[꿈의 무대 스테이지K] 엑소(EXO)x일본 대표팀의 환상적 콜라보 ′Love Shot′♬ 스테이지 K(STAGE K) 9회

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Hyldathia Emily
Hyldathia Emily Hace un hora
Baekhyun look so have fun, ilysm Kai😍
chocolight9 Hace 2 horas
Jessica Cornelius
Jessica Cornelius Hace 2 horas
The one with the short silver hair is the definition of girl crush seriously and exo members looks so happy and proud of their exo-l's
hyunjqn Hace 2 horas
1:32 since nobody is talking how cute was acting Baekhyun,i will do it.
Maria France
Maria France Hace 3 horas
Kai 😍😍😍❤
한Autumn Hace 3 horas
i'm not an EXO-L but i envy those gurls. great performance 🔥🔥
An ge
An ge Hace 4 horas
Byun Baekhyun!!! 😍😍😍😍
ALYA_EXO Hace 4 horas
Kai Dika
Kai Dika Hace 4 horas
Lazy G
Lazy G Hace 4 horas
Nin Nin EXOL
Nin Nin EXOL Hace 5 horas
Patrycia Ayu
Patrycia Ayu Hace 5 horas
Mbaknya manis banget jadi pengen bawa pulang exonya
Oh Hayeol JK
Oh Hayeol JK Hace 5 horas
Carmen Tornero
Carmen Tornero Hace 6 horas
Exo son los mejores mis reyessss hermososs
Bé Cute
Bé Cute Hace 6 horas
Ulfi Ohsehun
Ulfi Ohsehun Hace 6 horas
Bangke powernya rata semua trus bagus semua
belen M
belen M Hace 6 horas
Ok I'm not a fan but I just fell in love with them 😭💜
Fitriyah Aminy
Fitriyah Aminy Hace 7 horas
Kai 😍
stylinson -
stylinson - Hace 7 horas
loool this is _goals_
Jassym Hace 7 horas
Im screaming on the inside pls help im about to burst out! Kai should better stop
Abigail Mendoza Fernandez
I love you exo kings the kpop
Doutzen Lias
Doutzen Lias Hace 12 horas
Kai is sooo sexy...
b r
b r Hace 13 horas
lrsssz엑소 Hace 14 horas
This video make my heart beat faster every time!!
hioji_ kakao
hioji_ kakao Hace 15 horas
When kai is happy we all know that he is...smiling all the time when everyone were serious😂 how can we not acknowledge that sexy smiling face 😂 and baek is too cute with the girl 😆 so jealousss 😆 I wanna be that girl in sehun position too! 😆 why didn't they show sehun he must be showing his serious grandpa face that baby chick 😑 this are what we call successful exol 😆I'm so jealoussss 😆 can't help that I can't dance for my life 😆 ohh I said jealous 2 times already 😆😆😆
Alvionita Hariyanto
Alvionita Hariyanto Hace 16 horas
How happy they are😭😭😭😭😭 congratsss💕
Jessii Naayci
Jessii Naayci Hace 16 horas
I still can't get over this I Evy the guyss
Andriana Dwi
Andriana Dwi Hace 17 horas
So luckyyy😭😭😭😭
diian istia_
diian istia_ Hace 17 horas
Kai's smile is so cute and handsome 😍😍
Byun Hansun-04
Byun Hansun-04 Hace 17 horas
omg i envy them
ace Hace 18 horas
how did ANYONE survive standing that close to them
Elisabet Brenda
Elisabet Brenda Hace 18 horas
*Eu estaria surtando de nervosa dançando com eles* ♥
Ashleigh E
Ashleigh E Hace 18 horas
kai! 1:03
Nursina Hashim
Nursina Hashim Hace 18 horas
OMG!!!!!! I just wanna scream.. It's so damn cute dude
Your Melody
Your Melody Hace 19 horas
Why so sexy Kai? 😍😍😍
Nadia Risky Putri
Nadia Risky Putri Hace 20 horas
I am soooo freaking done with kai's smile omg
Savilla luce
Savilla luce Hace 21 un hora
The best!!!!!
Kim Tichia
Kim Tichia Hace 22 horas
So The member of Exo are the backup dancers🤣
Kim Tichia
Kim Tichia Hace 22 horas
Kai’s expression when The music start🤣🤣🤣🤣 I just love that Damn
Emerald Eres
Emerald Eres Hace 22 horas
Gosh i love these guys...
Kailla Gamara
Kailla Gamara Hace 22 horas
Kailla Gamara
Kailla Gamara Hace 23 horas
suavegrethan Hace 23 horas
There are better than the produce x contestants
Nisrinadhiya Azzr
Nisrinadhiya Azzr Hace 23 horas
i'm Like it🥰🥰🥰
EXO KINGS Hace un día
These EXO and EXO-L interactions are so freakin cute ! and just look at their proud expressions
Danica Deleon
Danica Deleon Hace un día
y'all can step on my kneck now *trying to calm down*
Kaew Inn
Kaew Inn Hace un día
해나솔Hey Na Sol
해나솔Hey Na Sol Hace un día
Yes Kai got my attention too but I’m wondering where is DO this whole episode?
Aniyah Richards
Aniyah Richards Hace un día
Kai is having do much fun on stage I mean look at him smiling he’s so precious. I miss him on stage I hope he might someday do his own solo with is beautiful voice and dance moves
ayla tv
ayla tv Hace un día
1:02 soo beautifullllllllll
Athena Maxima-1
Athena Maxima-1 Hace un día
me encanta este vídeo !!
jewelsss Hace un día
Kai made dancing looks so much fun it makes me want to learn it
EJ Chu
EJ Chu Hace un día
Ive been eyeing on Sehun but Kai got me this time 😍
Patrañas del Kpop
Patrañas del Kpop Hace un día
No ma! Magic🌠
Sweezie Hace un día
If Exo came within like a ten foot radius of me and DANCED to the SEXIEST song then I would just pass out and then watch my bones and skin melt into a puddle of uwu
Yves Santiago
Yves Santiago Hace un día
It scares me how 1 sec suho issa baby then turns into a daddy
Miss Lee
Miss Lee Hace un día
Those girls are so good though. I enjoyed all their performances!!
Desara Kaba
Desara Kaba Hace un día
idk who kai is but damn these girls just outshined the exo boys... man i just fell in love with those 6 girls.. a stannin today.
Scarlet Kurono
Scarlet Kurono Hace un día
So cute looks like fun 😍
S. S
S. S Hace un día
Baekhyun is so cute
Dazai دازاي
Dazai دازاي Hace un día
1:30 🙃💖
Dazai دازاي
Dazai دازاي Hace un día
الدنيا حظوظ😂😂💔وحظ العرب ماشاء الله عليهم حتي موسم جدة مش جبلهم اكسو☻💔ربنا يهدي حظ الاكسوال ويرجع لطريق الصواب😂😂😂😂💖
Early7 Strikeland
Early7 Strikeland Hace un día
On what team are they? China?
Athena Maxima-1
Athena Maxima-1 Hace un día
Zio Kpopers
Zio Kpopers Hace un día
Kai smile just kill me ugh❤❤
Julianna Pagantalan
Julianna Pagantalan Hace un día
Baekhyun? Why so seriouuuuus? Then later on you back to normal again
Waewwow_shine Waew
Waewwow_shine Waew Hace un día
Wow so good ☺️👏👏👏👏💓👍👍
Lera Novoselova
Lera Novoselova Hace un día
Jongdaeeee, you are so wonderful 😍
팍젠네 Hace un día
Hutaena 🔥🥰🤩😍
Areeba K.
Areeba K. Hace un día
Quỳnk Shin
Quỳnk Shin Hace un día
BaekHyun cute ❤
Noraini Ahmad
Noraini Ahmad Hace un día
Kai cute perfomance
kim soek jin
kim soek jin Hace un día
l love you sehune
ILove_ PCY
ILove_ PCY Hace un día
Đào Huyền
Đào Huyền Hace un día
Exo!!!!!! Exo-L love you
i love joshua hong i repeat, i love joshua hong
why I see all of them as Hoshi Seventeen 😂 especially the guy 😂
jes lin
jes lin Hace un día
kuii nnyyy
kuii nnyyy Hace un día
Next BTS
Any_ lemon
Any_ lemon Hace un día
tuan kiet nguyen
tuan kiet nguyen Hace un día
Nhảy đẹp ghê
Noorferziah Nashrul
Noorferziah Nashrul Hace un día
Don't smile kai😍😍😍
Cling Mae Garsuta
Cling Mae Garsuta Hace un día
Wow! They are so lucky to perform with EXO
Yasmin Ayad
Yasmin Ayad Hace un día
Kim zeinab in
Kim zeinab in Hace un día
شو مشان شو مشان انو نيالكن ونيال حظكن شو شو بقووول
Im so inlove with the interaction. Wahhh😭💖💖
Kim zeinab in
Kim zeinab in Hace un día
شو بعمل من الجمال انا ااا
Kim zeinab in
Kim zeinab in Hace un día
Blasé Hace un día
No EXO no life❤️
sisyy lan
sisyy lan Hace un día
zhilda hamidah
zhilda hamidah Hace un día
1:16 KAI smile huhuhu 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Maria Kristina Pili
Maria Kristina Pili Hace un día
This collab was so surreal!! Goosebumps all throughout the video. 💙
Barbara_ Hace un día
So many solo stans 😅 Btw I loved the collab and missed my EXO babies on stage so much! 💕
Ana Maria Tudorache
Ana Maria Tudorache Hace un día
0:41 who is he?
jes lin
jes lin Hace un día
suho !
Lean lenox aveno
Lean lenox aveno Hace 2 días
Marcielly Oliveira
Marcielly Oliveira Hace 2 días
bee cdey
bee cdey Hace 2 días
1:32 argh i'm dying
bee cdey
bee cdey Hace 2 días
Can't deny that nini look hot but, my eyes always focus on bacon
Shan3 L33
Shan3 L33 Hace 2 días
Fk it this is so frkin cute😍😭💕
Ha Bui
Ha Bui Hace 2 días
So cute 😍😍
Nat !
Nat ! Hace 2 días
Wow Kai kill me again and again with your sexy smile
Byun Anna
Byun Anna Hace 2 días
I miss their stage this much.. neomu..
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