댄저러스함 그 자체♨ 일본 대표팀의 ′으르렁(Growl)′♬ 스테이지 K(STAGE K) 9회

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시작하자마자 감탄 연발
☆시선 압도☆ 美칠듯한 칼군무
일본 대표팀 ′으르렁(Growl)′♬


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9 jun 2019






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Han jiji
Han jiji Hace 10 días
Harfasa 90
Harfasa 90 Hace 23 días
My king EXO ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jair Lozano Gamboa
Jair Lozano Gamboa Hace 26 días
wowwww =O
하상 소심이
하상 소심이 Hace 29 días
Min Yoongi Yoongi
Min Yoongi Yoongi Hace un mes
Wow growl uhhh ㄴㅁㄱ무호대
z A
z A Hace un mes
I was surprise Kai looks big fan of this group, but he voted another team😂😂
ultscore Hace un mes
These girls are the definition of girl crush🤧
Chelsea Ardiyanti
Chelsea Ardiyanti Hace 2 meses
it's the best
Hasixh 009
Hasixh 009 Hace 2 meses
Someone who can tell me the name of the group, i love It
trang dao
trang dao Hace 2 meses
Một từ ngầu
Chantal Ysabel Cordero
Anajoy Rogel
Anajoy Rogel Hace 3 meses
I watched this full episode, kai and suho enjoying thier performance but they vote for u.s.a
Baby Lalremruati
Baby Lalremruati Hace 3 meses
I wish they play the original song recorded but anyway i'm so happy ...ot12 forever
keipoplover 30
keipoplover 30 Hace 3 meses
blc pz
blc pz Hace 3 meses
ms. G
ms. G Hace 2 meses
it's 'exo-l'
mini moni
mini moni Hace 3 meses
stan talent become talent
Tiffany Paulse
Tiffany Paulse Hace 3 meses
If a KPOP group like this existed with their skills and style I would have been rooting them already. In my opinion it's quite hard for girls to pull off boy groups but this group I don't know what to say, that is how good they are:) I don't see girls pulling off this vibes and badass performance unlike them.
Vichea 160
Vichea 160 Hace 3 meses
Why they played EXO-K version when Chen was there too?
Flashover Facade
Flashover Facade Hace 4 meses
the lesbian in me jumped
pj Hace 4 meses
Do you know if they have a youtube channel or something? I wanna watch more of their performances 😭💛
ms. G
ms. G Hace 2 meses
baxter official
Freen Ali
Freen Ali Hace 4 meses
NiNi Dyo
NiNi Dyo Hace 4 meses
NiNi Dyo
NiNi Dyo Hace 4 meses
serinhe sho
serinhe sho Hace 4 meses
Kai is cute baby i love him 😍🙊❤
glassy moone
glassy moone Hace 5 meses
exos reaction to this is so pure i-
baby gurrrl
baby gurrrl Hace 5 meses
the two girls doing the finger heart during the bridge were so cute!!! i kept replaying it lol
cHANYEOL AAAHHH uwu Hace 5 meses
Weon yo bailo al frente de exo y me voy de hosico BDBDBDJX
Hailey Knudsen
Hailey Knudsen Hace 5 meses
That one girl kinda look like xiumin.
Zel Ezl
Zel Ezl Hace 5 meses
I'm really curious where are they now? :) I want to know their ESvid channel~~
self portrait , let's love
Baxter official
Victoria A
Victoria A Hace 5 meses
Their facial expressions!!
Sandyaa octhavianie
Sandyaa octhavianie Hace 5 meses
jazzy licolia
jazzy licolia Hace 5 meses
What the name of this japanese girls group? ^^ maybe they do cover on ESvid ?
John Lava III
John Lava III Hace 5 meses
Soryy if I'm too late but can someone explain the show. Pls.
ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ
Who ever they are please teach me how to dance wahhahahahha
역사를 쓰는 괭이모터
의상 이쁘고 잘어울린당
shipper chloe
shipper chloe Hace 5 meses
The girl (white hair) looks like xiumin so much😅 am i right?
a a a
a a a Hace 5 meses
진짜 멋있다🤩
#. 해시태그
#. 해시태그 Hace 6 meses
와....진짜 힘있게 한다
Otaku Boy
Otaku Boy Hace 6 meses
How remember luhun?
Yoha Matz
Yoha Matz Hace 6 meses
waaaaa son tan geniales
N.r.narendarsinh Vaghela
Super danse
Lin Kim
Lin Kim Hace 6 meses
So, I’m a fan of Exo’s fans...such cuties yet girl crushes!! Makes sense? Yep.
Alyka judilyn Avila
Alyka judilyn Avila Hace 6 meses
Exo is so cute
Salili Ailyn
Salili Ailyn Hace 7 meses
2020 wos still watching ?? 😂💕
Ashraful Hasan Asif
Ashraful Hasan Asif Hace 7 meses
Can anybody tell me the name of this group please??
duam bsh
duam bsh Hace 7 meses
The reaction of exo members are so cute🤣
Linh Trần
Linh Trần Hace 7 meses
They're all girl @-@ and they danced with that boy's power. That perfect moves, that incredible energy make me freakin confused about myself :v
Chrollo Lucilfer
Chrollo Lucilfer Hace 7 meses
wth why's xiumin dancing with them omg HAHAHAHHAHAHA
August Kim
August Kim Hace 8 meses
I love theird reaction ❤️ So CUTEE🤣❤️ and the group so cool😎
Jinjin Chen
Jinjin Chen Hace 8 meses
I feel sad because didnt hear luhan voice in that part 1:51 They already changed it.
유빈ヲ Hace 8 meses
02:09 왼쪽 분 하트 하면서 웃는거 젤 귀엽고 예쁘다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Pame Sinise
Pame Sinise Hace 8 meses
What's the name of the group ?🙏🙏
Alifa Maulani
Alifa Maulani Hace 8 meses
Omggg 😻😻😻
Amal Atta Muhammad
Amal Atta Muhammad Hace 9 meses
The swag in this video has got me....FLYING
BlackPink Chi choo
BlackPink Chi choo Hace 9 meses
Am i the only one that notice Tao, Kris and Luhan's part sounds like different from the original?
Sandy 2912
Sandy 2912 Hace 9 meses
See again again again
shaden al
shaden al Hace 10 meses
I always come back to this video because it's sooo good
Naw Naw
Naw Naw Hace 10 meses
Maaan u can really tell how much they love dancing
zeinab Hace 10 meses
1:49 kai and sehun reaction Luhan's part...
Edna Mode
Edna Mode Hace 21 un día
I thought that was Yixing part and Luhan came in the bridge
Yichen Tan
Yichen Tan Hace 10 meses
sulli 61
sulli 61 Hace 10 meses
I miss this moment 🥺 exoL indonesia
Valeria Sánchez
Valeria Sánchez Hace 10 meses
Whats the name of the group??
xin vlog
xin vlog Hace 11 meses
Chen's reaction :*
Hope Sky
Hope Sky Hace 11 meses
The girl with red hair is LIt!!! Show them how a girl can burnt the stage. Woww!!!
Caxandra Ncx
Caxandra Ncx Hace 11 meses
I hope they invite the Japan team for EXplØration Japan tour 🤞
chanyeol_ EXO
chanyeol_ EXO Hace 11 meses
They didn't play ot12 version😭😭😭
Chelsea Apura
Chelsea Apura Hace un año
Tao kris and luhan i hear their voices ohhhh myyy OT12❣️
사랑해Bangtan13 Hace un año
Btw, the girl with short hair, she looks like xuimin when she smiles😁😁😍
caln zkdl
caln zkdl Hace un año
I love KAI voice 😭
Shahne' Green
Shahne' Green Hace un año
Kai's "BOOM BOOM" gets me every time
KyuA_ Lu
KyuA_ Lu Hace un año
Sehun listening Luhan's voice is so fucking sad :)
nni priVAsi
nni priVAsi Hace un año
whats their cover group name tho... thanks
nni priVAsi
nni priVAsi Hace 11 meses
@Hope Sky THANKS
Hope Sky
Hope Sky Hace 11 meses
Baxter official in youtube. IG: 6baxter_official
Fii Fiqh
Fii Fiqh Hace un año
Do they have ESvid channel ? I wanna know!!
Mary A
Mary A Hace un año
The group is Baxter I think....
Mary A
Mary A Hace un año
Yes, they do
I LOVE MYSELF Hace un año
The blond girl looks like Xiumin
fila audrey
fila audrey Hace un año
That tomboy though😍😌
Shermaine Chua
Shermaine Chua Hace un año
Ngọc Ánh Trịnh
Ngọc Ánh Trịnh Hace un año
Great dance
curiouscraze_exe Hace un año
I really like the girl with the brightly coloured short hair ^°^
ikonoa san
ikonoa san Hace un año
I'm cryingggg asf
Lina Hewitt
Lina Hewitt Hace un año
So does this amazing group has it own ESvid channel?
Hope Sky
Hope Sky Hace 11 meses
Yes, Baxter Official. You welcome 😘
Ovia Ntlia
Ovia Ntlia Hace un año
Aku terbuai senyuman kai:")
Uli Morales
Uli Morales Hace un año
Dont kill me EXO fans but this girls are something...
Devi Fadilah S
Devi Fadilah S Hace un año
The girl with blonde short hair should debut
Xiumin Cute
Xiumin Cute Hace un año
I love This Team
NoNo Exol
NoNo Exol Hace un año
I like This Team
Watermelon Duck
Watermelon Duck Hace un año
kai reaction 0.14s is me
Buakaew Khotpako
Buakaew Khotpako Hace un año
Candela Aragón
Candela Aragón Hace un año
I'm madly in love with this girls
Ela Sajche
Ela Sajche Hace un año
Ellas bailan increible uff les doy un 10
Lara Cardoso
Lara Cardoso Hace un año
The girl with the white hair is a AMAZING dancer
Lara Cardoso
Lara Cardoso Hace un año
I just love this group! And the girl who is playing Kai is like him! the body rolls, the presence
Baru Budhamagar
Baru Budhamagar Hace un año
Kai reaction Su cute and smile sweet 😊😊😊😊
te channel
te channel Hace un año
Lina Hewitt
Lina Hewitt Hace un año
Damn!! This girls group is perfect👊
trinis rants
trinis rants Hace un año
Can't help but to get distracted to the fanchant tho, that "EXO-K!" "EXO-M!" :((
chocolate ngọt ngào
Lianne RS
Lianne RS Hace un año
Well... Definitely EXO-L is the best 💕
Azalea Linwell
Azalea Linwell Hace un año
Both teams did well but Japan team had a better stage presence, precise dance moves and smooth transitions.
Bang Dîn
Bang Dîn Hace un año
chanel youtube bro ??
Hope Sky
Hope Sky Hace 11 meses
Baxter official
ra ine
ra ine Hace un año
Do they have a ESvid channel or anything because they're really good
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