28 días
Eh? Who's the other?
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans Hace 28 días
Imagine some Apex streamer joining a game and getting carried by a Detective Waifu
Beanos Beans
Beanos Beans Hace 26 días
bot lobbies she isn't carrying
Haru-n Hace 28 días
Toxilia Saltson. Our toxic detective can't be this STRONG?!?! Love the stream!
Haru-n Hace 28 días
@Type Here Wait till she reveals she's a Caustic main.
Type Here
Type Here Hace 28 días
*looks at her Valorant main* About right.
Winston McHetz
Winston McHetz Hace 28 días
Fun stream, Amelia is pretty good at FPS
Chrono Hax
Chrono Hax Hace 28 días
Keep up the good work and rest well Ame!
wishbonesi Hace 28 días
Amelia is good at Apex
Mad Mango Mundo
Mad Mango Mundo Hace 27 días
Very. It makes me want to vs her in game
Vanadium Hace 28 días
24:56 amelia: * i need a sniper scope* also amelia *find a sniper scope* but what about no
Vanadium Hace 28 días
idk why but it seem like they think that the RE-45 is a good weapon I mean better than a R301 or a alternator also pls ping idem like backbag So she isn't smurfing bc she doesn't know much about the abilities of the legends she is just have the knowledge of a classic fps player but damn she has a good aim
Ephexia Hace 28 días
Damn she knows how to use a wingman. That’s my kind of lady.
Levi Pama
Levi Pama Hace 28 días
I think she needs a new pc w/ (Ryzen or Intel and rtx 3080) also use nvenc, even it uses your GPU, the stream will be smooth that's why on dual pc setup, nvenc is the key
Robert Kristian Zambrano
@Levi Pama I'd go for the Ryzen 9 3900x and a 3070 setup tbh. The 3090 will only be useful for render farms, and the 10th Gen Intel wouldn't help that much for streaming anyhow.
Levi Pama
Levi Pama Hace 28 días
@2 Xtatic yeah I9 10900k or ryzen 9 3900x or upcoming 5000 series + rtx 3080 or 3090. Her stream will be buttery smooth and very high frames Also important thing is your stream should be smooth and consistent than having stutter, Frame drop. Btw what is her pc specs? 1 potential reasons of stutter and frame drop her cpu bottleneck like reaching 100% She could use nvenc to lessen the processing on her cpu and put it to her gpu because 10 series cards like 1070 1080 or 1080 ti are good cards though I think every hololive member should have 8c 16c cpu, 32gb ram, rtx 3070 or 3080 If they using a little bit low end but if they have I9 9900k, a rtx 20 series, there is no need to upgrade. It also depends to their streaming settings.
2 Xtatic
2 Xtatic Hace 28 días
With all the money she making on Super chats, she will be able to once the check clears. Im sure all of them will be getting decked out PCs
guy3480 Hace 28 días
I wish there were 2 or 3 songs she used for the bgm. Feel like im going insane.
Khryzz Soul
Khryzz Soul Hace 28 días
Anyone know the bgm she was humming???
Khryzz Soul
Khryzz Soul Hace 27 días
@Aria Kanzaki found it already here you go hehe esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jJTE322H3tg.html
Aria Kanzaki
Aria Kanzaki Hace 27 días
She always use that bgm, i think its her character bgm but idk where the sources at. I hope someone has sauce.
black Lotus
black Lotus Hace 28 días
Hell Kokonn
Hell Kokonn Hace 28 días
Gg carry game
nate Hace 28 días
Shoutout to Filipinos during the stream. Amelia noticed us 🇵🇭💕. Kalma lang mga pinoy ahahahaha ang wild natin sa live chat e (Keep calm Filipino peeps ahahahaha we are so wild during live chat)
Dylan Ray Gonzalgo
Dylan Ray Gonzalgo Hace 28 días
can't wait for more fps streams
Maruniko Hace 28 días
music is too chill, compared to the fast pace of apex legends lol
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