[안방1열 직캠4K] 블랙핑크 'How You Like That' 풀캠 (BLACKPINK Full Cam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.6.28

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[안방1열 직캠4K] 블랙핑크 'How You Like That' 풀캠 (BLACKPINK Full Cam)│@SBS Inkigayo_2020.6.28
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28 jun 2020






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naoboi mayengbam
naoboi mayengbam Hace 5 horas
Rose my star
HanSaem Jeong
HanSaem Jeong Hace 7 horas
무식한 내가 한국인 댓글 찿아 헤메고 있습니다 ~ ㅠㅠ
HanSaem Jeong
HanSaem Jeong Hace 7 horas
육십 평생 살면서 수많은 가수들과 보이밴드 그리고 걸그룹을 감상 했지만 이들은 최고다!
Sofya Rania
Sofya Rania Hace 9 horas
I like rose
Jawler Brodal
Jawler Brodal Hace 10 horas
phuong Nguyen minh
phuong Nguyen minh Hace 10 horas
I ❤️ U blackpik
Bankanidhi Nahak
Bankanidhi Nahak Hace 11 horas
뽕뿡 Hace 14 horas
Maria Love
Maria Love Hace 22 horas
shorturl.ca/lovesex71sweetfx සිට සහාය පිරිසක් පැමිණ මට දැනුණේ
ooofly Hace un día
ew it’s so awkward at the end with no audience xbdjwkwoeo
Sophie andteet
Sophie andteet Hace un día
They look like robots being controlled
Blinks only like bo for Lisa Lol Cheaters
프리슈릿 Hace un día
Blackpink in your area
/ milkywafer /
/ milkywafer / Hace un día
Jennie queen 💝💗💖💕
Atomic Black
Atomic Black Hace un día
Most Subscribed ESvid Channel in the last 7 days: #1 BLACKPINK - 1M #2 BTS - 300K #3 LISA - 270K #4 EXO - 150K #5 RED VELVET - 150K #6 STRAY KIDS - 100K #7 TWICE - 70K #8 MAMAMOO - 60K #9 TXT - 50K #10 IU - 50K
haidrea 1121
haidrea 1121 Hace un día
MoneySpider Hace un día
the end of this video is FIRE BRUH
Jinny Lee
Jinny Lee Hace 2 días
지수 춤 진짜 많이 늘었다... 진짜 안늘 것 같았는데... 어떤 동작은 제일 잘하는 것 같음ㅠㅠㅠ 다른 그룹은 배워라 진짜 연차 쌓여도 열심히 하나봄.. 예쁜애가 노래도 잘하면서 열심히까지 한다..
kpopink vibes
kpopink vibes Hace 2 días
Lisa 0:56 Rosé 0:28 Jisoo 1:33 Jennie 1:28
MarshmelloTV YouTube
블랙핑크는거의 노래가 똑같은것같음;;;;
노빠꾸 Hace un día
근데 좋음
머니올라 KBS
머니올라 KBS Hace 2 días
민솔 Hace 2 días
갈비뼈 실화냐
Sooyaa Hace 2 días
Jisoo did so well here, she’s also so much more confident
Mình là fan của Enny& TBS
I like it
Manha Shaikh
Manha Shaikh Hace 2 días
how akward would it be perfoming in front of nonone no hate btw I am a blink
Sooyaa Hace 2 días
I mean all idols who performed during these weeks have been without any audience but yeah
Dancing in The Rayne
So is no one going to talk about how fucking cute Jisoo's shoes are..? Just me? Okay..
just enjoy : 9
just enjoy : 9 Hace 3 días
코디 옷겁나잘입혔네👏👏 각각 개성살면서 힙하면서 예뻐💋 특히 리사 흑단발에 의상찰떡🤭
Yuna Maharani
Yuna Maharani Hace 3 días
Rosé has the nicest body
Jisoogirlie :3
Jisoogirlie :3 Hace 3 días
I literally can’t take my eyes off Jennie. What the heck????
맹맹이 Hace 3 días
와 진짜 이건.. 블핑밖에 소화못한다 노래가 블핑이랑 너무 찰떡이야..
ashok bodali
ashok bodali Hace 3 días
Jisoos dance improved a lot
Настя Аршинова
Почему вы такие красивые ❤❤❤
họ hàng nhà bùi
team vietnam đâu
Ekeesha Atre
Ekeesha Atre Hace 3 días
there was no clapping at the end..... is there no audience or smthg?? cause i would have screamed my lungs out!!
nangnangee Hace 3 días
아 유치해. 여기저기서 갖다 붙인 음정들과 춤동작, 그래서 결과적으로 문장이 안되는 개헛소리 가사. 깡마른 애들의 저질 컨텐츠. 집어쳐라.
Kahory Pelaez gavidia
Papi que está muy bien y muy bonito está papi Cuando vas a venir a Chile blackpink
위래 Hace 3 días
역시 최고.
Chaeyoung Park
Chaeyoung Park Hace 4 días
I really appreciate if a tall members good in dancing because in other groups some are awkward
Helen Diaz
Helen Diaz Hace 4 días
shorturl.ca/lovesex503xxxxi සේවය කළ සිර දඬුවම මාස හයකට
So good
So good Hace 4 días
이번에 노래는 들을만한데.. 컨셉이랑 춤이랑 뮤비 엄청 별로네... 춤이 저게 뭐임?????? ;;;;;;;;; 노래는 그래도 그나마 괜찮게 잘 뽑은거 같은데 (솔직히 근데 노래 들을만하긴한데 레파토리가.. 외국꺼 스타일 고대로 가져왔고... 트랩스타일로 절정 터지는 부분이나.. 아라비안 나이트 느낌 비트 나오는 부분이나... 룩엣유~ 룩엣미~ 룩엣유~ 룩엣미 하는 부분이나.. 전~~~부 그냥 미국 스타일 고대로 베껴온 느낌.. 그리고 템포 슬로우로 가다가 빠른템포로 가는거... 저번 노래에도 써먹었는데 또 써먹네... ) ..... 이번에 트와이스 춤도 신박하고... 노래도 잘 뽑았고... 춤추는것도 엄청 빡시게 성의있게 추던데... 특히 트와이스 리더 .. 걔이름 뭐지... 여튼 그 아이... 블랙핑크는 이번에 왜 이러냐...;;;; 저번꺼만도 훨씬 못하게 나왔네... 옷스타일도 저게 뭐냐.. 뮤비만 봐도... 옷컨셉이 도대체 몇가지인지 알수가 없드라... 컨셉을 잡을라면 확실하게 한가지 잡던가... 온갖 중구남방 옷이랑 머리랑... 하이고...아쉽다... 음악이나 컨셉쪽 , 퀄리티 쪽으로는 트와이스보다 블랙핑크 좋아하는데 이번껀 진짜 아닌듯..
호얏 Hace 3 días
그래서 트와이스 앵콜 라이브는 잘하고? ㅋㅋㅋ 모든게 블핑이 넘사인데?ㅋㅋ 이런 댓글 달 시간에 모모 노래연습이나 더 시키라고해라 ㅋㅋ
Cathie playss_02
Cathie playss_02 Hace 4 días
When the time comes that blackpink needs to leave i won't be in kpop anymore:))
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Hace 4 días
They’re so good, it’s unbelievable that Lisa’s shoulder and Jennie’s ankle is hurt. They work hard and don’t show the pain 😭💔
Sooyeon Kang
Sooyeon Kang Hace 4 días
Where are Koreans.. 😭 So sad that I have to use English for comment sucks google btw blackpink💖🖤😎 shibal.. 나 korean 인데 왜 english 써야되냐고 시부럴
The person above my comments is wrong
1:24-1:26 they're smooth
Neetika Sharma
Neetika Sharma Hace 4 días
Best thing u can download it 🧐
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Hace 4 días
Lagu favorit
앞돌 Hace 4 días
뭐래는거여~ 한국노랜데 도입부빼고는 알아 들을 수가 없네
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 4 días
A lot of solo stans here, so depressing. Thus, bringing down another member, when Blackpink are all sisters by heart. 😔😡
Juliana JANCCO
Juliana JANCCO Hace 4 días
Me gusto
Herni Maryam
Herni Maryam Hace 4 días
Anyeong :JENNIE 😍😍
ashira caleigh
ashira caleigh Hace 5 días
This performance you can really tell lisa is the beat dancer
Rock girl
Rock girl Hace 4 días
BUV Dance Club
BUV Dance Club Hace 5 días
Hi guys. We are BUV Dance Club, a dance team from Vietnam. We have just released our dance cover version of “HOW YOU LIKE THAT”: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i3qeENTpl6I.html. Hope that you guys enjoy it and give us constructive comments so we can produce more qualified dance projects in the future! Lots of love ❤❤
Micah ashley
Micah ashley Hace 5 días
people are talking about them winning.... what are they winning? is this some kind of kpop competition or something? i’m so confused
hannah swift
hannah swift Hace 5 días
queens are looking pretty this song is good , I don’t know Korean language but I have tried to cover this song in Korean language, please can someone have a look at it, and tell me how are my pronunciations? It will be great if some Korean listen it and tell me how it is? N please do correct my pronunciation mistakes
hannah swift
hannah swift Hace 5 días
Every member has facial expressions when dancing, such a queen. , I literally love this song very much and so I have cover this song , I don’t know Korean , still i have tried my best to sing it ,please feel free to comment and tell me how are my pronunciation , stay safe and have a nice day.
سيلينا الصبيحي
روعه ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤟
amna Hace 5 días
Lisa such a amazing dancer and Rose looks so cute
체리뽀쨕! 구독 누르면 프사가 너의 미래
나 제니 팬인데 왜 리사에게 눈길이.....?
박윤아 Hace 5 días
아뉘 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 1200만회 뭔데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 잠깐 뮤비인줄 알았다...그래서 블핑이 왜 새 노래가 나왔지??하고 있었네..ㅋㅋ(이런 바보)
CNR•GENSI CNR• Hace 5 días
Lagu favorit
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace 5 días
다들잘하는건알았는데 지수진짜 어떻게된거야 너무잘하잖아 ㅜ 도대체 지수까는사람들 뭘로까는거야 ㅋㅋ
박윤아 Hace 5 días
그러게욥 ㅜㅜ ㅎㅎ 근데 지수 신발 시강...
lee wee
lee wee Hace 5 días
STUDENT Arint (Eclair) Voothisiri
Leirion - lily
Leirion - lily Hace 5 días
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Hace 5 días
0:45 ♡
됴됴 Hace 6 días
지수파트 적다고 생각함... 더 늘려줘
Sweta Singh
Sweta Singh Hace 6 días
M still wondering how on earth Rosé's boot jeans are holding up.
سعدي مهدي
سعدي مهدي Hace 6 días
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 6 días
니가 런닝머신에서 떨어져서 다쳤다고 말했어요
jackylen ilagan
jackylen ilagan Hace 6 días
Love you Blackpink 🥰😘💗
papari das
papari das Hace 6 días
Every blink should understand 🖤💗🖤💗 Every fan should know Jenisa Jiose In two there r four Who understand say in the comments
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 6 días
Amazing of Blackpink ❤
원낙 Hace 6 días
허엉 ㅠㅠㅠ 리사 볼때 마다 내 마음이 다 아프다 다 뼈밖에 안보여 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 말랐어 ㅠㅠㅠ 종이인형인줄 ㅠㅠ 그와중에 노래도잘부르고 어떻게 마른몸에서 어떻게 저런 파워가 나오는지 신기하다
Elio Kim
Elio Kim Hace 6 días
내 꿈같은 이상형 로제
Jovanny Pangasian
Jovanny Pangasian Hace 7 días
Simrah Girl1
Simrah Girl1 Hace 7 días
Jisoo ❤️
chris kim
chris kim Hace 7 días
노래만 많이 듣고 무대는 거의 안봤었는데 지금보니 리사 진짜 힙하네요 ㅎㄷㄷ너무 멋있음
월급은 통장을 스칠 뿐
저도 무대를 잘 안봐서 몰랐는데 오늘보니 리사 춤선이 진짜 정확하네요. 교과서에요. 팔다리가 길어서 우아하구요 ㅜ 너무 늦게 알아서 미안할정도 ㅎ
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 7 días
Sukhadev Adsul
Sukhadev Adsul Hace 7 días
kolim jone
kolim jone Hace 7 días
Kis kis
Richard Adinata
Richard Adinata Hace 7 días
Lagi Kangen Jogja ? Dengerin nih lagu “Istimewanya Jogja” esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-QvmXrKcP548.html 🖤
해리17 Hace 7 días
0:45 ♡
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