[슈취타] EP.12 SUGA with Jin  

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9 jun 2023






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@wootteo1306 Hace 5 meses
I'm amazed at how Jin adapts SO WELL with literally every member, he is Jungkook's chaotic sibling and Jimin's chaotic partner in crime. He's someone who their leader RM looks up to and can put a shoulder on. He matches Hobi's hyper energy, and also Tae's sweet unique personality and he's also peaceful eternal roommates with Yoongi.
@loredelcreus6019 Hace 5 meses
That is very true, indeed!
@rossifebrina1279 Hace 5 meses
VALID ❤ you describes so well 🎉🎉🎉
@elinoresperat8629 Hace 5 meses
Succinctly put❤
@naryeongg2327 Hace 5 meses
@rxplorer3509 Hace 5 meses
He has a great personality! That is why I love him 🥰
@puppy10s Hace 4 meses
@anicki1010 Hace 7 días
Amo la voz y el sentido del humor de Jin es super ocurrente. Astronaut es un tema espectacular, no paro de escucharlo desde que lo vi con Coldplay en Argentina
toda la razon es lo mas jin re copado buena onda aguante jin bts todos si aguante
@mariapinzon8848 Hace 2 meses
Te amamosssssssssssssssss JIN
@carolerodgers2710 Hace un mes
Who could ever forget BTS! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@may12102003 Hace 25 días
Jin ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@fiorellagonzalez41 Hace 5 meses
BTS NUNCA DECEPCIONA Quien apoyara a bts para siempre?
@ashleychang6717 Hace 5 meses
Me ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@anahiruizdiaz07 Hace 5 meses
@Fiorella yo siempre les voy a apoyar a BTS porque todos ellos se merecen lo mejor del mundo y más!!! 💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️ 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻 BTS Forever!!! 💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️ 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻 ARMYS Forever!!! 💜💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️ 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻🫰🏻
Yo!!! 💜🤗🥰😘🐇🫰🔮💜
Me 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@zuramuslim8848 Hace 5 meses
Bts will always be my idol
@aqsasultan2190 Hace 4 meses
I ❤ bts I love bts because of their friendship and bonding They are a family😢💜💜💜💜💜💜
Sizi çoooook aşşırı çok seviyorum BTS Sillardi qatti yahşi koraman BTS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@shunmugavadivoo9011 Hace 19 días
Miss uuuu guys 💜💜💜💜🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂
@HestiAyu-ux3mu Hace 16 días
Tadi waktu video pesan bulanan jin datang untuk bulan November, dan aku masih kangen muncul ini 😭 jadi tambah kangen 💜💜💜💜💜
@sapbajaj1679 Hace 3 meses
Jin ❤💜💜💜
@AlvinIsChipmunk Hace 5 meses
Jin's motto is the real way to live. Happiness is basically what life is all about and if you are currently capable of doing what makes you happy, then great.
Jin has the same character as me, and that is why I chose him to be my bias. I always like the other 6. BTS has got to be seven members. No one is allowed to leave the group🤣🤣
@Lisa-nq7px Hace 5 meses
I love you and I miss you so much Jin ❤
@applekim3963 Hace 5 meses
Jin love
@m.j.n1010 Hace 5 meses
❤ JIN is such a HUMBLE and KIND MAN that makes me LOVE HIM so much, KEEP HEALTHY JIN I am waiting for your return❤❤
@milenesantos5288 Hace un mes
O Jin parece ter algum tipo de complexo. Ele acha que nunca faz o bastante.. Alguém avisa ao nosso Seokjin o quanto ele é MARAVILHOSO!??!!!! Um dos membros mais carismáticos do grupo, com uma voz extraordinária... Jin ficaria dias falando aqui sobre o quanto você significa e é especial 🥹🤧💜💜💜💜💜
@user-xm5ck6li1f Hace 21 un día
Джин самый лучший!!!! Самый красивый!!! Самый талантливый и трудолюбивый!!!!! ❤❤❤
@mariapinzon8848 Hace 2 meses
Vamos por los 10M
@yudishurtado-bb6zu Hace 2 meses
I love suga and jin my's lovers and cute'ts💜💜
@Jesuhany Hace 2 meses
No me canso de verlos tan felices.
It will be another awesome one
@tnaomi577 Hace 5 meses
Wow, I really love this episode. The deep affection and friendship Suga and Jin have for each other is so apparent here. They are so real when talking to each other. Jin’s philosophy to life is something I want to learn too. Be happy in the present moment. Forget about the past unhappiness and don’t worry about the future. Thanks, Jin. 💜
@7Flowers1Dream Hace 5 meses
Yes, I have been wanting to apply that philosophy to myself without much success but it hits differently when you see someone who demonstrates how it can be done rather than just say the words. I feel that I have made faster progress in my mental well-being in a few months exploring BTS content than I have in many years of therapy. Logically, I have “learned” many of the lessons I need to get better but they had not connected emotionally like they have since I stumbled upon Fake Love and soon after saw myself in Lie, The Truth Untold, and the Amygdala MV. Jin’s Epiphany was exactly that. I identify with each of these men in a different way and it really helps to know they “get it” and that it IS possible to win against the darkness because they have and we can SEE it in their journey.
@rebekahv5185 Hace 5 meses
Not sure I totally agree with your statements, @tnaomi577. But the gist of it, yes! I'd say, Learn from the past, Plan for the future, but LIVE in the present. And I think that's what both of you meant. Really glad BTS has helped you both & millions of other ARMYs, including me. They're such positive role models. I wish them so much success, now & in the future. They've built a strong foundation that will take them through the years. 💜
@reysharojas3698 Hace 5 meses
@adve21 Hace 16 días
Ya quiero verte trabajar en esos regalitos 🥃
@estefanny2548 Hace 10 días
Los extrañamos muchoooooo
@euzilitaiff Hace 5 días
Vindo aqui novamente pra matar a saudade do meu amor. Jin sinto a sua falta,mas tá cada vez mais perto de vc voltar.
@sawchu77 Hace 2 meses
We ARMY and Bangtan will stay forever and ever.
@adryth7581 Hace 17 días
Mi Jin, ya va para los 10 millones de vistas 🥰
@Metalliclove Hace 5 meses
아니 어떻게 이렇게 좋을 수가 있지 ? 진 정말 얼굴보다 마음이 더 잘생긴 진 건강하게 행복하게 잘 지내다가 다시 만날 날을 기다려요 너무 멋진 사람 아포방포
@kiki-bi5km Hace 5 meses
@user-pc1zp6ko3z Hace 5 meses
석진아 화이팅!!!!
@user-fl5xz4dm2h Hace un mes
마음이 정말 넓고 천사같아요~~~😊얼굴도 잘생겼는데 마음은 더 잘생긴거 같아요^^😊
@user-iu2ot1ko1m Hace 2 meses
Ребята Вы шикарные
@parniyan84bangtan Hace un mes
I love them so much They are the best part of every Army's life❤️🥺
@hsuhninwai1298 Hace un mes
Most most favourite two❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@mamoonaiqbal6326 Hace 4 meses
32:27 I just want Seokjin to know that there are many many armys who became fan of BTS because of him. His songs have always been healing and his vocals are insane especially his live vocals! His hard work brings us strength. His journey to success makes me believe that I can do better. His wise words have healed so many parts of me which I found difficult to talk about. There is no BTS without Seokjin, there never was and never ever would be!
@melodyocampo427 Hace 3 meses
Absolutely true 💜💜💜🥰👍🤞🫶
@Layla-jf7zo Hace un mes
Así es! 👏
@user-eu4cz4wc4d Hace 23 días
저도 진없으면 방탄소년단을 알수없었네요 감사한 석진이 사랑합니다 ㅎㅎ 💜
@merynachisim8378 Hace 6 días
So true ❤
@lissahp1985 Hace 2 meses
♥️♥️♥️♥️Love this so much, Miss you all, love you BTS forever 😇be blessed for all members, happy and healthy for you guys 😻🙏
@bangtan_for_ever Hace 5 meses
정말.. 저에게는 지금까지의 서치타 중 가장 감동적인 내용이었습니다. 진짜 많이 울었어요...윤기랑 빅히트 너무 고마워요 게스트 출연도 너무너무 좋았어요 우리 슈퍼스타 제이홉...💜💜♾️
@Bo-ov7sc Hace 5 meses
ㅋㅋㅋ 장난꾸러기 아미님❤
@moreadventure3627 Hace 6 días
I love Jins personality. It's truly incredible and entertaining. And honestly I think he has the best vocal out of everyone in the group I don't understand why he doesn't see it.
@gopikagopi1718 Hace 4 meses
Great ep love it so much love two we will wait come back
@lunabtxt Hace 2 meses
love them
@user-sz3rg2qd7e Hace 3 días
Te amo suga tanto que me hace mal ❤❤❤❤
@jansi4416 Hace 5 meses
진과 홉이 보고싶다..너희들 건강하고 안전하게 지내길 바래.. 방탄소년단 10주년 축하해 ..우리사랑해🎉 💜
@santinastro Hace 9 días
i'll never get tired of watching jin's contents. i really love his perspective about life and world, his whole mindset and personality is just so admirable to me. i hope we get to see more lovely conversations with these three genius
@inaya5677 Hace 26 días
Best episode, We miss you
My jin❤❤❤
Las caras de Hobi son impagables😅
@SalaryNue Hace 2 meses
Jin you are missed dearly, my dearest talented kind beautiful baby
@JJIN_hyatu Hace 5 meses
석진아 건강히 제대하고 우리 기다림의 시간만큼 맛과 향이 가득 담긴 사해형제로 축배를 들고 서로 형제가 되어 너의 콘서트에서 꼭 보자 💗 고맙고 사랑해
@himaririku9254 Hace 5 meses
@euzilitaiff Hace un día
Sempre venho matar a saudade do meu príncipe Jin, 9,5M, vamos chegar aos 10M?
@adve21 Hace 17 días
Necesito otro videazo asiiiii, vuelvan pronto 💜💜
@Secretgiggle97 Hace 11 días
Miss you more every day Jin ♡ Come back soon~♡~
@user-fl5xz4dm2h Hace un mes
너무 너무 착해~~~얼굴에도 착해요.라고 나타나있어요.😊맏형으로 진짜 배려하고 이해하며 편하게 대하는거 쉽지 않은건데 마음이 넓고 너그러운 사람이에요.응원합니다.진님^^ 노래도 너무 잘하고~~^ㅇ^춤도 멋져요.석진님의 수고는 팬이라면 다 알거에요😊 군대에서 몸건강히 잘 지내고 25년에 멋진 모습으로 만나요.빨리 보고 싶네요^^
@taejinr Hace 3 meses
I love you jin
@user-jf6qf6vy2e Hace 5 meses
어쩜 사람이 이렇게 단단할까?😭 정말 어른다운 어른이다 김석진. 존경스럽고 멋진 사람이야. 방탄이 지금의 관계성을 갖게 된 데는 진의 역할이 엄청 컸던 거 같다. 우리 홉이 몰래 방문까지 너무나 완벽했다 이번 편💜 오래오래 함께 가자 우리. 보라해 방탄소년단💜
@panyiayang4537 Hace 5 días
We really have that one BigHit employee to thank for discovering Jin at the bus stop. BTS would not be BTS without Jin. It sure was fate. 💜
@patriciameza3067 Hace un mes
Que mejor manera de recordar a Jin que viendo este épico programa...a casi nada de cumplir un año de el lanzamiento de The Astronaut 👨‍🚀 🌟🌠 Vamos por los 100M de vistas!! ❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@hulya4602 Hace 3 meses
Sagittarius Jin ❤ Allways hapy and pozitive 🌹🧿
@user-if9nc1fc3n Hace 7 días
석찌니 보고싶어서 밤늦게 또 찾아왓따 날씨 점점 추워지는데 감기 조심하고 건강하게 만나자~
@Preadcobra Hace 2 meses
When they are together they look so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 12:00
@user-qu6ji7dn6t Hace 5 meses
정말 오랜만에 말하고 웃고 박수치는 석진이 보니 정말 행복하네. 그동안 너무너무 보고싶었는데 간만에 충족된 느낌이다. 우리 진이 조만간 또 볼 수 있었으면 좋겠지만 그렇지 못하더라도 건강만 하길 바라. 우리 진이 방탄 사랑한다💜💜💜
@Sozaen987 Hace 5 meses
진이 군대 나갔어? 이해가 안됐어❓
@anggeiCB0613 Hace 5 meses
@@Sozaen987 아니요
@DinAr_789 Hace un mes
berharap agar kalian jangan bubar 🥰 suka aja liat persaudaraan & rasa saling peduli diantara kalian. 💜U bts
@Layla-jf7zo Hace 2 meses
Nuestro JIN, preciosamente BELLO, hermosamente GUAPO, desde siempre y hasta SIEMPRE! 😍💞
@user-so9ny7st4f Hace un mes
Jin te amo ❤❤❤❤❤❤
@riananuwasa8843 Hace 3 meses
Suka liat mrk❤
@mel34000 Hace 4 meses
I miss Jin😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
@mamoonaiqbal6326 Hace 4 meses
Me too
@mochiarmybts Hace 5 meses
BTS NUNCA DECEPCIONA Quien promete esperar y apoyar a bts para siempre?
@honeyhanni8091 Hace un mes
Missing these three a lot
Assistindo novamente por motivos de saudade 😢
@ava223z Hace 2 meses
Love you jin
@adve21 Hace un mes
Esaaaa 9M!!!! Vamos por los 10M y recuerden que tenemos pocos días para que The Astronaut llegue a los 100M y sumen a SUPERTUNA también!!! PD: 💜JIN 🫶💪🇦🇷
The way Jin talks about life and happiness is like a warm hug that gives comfort
@missdee7173 Hace 5 meses
Yessss the way he thinks and Carries himself is so inspiring
@vanessajones8772 Hace 5 meses
He's my favorite celebrity of all time...because his heart is so full of love and compassion...his aura is so warm and gentle....just a pure soul...not perfect but definitely beautiful!❤
@wootteo1306 Hace 5 meses
@@vanessajones8772 Fr, he inspires me to do better in every aspect of my life. King Seokjin indeed
@alpacasweat Hace 2 meses
@be-9353 Hace 19 días
올만에 석찌 보러왔댜 날씨가 부쩍 추워졌는데 잘 지내고 있겠지 추위 잘 타는 맏내인데 부디 건강하게 보내길..
@usingy5024 Hace 25 días
진의 긍정적 마인드도 좋고, 맑은 목소리 톤도 진의 마음과 닮아 있어요👍👍👍😊❤️ 볼수록 진이 있어서 방탄이 long ~건강한 마음, 건강한 관계😊보석이네요
@nafisarahman3542 Hace 2 meses
Really missing our jin badly 😔 and tomorrow suga is going to military 😭😭😭
@tylerhelt755 Hace 2 meses
That’s why I’m here
@lisasu8343 Hace 3 meses
언제나 탄탄한 안정적인 라이브 무대 보여주는 석지니
@spy1193 Hace 3 meses
그리움을 달래려고 들어왔는데, 그리움을 묻히고 나갑니다... 많이 아끼고 싸랑합니다. 진님 💜
@nindi14 Hace 5 meses
I dont think we all realised how much we needed this. Timing is everything seeing Jin and J Hope together was just beautiful. Thank you
@ideagirl Hace 5 meses
@adve21 Hace 8 días
Ya me estoy imaginando cuando vuelvas, todo el trabajo que vas a tener, con la elaboración de tus bebidas 😊 ojalá llegara un poquito para acá 😅
@user-qz9ze4yc5q Hace 3 meses
항상 힘든순간들이 많았을텐데도 여기까지 와줘서 고마워요 ㅎㅎ 힘들면 쉬어도 되니깐 재미있게 건강하게 하고 싶은 거 다하면서 지내요🫶🫶🫶😆😆 응원하고 보라해요💜💜💜
@herafatima1312 Hace 3 meses
Jin 💜
@user-hj4qc2eo9i Hace 3 meses
우리 특급전사 김석진~❤ 정말 정말 사랑해요~🫠 두분 형님 대화 넘 좋네요~!
@moon_earth Hace 3 meses
석진이가 정말 어른이야. 수만가지 이유로 김석진을 사랑하는데 현명하고 곧은 판단에 항상 감동해. 김석진 정말 사랑해
@user-uq5bb3gx2l Hace 5 meses
너무 멋있고 자랑스러운 방탄오빠들 오빠들의 화양연화를 우리에게 선물해줘서 고마워요 그만큼 저두 아미분들고 사랑합니다. 우리 10년 20년 30년 40년 50년 60년 70년 80년 90년 100주년 까지 함께해요 정말 오빠들 자랑스러워요. 보라해요💜
@user-cl6lh3uz4w Hace un mes
은근 계속 들어오게 되는 방송 역시 가족이랑 함께하는게 최고지
@user-ot5mp3iv7r Hace 24 días
Как комфорно им вместе !!!Насмотреться не могу ...❤❤❤
@user-wb1kt6lt6d Hace un mes
No me canso de mirar ese video, recordar de todo que eses jovens han pasado para llegar dónde están, es gratificante saber que hoy están realizados. Deseo lo mejor a cada membro del BTS !
@serichoi6763 Hace un mes
20:06 근데 진짜 고생을 했고 겪어본 세월이 있으니 우는 것 같아요 저 자리까지 올라가기까지 얼마나 고생이 많았을지 수고 했어요 ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 응원 할게요 bts❤앞으로도 좋은 곡 많이 들려주세요😊
@user-tf5py6ku8z Hace 5 meses
우리 진이를 생각하면 마음이 아린다. 그 자리를 지키려고 얼마나 노력했을까. 누구보다 진실되고 펜을 아끼는 능력있는 가수가 된게 자랑스럽다. 부디 건강하게 돌아오길...
@vivianchen8456 Hace un mes
@user-lovejin Hace 25 días
날씨가 추워지니 석진이 생각에 마음이 아프네ㅠㅠ 이번겨울 건강하게 잘 보내자~
@cocozzangg Hace 3 meses
볼때마다 맘이 아파..병역의무가 왜 너한테만 큰 짐이었는지..너무 시간이 없었지 그치...진아 돌아오면 진짜 솔로활동 맘껏 하자..그날만 기다려..이제 1년도 안남았네 진짜진짜 김석진의 챕터2를 개설레며 기대함🥲
Una vez más viendo a mi querido Jin 💜 Miss you❤
@da_jung_farm Hace 3 meses
너무 좋다 진씨가 이런 마음으로 녹화를 했구나 싶어^^행복합니다
@pinkfox1204 Hace 5 meses
I'm so glad the most replayed part is Yoongi's hyping Seokjin's university degree. The world must know that Kim Seokjin completed his four-year degree from Konkuk University while balancing the hectic idol life. Such a great role model! Plus, his overall disposition in life is one thing to emulate. Oh, I love you Seokjin. I miss you everyday.
What degree did Jin obtained from the uni btw?
@mahamfatima3665 Hace 5 meses
​@@abdulrahmanmohamed8298he had completed his graduation from the acting and film department of one of top universities of korea 'konuk university'. He is the only one who has physically attended his classes together with his busy schedule with BTS.
@mahamfatima3665 Hace 5 meses
​@@abdulrahmanmohamed8298He was one of the top students. Getting admission in that University is really difficult with the admission rate in ratio of 200:1.
@iPodMusician Hace 5 meses
AND took care of a young Jungkook in school. What a man, Kim Seokjin is.
Not to mention, and he never brags about it. Love his humility❤🎉💜
@user-gg6me8rh4x Hace 2 meses
석진은 최고의 보컬이 되려고 얼마나 피나는 노력을 했을까? 노력한 결과로 최고의 보컬이되어 정말 자랑스럽진💜💜최고의 보컬진
@hjy6478 Hace 2 meses
이 슈취타편은 슈가가 진 좋아해서 진과의 추억 썰 풀고 형이 좋아 너무 좋아 말하는 편이다. 슈가가 진행자의 부담 없이 정말 좋아하는 사람 만나서 서로 이야기 나누는 편. 너무 좋당. 진 너무 좋아.
@lamlam0329 Hace 3 meses
사랑해 석진아 정말 정말 너의 앞길이 행복하기만은 응원할거야❤
@user-do1lw8de6o Hace 2 meses
정말 진은 피나는 노력 하나로 지금 이자리까지옴 진은 예능을 해도 잘할듯👍
@milenacaldera Hace 3 meses
Jin :( te extrañoooo
@Halasalah-go9eg Hace 5 meses
얼마나 그리운지 제이홉과 진이가 행복했으면 좋겠고 두려워하지말고 우리멤버 아미는 아미로 남았으면 좋겠고 앞으로도 우리멤버는 무사하고 다른 아미들도 방탄멤버들을 애타게 기다려주길 바랄게요 💜💜
@gachaclub22 Hace 5 meses
그들을 위해 열심히 기도하고 바라고 있습니다.
@Layla-jf7zo Hace 2 meses
@lynkook9732 Hace 29 días
abrieron ese momento del 2018 y llore 😭Jin te extraño eres tan lindo. esperare a tu regreso 💜💜💜
@nandabatista986 Hace 17 días
Que saudade.
@mamoonaiqbal6326 Hace 4 meses
To me this episode feels like giving homage to BTS. I think Seokjin is the glue that holds BTS together. I hope he recieves much love and respect and gains so much success. He indeed has sacrificed so much for his team, I want Seokjin to become an actor as well. I have high hopes for him.
@KootchLB Hace un mes
I saw a post of somebody saying that BTS is the group that it is because Jin is their hyung.
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