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11 nov 2013







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Zooey Park
Zooey Park Hace 10 horas
Jimin looks like a naughty boy who is enjoying himself so much
그는하는 Hace 15 horas
정정현주 Hace un día
내눈엔 태형이만 보인다. I can see only Taehyung !
gio chimchim
gio chimchim Hace un día
I'm crying! all were babies TuT psdt: 2019? :")
Its 2019 but i can't believe that suga intro ;_; uwu my baby
Revi Ramadhanti
Revi Ramadhanti Hace un día
if for example you want to go to Indonesia not in the current month or not DECEMBER just when you have a new year in INDONESIA later, will it be crowded if you say you are in New Year in Indonesia, come on, oppa, you are going to Indonesia, I want to meet with you guys we meet each other, oppa bts so that we know each other about oppa bts I really like fans with you guys, can you come to Indonesia oppa bts, DECEMBER just when you are new, you guys will grow up if you are new in Indonesia later You guys have never been named the New Year in INDONESIA oppa bts, I eat for help, you guys come to INDONESIA in DECEMBER just when the New Year is so oppa, come on to Indonesia oppa bts, I want to meet with you oppa want PHOTOS WITH you oppa bts come on to INDONESIA And So I intentionally told you to go to Indonesia in December, because my money has also been collected and can be the same year with you, oppa BTS, so you go to Indonesia in December, right? bts yeah come On 🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🤗🤗🤣😁😀😘😚😍💖💗😊😄🎊🎉👋😌😌😞😞😭😭😭😭
Monica Fisher
Monica Fisher Hace un día
I love this 💜
Sira Sissoko
Sira Sissoko Hace un día
Vraiment trop mignon 😭😭😍 je fond
hahahahanim Hace un día
My fav 💕💕
뿜뿜방부심 Hace 2 días
이것이 데뷔 4개월차의 연습영상인가 저 자유로운 끼와 자신감을 저 정도 연차에 보여줄 신인팀이 과연 지금있을까? 내가 다시 저때로 돌아가도 방탄 무대는 다르다는것을 한눈에 알아봤을거다 진짜 다르다
lizy Hope0218
lizy Hope0218 Hace 2 días
2:46 I love it 😊❤💜 3:45 I love it 🎶 I will love you forever 💜 Los amo ❤
Franzchezka Kelly
Franzchezka Kelly Hace 3 días
Imagine, they came from a small company and now, they become the most famous kpop boy group in the world, ohh myyy I'm so proud of themmmmm *sob* 😪😪💜💜
Suet Yee Loo
Suet Yee Loo Hace 3 días
有谁就知道当年的他们是现在多么的成功?💜 Who's know when seeing the old days of them, they will become so successful today? 💜
Alin Fsy
Alin Fsy Hace 3 días
Kim _karla_vkook
Kim _karla_vkook Hace 3 días
Pero que sexys piernas de suga😏😂
Justinseagul let's get it
Crrraappp my tearss
Seoul Taekook
Seoul Taekook Hace 3 días
Babie jk 🥺
Sasti Murmu
Sasti Murmu Hace 4 días
3.00 (jungkook part )touch my heart😢😢😢😢. ...I don't know why
Jojo Hace 4 días
Nobody👏 cares👏 in👏 what👏 year👏 you👏 are👏 watching👏 this👏.
Jessica D
Jessica D Hace 4 días
Laryssa Gonzalez Ortiz
who is watching from the beginning for there 6 years anniversary? or am i the only one.
rodz22 k
rodz22 k Hace 4 días
김도로시 Hace 4 días
Eliah Villahermosa
Eliah Villahermosa Hace 4 días
I see Son SeungDeuk and it got me way back they struggle to find budget for this era and Jhope who almost left BTS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yliana Duenas
Yliana Duenas Hace 4 días
I didn’t know BTS could predict the future 😂. They really did attacked the world with their talent
Yliana Duenas
Yliana Duenas Hace 3 días
#BTS#Army ❤️❤️❤️❤️
다들 날라다니네.. 활기차고 넘 좋당
Mélanie Hace 5 días
I would like to see again this kind of dance practice with BTS' choregrapher 😂!
Seher Sohai
Seher Sohai Hace 5 días
They're having this much fun without Army watching. i wonder how much they had with Army's 😂
Seher Sohai
Seher Sohai Hace 5 días
3:24 kookie i gotcha 😂
Nurul Nabilah
Nurul Nabilah Hace 5 días
Happy 6th anniversary 😘 I 💜 U
רז צ'ים צ'ים
Park jiminnn❤❤ bangtan
Tina Delosreyes
Tina Delosreyes Hace 5 días
jung shook
jung shook Hace 5 días
0:11 Jimin looks so smol next to Namjoon.
Nuong Bich
Nuong Bich Hace 5 días
LOVE BTS. 13/6/2019
Rose Batista
Rose Batista Hace 5 días
bts i love you annyeong haseyoooooooo. te amo maravilhosos namora comigo kim seokjin 😍😘😄💏💑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💍💍💍💍💍💖💖💖💘💌💋
HiJoo_ Bangwool
HiJoo_ Bangwool Hace 5 días
! *Who is seeing this Again, in 2019 FESTA?!* Mee!!!
joylee sanjuan
joylee sanjuan Hace 2 días
Beatriz Miranda
Beatriz Miranda Hace 5 días
Uma nostalgia agora aah vou chorar
Singularity Tae
Singularity Tae Hace 6 días
Feliz aniversario, chicos 💜😭
CupcakeLørena Hace 6 días
Ana Júlia Barros
Ana Júlia Barros Hace 6 días
meus amores fazem 6 anos, iti
Mika chan
Mika chan Hace 6 días
2014 ESvid: No 2015 ESvid: No 2016 ESvid:No 2017 ESvid:No 2018 ESvid:..... 2019 ESvid: Bangtan ! 🎶🎶
Shiela Marie Fernandez
They are looks so young ..what song is this
Just Ai
Just Ai Hace 6 días
When your choreoghraper was your backup dancer... So old😊
꧁Laffi_Taffi꧂ Hace 6 días
Fernanda Carpio
Fernanda Carpio Hace 7 días
2019? 🤧
vbby Hace 7 días
erika Jeon
erika Jeon Hace 7 días
still here Armys?
dream with luv
dream with luv Hace 7 días
demn kim taehyung needs to chill
danSINGirls Hace 7 días
i just had a thought but i kind of want to know why there are still so many shoes at the back when they are all wearing shoes?
lulu teen
lulu teen Hace 7 días
para mi este es el himno de Bangtan y la reina de sus canciones, lastima que no todo el fandom la sepa apreciar.
Tường Vy
Tường Vy Hace 7 días
Well done Bangtan💜
Dessie B.
Dessie B. Hace 8 días
idk why but i find this song and choreo rlly cute especially when they march in the chorus
:エリン Hace 6 días
Dessie B. Ikr it’s so cute
jjklovespjm x
jjklovespjm x Hace 8 días
Year 2019 :) Hi^_^
jjklovespjm x
jjklovespjm x Hace 8 días
You are perfect
Harume Art
Harume Art Hace 8 días
I'm in love with this choreo 😢😢😢
Lina Ly
Lina Ly Hace 8 días
ESvid in 2013: uhh nah. not yet ESvid in 2014: okay uhh 2 more years ESvid in 2015: not yet. Yotube in 2016: we'll put it in her recommendations later ESvid in 2017: nope ESvid in 2018: nah she's not ready ESvid in 2019: YEAH NOW! seriously youtube why is this in my recomendations now?
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Hace 8 días
I really thought this will be a Soundtrack for the Anime "Attack On Titan" And then it turns out, its just their song
봄차 Hace 9 días
2019 6월
미네르 Hace 9 días
요즘 남편이랑 진짜 많이듣는노래!! 연습영상은 첨봅니당!! 오오오미이이이
R I Hace 9 días
Gloria Del Carmen Torres
When you finally realize that Taehyung grown right before our eyes👁️
Putri Dwi Alya
Putri Dwi Alya Hace 9 días
나겹 Hace 10 días
진짜 잘 춘다..지금봐도 감탄만!!
primadonna1472 Hace 10 días
Going back to old videos to see how things improved for the best, like this practice room, shows how their hardwork paid off so much. It does things to my heart.
Pancake_ Queen
Pancake_ Queen Hace 10 días
When I look up the night sky I don’t see stars... I see BTS, because they ARE the stars ✨🥰☺️
Bts Is life
Bts Is life Hace 10 días
Hehe still here
defne Hace 10 días
Ben bunu daha önce neden görmedimmmmm
Hoor bts
Hoor bts Hace 10 días
☺ بانقتان
오스왈로 Hace 10 días
지금 들어도 세련된 노래 대단하다
Nurul Aini Qholby
Nurul Aini Qholby Hace 10 días
June 2019?
Milaak Eshal
Milaak Eshal Hace 11 días
I am so proud that they work hard I love u BTS u really deserve this 💜
Panda EXpReSs
Panda EXpReSs Hace 11 días
Is it just me or Taehyung seemed more energetic before?🤷‍♀️
Panda EXpReSs
Panda EXpReSs Hace 8 días
@OT7_BangtanxSeahfarra Anchuleepradit Perawat no,your english is pretty good! And I'm proud for tae as well<3
OT7_BangtanxSeahfarra Anchuleepradit Perawat
He is, I thought he's part of the dance line before cause every dance practice I saw him energetic and fierce moves charismatic but I'm happy that he already recognized as part of the dance line cause he deserve it sorry for my English btw
이또치상남자 Hace 11 días
5년전꺼 인데도 대단하당👍태형이는 누가 훔쳐갈까봥 불안했을만도 하넹 저 끼좀보소 어색하지않고 타고난 끼가보임 대박이다 울방탄 울친구들을 늦게 알아서 먄하넹ㅎ
OT7orNoOpinion Hace 11 días
ESvid decided to bless my recommendations today. This is gold.
This Is Random
This Is Random Hace 11 días
Im still obsessed with this song💜
Ashley !
Ashley ! Hace 11 días
2:36 - 2:50 *guys taehyung is the most adorable thing omg*
Y᥆ᥙr Bᥱᥲᥙtιfᥙᥣ Bιᥲ᥉
Sie sind das essen bts wir sind die army. Tururururutituriruriru. *Attack on **-titan-** bangtan, 🤠.*
istanBTS Hace 12 días
Tae is so freakin cuuuute😍
Vbts Btsv
Vbts Btsv Hace 12 días
I never knew this had a dance
logically blind
logically blind Hace 12 días
they really have come full circle haven't they, there's a sense of fun and enjoyment in this dance that isn't seen in some of their later videos as the pressure really seems to be on them but they regained this happy atmosphere again in the boy in luv dance video idk maybe that's just me reading too much into it but i'm glad they seem to be enjoying themselves again
Emily Park
Emily Park Hace 12 días
Lol watching this reminds of when I bought that same hoodie Jungkook is wearing in here 😂
Nhiênn An
Nhiênn An Hace 12 días
Senny chin
Senny chin Hace 12 días
3:23 RM doing some cramping 🤫
Lauryn Brianna
Lauryn Brianna Hace 12 días
I spy Mr. Son!
BTS ARMY Hace 14 días
Jungkook looking so cute .... Ohhh our cute bunny🐰🐰🐰🐰
momodianna Hace 14 días
ダンサーさんを含め、とてもキレッキレですね!かっこいい!! ジョングクさんの格好、(人・ω・)☆超かわいい☆(・ω・人)
cloudy slimeye
cloudy slimeye Hace 14 días
So cute 💓💓
soli4bts Soli4bts
soli4bts Soli4bts Hace 15 días
Bang tan sonyeon dan chorom
soli4bts Soli4bts
soli4bts Soli4bts Hace 15 días
Bang tan sonyeon dan chorom
radischengottin Hace 15 días
Suga looks so fucking thin
jungkookie hyung
jungkookie hyung Hace 15 días
Where's "Swag Suga" ?????
Elis Purwanti
Elis Purwanti Hace 15 días
I'm here after livestreaming SYS Wembley Stadium:")
Kim Taehyung
Kim Taehyung Hace 16 días
1:16 My favorite part:)
Cherlyn want Kookies
Cherlyn want Kookies Hace 16 días
i will always relate to their age and see what i have achieved. imma maknae type in 2017 i used to relate wid jungkook❤ nd in 2019 im relating to Jimin nd v ❤💜❤ nd im unbelievable bcz im still in school breaking my head in physics maths nd chemistry nd they were already travelling n touring the half world.👀❤💜❤💜 i will improve.😔
Cherlyn want Kookies
Cherlyn want Kookies Hace 16 días
Right now Im just Watching Intro of So many Bangtan Channel's hub in 2019[anyone?] again.
김페리요 Hace 16 días
2019 still watching this?!
EeJeanne Liew
EeJeanne Liew Hace 16 días
Until June 2019, I still don't really understand something. Why the hell actually did taehyung's dance teacher said he is talentless in dancing, when he is so passionate and energetic about it? 🤔🤔
Hoseok has cute ears
Hoseok has cute ears Hace 17 días
this easily one of bangtans most hype songs
nico junco
nico junco Hace 17 días
2019 y yo aca viendo a mis bebes :"v Crecieron mucho lpm
Esther Piry
Esther Piry Hace 17 días
2019 .. cool dance & sing; Bangtan Boys you should come back with this song again, love it
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