방탄소년단 '진격의 방탄 (Attack on BTS)' Dance Practice

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11 nov 2013







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Sooyeon Hace 12 minutos
Hi, let me share my crazy long thoughts, Please read it: I don’t mean any harm. TXT have now already so many benefits as trainees before they have even debuted. They will for sure have huge benefits at their debute by having Big Hit (the Korean label with the highest profit with BTS alone, already back in 2015) and of course because of BTS - yes benefits that BTS did not have by far, (not pre-debute as trainees, not at their debute, not during their early years, later and so on). They did not have millions of fans to inherite, no senior brother group as role models or to walk in their steps for global success, promotion internationally, interviews, TV-shows, VLive shows, concerts, world tours, etc). Big Hit Entertainment was really a no name, a new small poor company with no money. They had no experience and BTS was their first ever boy group, like testing animals but as it turned out very successful ones. With no money BTS lived together in a cheap, quite shabby, small, very simple dorm all 7 boys cramped together sharing one bedroom, one toilet and shower etc. No lavish living for them, which is something TXT are enjoying now already as trainees. Just look at their fancy clothing, luxury living, lavish promo videos (even individual presentation video for each member too) etc! BTS had to wear cheap clothes when debuting (no Gucci to say the least), had a small simple practice room, their staff were acting in their Music videos because they had no money to hire real ones. BTS have had to fight and work so hard with blood sweat and tears for acceptance and on their way up to love, success, millions of fans (both domestic and international), higher standard of living, life style, followers on twitter and other social media). Big Hit was unknown with no experience. BTS was unknown. They had no role models, no senior brother group to follow, to look up to, to give them advice or to learn from their mistakes. At their debut they really had no idea if their choice of career would lead to any success at all. (With their powerful dance routines, somewhat tougher hip-hop rap style and music with meaningful stories behind, some were very sceptical and anti. They really slayed their debute performance though, didn’t look like rookies at all, but full experienced artists). TXT on the other hand know beforehand that they will have some kind of success. Don’t need to say good luck to TXT because they will have luck. There is no other outcome when sharing the same label as the world’s biggest boy group at the moment with the biggest fandom in the world. This time Big Hit is able to afford everything that are needed and more for their new group, spending big time from start with lavish promotions. Big Hit knows from their experience with BTS what’s working, what’s not and what their fans want! Big Hit is tactical by debuting their new group at the height peak of BTS’s stardom. Good for them, but I can’t help by thinking of all the hardships that we know BTS have gone through, both in their past and in their early years. Their tears during their speeches at concerts and award shows are heartbreaking and their thankfullness to their armys. They so don’t want to disappoint armys, but they won’t ever disappoint us. We will love them no matter what. Sorry I don’t wanna shade TXT but to be honest. There is a reason why they pre-debute already have millions of followers on twitter, instagram, youtube, Facebook, dedicated fansites, cameras trying to catch the slightest glimpse of any of the members and why social media are super excited and can’t wait. There is a reason why the 1 day old promo video of TXT’s first member already had 7 million views. There is a reason why we BTS-armys are even talking about this new group and social media’s excitment. But I am already mourning and missing BTS when they’ll be going into the military for 2 years!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭 Honestly, I am afraid it won’t be the same when they come back. I am afraid it will be ”the end”. They will be ”older”, maybe won’t be able to dance that incredibly awesome like before (but on the other hand they have been in the army and will still be fit:). I hope they will have the energy to. Maybe they won’t live all together in the same house, maybe have a partner, try new things etc. Plus, during those 2 years Big Hit has focused on their future luck TXT, put all their energy on them and will keep doing that. TXT have probably inherited the millions of BTS armys as well, especially the younger ones. Tons of them have already declared that they want to be there from their beginning, are excited and will support Big Hit’s new group..who hasn’t even debuted yet! (They are even telling themselves that supporting TXT is what BTS want otherwise they would be hurt. Please don’t be delulu, even though BTS are the nicest humble guys they are nervous, because deep inside they know that the arrival of Big Hit’s new group will affect them one way or another. Hopefully not in a negative way. Many armys have said though there will never ever be any other group for them like BTS. Take me back to BTS debute June 13, 2013.. I would like to re-alive Jungkook 15, V and Jimin 17, RM 18, J-hope 19, Suga and Jin 20. They were just the most grateful, cutest, coolest, charming babies looking forward to their future journey together. They still have many years left together ofc. RM has always seemed so mature and grown up, but remember RM was only 18 when they debuted. (He was younger than TXT leader is.) Their historical nomination and win at the Billboard Music Awards 2017 were crazy and that’s were there real world wide success began (they had been big for K-armys and I-armys for years though, who voted them to their win at BBMA 2017)😭😭😭😭😭😭❤️. But no matter what, I should stop whining. BTS still have years ahead together and they are young, yes they really are, Jin as well! They are boys in their 20’s, young men in their best years in life. ‪Don’t forget that JK is only 21 now! V and Jimin are 23, RM and Hobi are 24, Suga is 25, Jin is 26. Still so young. (They should never feel that they’ll be replaced by a baby group because they won’t, and really BTS are still young, born in the 90’s.) 💜💙💚🖤🧡❤️💖 ‬As Jimin said: ”Jimin u nice, keep going”. Amazingly talented, most hard working, humble, greatest personalities, brilliant sweetest angels who is the best team ever. They have always been thankful and loved their armys with all their hearts❣️This past year they have broken records after records and written history multiple times and keep doing. They have without doubt deeply paved the way for TXT and future K-boy groups for success in America and internationally!!! BTS were the first, truly pioneers and really deserve the cred. For me, BTS will never fade away. They, their music, their lyrics writing, albums with meaningful messages and stories have had such an impact on my life. I admire them so much. They deserve all praise, love and support😭❤️. I am looking forward to BTS’s continuing journey these coming years. I want them to know that they have to take a rest to gather energy. Being healthy is the most important, for them and for armys. Anyway, good luck TXT. They are infants and BTS are children😄💗. P.S. I hope my comment won’t get removed.
anne indriyani
anne indriyani Hace 4 horas
I watch this first on 2015, and now i still think they are so cute. Taehyung too
Hobi A
Hobi A Hace 6 horas
This song and as well as the dance is soooooo POWERFUL! 👏👏👏👏
Nerdie Hace 12 horas
Let's all wear monochrome colors and not tell jungkook
Andres Davila
Andres Davila Hace 16 horas
This need more views
Maruchiii Hace 16 horas
2019? anyone?
magnolia ackerman
magnolia ackerman Hace 20 horas
2019 still fav
nisa danea07
nisa danea07 Hace un día
Tears of Regret
Tears of Regret Hace un día
BABY TAE WAS SO CUTE OMG I forgot how small he was
Nurul Zaqia
Nurul Zaqia Hace 2 días
Their synchronization 👏👏👏
Keaziane Latosa
Keaziane Latosa Hace 2 días
Unicorn Girl :3
Unicorn Girl :3 Hace 2 días
Crystal T.
Crystal T. Hace 2 días
their choreographer Son Sungdeuk is here too :D in the maroon sweatpants
Dung Hoang
Dung Hoang Hace 2 días
love BTS
fabiola sillero
fabiola sillero Hace 2 días
I love this song😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Evelyn Alarcón
Evelyn Alarcón Hace 2 días
2019? Bangtan ascendiendo😂💞
maura carlo bernal
maura carlo bernal Hace 3 días
Attack on titan :v
xknives 20
xknives 20 Hace 3 días
2019? Huhu they're all successful right now im so proud TT
Dal Park
Dal Park Hace 3 días
감동이네요 앳된 모습으로 열심히 살았던 과거를 보자니 지금의 성공은 당연한 거였고 축복해요. 앞으로도 비티에스 즐겁게 음악 활동하길 바라요
Jemi Jemi Ochoa
Jemi Jemi Ochoa Hace 3 días
Seok JIN ❤️ Esta rapeando señores!!!!!
мσσи Moon
мσσи Moon Hace 3 días
Have no words after EVERY BTS DANCE PRACTICE
roz what
roz what Hace 3 días
Ahh yes, the days before Jimin discovered sleeves... Also did anyone notice their choreographer as one of their back-up dancers?
Natalia Mandagi
Natalia Mandagi Hace 4 días
BTS OBSESSED Hace 4 días
I wanna ask my social studies teacher if shd can play kpop SINCE we are learn about asia,China, japan,s korea,n korea SHOULD i ?
류블리 Hace 4 días
정국이 엄청 신났네 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 귀여워 애기 😭💜
Daniela Dimayuga
Daniela Dimayuga Hace 4 días
You can tell how v is enjoying that practice
Kay Young
Kay Young Hace 4 días
Kookie's hair jumps higher than...well anything I say to be honest😂😂
JB's Suga
JB's Suga Hace 4 días
Still watching in 2019😍 I couldn't decide for best outfit between Suga & J-Hope hmmm, well I guess on this one ima have to go with Suga👍
타타방탄 손연담
Mili Røjas
Mili Røjas Hace 5 días
MUCH LOVE FOR SONG❤ segure apareciendo 7u7
TaeHonnie Hace 5 días
miyu shoto
miyu shoto Hace 5 días
2019? I love this song😂❤️
Karlili Godinez
Karlili Godinez Hace 6 días
2019? I wish to see this again I would love to see jimin with sleeveless shirt. I miss this era. But I'm so prdoid of them they are the best love you BTS.
Ruth Cezar
Ruth Cezar Hace 6 días
Mira lo que eran lpm, estar orgullosa es poco 💜
Meriem Zahra Selgue
Meriem Zahra Selgue Hace 6 días
2019 ? It's one of.my fav song and perfo so far it hypes me 😂 i listen to it on my way to an exam 😌😌
Jimin Jungkook
Jimin Jungkook Hace 6 días
Soy Gizz
Soy Gizz Hace 6 días
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 7 días
take me to utophia
take me to utophia Hace 7 días
3:24 joonie really loves doing this dance 😂😂😂❤
reader17 Hace 7 días
This is still one of my favorite songs and videos of them! Yes I love other songs and videos but this one holds a special place for me watching it, and I have to revisit it at least once a year. Since it is the new year 2019 had to watch it!
wildan amirullah
wildan amirullah Hace 7 días
2019?, me :")
Unicorn Swift ARMY's Hope
wildan amirullah meeeeee♥️💜💜♥️
장화정 Hace 7 días
너무 귀여워~~💜😊
Eunice Costa
Eunice Costa Hace 7 días
I love you BTS
Gzielkeith Barrios
Gzielkeith Barrios Hace 7 días
2019 ?
이은정 Hace 8 días
Obvixusly Rose
Obvixusly Rose Hace 8 días
Y’all I’m dead 2:03 did you hear “infires man”
Kay Young
Kay Young Hace 8 días
I can't tell if I've replayed this so much because I love the song, Tae's facial expression, Yoongi being so energetic and adorable, Jungkook being my bias...or just all the above and plus more. Like I've spent a good 4hrs watching just this video, I need help😂😂
꾹꾸다스 Hace 8 días
진짜 너무 귀염뽀짝해♡♡♡♡
Zulfa aulia
Zulfa aulia Hace 8 días
I'm miss this song💜
I do what I want I'm Punk rock
I still don’t know how Jimin jump the high
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